Click on this text to examine the AMERICAN ISRAELI PUBLIC AFFAIRS COMMITTEE (AIPAC) that is perhaps the most powerful JEWISH lobby group in America


The following are some notable Jewish - American
political organizations...

1) American Jewish Congress - An umbrella
organization that includes the former United
Jewish Appeal, American Jewish Committee,

2) American Israel Public Affairs Committee – Israel
lobby group (AIPAC) ...see link at top of this page

3) Americans for Peace Now – pro-Israel, pro-peace

4) Ameinu (Hebrew for ‘our people’)

5) American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

6) Americans for a Safe Israel – opposes all territorial
withdrawals by Israel and campaigned against the
Oslo Accords and advocates the evacuation of
settlers from Gaza.

7) B’nai B’rith (Hebrew for “children of the

Wait a minute... this could take volumes to list and
There are 45 Jewish-American
political organizations.
63 Jewish non-political” organizations
based in the United States.
157 Jewish Federations of North America.
66 American Jewish Communal Organizations.
44 organizations categorized as
United States Zionist Organizations.
25 Zionist Youth Movement organizations and so on ....
All of these organizations have interconnections domestically
and globally. They all advocate for Jews and Israel first
and foremost...  a few more:

Google all of these organizations to get an idea of what TRIBAL-CRONYISM is.
Most of these Jewish rganizations require that you be Jewish to join. But if
there are any exclusively Anglo-Saxon organizations
they are labeled as racist and lawsuits are filed by the
ACLU to allow all-comers to join that organization. Try
getting the ACLU to back you in an attempt to join B’nai B’rith.

Have a look at the top 50 Jewish organizations, then have
a look at the Conference of Presidents of Major
American Jewish Organizations (COP) that describes
itself as “A central address for key American, Israeli and
other world leaders to consult on issues of critical
concern to the Jewish community.” The Conference was
founded to develop a consensus voice among various
Jewish organizations when dealing with the executive
branch (POTUS), and to promote the state of Israel in the
United States; those remain its primary task. The
conference does not draft comprehensive policies, nor
does it do conventional lobbying; these are done,
respectively, by the Jewish Council for Public Affairs and
by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).”

A few Jewish American politician cronies who belong to
the International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians
(ICJP), a project supported by the Knesset (legislative
branch of the Israeli government) - the World Jewish
Congress - the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the
Israel Forum are: Jewish Zionists U.S. Senators
Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, Norm Coleman,
Frank Lautenberg, Joseph Lieberman and Carl
Levin; plus Jewish Members of Congress Gary
Ackerman, Howard Berman, Susan Davis, Eliot
Engel, Barney Frank, Tom Lantos, Nita Lowey,
Jerrold Nadler, Jan Schakowsky, Debbie Wasserman
Schultz, Allyson Schwartz and Henry Waxman.

The ICJP is, of course, exclusively Jewish and indeed
international. It primarily seeks to support Israel and
provide a forum by which international Jewish politicians
can carry on a robust cooperative dialog to that end and
to ensure the welfare, both material and spiritual, of Jews
and Jewish communities worldwide... America is no
doubt a distant second on the Jewish-American Senators
and Congressional Representatives agenda.

Zionist Jew Senator Carl Levin is the Chairman of the
Committee on Armed Services that oversees legislative
oversight of our nation’s military and if he has his way,
with Jewish lobbyist assistance, aid to Israel will be
attached to the Pentagon budget so no-one will be able to
account for the amount of aid given to Israel. Or wait...
that’s been done already.

Recall over three TRILLION dollars that went
unaccounted for during the Donald Rumsfeld/Dov
Zakheim watch at the Pentagon during the 9/11 era.

the headline of an article by Gil Ronen that appeared in
the Jewish Telegraph Agency: The Global Jewish News
Source on March 5 th, 2013.
The article began...

"A Republican and a Democrat in the U.S. House of
Representatives introduced legislation that would
make Israel a ‘major strategic ally,’ a one of a kind
designation, the JTA has reported. The bill,
introduced by Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.)
and Ted Deutch (D-Fla.), is timed for the annual
American Israel Public Affairs Committee
conference (AIPAC), and 13,000 activists are
expected to lobby for it and for Iran-related bills on Tuesday.

