Anti Defamation League of B'nai B'rith - ADL


An international Jewish and Zionist organization with offices in many countries. Commonly known as the ADL.

B'nai B'rith is Hebrew for 'Sons of the Covenant' the organization was founded about 165 years ago in New York.


Problably one of the most influential organizations in the US. The ADL is constantly lobbying for 'hate crime laws',

internet censorship, laws against Christian symbols in public places,

actively promoting race mixing and homosexuality (though not for Jews/ Israel).


The ADL mixes in the smallest affairs, when their brethren call for

assistance, as in the case of the Danish Social Democrat

Torben Lund who called Ariel Sharon a war criminal, and accused

Jews of sticking together and using the antisemitism

weapon on every occasion. The ADL's Kenneth Jacobson was on the spot.


Thou shalt only have one Holocaust
The ADL came in the news because its president Abraham Foxman campaigned against

recognizing the Armenian Christian Holocaust by the Turks as a genocide by the US.


Forbidden to criticize homosexuality

In California, the ADL, is the mainspring, along with the homosexual lobby, of inspiring

California’s pro-homosexuality and same-sex marriage initiatives.


ADL helped create S.B. 1977, California’s 'anti-hate' statute, which forbids criticism of

homosexuality in the public schools. It was written by liberal Jewish activist and ADL lackey Rep. Sheila Kuehl.


Ban Prayer in Public Schools: Greatest Accomplishment
The ADL is a $50 million a year fund raising hustle that promotes extreme far-left politics under the

guise of “fighting antisemitism.” On their website, the ADL boasts that their involvement in getting

the Supreme Court to ban prayer in public schools is their “greatest accomplishment.” CofCC


Let the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith teach you how they have saddled 45 states

with hate laws capable of persecuting Christians: ADL  


A lot more information on the actvities of the ADL at the National Prayer Network


ADL's criminal history and Mafia connections, & the Media


Jødekartoteket - Om ADLs kriminelle historie og praksis


New more succes for the worlds biggest censorship lobby:

Haaretz 16 december 2008 - YouTube offers 'Anti-Defamation League' censorship role


B'nai B'rith helped fund Communist thugs

The video to the right shows footage of members of the Anti Racist Action (ARA), violent red fascists,

demolishing a political opponent's home while the Toronto police looks on. After that clip you

see a meeting where B'nai B'rith personel is instructing ARA thugs.


Abe Foxman confesses that his organisation took huge bribe to influence US President

to pardon billionaire Jewish fraudster Marc Rich | Chicago Tribune


David Irvings dossier on the ADL




Jewish Defense League Unleashes Campaign of Violence in America

ashington Report on Middle East Affairs
July/August 1999


JDL Unleashes Campaign of Violence in America
Kahane became an outspoken advocate for the “transfer” of all Palestinians.
Recommended Reading

It was 29 years ago, on Aug. 29, 1970, that the Soviet government newspaper

Izvestia protested repeated attacks by members of the Jewish Defense League

against Soviet diplomats in New York and demanded better U.S. protection. 


A series of harassments, demonstrations and physical attacks against Soviet offices and personnel in

New York had been launched by the JDL at the end of 1969 and continued over the next two years.

The militant JDL actions included forcefully occupying some offices, spray painting Hebrew slogans

proclaiming “the Jewish nation lives,” disrupting public meetings and even bombings and shootings.

JDL co-founder Meir Kahane, a rabid Jewish activist from Brooklyn, later publicly admitted the JDL “bombed the

Russian mission in New York, the Russian cultural mission here [Washington] in 1970, the Soviet trade offices.”


The aim of the campaign was to draw attention to the 2.1 million Jews living in the Soviet Union.

Unknown to the public was the fact that the anti-Soviet actions were being

orchestrated by several militant Israelis, including the Mossad spy agency;

Yitzhak Shamir, later Israel’s prime minister, and Guelah Cohen, a leader of the extremist

Tehiya Party and member of the Knesset. The Israelis persuaded Kahane to wage the anti-Soviet campaign.

The goal was to strain U.S.�Soviet relations, calculating that Moscow

would ease the strain by allowing increased numbers of Soviet Jews to emigrate to Israel.


A 1985 FBI study of terrorist acts in the United States since 1981 found 18 incidents initiated by Jews,

15 of the acts by the JDL.4 In a 1986 study of domestic terrorism, the Department of Energy concluded:


“For more than a decade, the Jewish Defense League (JDL) has been one of

the most active terrorist groups in the United States....Since 1968,

JDL operations have killed 7 persons and wounded at least 22.

Thirty- nine percent of the targets were connected with the Soviet Union; 9 percent were Palestinian;

8 percent were Lebanese; 6 percent, Egyptian; 4 percent, French, Iranian, and Iraqi; 1 percent,


Polish and German; and 23 percent were not connected with any states.

Sixty-two percent of all JDL actions are directed against property; 30 percent against businesses;

4 percent against academics and academic institutions; and 2 percent against religious targets.”


The JDL was suspected in two high-profile murders over the years.

One came in 1972 when a bomb exploded in impresario Sol Hurok’s Manhattan office on Jan. 26.

The explosion killed his receptionist, Iris Kones, 27, while Hurok and 12 others were injured.

The JDL was suspected because Hurok was bringing Soviet performers to the United States.


The next year, Jerome Zeller, an American JDL member, was indicted on charges of planting

the bomb at Hurok’s office. He had since moved to Israel and his extradition was requested.

Israeli authorities arrested the American expatriate but released him on $1,200 bail. He later was wounded in the 1973 war.

Afterwards, the U.S. again requested extradition, but the response was, said U.S. Attorney Joseph Jaffe,

who prosecuted the case, “You can...hold your breath until you die cause you ain’t going to get him because he’s

a national hero.” Zeller was later reported living in the occupied West Bank among militant settlers.



Kahane became an outspoken advocate for the “transfer” of all Palestinians.


The other high-profile murder came in 1985, on Oct. 11, when Alex Odeh, 37, regional director

of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) in Santa Ana, California,

was killed by a bomb planted at his office. Odeh had appeared the

previous night on a television show and called Yasser Arafat a “man of peace.”

The Jewish Defense League praised the bombing

but denied involvement, its usual practice in such incidents.




One of the suspects was Robert Manning, 36, of Los Angeles, a JDL member.

He and his wife, Rochelle, moved to Israel, where he joined the Israel Defense Forces.

FBI agents said Manning and others were also suspected of being involved in a year-long s

eries of violent incidents in 1985 including the August house-bomb slaying of Tscherim Soobzokov,

of Paterson, N.J., a suspected Nazi war criminal; the Aug. 16 attempted bombing of the Boston

ADC office in which two policemen were severely wounded; the September bombing at the Brentwood,

Long Island home of alleged Nazi Elmars Sprogis, in which a 23-year-old passerby

lost a leg, and the Oct. 29 fire at the ADC office in Washington, DC, which was called arson.



By December 1985, FBI Director William H. Webster warned that Arab Americans had entered a

“zone of danger” and were targets of an unnamed group seeking to harm the “enemies of Israel.”


Manning and his wife lived in the radical Kiryat Arba settlement in Israel’s occupied West Bank

until March 25, 1991 when, after two years of pressure, Israel acceded to U.S. extradition demands.


The case caused critics to charge U.S. media bias against Arabs, noting that a week earlier the killing

of American Jew Leon Klinghoffer aboard the hijacked Achille Lauro received heavy media coverage.

The New York Yimes devoted 1,043 column inches to

Klinghoffer while devoting only 14 inches to Odeh’s death.


Israeli police finally arrested the Mannings on March 24, 1991. Although strongly suspected in the Odeh murder,

they were charged in a separate suit involving the 1980 letter-bomb murder of

California secretary Patricia Wilkerson. [13] Robert Manning, but not his wife, was eventually extradited to the

United States on July 18, 1993, and was found guilty on Oct. 14, 1993, of complicity in the Wilkerson murder.


On Feb. 7, 1994, Manning was sentenced to life in prison. His wife died

of a heart attack on March 18, 1994, in an Israeli prison while awaiting extradition.

Meanwhile, Kahane had moved to Israel in 1971 and immediately

became an outspoken advocate for the “transfer” of all Palestinians.

His unabashed public voicing of a subject that Israelis had spoken about only privately

for so long earned him instant popularity among the most radical of Israelis.

He founded the Kach Party. Kach in Hebrew means “Thus!” and Israelis understood

that the party’s name referred to the use of violence to ethnically cleanse the land.

By 1984 Kahane was popular enough to win a seat in the 120-seat Knesset under the Kach banner.


At the same time Kahane retained his U.S. passport, which he used

frequently to keep in touch with his followers in the JDL in America.


In October 1985, the State Department declared Kahane was no longer a U.S.

citizen based on his acceptance of a Knesset seat and his statement that he

had retained his citizenship only as a matter of convenience. However, Federal Judge Leo I.

Glasser ruled in 1987 that Kahane could not be deprived of his

U.S. citizenship since Americans are allowed dual citizenship.


When Kahane appeared in the Knesset to take his oath, 2,000

demonstrators protested and a number of lawmakers denounced him.

Within a year, however, Kahane was described by The New York Times as the most talked-about

political figure in Israel whose popularity was soaring, especially among young voters.

A September 1985 poll showed that Kahane’s popularity had

increased to the point that if elections had been held at the time,

his party would have received 10 seats in the Knesset, making Kach a significant political force.


Such popularity of Kahane’s racist views was disturbing to liberal Israelis,

and particularly to their U.S. supporters, who for so long had portrayed

Palestinians as racists out to get rid of Jews. Now Kahane was giving

Zionism’s critics powerful proof that Israel was a racist state.

