Far from being a Rothschild agent or a bloodline Rothschild himself

-- Hitler was actually the family's worst nightmare.

In Hitler's Germany, the Rothschilds, who thrive under the

protective cloak of relative anonymity, were made known to every man, woman and child

in Germany. Baron Louis de Rothschild was even arrested and had his bank seized.

Have a look below at the headlines, and the movie poster for a popular German Hitler-era

film about the evil clan.



Adolf Hitler was not a Controlled Agent.

He was not a Rothschild.


Foreword: Some ill-informed, and not very well read people, will suggest Hitler was a

Controlled Agent, or even that he was jewish or a Rothschild… some type of Controlled

Opposition – saying that Adolf Hitler wasn’t genuinely fighting against the New World

Order and the jewish banking cartels. Honestly, these people have either not done the

relevant research or are incapable of critical thinking – and many of these people in the

alternative media who say these things are disinfo agents – Controlled Opposition Zionist

shills. Below is the main body of an article by an excellent blogger called

‘diggerfortruth’, there are some additional quotes and links as well:


(And all who are knowledgeable, and well read, know this New World Order / One World

Government / Globalization agenda is a jewish agenda, stemming from their doctrines:

the Talmud, the Zohar, the Kabbalah… and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion)


If Hitler was an agent for the jews – then why …


haven’t all the key historians/revisionists such as David Irving picked up on this

theory in all the collective years of their intense detailed research? David Irving (as

just one example) has spent 20 years of his life, at a professional level, detailing Hitler’s

life and the logistics of WW2. Are we to believe he just happened to overlook this glaringly

awkward anomaly? David speaks fluent German, has lived in Germany, and has interviewed

heaps of SS officers and relevant people who were around Hitler’s war effort. He has looked

under every stone, meticulously scrutinizing all the German detailed documentation (being

able to understand it/translate it himself). David was a super sharp-minded individual at

the time of his research. He was a real threat to the jews and was incarcerated for his incredible

efforts and levels of accuracy. No way would a man of this calibre just repeat the narrative of

others. He was/is a competent and independent researcher. And there are heaps and heaps

and heaps of similar detailed WW2/revisionists/researchers like him.

Have they all overlooked this fantastic theory? An agent? Come on.


(The brilliant historian David Irving, who sought out primary sources of information,

diaries, original documents etc… and never suggested Adolf Hitler was an agent.)


…why did the jews use a humble man from a humble background, and not use one

of their own ilk? Hitler came from a working class background, orphaned later on in his

childhood, on the streets so to speak, living hand to mouth selling street paintings. Does

this smack of one of their boys? They could have used any number of honed agents.

As they have with so many other agent-leaders. And please don’t suggest he

was just bought off. There is zero indication of this.


…why was he the only ‘agent’ who was an authentically brave soldier fighting in the

trenches? This man had more courage than all of us put together. Hitler relished the opportunity

to fight for his county, and for the spirit of the Germanic/Aryan race. He was injured twice and

hospitalised. He loathed cowardliness and those who would not contribute towards the war effort.

Just look at reports from someone like Leon Degrelle who spoke of Hitler’s remarkable bravery.


…why did Hitler abolish usury [debt slavery]? The jew’s number one control weapon.

Why oh why would the jews allow a leader/agent to show the results of a country without

this parasitism, knowing this would be broadcasted all across the world? ‘Look, look what

can happen when you rid your country of the parasite and the parasite’s main tool’.



… why was Hitler the only ‘agent’ who was clean living? He was a teetotaler, vegetarian,

who promoted traditional remedies, anti-vivisection, and promoted naturalistic lifestyles for his

people. It is well recorded his affinity toward animals. This is a man of compassion, a man of

substance who is deeply connected to nature – not an anti-nature sellout.


…why would he be slung in prison if he was an agent? And he was [slung in prison]!

This has been thoroughly documented by eminent historians. That cannot be disputed.