The ‘major strategic ally’ bill codifies a number of
existing facets of the relationship between the U.S. and
Israel, including annual defense assistance and
cooperation on missile defense, energy research and
cyber security.

It also calls for Israel to join the program that waives pre-
arranged visas for select nationals entering the
United States, namely Jewish Israelis.
Iran related bills promoted by AIPAC activists will
champion the tightening of sanctions aimed at forcing
Tehran to suspend its nuclear “weapons program” and
would call for the POTUS to support Israel should it feel
“compelled” to strike Iran."

Political analyst Robert Naiman told pseudo-Russian
channel RT (Russia Today) that the AIPAC annual
conference is focused on the congressional designation of
Israel as a “major strategic ally” of the U.S.

According to Naiman...
"It has to do with the coming threat of budget cuts.
Under this sequester there are supposed to be
across-the-board cuts to the U.S. budget. So that
should mean that the U.S. aid to Israel, which is
substantial, billions of dollars a year, should also
be cut – but the Israel lobby doesn’t want the aid to
Israel to be cut. So their long game is that with this
designation of ‘major strategic ally’ they would
move things that are currently paid out of the U.S.
aid to Israel into the base Pentagon budget."

BTW: Rep. Ros-Lehtinen was born in Havana, Cuba.
Her maternal grandparents were Sephardic Jews from
Turkey who were active in the Havana Jewish
community. A major supporter of Ros-Lehtinen is Irving
Moskowitz, a major provider of funds for establishing
Israeli settlements on Palestinian West Bank territory and
in East Jerusalem.

Of course Rep. Ted Deutsch is also Jewish and is the
creator of the Hellenic-Israel Alliance, yet another Israel-
first lobby group.
Senator Alan Cranston (D-Ca.), a staunch Israel backer,
sponsored a bill (1984 Cranston Amendment) that would
require all annual economic aid to Israel to be at least
equal to its annual loan repayment of debt to the U.S.A.
schedule; thus making Israel’s debt to the U.S.A. a moot
point. Israel has not, and will not, be required to pay back
a penny of the money we have now GIVEN them. Again,
1984 was a good year for globalists.

Uber-Zionist Jewess Diane Feinstein is the Chairperson
of the Select Committee on Intelligence that supposedly
oversees all activities of all the intelligence communities
in the U.S. So we got the fox protecting the hen-house.

BTW: The U.S. government has entered into a contract
with a private real estate firm to sell off 56 buildings that
currently house U.S. Post Offices. The USPS is heavily
in debt and sees this as a means of relieving some of the
debt. The company handling the sales will receive a 6%
commission for the sales that could total hundreds of
millions of dollars as most of these properties are located
in prime urban business areas.
Diane Feinstein’s
husband, Richard Blum, is a principal at CRI, the real
estate company that will enjoy the 6% of all sales. The
USPS properties were bought and paid for in full by U.S.
taxpayers. Try to imagine who put this cozy arrangement together.
Zionist Jewish senator Barbara Boxer is the Chairwoman
of the Select Committee on Ethics... of all things! How
unethical can you get to be an American Senator working
primarily for the Israeli agenda as a member of the
International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians?

Zionist Jewish Senator Chuck Shumer is the Chairman of
the Democratic Policy and Communications Center. So,
we have a Zionist Jew making Democratic policy with
Debbie Wasserman Schwartz as the Jewish Chairperson
of the Democratic National Committee implementing
Schumer’s policy.

Zionist Jewish Senators Ben Cardin and Ron Wyden are
the honorary chairmen of the National Jewish
Democratic Council that is outspoken in support of a
strong U.S.-Israel relationship and strongly advocates
separation between church and state; which is a
laughable irony considering that Israel is an exclusively
Jewish/Judaism religious state where anyone who is not
Jewish or an adherent of Judaism is unwelcome as a

The White House Jewish Liaison

Did you know that the Director of Jewish Outreach,
White House Office of Public Engagement is a White
House staff position popularly known as the White House
Jewish Liaison? either.
The Director is presently
Matt Nosanchuk whose job it is to serve as the
Administration’s voice to the American Jewish
Community and gather the communities’ consensus
viewpoint on issues affecting it for the ‘benefit’ of White
House policy makers. There are no White House office
liaisons for Islamists, Hindus, Catholics or Buddhists as
far as I know, and there are 78.2 million Catholics in the
U.S. comprising 25% of the population!

