Robert Faurisson Rest In Peace (January 25, 1929 - October 21st, 2018)

Robert Faurisson







Professor Robert Faurisson, a good friend, and supporter of The Ethnic-European, passed on at the end of a long and tiring day on October 21.


Italian intellectual Giuseppe Fallisi writes, “I still have eyes that burn with tears and I cannot fall asleep. Returning, a few hours ago, from the Bari airport I was given tragic news: Robert Faurisson rose in the Elysian Fields. As soon as he returned to his home in Vichy, he collapsed to the ground, dead.


His big heart had stopped beating. With other faithful friends we met yesterday afternoon in Shepperton, in a hotel, the Anchor Hotel, which will now go down in history for hosting the professor’s last conference and at the same time for demonstrating once again, in the person of his vile master (a ball of tallow and black bile (( reference to fake soap, lampshades and shrunken heads presented at Nuremberg ‘courts’ artefacts), how much can the intimidation of the politically correct, of the very laid Judaic dictatorship that weighs on all Europe *.


In that city, Robert was born almost ninety years ago. Walking along he had confided to me, always lucid, composed and indomitable, but very, very tired and composed, accepting that his task had ended.


This man, more than brave, had completed all he had to do to make a contribution to the immense revisionist cause. In addition to the judicial, media and moral harassment he had to undergo, he was more than ten times physically assaulted by the hateful enemies, who wanted to prevent him from expressing himself, even from living.


He always knew how to resist and get up again, not deflecting a millimetre from the intrepid search for truth. One day he will be celebrated as a Hero of Free Thought:






The grand professor or truth, whose revisionism of Allied propaganda put the truth-teller head and shoulders over his contemporaries, was resigned to having done all that could be expected of a champion for truth and justice.


A couple of years ago the professor dropped me a line, which I can now divulge: “Dear Mike, Oh! Surprised I am. Thank you very much. I suppose you mean the video entitled, Un homme: Robert Faurisson? Michael, I am 88. I wish to die. My life has been made impossible. The same for my wife, who is nearly 86. Cordially, R. Faurisson.


My letter in response to Professor Faurisson: “Sir, we all stand in your shadow. Yes, you and your dear wife will shrug off your mortal coil as we all will. I might meet you in the afterlife.  Others die and leave nothing but a moss-covered headstone. When we die we leave the fields ploughed and the furrows seeded. This is our purpose. People like us never die; only the flesh does. I empathise with you. I have no fear at all of going; I already have done so many times. “I am no more afraid of dying than I was of being born.” Spartacus.  I salute you, Robert Faurisson.” ~ Mike Walsh


Americans Diane and Jim Rizoli were as indefatigable in their intent to destroy the myths surrounding what Professor Butz described as The Hoax of the 20th Century.


Diane writes, He is in the League of Extraordinary Revisionists, In honor of his 89 years and the beginning of our many tributes, the late Professor Robert Faurisson led a long and productive life fighting the lies surrounding the worst hoax of the 20th and 21st Centuries – the holocaust. May the Lord continue to bless his efforts.




These tributes and many more continue to pour in from the world over: The professor’s brother, Jean, writes: “I regret to inform you that my brother Professor Robert Faurisson died yesterday Sunday, October 21 around 1900 hours. Like him had just passed the front door of his house in Vichy on the return of a trip to his birthplace in Shepperton (UK), he collapsed. Probably as a result of a violent heart attack. There were meetings, with friends who were interrupted at twice violently by opponents to his views. I accompanied him on this occasion. His 90th birthday was to take place on January 25th. We will not forget it.


To Judas, Shabbos Goy and liars in the media and judiciary, his gaolers too, you may know that you will never again cross the path of Professor Robert Faurisson; he is now somewhere where you are never likely to visit. You bear your shame with malice.



Robert Faurisson: 

an intrepid and indomitable man among cowards

Jérôme Bourbon's editorial, to be published in issue 3349 of RIVAROL 

dated Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Translated from the French by Google Oct. 23, 2018.