On Oct. 17, 1988, Israel’s High Court of Justice ruled that Meir Kahane’s political party

was ineligible to take part in elections because it was “racist” and “undemocratic.”

It was the first time in Israel’s history that a political party had been outlawed. Polls at the time

showed that Kach would have likely received three to four seats in the coming November elections.


Kahane’s end came in 1990 at the age of 58.

He was shot dead on Nov. 5, 1990 in New York City in a midtown hotel.

The suspect was El Sayyid A. Nosair, 34, an Egyptian-born Muslim

who was a naturalized American living in Cliffside Park, N.J.

He was a graduate of Egypt’s Hilwan University and worked as an air conditioning repairman for New York City.

Police said Nosair had been under psychiatric care and taking anti-depressant drugs.


Nosair was acquitted by a Manhattan jury on Dec. 21, 1991, but on Jan. 17,

1996 he was sentenced to a life term after he was convicted in a new trial of involvement in the

assassination and also of conspiracy to commit terrorism with

Egyptian Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, the alleged mastermind of the [1993] World Trade Center bombing.


As many as 30,000 mourners attended Kahane’s funeral in Brooklyn on Nov. 6, 1990,

hailing him as “a pillar of Zion” and “a prophet who has fallen for the sacred land.”

They carried placards reading “Death to all Arabs” and “Revenge.” Said Sol Margolis, president of Kach International,

the U.S. arm of Kahane’s party in Israel: “There will be revenge. We believe in revenge.”


The next day in Jerusalem, on Nov, 7, some 15,000 persons

held a four-hour funeral procession, shouting “death to the Arabs.”


In mid-November, 10 persons received letters threatening violence in revenge

for Kahane’s death. They included Columbia University Professor Edward Said,

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and Clovis Maksoud, former U.N. ambassador of the Arab League.


Kahane’s supporters in Israel also vowed revenge, adding: “Whoever thinks that

Kahane and the Kach movement have been destroyed has made a great mistake.”

Said Kach member Yoel Ben-David: “I promise you there will be a river of Arab blood.”


During his years, Kahane had succeeded well beyond most

expectations in changing the political landscape of Israel.

New York Times correspondent John Kifner reported that Kahane had been

successful in the sense that many of his ideas “had crept into the mainstream” in Israel.

Dr. Ehud Sprinzak, an Israeli expert on far right activities in Israel, wrote: “Where he

has succeeded is in changing the thinking of many Israelis toward anti-Arab feelings and violence.

He forced the more respectable parties to change. In the 1970s Kahane

was in the political wilderness, but by the 1980s the center had moved toward Kahane.”

Today Kahane’s policy of “transfer” is openly discussed as never before and one political

party, Moledet, with one Knesset seat, has ethnic cleansing as its single issue.

Observed the Jewish Telegraph Agency: “Rabbi Kahane could die satisfied that his message has impacted deeply and widely throughout Israeli society.”


Recommended Reading

  • Friedman, Robert I., The False Prophet: Rabbi Meir Kahane, Brooklyn, NY:
  • Lawrence Hill Books, 1990.

  • Friedman, Robert I., Zealots for Zion: Inside Israel’s West Bank Settlement Movement,
  • New York, Random House, 1992.

  • Halsell, Grace, Prophecy and Politics: Militant Evangelists on the Road to Nuclear War, Westport, CT:
  • Lawrence Hill & Company, 1986.

  • Karp, Yehudit, The Karp Report: Investigation of Suspicions Against Israelis in Judea and Samaria, Jerusalem,
  • Israeli Government, 1984.

  • Nakhleh, Issa, Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem (2 vols), New York:
  • Intercontinental Books, 1991.

  • Said, Edward W., The Question of Palestine, New York: Times Books, 1980.

  • Said, Edward W. and Christopher Hitchens (eds.), Blaming the Victims, New York: Verso, 1988.

  • Sprinzak, Ehud, The Ascendance of Israel’s Radical Right, New York: Oxford University Press, 1991.
Do your own investigation into the ADL being a money laundering operation for Las Vegas Jew mobster Moe Dalitz
who was awarded the TORCH OF FREEDOM AWARD by the ADL in appreciation for his business
(the presenter was filthy Jew "comic" Joan Rivers).




Click on this text to watch: Waco: An ADL Caused Holocaust? ....



  1. ADL silently supports Israeli racism

    A short clip from the 72-minute film
  2. "Israel's War on Africans"

 The ADL – The Anti-Defamation League

ADL History

The Rothschilds (German Jews) had more money than governments and didn’t want it confiscated, they needed a safe haven to protect their wealth.

The Rockefellers and Rothschild Zionists set up their “Federal” Reserve in 1913 along with their criminal collection agency the IRS.

The Balfour Declaration of 1917 showing the intent to make a “Jewish” state in Palestine, against the Torah.


(“…United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour to Baron Rothschild (Walter Rothschild, 2nd Baron Rothschild),

a leader of the British Jewish community, for transmission to the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland.

His Majesty’s government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people…”)


Then the Rothschild and Rockefeller families create the UN and about 1948 take over Palestine using their alliance with the British and the UN;

Party A (Britain) gives Party B’s property (Palestine) to Party C (Rothschild’s Zionist Israel).

Israel is the head of the snake and the “Federal” Reserve. – Nicky Nelson



Federal Reserve Graphic

According to the Jew Controlled WIKIPEDIA the ADL is:
International organization fighting anti-semitism






Click on this text to read: THE UGLY TRUTH ABOUT THE ADL...


ADL #1

Tape No. 524:  "ADL No. 1"
Wednesday, January 11, 1995


This broadcast was taken in whole or in part from investigations conducted by the CAJI News Service, and the Intelligence Service,

and from reports published by The Executive Intelligence Review entitled "The Ugly Truth About The ADL", and "Dope Inc.".


Folks, tonight I'm going to embark on a course from which there is no return.  It is important that you learn

the information that I'm going to begin to impart to you tonight; and yes, it is a part of the "Mind Control" series. 

It is also a part of the history of the Illuminati in this nation.  And it will explain an awful lot of things to you

that have never been explainable before.  It's going to explain to you the link between

the Lodges of the Illuminati, the intelligence community, and the underworld.

It is extremely dangerous what I am embarking upon, simply because so many people who have attempted

to reveal this history previously have been killed in the process of doing it. 

I have no fear, and I will finish what I start, or someone will, because it needs to be done.

Tonight, I begin to narrate to you a special report of the

"Executive Intelligence Review" entitled "The Ugly Truth About the ADL".

Now, I want you to understand something.  I am not talking about Jews. I am talking about a branch of the Illuminati: 

the control structure that is bringing one-world government into fruition,

destroying the sovereignty of nations, and many, many other things.

As you will see, ladies and gentlemen, the ADL does not represent the Jewish people; but instead, is using them,

and is manipulating them so that they, innocently--as many of you have done throughout your life

innocently--are helping to bring about the destruction of the sovereignty of individual nations,

the destruction of individual, Creator-endowed, Constitutionally- guaranteed rights,

and the formation of a one-world, totalitarian, socialist government.

I want it clearly understood that "The Hour of the Time" has stated on many,

many occasions that we oppose racism of any kind, in any form, by anyone.

What you're going to discover is that the ADL, while calling many, many people anti-semitic,

are themselves one of the most racist groups that has ever existed upon the face of this earth.

Ladies and gentlemen, the original research was done by the "Executive Intelligence Review".  CAJI has

duplicated the research down to the T to make sure that this material is true.  And it is absolutely,

100% legitimate and historical truth from beginning to end.  And that's why the ADL

and B'nai B'rith has never sued the "Executive Intelligence Review" over this report.

April 14, 1865, the day Abraham Lincoln was shot, will live forever, ladies and gentlemen,

as a day of infamy for American patriots, and lovers of freedom all over the world.

But for the leadership of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, and the Order of B'nai B'rith, and it's twentieth-century police arm,

the Anti-Defamation League, April 14th, 1865 is a day that will be long remembered for a very different reason.

The B'nai B'rith, a pivotal player in the British Freemasonic plot to destroy the Union,

was implicated in Lincoln's assassination--something that you've never been taught.

That fact does not square very well with its long-cultivated--but totally unwarranted--reputation as a Jewish

social service organization, and a champion of civil rights.  For that reason, B'nai B'rith and the

ADL have gone to great lengths, ladies and gentlemen, to bury that history and much, much more.

Simon Wolf <sp?>, 1835-1923, was the Washington, D.C. lawyer for the Order of B'nai B'rith during the entire

period of the United States Civil War.  He would later head the International Order of B'nai B'rith for many years.

In 1862, Wolf was arrested by Lafayette C. Baker--the Chief of Detectives for the City of Washington, D.C.,

and later, Lincoln's Chief of the United States Secret Service--on charges that

Wolf was involved in spying and blockade running on behalf of the Confederacy.

Baker arrested Wolf, who was the attorney representing a number of Jews accused of spying for the South,

on the grounds that he was part of a conspiratorial organization working on behalf of the secessionist cause

behind the lines in the nation's capitol.  The conspiratorial organization named by Baker was the B'nai B'rith.

Both Baker and United States General Ulysses S. Grant targeted the Order of B'nai B'rith as a Confederate spy agency. 

Upon taking command of the western front in 1862, General Grant issued Order No. 11

which expelled all Jews from the military district within 24 hours of its implementation.

U.S. Grant was no anti-semite, ladies and gentlemen.  He was reacting to

the activities of B'nai B'rith and leading Confederates like Judah P. Benjamin.

Lincoln, however, cognizant of the need to avoid blanket attacks against religious or ethnic groups, rescinded the

order--which was the proper thing to do--for all Jews are not members of B'nai B'rith; and B'nai B'rith was not solely at guilt.

