Let’s now examine Jonathan Pollard, and some other
spies for Israel. “Friends on Friends” is the CIA’s
reference to the relationship the U.S. has with Israel that
comes from the phrase, “friends don’t spy on friends.”
But Israel unapologetically spies on the U.S. way too often.
Zionist American Jew Jonathan Jay Pollard stole more
classified intelligence than any spy in American history
and passed it to the Israelis (amongst other governments).
In October of 1984, Pollard landed a high security
clearance job at the U.S. Naval Intelligence Command
Task Force-168 (NIC/TF-168) as an analyst. Shortly after
landing the job he met Aviem Sella, an Israeli Air Force
Colonel and combat veteran, who was on leave as a
graduate student at New York University. Within a few
days during June of 1984 Pollard started passing
classified information to Sella and received in exchange
$10,000 cash and a very expensive diamond ring which
Pollard used to propose marriage to his girlfriend, Anne.
He also agreed to receive $1,500 per month for the
continued passing of secrets. The guy was working cheap!

Pollard also was involved in passing secret intelligence to
apartheid South Africa, and attempted several times to
sell intelligence to Pakistan and Australia. He also stole
classified documents related to China on behalf of his
wife who used the information to advance her personal
business interests.

The full extent of the information Pollard sold to Israel
hasn’t been officially revealed of course, but one
whopper was the then latest version of the Radio Signal
Notations (RASIN); a ten volume manual
comprehensively detailing America’s global electronic
surveillance network.
Pollard was found out, charged
with spying, and then cooperated with investigators and
prosecutors in exchange for a plea agreement for
leniency for him and his wife.
Our so-called “ally” Israel initially claimed that Pollard
had been working with a rogue element in the Israeli
government, a position they maintained for 10 years, and
agreed to cooperate in the investigation in exchange for
immunity for the Israelis involved. When asked to return
the stolen documents, the Israelis only returned a few

dozen low-classified documents. American officials
knew full well that Pollard had passed tens of thousands
of documents.
When American investigators went to Israel they were
treated with nothing but disrespect and hostility. Israel
was totally uncooperative and made the American
investigators jump through tedious and discouraging
hoops the whole while. The identity of Pollard’s original
handler, Aviem Sella, was withheld.

The American investigation team commander, Jerry
Agee, recalls that even when departing the airport the
security personnel there made a point of informing him
that, “you will never be coming back here again.” Agee
even found that various items had been stolen from his
suitcase upon returning to the U.S. The abuse came not
only from guards and officials, but from the Israeli media.

Aviem Sella was eventually indicted on three counts of
espionage by an American court. Israel refused to allow
him to be interviewed unless he was granted immunity.
The U.S. refused this condition based on Israel’s
previous failures to cooperate as promised in the past.
Israel refused to extradite Sella, instead giving him
command of Tel Nof Air force Base in Israel. The U.S.
Congress responded by threatening to cut aid to Israel, at
which point Sella resigned his IDF position to diffuse the
tension. Sella has since prospered as a private business man in Israel.
Three weeks before Pollard’s sentencing, Wolf Blitzer, at
the time a Jerusalem Post correspondent, conducted a jail
cell interview with Pollard and wrote an article
that was published February 15th 187titled:
Pollard: Not a Bumbler, but Israel’s Master Spy

 Pollard told Blitzer about some of the information he provided the
Israelis. This included satellite photos of the Palestine
Liberation Organization (PLO) headquarters in Tunisia,
specific capabilities of Libya’s air defenses and cherry-
picked intelligence about Arab and Islamic conventional
and unconventional military activity from Morocco to
Pakistan and all countries in between.
The interview was
a blatant violation of the plea agreement not to discuss
details of the intelligence passed to Israel.

Prior to sentencing, Pollard and his wife gave further
defiant interviews in which they defended their spying
and attempted to rally Jewish American support to their cause.
In a 60 Minutes interview Anne Pollard said, “I
feel my husband and I did what we were expected to do
and what our moral obligation was as Jews, what our
moral obligation was as human beings, and I have no
regrets about that.”