In the past, White House Jewish Liaisons such as Mark
Siegal resigned from the position under Jimmy Carter
because he became distressed with the administration’s
position towards Israel and Middle East policy, and felt
unable to influence it. Jimmy Carter to this day is not a
fool regarding Israel and her designs. But the Zionist
media never misses an opportunity to make Carter look
like a fool.

As Ronald Reagan’s Jewish liaison, Marshall Breger’s
main task was explaining to White House Chief of Staff,
Donald Regan, why Jews were upset over Reagan’s visit
to a Bitburg, West Germany cemetery in 1985. The
cemetery included the graves of Waffen SS soldiers.

Jay Footlik was Clinton’s liaison when the position
actually became an important one as the Clinton
administration became overwhelmingly “Jewed-up.”

Footlik was also John Kerry’s Middle East Advisor
during Kerry’s ill-fated presidential campaign and
accompanied Kerry’s Jewish convert brother, Cameron,
to Israel during the campaign to meet with then present
and former Israeli heads of state.

There were seven different Jewish liaisons during the
George W. Bush Administration. The first liaisons,
including Adam Goldman and Tevi Troy (former Deputy
Secretary of Health and Human Services), angered the
liberal leaders of American Jewish organizations by
ignoring their counsel. Goldman and Troy were far-right
wingers who acted as gatekeepers to the sensible left-
wing school of thought. Sensibility wasn’t a Bush
administration trait; reconfiguring the Middle East to suit
Israeli designs was.
Other Bush II Jewish liaisons included researcher and
schedule manager Jeff Berkowitz, Jay Zeidman (son of
U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum council chairman
Fred Zeidman), presidential speechwriter Noam Neusner
(son of Rabbi Jacob Neusner who has written or edited
some 950 books on the subject of Judaism) and special
policy advisor to the POTUS Jeremy Katz. The last Bush
II liaison was Scott Arogeti.

BTW: I think it is either superhumanly astounding, or
simply unbelievable, that anyone could write or edit 950
books as Jacob Neusner supposedly has. Do the math and
you’ll see that the man has published a book every month
of his life since birth (he is 81years old). And this on top
of his teaching duties as a professor at Bard College since
1994; and prior teaching duties at Columbia University,
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Brandeis
University, Dartmouth College, Brown University and
the University of South Florida.
This guy is one of those authors that lends his name to other
people’s work to help it sell. Neusner is evidently a
franchise name in the world of books related to Judaism.

During the Obama Administration, the First Lady’s
Jewish chief of staff, Susan Sher, was co-liaison with Jew
Danielle Borrin (who is Special Assistant for
Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Engagement to
Vice-President Joe Biden). Zionist Jew Jarrod Bernstein
assumed the position in 2011, then stepped down in
January of 2013 to pursue a career in New York real
estate. Zach Kelley was interim liaison until Matt
Nosanchuk came along. Prior to becoming the Jewish
Liaison, Nosanchuk held the position of Senior Counsel
in the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department
where he helped eviscerate the Defense of Marriage Act
(DOMA), an Act that defined and defended the
institution of marriage as being exclusively between a
man and a woman. Lately, it’s become politically correct
to allow men to marry men and women to marry women.
Again...What’s next?

Anyway... White House policy makers are constantly
pressured by so called “think tanks” and lobby groups
such as the D.C. based Jewish Institute for National
Security Affairs (JINSA). JINSA’s stated aim is to
“ensure a strong and effective U.S. national security
policy and to educate American leaders on what it views
as the vital strategic relationship between the U.S. and Israel.”
There is NOTHING vital to America’s interests by
being allied with Israel. Quite the opposite is true.
Israel is an American liability to say the least. Israel is
America’s worst enemy says it best.

JINSA advisory board members include former Bush II
era Defense Department consultant and spy for Israel
Michael Ledeen, Israeli spy and traitor Richard Perle,
and former CIA Director R. James Woolsey.