The Civil War was actually engineered and brought about by British intelligence through their arm of the Illuminati in

the United States headed by Albert Pike:  the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry,

whose headquarters at that time was in Charleston, South Carolina.

A 1987 B'nai B'rith-authorized biography of Simon Wolf by Esther L. Panitz <sp?> offered the following highly

suggestive--albeit incomplete--description of Wolf's personal

relationship with President Lincoln's assassin, John Wilkes Booth.

Now, bear in mind, folks, that this biography, written on the basis of B'nai B'rith's

archives--written on the basis of B'nai B'rith's own archives--paints Wolf in the most favorable of lights.

The mere fact that the author had to include Wolf's links to Booth and Wolf's earlier arrest as an alleged

Confederate spy and blockade-runner implies that the actual story is far uglier. 

I quote from the history of the B'nai B'rith:

"Wolf's concern for culture first expressed itself in the formation of a private club

devoted to the arts and humanities, and frequented by young men avid for learning.

"Were pride and ambition his only motives in seeking the intellectual life?

"Clearly, Wolf hoped that if he and his friends would devote themselves to the pursuit of learning,

they would deflect the prejudicial statements of their Christian neighbors.

"Wolf was upset that terms such as 'money-changers',

'cotton-traders', and 'clothes-dealers' had become words of reproach.

"Locally, the groups theatrical productions received a good press. Wolf, who would often play the Ghost in

'Hamlet' or Shylock in 'The Merchant of Venice', bore an uncanny resemblance to John Wilkes Booth,

Lincoln's assassin. Earlier in Cleveland, Booth had joined Wolf and Peixoto in dramatic performances.

"Years afterward, Wolf remembered that he had met Booth once again

at the Willard Hotel on the morning of the day Lincoln was shot.

"There at the bar, Booth explained that Senator John P. Hale's

daughter had just rejected his marriage proposal.

  Wolf attributed Lincoln's murder to this personal tragedy in Booth's own life. 

Wolf also recalled that once he sat for a picture entitled 'The Assassination of President Lincoln'."

End quote.  In his own book, ladies and gentlemen, entitled "Presidents I Have Known", Wolf says that he and

his long-time acquaintance, John Wilkes Booth, did some drinking together

at the Willard Hotel on the day Booth shot Lincoln.

Wolf's, and a second leading B'nai B'rith figure, Benjamin Peixoto's dealings with John Wilkes Booth, were hardly cultural. 

Nor could Wolf have possibly believed that Abraham Lincoln was killed because of John Wilkes Booth's unrequited love affair.

Even John Hinkley, the would-be assassin of President Ronald Reagan, was declared insane when he tried to peddle the

line that he had tried to kill Ronald Reagan due to an unfulfilled fantasy love affair with actress Jodie Foster.

To understand the circumstances under which B'nai B'rith's Washington, D.C. leader and one of its founding members

were circumstantially tied to the Lincoln assassination conspiracy, and explicitly linked to the secessionist insurrection

against the Union, it is necessary to look briefly at the circumstances

under which the Order of B'nai B'rith was founded in 1843.

Following the American Revolution, the British monarchy and its East India Company colonists' apparatus

never for a moment abandoned their commitment to reconquer the lost colonies in North America.

Although the military effort at reconquest in the War of 1812 failed, other efforts to seed the United States

with British agents, some drawn from the ranks of anti-Republican Tories--who were permitted to retain

their citizenship and property in America under the terms of the Treaty of Paris of 1783--were more successful.

In 1801, the Tory faction of United States Freemasonry--the grouping of Freemasons who had sided with England

during the American Revolution--opened up shop as the Grand Council of the Princes of Jerusalem of the

Mother Supreme Council of the Knights Commander of the House of the Temple of Solomon of the

Thirty-Third Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Order of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in the United States.

This United States-based British Freemasonic Lodge was chartered in Charleston, South Carolina. 

The members of this British-led secret society would direct the Confederate secessionist insurrection

a half-century later; and other Scottish Rite members would be among

the founders of the B'nai B'rith. They, too, would be leading Confederates.

Apart from the esoteric mission of spreading an explicitly anti-Christian form of Roman pagan worship

and occultism among the early generations of American citizens, the Charleston Lodge also sought to build

up a network of pro-British merchants, spies, and politicians in both the

North and the South who would one day play a pivotal role in the reconquest.

Many of these early Masons became wealthy through their business dealings with the

British East India Company and the Dutch West India Company in both the cotton and the slave trade.

Among the founding members of the Charleston Scottish Rite Lodge were many prominent Jews,

including Isaac Dacosta <sp?>, Moses Cohen <sp?>,

Israel Deleiben <sp?>, Dr. Isaac Held <sp?>, Moses Levy <sp?> and Moses Peixoto.

Many of these men, ladies and gentlemen, were Sephardic Jews from North Africa

or from Spain who had originally settled in the Caribbean and engaged in the early slave trade.

These Jewish Masons set up their organizations which also

maintained active liaison to Great Britain's powerful Jewish community.

The Hebrew Orphan Aid Society was one such nominally benign group

that would produce one of the most rabid secessionist leaders: Judah P. Benjamin.

Although today any reports of the Freemasonic roots and structure of B'nai B'rith are usually greeted with

a torrent of allegations of anti-semitism, back in the formative years, B'nai B'rith's own magazine,

"The Menorah", offered the following information about the founders of the group--and listen to this very carefully.  Quote:

"Their reunions were frequent and several of them being members of existing benevolent societies,

especially the Order of Freemasons and Odd-Fellows, they finally concluded that

a somewhat similar organization, but based upon the Jewish idea, would best obtain their object.

"The Jewish religion has many observances and customs corresponding to the secret societies known to us. 

The synagogue, for instance, might be compared to a Lodge room.  It used to be open twice a day. 

For a Jew desiring to find a friend, they had but to go there and make themselves known by a certain sign and token.

"The sign consisted of a grip with a full hand and the magical word 'Shalom Alakim' <sp?>. 

The mezuzah on the doorpost was the countersign--'Shema Israel'.  'Hear O Israel' was the password."

End quote.  Indeed, to this day, all local chapters of the B'nai B'rith are

referred to as Lodges, a practice borrowed whole cloth from the Scottish Rite.

When Moses saw some Jews of this B'nai B'rith-type who tried to make the religion into a pagan secret society,

he took the calf which they had made, and burned it in the fire, and ground it into powder. 

And Moses returned unto the Lord and said:  O, this people have sinned a great sin and made them gods of gold.

The majority of Jews in America during the first generations following

Independence were opposed to the idea of a Jewish Freemasonic secret society.

Most Jews are ordinary people, like all of you listening, and don't know any more about what's happening

in the world than you do.  They are lied to, just like you are lied to.  They are deceived, just like you are

deceived. And they are easily manipulated, because throughout the history of the world, they have been

chosen as the scapegoat, as the enemy.  And because of that, they can be

easily led by organizations such as B'nai B'rith and the Anti-Defamation League.

Israel Joseph Benjamin, a noted European Jew, in his memoirs,

"Three Years in America:  1859-62", wrote of the B'nai B'rith that, quote:

"This is a secret society like the Freemasons with passwords and the like, and was

quite a new phenomenon for me. Still,

I think the existence of such a society not at all necessary."

End quote.  He was right, ladies and gentlemen.  The secret agenda of the B'nai B'rith, like that

of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite, was to destroy the Union and pave the way for reconquest.

The ultimate goal:  one-world, totalitarian, socialist government.

You see, B'nai B'rith is not the synagogue.  B'nai B'rith is not Jews. B'nai B'rith is not Judaism.

B'nai B'rith is just another organ under a different name of the ages-old Illuminati, who practice the

Ancient Mystery Religion of Babylon in secret.  They call themselves the Great White Brotherhood,

the Brotherhood of Man, the Illumined Ones. 

And if you've listened to our series on "Mystery Babylon", you know the rest.

Two leading B'nai B'rith-allied figures would serve as exemplars of the strategy

for permanently dividing the Union. One was Judah P. Benjamin, and the other August Belmont.

Benjamin, who lived from 1811 to 1884, was born in the British West Indies

to Sephardic Jewish parents who moved to Charleston, South Carolina in 1827.

He was inducted into the Charleston Hebrew Orphan Aid Society,

one of the precursors of the B'nai B'rith.

After attending Yale College in New Haven, Connecticut,

he was forced to drop out under a cloud of scandal.

Benjamin surfaced in New Orleans where he quickly won the patronage of John Slidell--Slidell,

a United States Senator who would later play a pivotal role in the Confederacy and
sponsored the career of August Belmont who married Slidell's daughter.

With Slidell's assistance, Benjamin became a prominent attorney,

even serving for a period of time as the United States Attorney for New Orleans.

Benjamin gained notoriety for covering up the growing terrorist activities of the

Scottish-Rite-sponsored Knights of the Golden Circle while serving as the local federal prosecutor.

In 1852, Benjamin was elected United States Senator, a post he retained until

the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861 when he resigned to serve the Confederacy.

Benjamin was the first Confederate Attorney General.  He later served as Secretary of War and Secretary of State,

ultimately running the Confederate Secret Service on behalf of Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

And as the Mossad does today, he used innocent Jews in the North who were opposed to the

dissolution of the Union to furnish information to the intelligence arm of the Confederacy.

Judah Benjamin escaped to England following the defeat of the Confederate secessionist plot.

It was Benjamin's Confederate Secret Service which organized and supervised such figures

in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln as John Wilkes Booth and his accomplice John Serrat <sp?>.

Benjamin was charged with sedition for the Lincoln assassination,

although he was never brought to trial due to his protected status in England.

With the help of a leading Rothschild political asset in England, Baron Pollock <sp?>, Benjamin continued

his legal career in London.  He never abandoned his commitment to subvert and destroy the American republic. 