Robert Faurisson : un homme intrépide et indomptable au milieu des lâches

Jérôme Bourbon

(Check this version for the photographs.)

UNTIL THE LAST MOMENTS of his life here below, Robert Faurisson has been confronted with adversity. And violent, constant, brutal adversity. On Saturday, October 20, he gave a lecture in English at a hotel in Shepperton, his hometown, with his disciple Vincent Reynouard, exiled to England because of his revisionist struggle, the managers of the establishment, frightened, paralyzed by telephone threats and social networks of groups and individuals claiming anti-racism, have tried everything to interrupt the conference: burst into the room, order to leave the scene immediately, cut off electricity, tripping several times a fire alarm ... The intrepid professor was faced for one last time with an unglamorous manifestation of human cowardice. Robert Faurisson liked to repeat that what he had most met throughout his life, and particularly during his forty years of active revisionist combat and incessant persecutions, and what had most marked him, he was the cowardice of men, including and especially that of the good. Fear, he said, is the engine of history. It is the one that explains the renunciations, the abdications, the ignominies, the betrayals, the desertions.

(Vincent Reynouard’s video of Robert Faurisson’s fateful conference at Shepperton

Robert Faurisson was not afraid. Not afraid to testify before hostile tribunals where he excelled, telling with clarity and pedagogy hours during his revisionist works, his discoveries, his itinerary, explaining, demonstrating, refuting. 

Not afraid to give conferences where he subjugated his audience by his ability to express himself without notes, by his brilliance, by the unstoppable character of his demonstrations, by the relevance of his observations, by his formidable humor he said he came from his Scottish ancestry, by his ability to make his audience laugh, even when he spoke of eminently serious things. 

Not afraid to hold publicly for almost half a century positions that made him a plague, which made him lose his functions as a professor at the university where he loved so much teaching on the grounds that one was unable to ensure his security, not afraid of its tenacity, its invariance and its intransigence in its positions to be the privileged target of militias. 

This is how he undergoes stoically a dozen physical aggressions. One, particularly serious, in a public park in Vichy in September 1989, just 29 years ago, left him half dead and he probably would not have survived if a passerby had not then led (them) to the hospital. 

An individual who, learning later who he was, expressed his regret at having come to his aid! From this aggression claimed by the Sons of Jewish Memory the indomitable Professor will keep his whole life from the aftereffects, which made him suffer terribly in the face until his death.

Isolated, indeed, it was, since very few were the personalities to dare to attend it. Even Jean-Marie Le Pen, who was himself ostracized, never wanted to meet the professor to the point that at our banquet in 2016 for the 65 years of RIVAROL we had to wait until the founder of the National Front quit the room to bring in the Professor who, on this occasion, gave a magnificent lecture retracing in an hour and a half all the genesis and history of his works and his struggle for historical truth, or rather for historical accuracy, to resume the expression he liked to use.

Robert Faurisson nevertheless had consolation throughout his forty years of hard fighting: Pierre Guillaume courageously edited it in the early 1980s (La Vieille Taupe), a part of his family seconded him and helped him with unceasing devotion during these 40 years of persecution, he participated in a conference on the Holocaust in Iran in December 2006, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad awarded him in 2012 a prize honoring "courage, resistance, fighting spirit" and in December 2008 the comedian Dieudonne had him go on stage to the Zenith to give him a prize for insolence and infrequency. 

He was also able to count on the dedication of Jean Plantin, who conscientiously edited his Revisionist writings, which constitute a wealth of information and explanations unequaled, on the indefatigable Vincent Reynouard who, in his writings and in his videos, continues in his own way his work and on the support and friendship of anonymous people with whom he did not hesitate to correspond, to give of his time, even when he was at the end of his strength. 

He also knew betrayals, the most painful was probably that of Jean-Claude Pressac, his former disciple, which was funded by the Klarsfeld to try to prove the existence of gas chambers. Las (?), eight years before dying in the general indifference, Pressac, in a June 1995 interview with Valerie Igounet, qualifies the whole file of gas chambers "rotten" and says that "the current form, yet triumphant, the presentation of the universe of the camps is condemned. What will we save? Few things. "

NOTHING A priori did not destiny Robert Faurisson, this brilliant university professor, this aggregate of letters to which one owes works of literary erudition as Do we have Lu Rimbaud? Was Lautreamont readled (?) into what some have called the greatest intellectual adventure of the 20th century: historical revisionism. 