Jonathan Pollard claimed the necessity of putting the
interests of his state ahead of his own...his state being
Israel. Do you see how this works folks?

Jonathan Pollard was sentenced to life in prison on
March 4, 1987. Providing he maintains a clean prison
record he will be eligible for parole on November 21,
2015. His wife was sentenced to five years, but was
paroled after three and a half years for health issues.
After her parole ended she immediately immigrated to Israel.
Jonathan was granted Israeli citizenship on November
22, 1995. Until 1998 Israel denied that Pollard was an
Israeli source. Again their official position was that he
worked for an unauthorized rogue operation.

On May 11, 1998, Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu
admitted Pollard was a known information source
handled by high ranking officials of the Israeli Bureau for
Scientific Relations (LEKEM). The Israeli government
paid for Pollard’s legal defense and continues to this day
to ask for his release. There is constant pressure on the
U.S. government to release Jonathan Pollard by Jewish
organizations and individuals such as high profile Jewish
Zionist American legal eagle, Alan Dershowitz.
The U.S.government, to its credit, has refused to release Pollard.
The damage-assessment memorandum related to
Pollard’s spying, provided by then Secretary of Defense
Caspar Weinberger, is reason enough to keep the
traitorous bastard in prison for life without parole ...or worse.
The Pollards are lucky they didn’t share the fate
of Jewish Americans Julius and Ethel Rosenberg who
were executed for selling U.S. atomic bomb intelligence
to the Russians in 1953.

President Obama, during a state visit to Israel in March
of 2013, was subjected to public demonstrations and
Israeli government pressure to release Pollard and allow
him to immigrate to Israel where he is a national hero.

In late 1969 a young Jewish American, Richard Perle had
just been hired for the staff of Senator Henry “Scoop”
Jackson. Perle had been given a classified CIA report on
alleged past Soviet treaty violations by CIA analyst
David Sullivan. Apparently Sullivan leaked the report to
pressure the U.S. government to take a harder stance
against the USSR. Sullivan quit his post before the
incensed CIA Director, Stansfield Turner, could fire him.
Turner urged Jackson to fire Perle but Jackson not only
refused to fire Perle but hired Sullivan for his staff.

Sullivan and Perle formed an informal neocon network
called the Madison Group named after their usual
meeting place, the Madison Hotel coffee shop in D.C.
In 1970, a FBI wiretap at the Israeli Embassy picked up
Perle discussing classified information with an Israeli
official. The data was provided by National Security
Council staff member and German born Jew, Helmut
Sonnenfeldt. Sonnenfeldt was known as “Kissinger’s
Kissinger” for his service to Kissinger as an assistant and
advisor at the State Department. Sonnenfeldt had been
under investigation since 1967 for supplying the Israelis
with classified documents. No charges were ever filed
related to this act of treason.

In 1973 Perle, by then a senior staff member on the
Senate Armed Services Committee, used his position to
help Paul Wolfowitz secure a job with the Arms Control
and Disarmament Agency (ACDA). Neither Perle nor
Wolfowitz believed in either arms control or disarmament.

Wolfowitz brought a strong attachment to Israel’s
security to the ACDA, and confusion about his
obligations to the security of the U.S.A. In 1978,
Wolfowitz was investigated for passing classified
documents on the proposed sale of U.S. weapons to an
Arab government.
He passed them to an Israeli
government official through an official with the
American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). An
inquiry was launched, but "somehow" was soon dropped,
and Wolfowitz continued working for the ACDA through 1980.
Wolfowitz was the second in command (or
actually in command) at the Pentagon on 9/11, 2001.