However, as a wealthy lawyer for the British merchant oligarchs, Judah Benjamin collaborated with other exiled

Confederate and Masonic strategists in England such as James D. Bullock <sp?> and Robert Tombs <sp?>.

Benjamin's continuing preoccupation with defeating Reconstruction is indicated

in letters he wrote back to the United States with complaints such as these, quote:

"I have always looked with the utmost dread and distrust on the experiment of emancipation

so suddenly enforced on the South by the event of the war.  God knows how it will all end."

End quote.  And then he went on to say, quote:

"The South is kept crushed under Negro rule.  I can never consent to go to New Orleans and break my heart

witnessing the rule of Negroes and Carpetbaggers.  Nothing is so abhorrent to

me as radicalism which seeks to elevate the populace into the governing class."

End quote.  And that, indeed, is the sympathy of all of those who call themselves "illumined".

You see, we are all nothing but cattle, stupid animals.  And they are the only ones

who have truly mature minds--and thus, are the only ones with the right to rule.

The Ku Klux Klan--and none of you were ever taught this, but it's the truth--the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was

founded in Tennessee in the late 1860s by the Southern Scottish Rite leadership under Albert Pike. 

The KKK drew its membership from the pre-Civil War Knights of the Golden Circle.

Judah P. Benjamin's early role in sponsoring and protecting both the Knights of the Golden Circle

and the Ku Klux Klan offers a crucial insight into the B'nai B'rith-ADL's

later role in fostering the revival of the KKK and the post-World War II period.

We shall return to that sordid tale, ladies and gentlemen, later in this series of broadcasts.

Another Rothschild and B'nai B'rith ally who enjoyed the political patronage of

arch-Confederate John Slidell, August Belmont, was Judah Benjamin's Northern counterpart.

A private secretary to the British House of Rothschild who arrived in New York City from London in 1837,

Belmont rose to the Chairmanship of the Democratic Party, a position he held for 20 years. 

Belmont was a leading advocate of free trade and states' rights, both cornerstones of the British reconquest scheme.

Prior to his emergence as a leading figure in the National Democratic Party, Belmont worked closely with the Charleston,

South Carolina B'nai B'rith in fomenting radicalism among America's youth.  The effort was, in this case,

run directly by the Mother Lodge of the Scottish Rite in England,

then under the command of Britain's Prime Minister, Lord Palmerston.

At Belmont's behest, Charleston's B'nai B'rith leader, Edwin Deleon <sp?>, wrote a pamphlet in the early 1850s entitled,

"The Position and Duties of Young Americans".  Deleon, whose family were slave traders, B'nai B'rith founders,

and later leading Confederates, peddled free trade and openly advocated a strong Anglo-American alliance.

While by today's standards the appeal for a strong Anglo-American alliance may seem

palatable to some, back in the middle of the nineteenth century, this was borderline treason.

Belmont's Young America members were among the draft rioters and radical abolitionists

who disrupted Lincoln's Union war mobilization to the benefit of the Confederacy and England.

During the early phase of the Civil War, England tried repeatedly to intervene into the

conflict with cease-fire plans that would have insured the permanent dissolution of the Union.

During the Civil War itself, while the majority of American Jews sided with the North--make sure you understand this,

folks, so you know that this is not a racist or anti-semitic program or report--the majority of American Jews

sided with the North and fought valiantly to preserve the Union, the B'nai B'rith was

predominantly pro-Confederate. Even in New York City, the Lodges preached secession.

The Baltimore Hebrew Congregation, founded by Dutch Jews who made their money in the slave trade,

heard sermons by Rabbi Morris Raphel <sp?> and the following.  And he said this, quote:

"Who can blame our brethren of the South for their being inclined to secede from a society under whose

government their ends cannot be attained, and whose Union

is kept together by heavy iron ties of violence and arbitrary force?

"Who can blame our brethren of the South for seceding from a society whose government

cannot and will not protect property rights and privileges of a great portion of the Union?"

End quote.  Following the Civil War and the assassination of President Lincoln, many of the Jewish slave and

cotton traders from the south, typified by the Lehman Brothers,

moved to New York City and became prominent in Wall Street banking and brokerages.

With the defeat of President Lincoln's Reconstruction Program following his assassination,

President Andrew Johnson pardoned the Scottish Rite insurrectionists....

Now, listen to this closely.

President Andrew Johnson pardoned the Scottish Rite insurrectionists, including General Albert Pike,

and accepted a rank of 32nd Degree in the Southern Jurisdiction Freemasons.

That was his reward.

Suspected Lincoln assassination plotter, Simon Wolf,

was also absolved of any criminal culpability for his wartime activities.

Only non-Freemasons and non-B'nai B'rith were prosecuted for the crimes they committed during the Civil War.

The legacy of British Freemasonic treachery against the Union survived intact, including the B'nai B'rith.

Although the slave trade nominally was banned in the United States as a result of Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation,

a new form of slavery had already been launched by the British East India Company and its Scottish Rite Directors,

including the same Lord Palmerston who had played so pivotal a role in the secessionist insurrection.

The new form of slavery was drugs--opium.

Henry Carey <sp?>, one of the architects of Abraham Lincoln's Reconstruction Program and a leading proponent

of the American System of Political Economy, warned about Britain's opium war against China and

India in his 1853 book, "The Slave Trade:  Domestic and Foreign".  Get the book and read it.

He described the trade in, quote:

"...that pernicious drug opium..."

end quote, as, quote:

" of perfect free trade...."

End quote.  Defeated in the secessionists' insurrectionist plot, Britain and its fifth column of agents in

both the North and the South would eventually regroup around a

strategy for running an opium war against the United States.

As the reader will learn in later chapters, the B'nai B'rith and its

Anti-Defamation League's Secret Lodge played a central role in the drugging of America.

Let's fast-forward to 1992, folks, in the nation's capitol where

B'nai B'rith lawyer Simon Wolf conspired on behalf of the Southern slave trade.

The streets in many parts of town are dominated now by drug traffickers whose deadly poison has inflicted

both a subculture of addiction and violence and a spread of AIDS among the predominantly black population.

Community-based efforts led by the Nation of Islam have begun to roll back that new subculture of slavery

and despair, restoring safety and dignity to some of the most desperately poor neighborhoods in the United States.

And as soon as they began to be successful, they came under attack by the ADL.

True to its history, the B'nai B'rith/ADL intercedes to turn back the clock to the days of slavery, for drug addiction

is a form of euphemistic slavery, and those who are addicted are subject to the whims of those who have enslaved them.

They can even control which way society goes, ladies and gentlemen.  You see, if they want to create more crime

in order to take rights away from the people--indeed, to make the people scream to have their rights taken away

in order to take the fear away, get the crime and the drugs off our streets--they just elevate the price of the

drugs so that the poor addict cannot afford to pay for them.  So, he has to go out and steal, and rob,

and mug somebody and even kill to satisfy the terrible craving of his flesh.

You never thought of it that way, did you?  But it's true.

Want to make it look like the police are succeeding?  Want to make a politician look good? 

Lower the price of drugs way down to almost nothing and crime disappears overnight.

One of these days, you'll begin to understand how we've all been enslaved for most of our lives--all of us: 

Caucasian, Jew, black, Indian, Oriental... it doesn't make any difference.  We've all been lied to. 

We've all been deceived.  We've all been manipulated.  And we've all been puppets on the end of somebody's strings. 

It is the purpose of "The Hour of the Time" to stop that.

I'm not so foolish as to think we're going to be successful

and stop it all, but we may be able to stop most of it. 

And we may be able to hang those that are responsible by their neck from a lamp-post until they're dead,

once they've been legally apprehended and tried by a jury of their peers--once the truth is known.

But the Illuminati, ladies and gentlemen, not the Jews, is in control of the judicial system. 

The Illuminati, Freemasons, sit on the benches of every court in this nation.

First, ladies and gentlemen, when this happened, the ADL set off a massive wave of anger and resentment

in the African American community when in June 1992 it published

"The Anti-Semitism of Black Demagogues and Extremists".

The widely-circulated ADL report is a frontal attack on the

Nation of Islam and its leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan.

It openly threatens retribution against any elected officials or political

activists who associate with or publicly commend the Nation of Islam.

I've commended them many times on "The Hour of the Time", and will continue to do that. 

I condemn them for their racism, but I applaud them and admire

them for what they have done for the black community. 

No one else has done so much to bring them up out of poverty and give them a sense of self-worth,

and bring their families together and where they stay together. 

No one else has taken the drugs off the streets like the Nation of Islam.

In July 1992, a major uproar developed in Washington, D.C.

when the ADL, ladies and gentlemen--the ADL,

the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith--was caught red-handed

in an ugly attempt to shut down any government

contact with what has been the only effective effort to clean up drug and crime-infested

areas in the nation's capitol: the Nation of Islam's now famous "Dope Busters".

If you've investigated what happened in Waco, Texas, ladies and gentlemen, you always run up against the

ADL and B'nai B'rith.  They instigated it.  They brought it into being.  They promoted it.  They pressed it. 

And they are the ones who released the lies to the press around the country that kept the American people in the dark.

When Washington, D.C. Mayor Sharon Pratt Kelly <sp?>

issued an official proclamation honoring Nation of Islam leader,

Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad, for his leadership in the Dope Busters campaign, and for his ground-breaking

work in treating AIDS patients with Immuno-virun <sp?>,

an African-developed anti-AIDS drug, the ADL went absolutely insane.

They had ignored these people until they began to take the drugs off the streets.  Make sure you understand that.