Nothing, except his great curiosity, his visceral anticonformism and his deep sense of justice. 

During the conference he gave on April 9, 2016 for the 65 years of RIVAROL (and whose full text appeared in the Ecrits de Paris in May 2016, a number always available at our offices for a few euros, as the will of the Professor published in RIVAROL of October 13 and 20, 2016), he explained that although he was very hostile to the German occupation during the war, he had been concerned, from May 8, 1945, the date of the German surrender, to to lead, if not as a gentleman, at least as a gentleman, to the vanquished. And it is this thirst for justice and truth that will lead him to be revolted by the horrors of Gaullo-communist cleansing and to read Maurice Bardèche (Nuremberg or the Promised Land, 1948) and Paul Rassinier (The Lie of Ulysses , 1950) who are the pioneers of historical revisionism.

Although Robert Faurisson was not a believer, there was a Christic approach to his revisionist faith. Do not repeat about the history of the Second World War vulgate exposes indeed to social death, isolation, misunderstanding and general hostility. Who has not touched revisionism very much does not know what hate is, until what ends it can lead. 

Like other revisionists, Robert Faurisson has always wanted a public debate with his opponents. This debate has always been refused. He was only entitled to complaints in the courts for crimes against humanity, threats, insults and beatings. 

It is enough to read the title of the despatches at the announcement of her death to understand that the hate is always so active and that she knows no respite, no truce: "the death of a denialist, a forger of the history, a falsifier, an anti-Semite. Jewish sites rejoice openly, loudly of his disappearance. 

But if they only have insults on their lips, it's because they have no argument

They dirty the man but are unable to answer his arguments, his interrogations, his technical objections, scientific. When one witnessed Robert Faurisson's trials, the contrast was striking between a man who used rational arguments, who patiently explained his approach, recounted his works, reported on his observations and conclusions, and the opponents who attacked angrily. the man, who called him a compulsive anti-Semite and a violent denialist, who called for greater repression but did not respond to any of his arguments. Like the 34 historians who, in Le Monde on February 21, 1979, could answer Faurisson only this: "We must not ask ourselves how, technically, such a mass murder was possible. It was technically possible since it took place. This is the starting point of any historical inquiry on this subject. This truth, it was up to us to simply recall it: there is not, there can be no debate on the existence of gas chambers. "

It is by openly contesting the official and obligatory version of the Second World War, by refusing to overwhelm the vanquished and to incense the victors, Robert Faurisson threatened powerful interests. Those of the State of Israel and international Zionism whose power, durability, immunity and impunity are essentially based on Holocaust Dogma. Those of the Allies and the sacrosanct crusade of the democracies against the Axis forces. Those of leftists of all hairs for whom it is necessary that the nationalist regimes of the inter-war period in Europe are the absolute evil and not the communism in all its forms, Leninist, Stalinist, Maoist, Trotskyist.

Not only did Robert Faurisson, by his works and his famous 60-word sentence, uttered in 1980 at the microphone of Europe 1 in the face of an exasperated Ivan Levaï, threatened the ideological foundations of the world order resulting from the last war, but he challenged a true religion, or rather a counter-religion, holocaust worship. A cult that does not suffer that one lacks deference and submission to its place. A (false) god who demands that we incessantly incense burn before him, that we adore him, that we rekindle the flame like Yad Vashem, that we offer flowers and we lament as during pilgrimages and processions in Auschwitz and elsewhere, one strikes one's chest and exclaims "never again".