Prior to service in the Bush II regime, Dick Cheney,
former Jewish U.S. Representative to the U.N. John
Bolton, and former Jewish Undersecretary of Defense for
Policy, Douglas Feith (who brought you Abu Ghraib
Prison repulsion) were all JINSA Advisory Board
members. The company Dick Cheney kept prior to his
Vice-Presidency may help explain why he sold America
out for unfathomable personal wealth.
There are a lot of prominent Americans that you would
never suspect were ‘Jewed-up’ and totally on board with
the Zionist Global agenda... until you look behind the
curtain they are standing in front of; such as former
presidential hopeful Howard Dean.

Remember when Howard was a Democratic presidential
candidate in 2004? He was a member of the United
Church of Christ, a doctor, and the Governor of Vermont.
But... his wife was a Jewish doctor named Judith
Steinberg; they had two kids that he and his wife raised
in Judaism... so they are Jews. Recall him stating that he
was “more spiritual than religious” and freely admitted
that he didn’t attend church very often. When asked to
name his favorite book in the New Testament, he
answered, “the Old Testament Book of Job.” it?

Howard Dean eventually lost the Democratic nomination
to John Kerry who seemingly lost on purpose to Bush II,
and then eventually replaced Hilary Clinton as Secretary
of State during Obama’s second term.

Kerry’s brother, Cameron, always identified with his
Jewish grandfather, Fritz Kohn, and converted to Judaism
in 1983 prior to marrying D.C. Jewish Zionist/Lobbyist
lawyer, Kathy Weinman. Weinman and Jewish
Zionist/Lobbyist lawyer Jamie Gorelick (of 9/11
Investigation Commission whitewash fame) are pals.
Cameron worked with Gorelick at the Wilmer-Cutler-
Pickering D.C. law firm.

During his tenure at the law firm of Mintz-Levin-Cohn-
Glovsky, Cameron Kerry was the “telecommunications
litigation specialist” who assisted Michael Powell at the
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) with
eviscerating many of the checks and balances that had
prevented media monopolies from forming. Media
consolidation is ongoing and all but complete.

During his brother’s 2004 presidential campaign,
Cameron visited Israel accompanied by John Kerry’s
Middle East advisor, Zionist Jew Jay Footlik, where they
met with Bibi Netanyahu, Ehud Barak, Ariel Sharon
and Shimon Peres. A super-conduit was established
between the would-be-perhaps president and the Israeli leadership.

Cameron was probably getting the word from the Israeli
leadership to tell his brother to “lie down” and let Bush II
remain as President. Did anyone notice that while
John Kerry was campaigning for the presidency all
through 2003 he had much more than enough dirt on
Bush II to make a complete and thorough fool of Bush
(who is indeed an abject fool). But Bush was a better
choice for the Cabal as an easily manipulated dunce to hoodwink
America into wars based on total bullshit for the sole
benefit of Israel (and a few war-profiteering corporations
like Cheney’s Halliburton).
Kerry threw softballs at Bush
and ended up looking rather gutless and unworthy of the
presidency on purpose I expect. Of course, election
rigging helped Bush win as well.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Cameron Kerry
campaigned for Obama as the Vice-Chairman of the
National Jewish Democratic Council.

Recently Cameron Kerry, Jamie Gorelick and Jim
Gerstein were lobbying hard, with Jewish Senator Chuck
Shumer as the point-man, for the confirmation of Chuck
Hagel as Secretary of Defense. Jim Gerstein is the head
of J Street, a powerful D.C./ Israel First lobbying group
that honored Chuck Hagel by making him the main
speaker at the first National Conference of J Street. It was
J Street that was behind the D.C. lobby’s write-in
campaign to get Hagel confirmed. The movement slogan
was: “Smear a Bagel, Not Chuck Hagel.” Clever eh?

I actually thought Hagel was not beholding to Jewish
interests when he stated: “The Jewish lobby intimidates
a lot of people up here... I’m not an Israeli senator. I’m a
United States Senator” (from a 2006 interview with
former Middle East peace negotiator and Zionist Jew Aaron David
Miller) and that’s what Zionists hoped I would
think...but now I know I was wrong.

BTW: there’s an I and K street, but no J street in
Washington D.C.