Kelly was repeatedly hit with ADL-organized delegations demanding that the proclamation be rescinded lest she, too,

be identified as an anti-semite.  And this is how they blackmail leaders, and police chiefs, and mayors,

and military officers into doing their bidding for fear of being labelled anti-semitic.

You've all learned you can call me whatever you want. It doesn't make any difference. 

I'll tell the truth no matter what.  Always.  Always.

When she refused, the ADL engaged in a national barrage of media attacks against the Nation of Islam. 

The attacks culminated in an article run in the "Washington Times" co-authored by

ADL National Director Abe Foxman and Fact-Finding Director Myra Lansky Bolland.

Ultimately, Kelly succumbed to ADL demands and issued an open letter to the community in which she continued

to praise Dr. Muhammad's work against drugs, violence, and AIDS, but condemned

alleged anti-semitic statements attributed to him by the ADL.

You see how it works, folks?  She caved in because she was afraid she wouldn't be re-elected mayor in the next election. 

She lost my respect.  She probably lost a lot of people's respect.  But she doesn't care.  Her political career is safe.

What was really at the heart of the "Washington Times" article--which was otherwise a potpourri of outrageous

and unsubstantiated charges against the Nation of Islam--was a demand that Congress defeat the major appropriations

bill for the Department of Housing and Urban Development over the question of whether HUD rules should permit

a HUD contractor to hire the Dope Busters to provide security for a federally-subsidized housing project in Los Angeles.

The ADL was particularly upset about the national attention the successful Dope Busters drug eradication program was getting.

The Dope Busters were founded in Washington, D.C. in 1988.  Since then, unarmed Dope Buster patrols have been

able to eradicate drug trafficking at the street level in nine Washington ghetto neighborhoods and private housing

projects, completely and totally disrupting the plans of the Illuminati to control those people.

They've done this with no deaths, and very, very little violence.

Exemplary of the success of the program is the Mayfair Mansions Housing Complex in northeast Washington.

Mayfair Mansions went from an ugly, unsafe, open-air drug market in 1988 to being a

handsomely restored, safe, vibrant community as a result of Dope Buster patrols.

When HUD Secretary Jack Kemp visited Mayfair Mansions earlier this year [1992], he admitted that the Nation of Islam's

Dope Busters deserved the credit, and indicated that he was open to granting the patrols federal government contracts.

Actually, it wasn't this year, ladies and gentlemen.  It was in 1992.

Tenants in public and private housing projects from New York to Baltimore to Los Angeles are demanding

Dope Buster patrols.  In most cases, the idea has the support of local police and government agencies who have

failed to find any other effective way to curtail the intensifying pattern of drug trafficking and violence.

In almost every case, the ADL has attempted to block the tenants' choice of security force. 

The tenant leaders who refuse to back down have been subjected to threats, harassments, break-ins, and other forms of intimidation.

This time, however, the ADL may have committed a fatal error in

launching such an open and vicious attack on the Nation of Islam.

Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad is not only a leader of the Nation of Islam, he is one of the most respected community

leaders in the Washington area, and his pioneering work against AIDS is gaining him international recognition.

The black and Hispanic communities in the United States are disproportionately infected by the deadly virus,

but have had almost no access to the accepted treatment which consists of the prohibitively expensive and highly toxic AZT, DDI, or DDC.

And as we have revealed on this program, those drugs may really be the cause of death of AIDS patients.

Dr. Muhammad and New York City physician, Dr. Barbara Justice <sp?>, have reported dramatic success in

treating more than 600 patients who are HIV positive with Immuno-virun, the drug they brought back from Kenya.

The pair is also credited with bringing vital information concerning this new treatment modality to both the general

public and the medical profession, taking the point in a courageous effort to

avert what would otherwise be the worst holocaust to hit the human race.

Similarly, the ADL's charges against the Dope Busters carry little credibility and leave the ADL completely

exposed as nothing more than a protection racket for the drug cartel--and THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is the truth.

The Dope Busters enjoy the intense support of the communities they serve, and have an unprecedented record of success. 

Wherever they go, the Dope Busters convey an unmistakable message of hope

and inspiration to the community that the war on drugs can be won.

Interviews with the residents of the communities served by the Dope Busters make clear that they believe

that it is that message, and nothing else, that has made the Nation of Islam and the Dope Busters a target of ADL attack.

In a community where the twin plagues of drug addiction and AIDS are the most visible vestiges of

slavery, the ADL has shown that despite the passage of time, its true loyalties lie with the slave masters.

Now, in 1985, the ADL proudly gave its Torch of Liberty

Award to Las Vegas businessman Morris Barney Dalitz <sp?>.

You don't know who that is, do you?

The award ceremony--a strictly black tie affair--was given front-page attention in the League's monthly bulletin

which praised Delitz as a great philanthropist who had donated generously to the ADL over the years.

Delitz's generosity was motivated by a lot more than an impulse to help out a favorite charity.  As one of the most

important figures in organized crime over a period of 60 years, and as a lifetime, right-hand man to organized

crime's twentieth century Chairman of the Board, Meyer Lansky, Mo Delitz was well aware of the fact that

the Anti-Defamation League was, from its founding, a powerful, secret arm of the Illuminati--the go-between

between the national crime syndicate and the respectable arms of the secret organization that is out to control the world.

Without the ADL's undaunted public relations work on behalf of organized crime, the United States would have

never been flooded with illegal drugs, and gangsters like Delitz, and Lansky would have long ago been carted off to the penitentiary.

Delitz was one of the kingpins of the Prohibition Era bootlegging business.  And he, along with three other

gangsters--Morris Kleinman <sp?>, Sam Tucker, and Louis Rothkoff <sp?>--ran the Cleveland underworld,

their self-described "Jewish Navy"--end quote--smuggled rot-gut whiskey

across the Great Lakes from Canada into the midwest United States.

Now don't get all carried away by the term "Jewish Navy", because the Irish gangsters

called themselves the "Irish whatever-they-were-called".  It's human nature.

On the Canadian side of the lakes, the booze was manufactured by the Bronfman gang, led by Sam and Abe Bronfman, second

generation Rumanian immigrants, whose father had been brought over to Canada by the

B'nai B'rith-allied Baron de Herschfund <sp?> and had set up a string of whore houses.

Sam and Abe used their Pure Drug Company, which was established with the help of the Hudson's Bay Company,

to manufacture illegal whisky during the Canadian Prohibition--which was 1915 to 1919.

When Canada legalized booze after learning their lesson, and the United States instituted its ban a year

later--not having learned anything--they were all ready to become the major suppliers to the gangsters south of the border.

United States government documents--these are government documents--from the Prohibition Era claimed that over

34,000 Americans died of alcohol poisoning drinking the Bronfman brew--not from drinking alcohol, folks, but from drinking this specific brew.

It was poison.

Today, Sam Bronfman's son, Edgar, is a National Commissioner of the ADL and the head

of its powerful New York Appeal.  And we'll pick his trail up later, for he's dirty, too.

Following Prohibition, Mo Delitz became the undisputed crime boss of Cleveland, expanding his criminal

operations-- gambling, labor, racketeering, money laundering, tax evasion--from Hollywood and Las Vegas to Miami.

One of his Miami investments, a night spot called the Frolic Club, was a joint-venture with Meyer Lansky.

When Lansky moved into Cuba to open his first off-shore gambling,

narcotics, and money laundering haven, Dalitz was brought in as a privileged partner.

When Lansky and the other directors of the national crime syndicate decided that his long-time partner,

Benjamin "Bugsy" Segal <sp?>, had become a liability and had to be assassinated, it was Dalitz who assumed

the lion's share of Segal's Las Vegas casino interests--interests he still holds, ladies and gentlemen, today.

Lansky and Segal had formed the original Murder, Inc.--otherwise known as the Meyer and Bugsy Gang--to

enforce the creation of a national crime syndicate overseeing the Prohibition Era illegal liquor and narcotics traffic.

>From the very outset, Delitz had been a member of the national commission of the crime syndicate.

Up until Lansky's death in 1983, Delitz was a regular visitor to the crime boss's Miami Beach condo,

and was widely presumed by law enforcement officials to be one of the primary heirs to Lansky's crime empire.

Now, just two years after Lansky's death, Delitz was publicly surfaced as an ADL philanthropist.  It was a sign of the times.

By the beginning of the 1980's Decade of Greed, drug money--narco-dollars--had already replaced

petro-dollars as the primary source of liquidity to fuel the stock market and real estate
speculative bubbles facilitated by the Carter and Reagan Administration's

deregulation of the banking, savings and loan, and brokerage industries.

As the power of drug money grew, so, too, did the political and financial clout of the ADL.

Junk bond swindlers like Ivan Boesky and Michael Milken, and dope bankers like

Edmond Saffra <sp?>--not to mention

Mo Dalitz--regularly poured millions into the ADL war chest.

In return for this largesse, the ADL publicly branded anyone who

challenged the clout of organized crime as a died-in-the-wool anti-semite.

The lionizing of mobster Delitz was the ADL's way of boasting

that their public relations work over a 70-year period had paid off.

But things were not always so easy.

You see, the ADL had been founded shortly after the turn of the century as a Jewish defense arm of the B'nai B'rith,

the nominally Jewish secret society sponsored and controlled by the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry,

with its headquarters in the Temple of the Supreme Council of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

just 13 blocks from the White House in Washington, D.C., and by some of the leading

British and American white, Anglo-Saxon, protestant families, including the Bush family.

B'nai B'rith Washington, D.C. representative Simon Wolf--the man whom Lincoln's Secret Service

Chief Lafayette C. Baker had arrested as a Confederate spy and Union blockade runner during the

Civil War--was now working closely with President Theodore Roosevelt in

mobilizing Jewish American support for the overthrow of the Russian Czar.