During a Madison Group breakfast meeting in March of
1978, a Senate Foreign Relations staffer, Zionist
American Jew Steven Bryen, was overheard offering to
pass classified material to Zvi Rafiah (Rafiah being the
Congressional liaison officer for the Israeli embassy and
a senior Mossad officer). “I have the Pentagon document
on the bases which you are welcome to see,” Bryen was
reported to have said.
The eavesdropper was Michael
Saba, a businessman and former executive director of the
National Association of Arab Americans. Saba, who
recognized Bryen as a staff member of the Senate
Committee, promptly reported the incident to the Justice
Department that quickly launched another FBI investigation.
The investigation found that Bryen had illegally obtained
classified documents of military and scientific
importance, and that he had been seeking material that
could have proven to be a major embarrassment to the
U.S. government. Bryen had been meeting with Zvi
Rafiah two and three times a week.

The FBI ultimately assembled a strong circumstantial
case that Rafiah had routinely issued orders to Bryen and
recommended that the case be brought before an
investigative grand jury for espionage. Instead, after
Bryen had resigned his Senate Foreign Relations
Committee membership, a deal was struck by Bryen’s
attorney and the case was closed.
Bryen then took a post
as the Executive Director of the Jewish Institute for
National Affairs (JINSA).

An interesting sidebar here:
Do you recall the Tom Hanks movie titled, Charlie Wilson’s War...?
Zvi Rafiah and Texas Representative from Texas’ 2nd congressional
district, Charlie Wilson, were good buddies. Zvi used
Charlie’s Washington office as his own.
Wilson is best known for pressuring Congress into supporting
Operation Cyclone, the CIA covert operation which,
under the Reagan Administration, supplied military
equipment including anti-aircraft Stinger missiles to the
Afghan Mujahedeen during the Soviet-Afghan War.

Anyway... In 1981, Richard Perle, as Assistant Secretary
of Defense, secured Bryen a top-secret security clearance
and Bryen became Perle’s deputy. Bryen continued to
provide Israel with classified material. In 1982, Zvi
Rafiah quit his Washington post and took a job with
Israel’s largest defense company, Israeli Military Industries (IMI).
The FBI identified Rafiah as a Mossad
agent and Steven Bryen, a close associate of Perle, as
regularly passing classified material to Rafiah.

In 1982, Zionist Jew Douglas Feith was serving as the
Middle Eastern analyst for the National Security Council
(NSC). He was fired after becoming the focus of yet
another FBI inquiry for passing classified NSC material
to an Israeli embassy official in Washington. Feith was
immediately hired by Richard Perle as a “special
counsel” until 1986.
Feith then entered private business
with a small but influential law firm based in Israel; and
then was appointed as the third highest ranking man
in charge at the Pentagon just prior to 9/11, 2001.

In 1983, Zionist Jew Michael Ledeen was brought into
the Defense Department as a consultant on terrorism via
the recommendation of Assistant Secretary of Defense
Richard Perle. Ledeen’s supervisor, Neil Koch, was
troubled by Ledeen’s frequent visits to his office to read
classified documents. After making inquiries, Koch
realized that Ledeen was considered to be an agent of a
foreign government, namely Israel.

Ledeen asked Koch to assist him in obtaining two highly
classified CIA reports that he says were being withheld
by the FBI. Ledeen gave Koch the reports' alpha numeric
designators which are as highly classified as the reports themselves.
Koch could not fathom how Ledeen could
know such information. Koch told his executive assistant
to stop allowing Ledeen to access material in his office.

Ledeen then stopped coming to work for Koch and began
work as a consultant at the National Security Council in 1984.

Isn’t it unbelievable how these traitors could, and still
can, bounce around from one U.S. government agency to
the next with impunity? Where does that ability come
from? If Israel was such a good buddy why didn’t they
just ask nicely for information? Why steal when you can
ask nicely for something and provide an opportunity for
someone to feel good about themselves for helping you?
Maybe the Israelis and their Jewish American agents
knew that the information they stole was none of their
God Damn business!

In April of 1985, a National Security Council Middle
East analyst staffer, Donald Fortier, wrote to his boss,
National Security Advisor Robert McFarlane, of his
concern that Michael Ledeen might be a risk for passing
classified information to Israel.