Yes, he was not in for so long considering his plot. But this was because the authorities

knew the pressure would come from the people if they held him indefinitely. Also there were

good people on the inside who wanted change, who were jew-wise and knew of the potential

and genius of this man. Society and people were not as corrupt back then.


…why did he radically improve the working man’s lifestyle? He improved the working

conditions, doubling the wages, reduced/eradicated their debt, instigated and provided an

affordable Volkswagen (people’s car), built infrastructures to allow the working classes to

travel around the country, make foreign cruises affordable/or for free, etc, etc, etc.


…were Hitler’s/NSDAP’s policies carried through to the T. Just look at the congruency

they had. Every-single-one of these policies were anti JWO (jew world order). P-l-e-a-s-e

don’t tell us that this was all part of a bigger plan. That somehow the sneaky jew would allow

all these policies to magically work out in order for them to later on smash them down.


…why if he was ‘their bitch’ did he make approximately 20 peace offerings to both

France and Britain? It was a well known fact the infatuation Hitler had for Britain

and it’s empire, in the theme of Aryan enhancement.


(Adolf Hitler and Germany dropped leaflets and broadcast speeches in attempts for peace)


…if he was just a puppet of the jews did he have 98% of the [German] people on his

side? I know voting today is an utter scam. I also am aware how stupefied and zombified

people are today, with pro Trump whatever. I know voting is just more of the jewish dialectic.

But back then in the 30s the people were not the zombies they are today. Yes, the populace

have always been malleable to an extent, but the German people were raw and far more politically

aware back then. The people knew in their hearts and minds that Hitler was oozing authenticity,

that he surged with passion for his people, for his race, and for Europe as a whole. And with

98% of the people behind you – miracles can happen. Real transformations happen that way.

The main base of funding came from the PEOPLE and not from the bankers as too many people

like to propagate.


…why, o why, o why is Hitler THE number one vilified person on the planet to this

day? Because he was one of their boys? Because he played his role? Because he sold out?

Because he was somehow bribed? No. It is not complicated. The very simple reason this

man is portrayed as THE most evil man that ever lived is because he was THE man who

stood up to the big bad jew. He made an impact like no other man on earth. He set a precedent.

Look world, look what can happen to your country if you just stand up to the evil jew. Kick

the parasite out and stand back and watch how things organically naturally heal. And that

is why the International Jewry absolutely panicked. That is why there was an all out effort

to destroy this healing process. Not because he was part of the bigger plan.



Hitler an agent – wotta crock’a shit.


Two additional quotes:

“So, who wants you to believe this “Hitler was a Jew” or that “Hitler was a Rothschild” rubbish,

and why? Whose agenda does it really serve? The Rothschild’s and their NWO agenda!

Time for the so-called “Truth Movement” to wake up, to turn your lying “gurus” off, do some

research on your own, and figure out who really fought the NWO agenda, and who had

devised the perfect model that would defeat it, if it had been permitted to continue.”



“The rumor that Adolf Hitler was the grandson of a Rothschild seems to have been hatched

in the mind of a crypto-Jewish propagandist working in the United States’ first unified intelligence

agency, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). Not long after, a former high Nazi official,

waiting for his execution, “confessed” to discovering a “Jewish grandfather” in

Hitler’s background. These fabrications have been thoroughly debunked,”





Watch all parts of the brilliant ‘Europa The Last Battle’ at the below link:




Here is a link to a channel with a great many Hitler and WW2 Truth videos, (Over 100 Hitler

and WW2 Truth videos on this channel) which demonstrate Hitler was not controlled or an agent:




( I want to point out that I do not fully endorse 153news.net – it is run by suspect people.

But so is YouTube, and most social media sites. Anyway, this Hitler & WW2

channel on there has a brilliant collection of WW2 and Hitler Truth videos )



Psychological and Emotional Truth


If Adolf Hitler was an agent then he was the greatest actor the world has ever seen! Is there

any evidence of him going to acting school or some sort of specialized training for this

mammoth task of deceiving many millions of people for 14 or 15 years? Going through

some sort of preparation for the longest and most intense acting role in history?