According to Wolf's 1918 autobiography, he had met secretly with President Roosevelt at his Sagamore Hills

estate in New York, and had launched an international drive to brand the Czarist regime as anti-semitic.

After a series of meetings and correspondence with Russia's Prime Minster, Count Sergei Witt <sp?>,

arranged by Roosevelt, Wolf had denounced the Russian regime for reneging on its promises to

curb anti-Jewish pogroms--after which American Jewish organizations,

led from behind the scenes by the B'nai B'rith, began funneling guns to the anti-Czarist insurrectionists.

Thus, B'nai B'rith played an active role in the Russian Revolution of 1905 and the formation of the Soviet Union.

This activity would lead to widespread allegations that prominent American Jews were pro-Bolshevik.

The Warburg family of Kuhn-Loeb and Company did fund--

DID FUND--it's a matter of record--V. I. Lenin and Leon Trotsky.

And father and son Bolshevik agents, Julius and Armand Hammer, who helped found the United States Communist Party,

did actively spread the Bolshevik cause in America and spent a decade in the Soviet Union following the 1917 Revolution.

These allegations of pro-Communist sentiments, while grounded in well-publicized

scandalous actions by prominent Jewish families, missed the mark.

In fact, the plot to bring down the Czar and install the Bolsheviks in power in Russia served

long-standing Illuminati and geo-political interests of the sort advanced by the Scottish Rite.

And Britain feared the development of a Eurasian alliance among France, Germany, Russia, Japan and China,

based on economic cooperation and facilitated by the building of a transcontinental system of railroads linking

the east to the west.  Such a transcontinental railroad system would render Britain's domination over the seas relatively unimportant.

We'll continue this on Monday.  Good night, and God bless you all.

ADL #2

The Ugly Truth About The ADL


This series of 8 historic broadcasts was taken in whole or in part

from investigations conducted by the CAJI News Service,

the Intelligence Service, Jews For the

Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JFPO), reports published by

The Executive Intelligence Review entitled "The Ugly Truth About The ADL", and the book "Dope Inc."

Please distribute copies of these transcripts to everyone you know.

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Click on this text to watch: Did Soros Hijack The ACLU?

ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union)

And who is the ACLU anyway? The ACLU is seemingly
a non-partisan, not-for-profit, pro-freedom/pro-
rights/pro-equality, liberty, and justice for all advocacy
organization founded in 1920 organized around four
centers of legal power headquartered in New York City.
These four centers are the Legal Department, the
Washington Legislative Office, the Communications
Department, and the Affiliate Support and Advocacy
Department. There are fifty-three fully staffed affiliate
offices in all fifty states and Puerto Rico.

The ACLU headquarters in New York consists of nine officers.
The four Jews are:

Susan N. Herman – President – twenty years on Board of
Directors, sisteen years on Executive Committee, and ten years as
General Counsel. She's a law Professor at Brooklyn Law
School. Her latest book is titled: "TERRORISM,
(co-written with Zionist Jew Paul Finkelman who is a
gatekeeper to any truth including his staunch position
that Jews had very little to do with the African slave trade).

Dorothy M. Erlich – Deputy Executive Director –
twenty-five years’ prior experience with the ACLU of Northern

Geri E. Rozanski – Director Affiliate Support and
Advocacy – Prior to joining the ACLU Geri was over-
seer for the thirty-three nationwide offices, and director of office
expansion, for the American Jewish Committee.

Steven Shapiro – Legal Director – For tewnty years Steven
has directed a staff of ninety full-time ACLU lawyers who
maintain a large and active docket of civil liberties cases
around the country.

The two openly gay male members are:
Anthony D. Romero – Executive Director
Terence Dougherty – General Counsel

Mark Wier – Chief Development Officer (fund raiser) – is a
crypto-Jew and closeted gay

The two mixed race (negro/caucasian) members are:
Laura W. Murphy – Director Washington Legislative
Office and Emily Tynes – Communications Director

As a heterosexual-male-Anglo-Saxon I do not feel
represented at all... and the only time I ever felt inclined
to take a stand for my rights and contact the ACLU was
after having been purposely harassed at a Border Patrol
checkpoint thirty miles north of the Mexican border. Of course, I
never heard back from the ACLU after several attempts
to make contact.

But Jewish inmates in the U.S. prison system can count
on the ACLU to go to bat for them to require their jailers
to provide kosher food for them.

The fifty-three ACLU nationwide affiliate offices all have
Jewish members; influential offices in population centers
such as New York, Florida, Michigan, Illinois, D.C.,
Colorado, Texas, Pennsylvania and Connecticut all have
total Jewish leadership. Almost all affiliates have Jewish
legal directors who answer to Steven Shapiro at the New
York headquarters.

ACLU funding comes from grants (60%), membership
dues and donations (23%), bequests (17%), and court
awards for damages and reimbursements. Membership
dues amount to $25 million a year alone.
The ACLU was
awarded $571,000 by courts in Georgia, Tennessee,
Alabama, and Kentucky alone for successful campaigns
to have the Ten Commandments removed from county
court houses in those states. Jews do not dig Jesus or
Christianity and use the “separation of church and state”
as a tool to erase any Christian imprint on American
government; while at the same time whole heartedly
supporting the RELIGIOUS state of Israel.

If you ever wondered who is behind legislation to remove
Nativity scenes and Christmas decorations from
government buildings, establish homosexuals in the
military, remove school prayer, protect pornography and
such anti-Christian agendas... wonder no more.
This should be disturbing to Christian America which
represents 78.4% of the population; the non-Christian
population totals 4.7% (Jewish 1.7% - Buddhist .7% -
Muslim .6% - Hindu .4%) and non-religious affiliated
Americans total 16.1% who are overwhelmingly Anglo-Saxon.
There are other groups that also work to assure that
America separates church and state such as the American
Atheists. A CNN news item on March 30th, 2013 ran a
headline stating:

"Judge Rules 9/11Museum Can Include World Trade
Center Cross"

The American Atheists organization filed a lawsuit to
keep a cross made of World Trade Center steel beams
from being placed in the New York 9/11 museum. A
New York judge threw out the suit, so the cross will
remain in the museum. I did a net search to see who the
head honcho of American Atheists is, and wouldn’t you
know it, It’s a Jew named David Silverman.
And speaking of school prayer, the following passage is
an interesting tidbit of Congressional history:

Once, when Congress held a late night session to deal
with a school prayer amendment, Jewish Congressman
Barney Frank was drafted to chair one of the sessions. At
6:00 in the morning, Congresswoman Marjorie Holt
declared: “Mr. Chairman, we must have school prayer to
demonstrate that this is a Christian nation.” Barney Frank
responded, “If this is a Christian nation, why do they
have to get a poor Jewish boy out of bed so early in the
morning to chair the House session?”

After the press had publicized the incident, the
Congresswoman apologized to Frank: “I meant to say
this is a Judeo-Christian Nation.” Without missing a beat,
Barney Frank responded: “Marjorie, I’ve never met a
Judeo-Christian. What do they look like? What do you
send them in December – what kind of card.”

So Barney Frank is a typical sarcastic asshole who
responded to an offered apology by mocking
Congresswoman Holt who meant well; even though she
was completely wrong about America being a “Judeo-
Christian” nation. If Jews comprise only 2% of the
population and non-religious citizens constitute 16.1%, I
say America should be called a Non-Religious -Christian
Nation before it’s called Judeo-Christian...but that’s just
me. Calling America a “Judeo-Christian Nation” is just
one more way to suck up to the masters.

I often wondered why “Judeo” got any billing at all in the
“Judeo-Christian” designation, and why “Judeo” is even
first billed. Jews are only 2% of the population. But I
now realize that America is actually just a Judeo Nation,
in spite of the miniscule Jewish population
representation, and Christians aren’t really in charge of,
or represented by, the American power structure at all.
So it’s match, set and game over for second class Anglo-
Saxon America who will eventually become third and
then fourth class citizens of the U.S. behind all the
immigrants from everywhere but Western Europe.

Anyway... The ACLU will still remind you that when
the American "Nazis" wanted to march in Skokie, Illinois
in 1977, it was Jews such as ACLU attorney, David
Goldberg, who fought for their right to do so; thus
presenting the illusion of being uncompromised non-
partisans dedicated to unwavering commitment to principals.
The "Nazis" never did march in Skokie which has a high
concentration of Jewish residents who had erected a
“holocaust museum” (the favorite guilt-trip
establishment) on Skokie’s main thoroughfare when the
"Nazis" announced their intention to march down the
thoroughfare. The "Nazis" did march in nearby Chicago though.
The foundations who contribute the most money via
grants to the ACLU are all Jewish controlled such as:

The JEHT FOUNDATION (Justice, Equality, Human
Dignity & Tolerance) was a large Jewish controlled
contributor until Bernie Madoff made off (I like that
Bernie’s last name is Madoff/made off, it’s so perfect it’s
poetic) with most of their money through his infamous
Ponzi scheme; proving that Jews will feed on fellow tribe
members for a greater cause... or simply when it’s

The Southern Poverty Law Center

The SPLC is another fundraiser scam with dubious
agendas founded by Jewish guys Morris Seligman Dees
and Joe Levin in Montgomery, Alabama in 1971. Julian
Bond, the black civil rights star, joined the organization
early on to lend a credible black face for the SPLC.

Dees is still a senior staff attorney on the Senior Program
Staff that is headed by President and Jewish guy Richard
Cohen. Julian Bond and Jewish guy Joe Levin are still on
the Board of Directors that is headed by Chairman and
Jewish guy Howard Mandell. Other board members
include Ellen Sudow, Elden Rosenthal, Lida Orzeck,
Marsha Levick and Alan Howard... totaling seven Jews
on a board of thirteen members.