According to Fortier, NSC staffers agreed that Ledeen’s
role in the secret hostage negotiations with Iran should be
limited to ferrying messages to Israeli Prime Minister
Shimon Peres related to Israel’s role in the negotiations.

It was determined that Ledeen should specifically not be
trusted to ask Peres for detailed operational information.
On May 3, Ledeen met informally with Peres and told
him that the Reagan Administration would quietly
support Israeli arms shipments to Iran. On August 20th,
Ledeen lost his “Top Secret-SCI” security clearance and
was reduced to only a “Secret” clearance.

In January of 1986, NSC official Col. Oliver North told
National Security Advisor John Poindexter that his
consultant, Michael Ledeen, was no longer trustworthy
and suspected him of operating as a spy for Israel. North
suggested to Poindexter that Ledeen should be asked to
take regular polygraph exams. Imagine crooks not
trusting crooks!

In April of 1987, Richard Perle was again under fire for
leaking classified information and resigned as Assistant
Secretary of Defense. He did retain his unpaid position
on the Defense Policy Board though.

In June of 1987, testimony in the Iran-Contra
investigations turned to the possibility that NSC aid
Michael Ledeen may have profited from the U.S. sales of
arms to Iran through Israel. Noel Koch, who had long
suspected Ledeen of spying for Israel, said that he first
became suspicious of Ledeen when Ledeen had
negotiated for the sale to the Israeli government basic
TOW missiles at a price of $2,500 each.
Koch found that
no foreign government ever got a sale price lower than
$6,800 each. Under orders from Department of Defense
superiors, Koch renegotiated the price to $4,500 each;
almost twice what Ledeen had negotiated in Israel.
Either Ledeen was getting a sweet personal kickback on
his deal, or he was negotiating for Israel and not the U.S.
...probably both.
Michael Ledeen was a “consultant”
for Douglas Feith at the Pentagon on 9/11, 2001.

Lately Ledeen has been beating the war drums for
Middle Eastern wars through his positions with the
Coalition for Democracy in Iran, and the United States
Committee for a Free Lebanon.

BTW: I find it infuriating that people like
Michael Ledeen and his ilk lobby for the destruction of
sovereign countries for the sake of “freedom” and
“democracy.” And lobby to use America’s military to
do the dirty deeds on behalf of Israel.

An excerpt from an early 1990’s Ledeen speech became
“humorously” known as The Ledeen Doctrine. The excerpt goes:
“Every ten years or so, the United States
needs to pick up some small crappy little country and
throw it against a wall, just to show the world we
[Israel?] mean business.”
Only sociopaths think like that... and verbalize it.
Once again in May 1988, Zionist Jew Dr. Stephen Bryen
attempted to help Israel obtain secret U.S. weapons
information. Israel was in the final stages of building its
Arrow anti-ballistic missile but did not have any klystrons.
Klystrons are small microwave amplifiers
needed for the missile’s target acquisition system to
function properly and are amongst the most secretive of
American weapons research products... or were.
Bryen was then the Director of the Pentagon’s Defense
Technology Security Administration (DTSA) that was
functioning within the Pentagon’s Office of International
Security Policy headed by Richard Perle ...wanna talk
about the coyote guarding the chickens?

Bryen attempted to secure authority to allow four
klystrons to be exported to Israel via Varian Associates
who manufacture the klystron. He wanted to do so
without consulting with tech transfer officials from any
military or government agencies.

A Navy tech transfer official, Richard Levine, got wind
of the shenanigan and stopped the transfer procedure in
progress that was being orchestrated by Bryen.
Levine also alerted all other transfer officials to beware of
Bryen’s intention. Bryen tried some other back door
methods but all were thwarted by alert Defense and State
Departments officials. Bryen then left government service.”

Bryen is now CEO of the Washington D.C. based SDB
Partners that touts itself as a “government marketing
team of senior professionals and leaders with proven
track records in government marketing and sales.” They
are a middle-man service for foreign and domestic
businesses wanting to do business with the U.S. government.