No, of course not – there is no evidence of an acting or preparation school.


We can see the agents today, the fake politicians working for International Jewry, they don’t

fool many people anymore. They don’t inspire love and loyalty from the people. You can

see them interact with the public and it is obviously forced and painful to watch.


Hitler had a 99 percent approval rating. He managed to deceive an entire nation? Really?

The Germans were possibly the most intelligent people on the planet at that time. You simply

cannot fool all those people. It also wasn’t just the German people, so many other

nationalities joined Germany and the National Socialists in their struggles.


Ernst Zundel, in one of his videos, talks about how the Germans did not turn on the Hitler,

even when the war was going very badly and they were suffering their loyalty was there.


Now some Truthers don’t like the use of the word Love… they think it can sound a bit woolly.

But I have watched much of the National Socialist footage of the time, I have seen Hitler

interact with the the German people. I see Love. That man loved those people, there is

no doubt in my mind. And the German people loved him. You cannot fake that Love. Sometimes

this involves a certain level of consciousness – to see not just the facts, but to also

combine the facts with the emotional and psychological Truth of the situation.

Video Links:

A link to a video debunking all the various Hitler was Controlled Oppostion Claims

by Kyle Hunt (the creator of the Hellstorm documentary) and

Dennis Wise (the creator Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told).



Another video debunking these Controlled Agent claims – this one by AllModCons: 

https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=3NUK7WHUN82Y )







Adolf Hitler on National Socialism and World Relations in 1937

Adolf Hitler speaks to the Reichstag on January 30, 1937, noting that Germany was once again an equal

among European nations, and had regained its strength by following his National Socialist programme .


By Carolyn Yeager


AS WE WATCH OUR NATIONS SUCCUMB to multiculturalism, globalism, rioting and unbridgeable racial divisions that threaten

our peace and stymie our search for solutions, Adolf Hitler would tell us that we have broken the first

law of Nature which is to preserve the race, and are thus reaping Nature's promised punishment.


No matter what subject Hitler was speaking on, or what the occasion, he seldom failed to include reminders of the necesssity to

respect the separation of the races and nations. He delivered an important speech in the German Reichstag on January 30, 1937

as Führer and Chancellor. It was published under the title “On National Socialism and World Relations.” In reading it for

the first time at Archive.org, I copied passages that struck me as particularly meaningful,

and which powerfully express the unwavering essence of Hitler's idea. They are the following:


“The main plank in the National Socialist programme is to abolish the liberalistic concept of the individual and the Marxist

concept of humanity and to substitute therefore the folk community, rooted in the soil and bound together by the bond

of its common blood. A very simple statement; but it involves a principle that has tremendous consequences.” (P 10)


This very clear statement rules out that Adolf Hitler was any kind of a universalist when it comes to so-called white people and

that he would not approve of the European Union as it has been set up. At the time he said this (1937) he had not visualized a war

that would turn Germany into the occupier of large portions of Europe. He was only visualizing German people being brought

home into an expanded German Reich.


“[…] of all the tasks which we have to face, the noblest and most sacred for mankind is that

each racial species must preserve the purity of the blood which God has given it.” (P 10)


This shows that Hitler saw his revolution as an internal, German event, not including all of Europe at all.

His position was that others would show interest in it for themselves if it were successful in Germany.


“...one error that cannot be remedied once men have made it … failure to recognize

the importance of conserving the blood and the race free from intermixture …


It is not for men to discuss the question of why Providence created different races, but rather

to recognize the fact that it punishes those who disregard its work of creation.” (P 10)


Hitler sees it as a law of Nature rather than as an idea of men of which the pros and cons can be discussed. It is

not up for discussion because it is an iron law, the breaking of which contains the punishment within itself.