A portion of the SPLC’s annual $175 million dollar
budget goes to the printing of "TEACHING TOLERANCE"
magazine which goes out free of charge to 400,000
educators nationwide bi-annually. The magazine has an
agenda that appears, on the surface, to be all good. It’s not.
Morris Dees was quoted as saying, “I am more concerned
with the victims of militia terrorists than with FBI or
ATF excesses,” after the massacre of the Branch
Dividians near Waco, but he has never provided an
example of militia sponsored terrorism. And the ADL
was the very “watchdog” group that provided the ATF
with inflammatory “Intel” prior to the initial Waco
assault causing the ATF to use extreme prejudice against
the doomed Dividians from the beginning to the horrid end
of the siege.

Reminder: The Southern Poverty Law Center is a fraud and nobody should treat them as responsible actors

Repeating a mistake made by many major media outlets before it, CNN on Thursday published a map of registered hate groups

sourced entirely from the Southern Poverty Law Center, an irresponsible advocacy group that purports to operate as an objective

assessor of hate. Just one day earlier, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the

company was set to make a $1 million donation to the SPLC as well.


But the SPLC's claim to objectivity is nothing less than fraudulent, a reality that informed observers of its practices from both

the Left and Right accept. The routine of debunking their supposedly objective classifications occurs like clockwork each time

a major outlet makes the mistake of turning to them when reporting on the many

conservative thinkers and nonprofits the group absurdly designates as hateful.


So here we go again.


The SPLC routinely lumps conservative advocacy groups in with legitimate hate organizations, putting proponents of traditional

family values in the same category as neo-Nazis and the KKK. In a July note to supporters, the Family Research Council, a

conservative nonprofit the SPLC has attacked, referred to the center as "a left wing smear group who

has become exactly what they set out to fight, spreading hate and putting targets on people's backs."


And they're exactly correct.


Five years ago, for instance, a gunman opened fire at FRC's headquarters, leaving a security guard injured,

in part because he saw the organization was listed as a hate group on the SPLC's website.


In June, 41 conservative movement leaders sent a letter that addressed the matter, explaining that the SPLC's

"‘hate group' list is nothing more than a political weapon targeting people it deems to be its political enemies."


"The list is ad hoc, partisan, and agenda-driven," the letter continued.

"The SPLC doesn't even pretend to identify groups on the political left that engage in ‘hate.'"


In 2010, liberal journalist Ken Silverstein called the group "essentially a fraud"

with "a habit of casually labeling organizations as ‘hate groups.'"


"In doing so," Silverstein wrote, "the SPLC shuts down debate, stifles free speech, and most of all, raises a pile of money,

very little of which is used on behalf of poor people." In 2000, Silverstein reported on the SPLC's practice

of exploiting tragedy with misleading fundraising efforts that allow it to amass tens of millions of dollars in donations.


In a column earlier this summer, the Washington Examiner's Timothy P. Carney described how the liberal strategy of lumping

mainstream conservatives in with extremists is a dangerous tack that

can actually end up making legitimate hate groups seem more innocuous.


There are real consequences to the SPLC's racketeering. A

t this point, there is just no excuse for major news outlets to cite their work.


Emily Jashinsky is a commentary writer for the Washington Examiner.


Click on this text to watch SPLC - The "anti hate group" that is a hate group...



Southern Poverty Law Center Transfers Millions in Cash to Offshore Entities

Left-wing nonprofit pays lucrative six-figure salaries to top management

The SPLC's chief trial counsel Morris Dees / Getty Images

BY: Joe Schoffstall
August 31, 2017 5:00 am


The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a liberal, Alabama-based 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization that has

gained prominence on the left for its "hate group" designations, pushes millions of dollars to offshore entities as part of its business dealings, records show.


Additionally, the nonprofit pays lucrative six-figure salaries to its top directors and key employees while spending little on legal

services despite its stated intent of "fighting hate and bigotry" using litigation, education, and other forms of advocacy.


The Southern Poverty Law Center is perhaps best known for its "hate map," a collection of organizations the nonprofit deems

"domestic hate groups" that lists mainstream conservative organizations alongside racist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan

and is often referenced in the media. A gunman opened fire at the Washington, D.C., offices of the conservative

Family Research Council in 2012 after seeing it listed as an "anti-gay" group on SPLC's website.


The SPLC has turned into a fundraising powerhouse, recording more than $50 million in contributions and $328 million in net assets

on its 2015 Form 990, the most recently available tax form from the nonprofit. SPLC's Form 990-T, its business income tax return,

from the same year shows that they have "financial interests" in the Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, and

Bermuda. No information is available beyond the acknowledgment of the interests at the bottom of the form.


However, the Washington Free Beacon discovered forms from 2014 that shed

light on some of the Southern Poverty Law Center's transfers to foreign entities.


The SPLC's Form 8865, a Return of U.S. Persons With Respect to Certain Foreign Partnerships, from 2014 shows

that the nonprofit transferred hundreds of thousands to an account located in the Cayman Islands.


SPLC lists Tiger Global Management LLC, a New York-based private equity financial firm, as an agent on its form.

The form shows a foreign partnership between the SPLC and Tiger Global Private Investment Partners IX, L.P.,

a pooled investment fund in the Cayman Islands. SPLC transferred $960,000 in

cash on Nov. 24, 2014 to Tiger Global Private Investment Partners IX, L.P, its records show.


The SPLC's Form 926, a Return by a U.S. Transferor of Property to a Foreign Corporation,

from 2014 shows additional cash transactions that the nonprofit had sent to offshore funds.


The SPLC reported a $102,007 cash transfer on Dec. 24, 2014 to BPV-III Cayman X Limited, a foreign entity located in the Cayman Islands. T

he group then sent $157,574 in cash to BPV-III Cayman XI Limited on Dec. 31, 2014, an

entity that lists the same PO Box address in Grand Cayman as the previous transfer.


The nonprofit pushed millions more into offshore funds at the beginning of 2015.


On March 1, 2015, SPLC sent $2,200,000 to an entity incorporated in Canana Bay, Cayman Islands, according to

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) records and run by a firm firm based in Greenwich, Ct. Another $2,200,000

cash transfer was made on the same day to another fund whose business is located

at the same address as the previous fund in the Cayman Islands, according to SEC records.


No information is contained on its interests in Bermuda on the 2014 forms. SPLC's

financial stakes in the British Virgin Islands were not acknowledged until its 2015 tax form.


Lucinda Chappelle, a principal at Jackson Thornton, the public

accounting firm in Montgomery, Ala., that prepared the SPLC's tax forms,

said she does not discuss client matters and hung up the phone when the Free Beacon contacted

her in an attempt to get the most updated forms from the group in relation to its foreign business dealings.


Tax experts expressed confusion when being told of the transfer.


"I've never known a US-based nonprofit dealing in human rights or social services to have any foreign bank accounts,"

said Amy Sterling Casil, CEO of Pacific Human Capital, a California-based nonprofit consulting firm. "My impression based on prior

interactions is that they have a small, modestly paid staff, and were regarded by most in the industry as

frugal and reliable. I am stunned to learn of transfers of millions to offshore bank accounts

. It is a huge red flag and would have been completely unacceptable to any wealthy,

responsible, experienced board member who was committed to a charitable mission who I ever worked with."


"It is unethical for any US-based charity to invest large sums of money overseas," said Casil.

"I know of no legitimate reason for any US-based nonprofit to put money in overseas, unregulated bank accounts."


"It seems extremely unusual for a ‘501(c)(3)' concentrating upon reducing poverty in the American South to have multiple

bank accounts in tax haven nations," Charles Ortel, a former Wall Street analyst and financial

advisor who helped uncover a 2009 financial scandal at General Electric, told the Free Beacon.


The nonprofit also pays lucrative salaries to its top leadership.


Richard Cohen, president and chief executive officer of the SPLC, was given

$346,218 in base compensation in 2015, its tax forms show.

Cohen received $20,000 more in other reportable compensation and non-taxable benefits. Morris Dees, SPLC's chief

trial counsel, received a salary of $329,560 with $42,000 in additional reportable compensation and non-taxable benefits.


The minimum amount paid to an officer, director, trustee, or key employee in 2015 was $140,000 in base

salary, not including other compensation.  The group spent $20 million on salaries throughout the year.


The SPLC, which claims to boast a staff of 75 lawyers who practice in the area of children's rights, economic justice,

immigrant justice, LGBT rights, and criminal justice reform, reported spending only $61,000 on legal services in 2015.


Following recent violence in Charlottesville, Va., the group raised a great deal of money.


Apple CEO Tim Cook told his employees that the company is donating $1 million to the SPLC and would match employee

contributions two to one. Cook also placed an SPLC donation button in its iTunes store.

The company is additionally providing a $1 million donation to the Anti-Defamation League.


J.P Morgan Chase vowed to add a $500,000 donation for the group's "work in tracking,

exposing, and fighting hate groups and other extremist organizations."


The Washington Times reported that CNN ran a wire story following the Charlottesville events originally titled,

"Here are all the active hate groups where you live" using SPLC's list of 917 groups.


Brad Dacus, the president of the Pacific Justice Institute, a Sacramento-based group that defends "religious freedom,

parental rights, and other civil liberties without charge," was listed on the "hate groups" list.


"Why is the Southern Poverty Law Center doing this? It's simple. They want to vilify and isolate anyone that doesn't agree with their very

extremist leftist policy and ideology," Dacus told the Times. "This isn't about defending civil rights; this is about attacking civil rights."


"I am shocked that CNN would publish such a false report on the heels of the Charlottesville tragedy," added Mat Staver,

the founder of Liberty Counsel, a Christian nonprofit that provides pro bono assistance and representation, which is also featured on SPLC's list.