In 1992, Paul Wolfowitz, as Undersecretary of Defense
for Policy under Dick Cheney, promoted the export of
the advanced AIM-9M air to air missiles to Israel. This
was noticed by the George H.W. Bush Administration
after a lengthy investigation into the export of classified
weapons technology to China.
The Joint Chiefs of Staff, aware that Israel had already
been caught selling an earlier version of the AIM missile
to China in violation of a written agreement between
Israel and the U.S., intervened to stop the sale.
Yet Wolfowitz somehow retained his position at the
Department of Defense until he and most of his
colleagues were turned out of government by the Clinton
administration (which then installed a new team of traitors).

In summation...The U.S. sold Israel AIM missiles. Israel
then sold a portion of those missiles to China in blatant
violation of the presale agreement to recover what we
initially charged them for the missiles.

We have, and have had, Zionist Jewish Americans in
high government positions selling America out for
decades and receiving nothing but slaps on the hand as
punishment... if that.

And, in case you missed the “Lawrence Franklin
Espionage Scandal” (aka: the “AIPAC Espionage
Scandal”),... On August 27 th of 2004
CBS News broke a
story about a Department of Defense policy analyst,
Lawrence Franklin was working under Douglas
Feith (who was working under Paul Wolfowitz), and was
passing classified documents to Israel through the
American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).
The FBI nailed Franklin (a Bronx born Irish Catholic) on the
spying charges and he was sentenced to 13 years in
prison (the sentence was reduced to 10 months under
house arrest). The two Jewish Zionist AIPAC operatives,
Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman, who were receiving
the classified documents from Franklin, had their cases
dismissed... of course.

Paul Wolfowitz was second in command as Deputy
Secretary of Defense, and Douglas Feith was third in
command as Under Secretary of Defense for Policy at the
Pentagon on 9/11.
Richard Perle was the Chairman of the
Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee at the
Pentagon on 9/11.
All were George W. Bush appointees.

Never forget that these traitorous spies for Israel
were the very people in charge of the Pentagon on
9/11/2001 and most certainly were there for a purpose
that was NOT about the defense of America.

I had just finished writing this section about spies for
Israel for my first book when guess what showed up on
the front page of the Phoenix based Arizona Republic
newspaper on Sunday, July 29, 2012...
The article headline read:

U.S. Sees Israel as Spy Threat

by Matt Apuzzo (Associated Press).

BTW: It’s interesting to know that a Russian born Jew
known as Sidney Reilly, the so called “Ace of Spies”
(real birth name: Georgi Rosenblum), was the model for
spy novel author Ian Fleming’s character James Bond.
Reilly swore allegiance to the United Kingdom, and
worked for Scotland Yard, Secret Service Bureau, SIS
and MI6 at various times during his career. But I now
wonder who he was really loyal to...?

Legions of American-born Jews and Zionists Betray the U.S.A.
as Undercover Agents for the Nation of Israel
Sayanim Everywhere
By Texe Marrs

At this very moment, throughout America, in every city and town of even moderate size, dedicated undercover
agents are hard at work. These spies are everywhere, stealing classified material, filching “secret” documents,
plotting terrorist attacks, and devising new means of how America can best be conquered and its citizens subjugated.

The Sayanim Among Us

This army of enemy spies is, surprisingly, not made up of Arabs or Iranians.
They’re not Russians or Chinese either.
They are the Sayanim.
Jews born and raised in America, who, regardless of the blessings and financia
rewards bestowed on them as Americans, are turncoats and traitors.
These Benedict Arnold-types willingly collude with a foreign power and plot to damage America by serving that foreign
power, the nation of Israel, as undercover spies, saboteurs, and intel agents. To most
Jews, their origin of birth is of no consequence. They are Israel-firsters and are traitors.
Wherever a Jew resides, he or she is an Israeli. When the Israeli Mossad or Shin Bet,
Israel’s intelligence and secret police organizations, ask for his assistance, he jumps into action.
Since America has a Jewish population of 7.5 million, our nation is bulging with Israeli spies willing to steal, lie, cheat,
or even kill if necessary for their chosen nation Israel. They possess no loyalty to their native born country, the U.S.A.,
but have, since birth, been propagandized and indoctrinated by fanatical Zionist parents, relatives, teachers,
and rabbis. They are Zionist zealots through and through, and many are dual citizens of both Israel and the U.S.A.