It’s absolutely true to say that every American politician
sucks up to the Israel lobby and knows that to be contrary
to the Zionist agenda is a political kiss of death.

Politicians are smart enough to know that if you aren’t on
board for Israel you will either be smeared, or totally
ignored by the Jewish controlled media... and there isn’t
a thing you can do about it... yet.

Remember 2012 presidential candidate and film maker
Merlin Miller, who advocated for a re-investigation of
9/11? ...of course you don’t (I wrote him in for President
and will again). Remember the former mayor of Salt
Lake City and 2012 presidential candidate, Rocky
Anderson, who was totally opposed to the invasion of
Iraq, both before and after, and called for the
impeachment of Bush II? ...Probably not. Remember
Georgia Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney, who
lobbied for a 9/11 re-investigation? She’s been out of
office a while now... got it?

Maxine Waters, who is the Representative from
California’s 43rd District (South-Central L.A.), has
suffered a lot of smear campaigns by Jewish attack dogs
because of her positions on many issues such as: she
voted against the Iraq War Resolution; she opposed the
U.S. coup in Haiti in 2004; she called for an investigation
of CIA involvement in the Los Angeles crack-cocaine
epidemic of the 1980s; she called the post-Rodney King
verdict riots in L.A. “an understandable reaction to
injustice”, and etc.

Waters’ stand against the Iraq War and occupation
required the Jewish controlled L.A.Times to write a 2004
smear accusing Waters of using her influence to her
husband’s advantage related to his owning bank stock
soon to increase in value due to Congressional approval
of FED loans to the bank... or some such thing. She was
exonerated of any wrong doing.
And the Citizens for
Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) placed
Maxine on its list of “most corrupt politicians” list in
2005, 2006, 2009 and 2011 without any substantiation
whatsoever. Zionist Jew Norman L. Eisen, whose mother
was a” holocaust survivor,” is the founder of that
particular smear job entity (CREW).

BTW: Have you noticed how often a WWII era European
Jew is designated a “holocaust survivor?” If you consider
how many millions of “holocaust survivors” there are, as
evidenced by the millions of Jews who claim that they
are due restitution from the German and Swiss
governments alone, they all couldn’t have been freed
from concentration camps by the advancing allied armies
entering German occupied territory at the close of WWII
because there weren’t many of Europe’s 6,000,000 Jews
left... right?
Evidently if you were a Jew and you were
anywhere in Europe during WWII, then you survived the
holocaust whether or not you were incarcerated...
What Bullshit.

Speaking of the L.A. crack-cocaine epidemic of the1980s
that Maxine Waters attempted to rightfully expose...

Gary Webb was a Pulitzer Prize winning American
investigative journalist who was best known for his 1996,
"Dark Alliance," series of articles written for the San Jose
Mercury that were later published as a book.
Webb investigated the Nicaraguan link to the CIA-backed
Contras who had smuggled cocaine into the U.S. with the
able assistance of the CIA that provided aircraft that were
immune from U.S. Customs’ enforcement and scrutiny.

The cocaine was then widely distributed around
Los Angeles, and other American cities, using well
organized street gangs such as the Bloods and Crips...
remember them? The profits were then funneled through
a CIA pipeline back to the Contras. Webb charged that
the Reagan regime shielded inner-city drug dealers from
prosecution in order to raise money for the Contras,
especially after Congress passed the Boland Amendment
that prohibited direct Contra funding.

Webb’s reporting caused widespread controversy and
fierce denial from all the accused causing the San Jose
Mercury to back off from the story and back off from
Webb, effectively ending his journalism career.
Though he was cast out from the journalism community, his
reporting was eventually vindicated since many of his
charges have been validated. Since his death, the L.A.
Times and Chicago Tribune both have defended his Dark
Alliance series. A CIA internal investigation by Inspector
General Frederick Hitz vindicated Webb’s reporting and
revealed and substantiated even more than Webb had alleged.
Gary Webb was found dead on December 10th , 2004
from two gunshots to the head. The Carmichael,
California coroner’s office judged Webb’s shooting to be
a suicide. I repeat: TWO gunshots to the head! He sure
was a tuff and determined sonofabitch to self-administer
the second shot eh?