The counter-religion of the Shoah taught from primary school and throughout life through television, cinema, entertainment monkey indeed Catholic rituals with its cult of martyrs (the six million), saints ( the righteous rewarded by the State of Israel), miraculas (survivors of the Shoah), stigmatized (the deportees with their number tattooed on the arm), his pilgrimages and expiatory processions from Auschwitz to Struthof, his temples and cathedrals (Holocaust museums, Holocaust memorial), alms to be absolved of his faults (ceaseless financial reparations for the State of Israel and descendants of deportees), relics (teeth , the hair, the shoes of the deportees), his hagiography (the books of Elie Wiesel, Primo Levi ...), his martyrologies (the walls and memorials identifying the identity and the surname of the victims), his places of torture (the bedrooms homicidal gas), his tables of the law (the Declaration of Human Rights), his Gospel (the judgment of the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal), his high priests and his pontiffs (Klarsfeld, Veil, Lanzmann ...), his inquisition (the courts of the Republic and dozens of states in the world having a repressive anti-revisionist arsenal), its legislation against blasphemy (the law Fabius-Gayssot and its equivalent almost everywhere in the West), its judges (the magistrates), its holy city (the Zionist entity), its archangels (Tsahal protecting the Eretz), its preachers and its guardians (the teachers and all the leading bodies, be they political, media, religious, trade unions, associations , sports, economic), its holy congregations (the World Jewish Congress, B'nai B'rith, CRIF, LICRA, UEJF, AIPAC ...), its hell (all the nationalists, except the Israelis, the revisionists, the Catholics faithful to the doctrine of the new Israel, the so-called theology of substitution), its faithful (almost all of humanity), its miscreants (the revisionists).

If it monkey the Christian religion, this counter-religion also constitutes its inversion: to love it opposes hatred, in truth lies, to the forgiveness of offenses Talmudic vengeance, to the respect of the ancients stalking the old, to the remission of sins the imprescriptibility of crimes, to the spirit of poverty the lure of gain, to humility the will of domination, in the sense of sharing the spirit of profit, to charity blackmail, to respect from others, lynching, to the silence of recollection, the noise of indictment, to the discretion of the domestic virtues the noise and fury of the media, to the infinite justice of God the partiality of a tribunal of the victors judging the vanquished.

IRONIE of history, Robert Faurisson died returning home from his hometown in England on October 21 evening, a victim of a violent heart attack. Now, four days later, the judges of Cusset were to render their judgment in the so-called Struthof gas chamber case. On September 20, during his last trial, the Professor, although exhausted, made a magistral defense which can be read in large extracts in our October 3 edition ("Struthof: the LICRA pursues Faurisson"). At the end, the Professor struggled with extraordinary courage and determination which compelled admiration.

It is common to say that no one is irreplaceable. Well, yes. The death of this giant, of this monument is an irreparable loss. We have not finished measuring how much he will miss. For how many men are there today of his temper, his erudition, his talent, his bravery, his tenacity? And yet even without him the fight for historical truth must continue. Whatever the hazards and difficulties of all kinds. Whatever the torments and the obstacles. Remains indeed his example, remain his works. As long as there remain men who love justice and truth, refusing falsehood and deceit, then nothing will be lost, everything will be possible.

Jérôme BOURBON, director of RIVAROL.



Of the many moving tributes following the recent death of Robert Faurisson, the video below is one of the most pertinent I have seen so far.

In this livestream Germar Rudolf reveals that Dr. Robert Faurisson helped write the Leuchter Report about the gas chambers.

This is one more eulogy from a friend of Prof. Robert Faurisson, in the great man's own language.

The history of ideas provides us with the names of those few men and women who challenged the boundaries of tolerance.  Professor Robert Faurisson was one such man. Faurisson, who died last Sunday at age 89, was a French academic who didn't believe in the validity of parts of the Holocaust narrative

French Revisionist Vincent Reynouard pays tribute to Professor Robert Faurisson on this 12 min video. 