They Stole America’s Nuclear Secrets


In my exposé book, Conspiracy of the Six-Pointed Star, the reader discovers the names and damaging acts of
the Sayanim (Hebrew for undercover spies loyal to Israel). For example, take Abraham Feinberg. According to FBI files,
Feinberg, a wealthy American Jew from New York City who owned manufacturing and construction companies,
led a secret cabal of seventy other Sayanim agents.
Together, Feinberg and his underlings committed numerous acts of criminality. They stole nuclear material and
uranium, sending it to Israel. It was Feinberg’s spying crimes in the late 1940s and early 1950s that enabled
both Soviet Russia and Israel to develop atomic bombs.
American Jews Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were Sayanim agents. These two heinously stole atomic bomb plans and
turned them over to the Communists. With their help, Stalin and the USSR built its first nuclear bomb. Tried in federal
criminal court for espionage, the treacherous Rosenbergs were found guilty and were put to death in the electric chair.


 Jewish sayan spy Abraham Feinberg is shown here looking over the left shoulder of First Lady Bess Truman. President Harry Truman is at left. Reportedly, Feinberg bribed Truman to have the United States recognize Israel’s statehood in 1948.


Jewish Communist spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were found guilty of stealing atom bomb secrets and passing them on to Soviet Russia. They died in the electric chair.

The Most Grievous Crime in the History of America


According to FBI and CIA sources, the most grievous spy crime in the history of the U.S.A was perpetrated by a Galveston,
Texas-born Jew, Jonathan Pollard. Working clandestinely for the Israeli Mossad, Pollard got a mid-level job at the Pentagon.
Bold and audacious, he was able to steal over 10,000 top-secret documents. He gave this stolen material to his
superiors—Mossad operatives working out of the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C. T
he Israeli government then sold these documents to our enemy, Communist Red China.
As a result, tens of millions of American lives were instantly placed in jeopardy, because through this material,
Red China had access to the launch codes of America’s nuclear-armed missiles and was able to
track the location of every single one of this nation’s underwater submarines in the seas all over the globe.
After discovering the full extent of Pollard and Israel’s monstrous crime, the U.S. Defense Department was
reportedly forced to spend over 20 billion dollars changing and modifying defense systems to mitigate the damage.
For his monumental betrayal of his native country, the U.S.A., Jonathan Pollard is today languishing in a federal
prison cell. Rightly so. Yet, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu demands that
President Obama release Pollard and give the convicted spy a full and complete pardon.
Meanwhile, in Israel, the public lauds Pollard as a national hero! Schools and streets
are named after him, and his wife and children are handsomely provided for.
I am convinced that as the years have gone by since Israel’s founding as a militant, anti-Christian socialist entity in 1948,
the influence and reach of the Sayanim has grown. Today, our government is thick with Israel first operatives.
Among them, I believe, are:
  1. Former Senator Joseph Lieberman
  2.   SenatorCharles Schumer
  3. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor
  4. Former Governor Sarah Palin
  5. Former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel
  6. CFR kingpin Henry Kissinger
  7. Fox News mogul Rupert Murdoch
  8. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich
  9. Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann
  10. California Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi
  11. New York’s Koch Brothers
  12. Texas Governor Rick Perry
  13. Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum
  14. Fed Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke
  15. 700 Club host Pat Robertson
  16. Democratic Party Chairwoman Debra Wasserman Schultz
Note: Amazingly, both President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney are proven
to be puppets of Israel and the Mossad. (See Texe Marrs’ The Evil Twins of Israel Tape or CD)
Not every one of the above persons are of Jewish blood. But all are ardent, loyal
Zionists in hock to the Jews. Each puts Israel first over his or her native country, the U.S.A.