“It will prevent the Jewish people from intruding themselves among all the other nations as elements of internal

disruption, under the mask of honest world citizens, and thus gaining power over these nations.” (P 11)


Jews are the greatest source of disruption of the unity of a people, as proven by

the rejuvenation of the German nation during the past four years since 1933.


“The people—the race—is the primary thing. Party, State, Army, the national economic structure, Justice, etc, all these

are only secondary and accidental. They are only the means to the end and the end is the preservation of this nation.”


“It is absolutely necessary that this principle should be practically recognized; for that is the only way in which men can be

saved from becoming the victims of a devitalized set of dogmas in a matter where dogmas are entirely out of place.” (P 16)


Think about this. A nation is not an Idea, but a living, breathing

body of folk bound by land, language and ancestry.


“For the folk-community does not exist on the fictitious value of money but

on the results of productive labor, which is what gives money its value.


This production, and not a bank or gold reserve, is the first cover for a currency. And if I increase production, I increase the real

income of my fellow-citizens. And if I reduce production, I reduce that income, no matter what wages are paid out.” (P 23)


The higher the ratio of citizens who are incapable

of productive labor, the poorer a nation will be.


The whole body of our German education, including the press, the theatre, the cinema and literature, is being controlled and

shaped today by men and women of our own race. Some time ago one often heard it said that if Jewry were expelled from these

institutions they would collapse or become deserted. And now what has happened? In all those branches cultural and artistic activities

are flourishing. Our films are better than ever before and our theatrical productions today in our leading theatres stand supreme

and alone in comparison with the rest of the world. Our press has become a powerful instrument to help our people in bringing their

innate faculties to self-expression and assertion, and by so doing it strengthens the nation. German science is active and

is producing results which will one day bear testimony to the creative and constructive will of this epoch. (P 26)


The Third Reich did indeed prove that Jews are not better than Gentiles at certain tasks,

and that they are certainly not essential for competing internationally.


“Mr. Eden declares that under no circumstances does the British

Government wish to see Europe torn into two halves.” […]


“It is to be regretted that the British Government did not adopt its present attitude at an earlier date, … for then the Treaty of Versailles

would not have been entered into. This Treaty brought in the first division of Europe, namely a division of the nations into

victors on the one side and vanquished on the other, the latter nations being outlawed. Through this division of Europe nobody

suffered more than the German people. That this division was wiped out, so far as concerns Germany, is

essentially due to the National Socialist Revolution and this brings some credit to myself.” (P 34)


Hitler's first task was to undo the terrible and unfair damage of the Versailles Treaty which was forced upon the German people in 1919.

He rightly takes credit for that accomplishment in the first years of his chancellorship, while also pointing out Britain's hypocrisy

since it conducted a starvation naval blockade against Germany after the signing of the Armistice, and even continuing after the

signing of the Versailles Treaty. Hundreds of thousands of German women, children and infants suffered needlessly and died.


"The teaching of Bolshevism is that there must be a world revolution, which would mean world-destruction.

[…] As far as Germany is concerned, let there be no doubts on the following points:—


  1. We look on Bolshevism as a world peril for which there must be no toleration.

  2. We use every means in our power to keep this peril away from our people.

  3. And we are trying to make the German people immune to this peril as far as possible." (P 35)

Germany, because of its central location in Europe and its wealth and

competence, was a particularly desirable target of the Bolsheviks.


"I should like to state that, complete German sovereignty and equality having now been restored, Germany will never sign a treaty

which is in any way incompatible with her honour; with the honour of the nation and of the Government which represents it;

or which otherwise is incompatible with Germany's vital interest and therefore in the long run cannot be kept.


I believe that this statement will be understood by all." (P 42)


Indeed, Hitler was not willing to sign a treaty of unconditional surrender in 1944-45 and no such treaty was ever signed by a

German Government until the Two Plus Four Agreement was signed in 1990 by the West and East occupation governments.

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