Eulogy by Michael A. Hoffman: French Professor Robert Faurisson died of heart failure at his longtime home in Vichy, France on October 21. His life was like something out of Alfred Jarry by way of André Breton, a surreal circus in which clowns and stage magicians, barkers, burlesquers and fire-eaters, incessantly circled and mobbed the one sane person under the Big Top

Eulogy by Mark Weber: Robert Faurisson's path-breaking research and the impressive scale of his writings have been a service to humanity.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The German lady Ursula Haverbeck and the British lady Michèle Renouf


To begin, please see, on this blog, the account in French of May 9, 2018: En Allemagne, Ursula Haverbeck – âgée de près de 90 ans – vient d’être incarcérée pour révisionnisme (“In Germany, Ursula Haverbeck, at nearly 90 years of age, has just been imprisoned for revisionism”).

The revisionist Ursula Haverbeck, “the great German lady”, as her admirers call her, has been in prison in Bielefeld (North Rhine-Westphalia) since May 7. A great-grandmother, she will turn 90 on November 11. She is set to stand trial in another revisionist case in Hamburg on September 12. The distance between her place of detention and that city is more than 155 miles.

Lady Renouf, advised by barrister Wolfram Nahrath, informs us that the German authorities have decided to subject the prisoner to a veritable marathon voyage just before her approaching trial, to be held in a courtroom where, despite her inborn energy, she will risk arriving in rather poor physical condition. Leaving her prison in Bielefeld five or six days before the trial date, she will be stopping at five different prisons to spend the night! On each leg of the trip she will be in a crowded prison van, undergoing the regulation body search at each arrival point. Finally, in each of the five prisons, she will have to deal with new delinquents or criminals (see the 3m 12s video Ursula Haverbeck - Update).

Those who may wonder how the German authorities can even think of adopting such a harsh line of conduct will do well to remember that Germany, 73 years after her unconditional surrender of May 8, 1945, remains largely, with the presence still of numerous US military bases on her territory, an “occupied country”. She bows low, she believes or pretends to believe in what she is bidden to believe. And then, in any case, “the delirium of lying and believing is catching like the itch” (Céline).

The organisations claiming to represent the Jews prove to be ever more worried, and brutal. Since 1985 they have been in something of a panic. In January 1985 they observed Raul Hilberg’s devastating collapse as expert witness for the prosecution at the “first great Zündel trial in Toronto” (a collapse confirmed by his refusal, in writing, to appear again three years later at the “second great Zündel trial in Toronto”). Since then, the “Holocaust” religionists have experienced a major, enduring crisis that they vainly seek to ward off with increasingly senseless and fierce repression.

There is no doubt, however, that the revisionism of Ursula Haverbeck and Michèle Renouf will ultimately prevail. For historians there will remain the task of compiling a 20-tome Encyclopaedia of the Historical Lie of the Jewish Holocaust. In it will be found the names, in particular, of the judges who have disgraced themselves with such cynicism in convicting men and women who, in France, Britain, the United States, Canada and a good number of other countries, live, work and suffer for historical revisionism, that is, for one of mankind’s noblest intellectual adventures. This adventure will have known its “Righteous ones”, with Ursula Haverbeck and Lady Renouf figuring amongst them; the voluminous work will stand through the centuries ahead, like Horace’s “monumentum aere perennius”; it will be, let no-one doubt it, “a monument more lasting than bronze”.
August 14, 2018






Saturday, July 21, 2018

An American Jew denounces the persecution suffered by Alison Chabloz and Monika Schaefer

On January 16 of this year Henry Herskovitz spoke out against the persecution by Jewish organisations of the Briton Alison Chabloz and the Canadian Monika Schaefer (the latter has now been imprisoned in Germany for nearly 200 days). Both women had expressed, particularly in videos posted on the internet, their revisionist convictions.
H. Herskovitz is a retired engineer living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He was a friend of the late Ernst Zündel. He is Jewish, a revisionist and has long been active against both the policies of the State of Israel and international Zionism; he defends the Palestinian cause.
Six months ago he was able to read aloud the text of his statement in support of the two brave female revisionists before Ann Arbor city council (see the video above running 3 m. 47 s.).
Today the names of the Englishwoman Michèle Renouf, the grand German lady Ursula Haverbeck, the Frenchwoman Maria Poumier and several other representatives of the allegedly weaker sex are associated with theirs.
July 20, 2018

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