And Thousands More...


Of course, this is only a partial list. To it we can add hundreds of thousands of other influential Sayanim—from Zionist
talk show personalities Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Larry King, and Rachel Maddow, to corrupt
Wall Street crooks like CEO Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs and Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase Bank.
Rich Jews own most computer communications, internet, and social media networks
—ranging from Google and Wikipedia to Microsoft, Dell, Amazon, and Facebook.
Just imagine all the surveillance these massive, Jewish-owned
organizations are able to conduct over even the most minute details of our lives.
From doctors, airline pilots, postmen, and lawyers to chefs, reporters, plumbers, police chiefs, and plain housewives,
Sayanim are ready and responsive when they receive a phone call or visit from their superiors in the Mossad.
Whether the assigned task is to steal nuclear secrets or to assassinate a designated troublesome “enemy,”
the Sayanim respond.
No other nation on earth except Israel is able to marshal and
“multiply” its secret intelligence forces so quickly and effectively.

A Plague of Parasites


They are a plague on all of us, these Sayanim agents. I have personally been victimized
by these devils in human clothing. And so have thousands of other good patriotic Americans.
The Jewish/Israel Sayanim are today the single most dangerous threat to our national security. It is no wonder that
in country after country, these Jewish parasites, at first welcomed in as “fellow citizens” and “neighbors,” are eventually
found out and expelled. This is not true of Mexicans, Czechs, French, Germans, Italians, Argentines, Irish or any other ethnic
groups and peoples. Only Jews!
The time is coming when we, too, as patriotic Americans, must decide what we are going to do about the criminal
Sayanim inside our borders. To let them continue doing their dirty work and selling out our country is unacceptable.
We must act now before it is too late—before the parasites, like so much cancer, have eaten
away at the vital organs of our existence and leave behind only a shell of a once, great nation.

Despite History of Israeli Espionage, Bill Would
Force NASA Cooperation With Israel Space Agency

A bill that was passed by the U.S. Senate in early August and is currently under
consideration by the House would mandate that the National Aeronautics and
Space Administration (NASA) work closely with the Israel Space Agency (ISA)
despite the fact that such cooperation in the past was used by Israel to steal
U.S. state secrets. The provision is tucked within the bill titled the "United States-Israel
Security Authorization Act of 2018," which would also provide Israel with $38 billion
in U.S. military aid over a ten-year period, the largest military aid package in U.S.
history. MintPress News previously reported that this massive aid package
translates into approximately $23,000 every year for every Israeli family.

Chalk One Up For America....


While employed by the US Navy as an analyst,
the Mossad Jew Pollard stole close to a million
of 'SCI' classified documents. The Jew Pollard's
treason led to the deaths of as many as 1,000
of pro-American intelligence operatives.

How so?…  Because any information stolen or
otherwise collected by the Jews is necessarily
traded by their I$rael to whosoever happens
to be on the market for it.  For example, it's
not out of the goodness of Putin's heart that
the Jews were allowed to carry out hundreds
of terrorist acts in Syria in recent years.

Every time Netanyahu flies in to Moscow –
or Peking – he brings with him a hard drive
with tons of classified American information
on it – and not only American, of course –
and not only classified information, either.

So if your business or your vices are known
to the Jews, they are also known to the Jew
Mossad – and thus even to the enemies you
didn't know you had.  (The Jewpsy Google
gangsters kept spiking this email every time
it was addressed to more than one or two
recipients – hardly a coincidence.  In fact,
they've got Jews on watch  who observe
and ‘manage’ my mailbox round the clock.
No algorithm could ever spike your emails
so arbitrarily – depending on their content –
as they do.  And they know what the content
is as soon as you paste it into the email form.

The Jew mass murderers who exterminated
hundreds of millions of goyim  now control
the exercise of your free speech.

om of speech.)