"To lump peaceful Christian organizations, which condemn violence and racism, in with the KKK, neo-Nazis, and white supremacists is offensive.

This is the epitome of fake news and is why people no longer trust the media."


CNN later changed its headline to, "The Southern Poverty Law Center's list of hate groups."


"The SPLC is an anti-conservative, anti-Christian hate group that the media have given pretend legitimacy to.

One glance at their 990 tax forms is a reminder just what a fund-raising super-power it is," Dan Gainor, vice president of Business and Culture

at the Media Research Center, told the Free Beacon. "Its assets are over $328 million in 2015 and went up $13 million in just one year.

It doesn't need new liberal money. It could operate for at least six years and never raise a penny. It's like a perpetual motion machine for fundraisers."


The SPLC has also been hit with a number of lawsuits over "hate" defamation claims in recent days.


The Southern Poverty Law Center did not return a request for comment on its foreign financial dealings by press time.






The Southern Poverty Lawcenter - SPLC


A millitant organization concerned with immigrant rights, anti-racism, monitoring 'right wing organizations' the usual lot.



Founded in 1971 by Jewish lawyer Joe Levin and Morris Seligman Dees (not Jewish but born into a philosemitic

family who gave him his Jewish first name after Joseph Seligman; president Lincoln's Jewish banker),

currently headed by Julian Bond (black, communist sympathiser.

Bond's father's first experience with racism in 1916 was with a Jew.. )



Two of the center's most well known activists are Mark Potok and Heidi Beirich. (both Jewish)

Alexander Zaitchik is a former SPLC operative who now continues doing the SPLC's work in another context.



The SPLC has a long-standing reputation for manipulating statistics and

exaggerating the extent of “racism” or “hate” in America.

The group earns millions a year by making false claims about

'hate groups' and the dangers they pose to America.



Supposedly as of January 2010: Of the twenty-one members of the Southern Poverty Law Center senior program staff,

twelve (12) are Jews. This is a numerical representation of 57%. Of the eleven (11) members of the

Southern Poverty Law Center board of directors, six (6) are Jews or have Jewish spouses.



This is a numerical representation of 55%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population.*

This means that Jews are over-represented on the Southern Poverty Law Center senior program

staff by a factor of 28.5 times, or 2,850 [two thousand eight hundred and fifty percent] percent, and

over-represented on the Southern Poverty Law Center board of directors by a factor of 27.5 times, or 2.750 %.



This extreme numerical over-representation of Jews on the Southern Poverty Law Center senior program

staff and board of directors cannot be explained away as a coincidence or as the result of mere random chance.



You must ask yourself how such an incredibly small and extremely unrepresentative minority ethnic

group that only represents 2% of the United States population could so

dominate America's leading "civil rights" organization.



Source: Who Controls the Southern Poverty Law Center?

* Jewish Population of the United States by State


Annual income SPLC officials
Richard Cohen -- President/CEO -- $351.648
Morris Dees -- Chief Trial Counsel -- $346.919
Joseph Levin -- General Counsel -- $191.756
Jeff Blancett -- Former Oper. Officer -- $185.305
Rhonda Brownstein -- Legal Director -- $179.983
Teenie Hutchison -- Chief Financial Officer -- $155.144
Mark Potok -- Intelligence Director -- $143.206
Mary Bauer -- Immigrant Justice-- $141.111
Wendy Via -- Development Director -- $140.469
Thomas Brinkman -- Donor $ Security and IT chief -- $142.639
Source: SPLCDreaming of a White Christmas








                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            EXPOSED: The SPLC is a hate group pretending to be an anti-hate group

Image: EXPOSED: The SPLC is a hate group pretending to be an anti-hate group

(Natural News) If you’re not familiar at all with the Alabama-based Southern Poverty Law Center, it’s nothing more than a Left-wing hate factory

ginning up angst and even violence against conservative-minded, America-first types who voted for President Donald J. Trump.


But the organization disguises itself as an anti-hate group allegedly battling “white supremacy,” “fascism” and “nationalism” in America.


As reported by Frontpage Magazine, a new video released by Prager U fully exposes the SPLC for the hate mill that it is,

always on the attack against traditional, Christian,family-values America — precisely

the demographic that put Trump in the White House to drain the D.C. swamp.


“Shutting down people you don’t agree with is about as un-American as you can get,” says Karl Zinsmeister,

author and vice president of The Philanthropy Roundtable, in opening the video.


Such actions go against our country’s founding principles of rigorous and open debate, the free exchange of ideas and honest discussion he notes.

And yet, the SPLC — with “such a sweet-sounding name” — is an organization dedicated to quashing debate, enforcing Marxist ideals and

demonizing anyone who opposes them, just like Josef Stalin did to his political opponents in the former Soviet Union.


SPLC was originally founded in 1971 as a legitimate law center established to assist the poor with legal defense. But in the 1980s, after

Ronald Reagan’s conservatism swept the country, the group reinvented itself as a

Left-wing political attack organ dedicated to the elimination of opposition through various intimidation tactics.


The primary vehicle for this is an annual list the group puts out — a list that is seldom fact-checked but eagerly parroted by the

equally Left-wing “mainstream” media — of organizations, people and charities it claims are “extremists” and “haters.”


“The SPLC employs a two-pronged strategy,” said Zinsmeister. “First, find a handful of crazies with barely any followers,

no address and no staff, and then turn them into a ‘dangerous’ movement — proof that there are neo-Nazis lurking everywhere.”


On the group’s most recent “hate map” there are 917 “active hate groups” listed in the United States (though wouldn’t you know it,

the SPLC doesn’t list itself), but the fact is, most people have only ever heard of a handful of them.


The second strategy is to undermine legitimate political voices the group opposes

“by associating them with extremists like the KKK,” said Zinsmeister.


Here’s just one example: The Alliance Defending Freedom.


“The SPLC lists them as a ‘hate group,’” he said. “Is that fair?”



Zinsmeister said the ADF has a network of 3,000 attorneys from all over the U.S. who have donated more than 1 million volunteer

hours to defend Americans’ religious liberties. Together, this legal team has played a role in 49 legal victories before the U.S. Supreme Court.

“Putting the Alliance Defending Freedom on a list with 130 Ku Klux Klan chapters is not only wrong, it’s malicious,” said Zeinsmeister.

(Related: How the SPLC has become a “journo-terrorism” hate group that stirs up attempted murder and violence against Christian and conservative organizations.)


In another example, the SPLC accuses Charles Murray, one of our country’s leading social scientists,

of being a “white nationalist” because he dares to present facts and truths about America’s various ethnic groups.


The SPLC describes Ayaan Hirsi Ali, probably one of the most eloquent who speaking

out on behalf of Muslim women’s rights a “toxic…anti-Muslim extremist.”


And so on.




“Scores of other individuals and charities, active in mainstream conservative or religious causes,

have likewise been branded by the Southern Poverty Law Center as ‘threats to society,’” said Zinsmeister —

who said it’s very fair for anyone to disagree with those individuals and

charities, but it’s “utterly unfair” to brand them as haters or extremists.




SPLC Fires Founder Morris Dees; Internal E-mails Highlight Issues With Harassment, Discrimination

The Southern Poverty Law Center on Thursday announced that it had fired Morris Dees, the center's co-founder and
long-time public face of the civil rights organization, amid undisclosed allegations that Dees failed to meet the standards
of the SPLC. A statement sent by SPLC president Richard Cohen alluded to issues within the organization that made
for a working environment that was lacking in "truth, justice, equity and inclusion." ... Internal emails obtained byAPR
related to Dees' firing appear to show that the problems - which employees said spanned from sexual harassment to
gender- and race-based discrimination - were more systemic and widespread ... Specifically, the employees' email
alleged multiple instances of sexual harassment by Dees, and it alleges that
reports of his conduct were ignored or covered up by SPLC leadership.

Seven Reasons to Beware the Southern Poverty Law Center

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) says its primary mission is to fight hatred, teach tolerance, and seek justice.
These are noble goals for most Americans, but this is not a noble organization. It is the exact opposite.
Given the SPLC's power and influence over the media and members of Congress, this once highly-regarded
civil rights organization deserves fresh scrutiny. Here are seven reasons why the SPLC fails to serve the public interest:
The SPLC ignores basic standards of scientific research in selecting and classifying hate groups and extremists. 
The SPLC's definition of "hate" is vague ... The SPLC attacks and smears mainstream
public service organizations, including churches, ministries, and various pro-family entities.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is Both a Terrible Place to Work, and a Place That Does Terrible Work

Controversy has struck the Southern Poverty Law Center, the formidable progressive law firm best known for tracking hate groups in the
U.S. Co-founder Morris Dees, President Richard Cohen, and other top executives are exiting the organization amidst a staff uprising
over alleged sexual and racial harassment in the work place. The leadership shakeup, fueled by allegations that black staffers were
shut out of key positions and that Dees personally harassed female staffers, has brought the SPLC considerable media scrutiny,
and it's about time. Regardless of whether these specific accusations have merit, the SPLC should face a reckoning
over its extremely shoddy work, which has mistakenly promoted the idea that fringe hate groups are a rising threat.

The Truth About 'Hate Crimes' and the Racial Justice Racket

... The Southern Poverty Law Center is a thriving business. The Alabama-based "nonprofit" firm has become a font of riches for founder
Morris Dees and his associates ... To me and to other observant conservatives, the Southern Poverty Law Center is a clever scam,
relentlessly cultivating for profit the fear that this nation is filled with Klansmen and rife with people eager to perpetrate genocide ...
"Hate crimes," as trumpeted by the likes of the Southern Poverty Law Center, are a questionable legal construct used
almost exclusively against whites. Hateful or not, interracial violent crime is overwhelmingly black on white or black on Asian.