Alfred Schaefer,
JVA Landsberg,
Hindenburgring 12,
86899 Landsberg am Lech,

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Political Prisoner Monika Schaefer Is Back In Canada, but Alfred Must Serve 38 Months in A German Jail

The verdict in the German kangaroo court came down on October 19. Charged under Germany's notorious Sec. 130 "racial incitement of the masses" law, which actually criminalizes expressing doubts about the Hollywood version of World War II, the Schaefers were both found guilty. 

Monika was sentenced to 10 months, which she had already served, and was set free. Alfred was sentenced to three years and two months in a maximum security prison in Munich. Monika remained with Alfred's wife for a few days but returned to Canada early in November. 

She wrote to friends: " I am indeed back in Jasper, safe and sound. However, it is like I've gone to a backcountry (wilderness) cabin, as I do not yet have phone or internet hooked back up. My friends took good care of my house and home. It will be a busy next few days to take care of logistics. Then, I will come up for air and will be very happy to talk to the good folks out there. It was quite an adventure getting out of Germany, as it became urgently necessary to leave. Wow, what a transition that was, from prison cell to 'fugitive'. Life is never boring." -- Monika. 

The German legal system once again covered itself with barnyard excrement, imprisoning two opinionated,  truth seeking videographers for the non-violent expression of their political views.

Only lies need laws for protection. There are many individuals, including siblings Monika and Alfred Schaefer, who are on trial or have been imprisoned in occupied Germany for merely telling the truth about the holocaust scam. These people are imprisoned for "inciting hatred for the Jews" whereas it's actually the JEWS incessantly inciting hatred for Germans with their holocaust LIES.

October 26th, 2018

Alfred and Monika Schaefer, the German-Canadian siblings behind a series of Holocaust-denial videos, have received prison sentences in Germany.


B’nai Brith Canada provided detailed intelligence reports to German officials, leading to their eventual arrests. Supporters of the siblings have explicitly blamed B’nai Brith for their legal challenges.


Alfred Schaefer this week received a sentence of three years and two months. His sister was sentenced to 10 months. Both were charged with incitement to hatred under German law. [Whereas it's actually JEWS incessantly inciting hatred for Germans with their "holocaust" B.S.]


“We commend the German justice system for effectively dealing with a blatant manifestation of antisemitism,” said Michael Mostyn, Chief Executive Officer of B’nai Brith Canada. “Holocaust denial is once again on the rise, but this important court decision should help deter others from engaging in racist and hateful rhetoric."




email B'nai Brith Canada and let them know what you think of imprisoning people for NOT BELIEVING the Holocaust B.S.












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Monika and Alfred Schaefer



This is the transcribed letter from Alfred to us. I'm actually using it as the body of letter to be sent to our FIVE friends in prison, including Monika.  I don't know if they can write each other or not, so I'll give this try.  Diane King
October 12, 2018

Alfred Schaefer
JVA Stadelheim
Stadelheimer Str 12
81549, Munich (Munchen)

September 15th 2018 letter #1 from Alfred Schaefer

Dear Jim Diane and Joe thank you so much for your letter from August 25th. It arrived here on September 13th.

Yesterday, the 14th of September was a fine day in the morning as I was waiting in the holding cell with almost 12 other prisoners for the prison transport to the “Justice Palace” or Inquisition, I got a glimpse of Monica as she was herded along with a handful of other women prisoners from the women's prison. Our cell door was open as additional men were processed. Monica was one of the last prisoners to leave the woman's prison bus, and was herded into an adjacent room. I actually had a few tears of joy seeing her for 3/4 of a second through the crack in the door.

I could write an entire book after 73 days in prison. What an education. I wouldn't trade it for anything not for $6 million dollars unless of course I have to stay here for six million years. This place gives me so much hope and confidence. I know that we are going to win. Not because of me or because Monica but because of the people I have met here. Fantastic! Most are zombies and surplus Negroes and Arabs and other Asian riffraff, but it is the common sense of the few good people that gives me this confidence. Also life here is a taste of things to come if we do not win. Pure f###ing hell. But unless you experience pain and horror, we will not truly appreciate and be willing to sacrifice to have comfort and joy.

I will run a short story by you, and then return to the 3/4 of a second where I saw Monica.

We – Monika and I, now have 13 days of Inquisition behind us, and the following story happened on July 17, 2008 on Inquisition day #8. I was brought down to the holding cell, the room I was just talking about. We were about 12 or 13 people in that room and although it is supposed to be non-smoking these other prisoners always sneak some tobacco stuck to their nuts or someplace and light up as soon as they are pushed into this room. It was smoky and noisy. There was one there, a white face amongst this crowd. I asked him if he spoke German or English and in a Scottish accent so thick I could hardly understand it, he told me his story. It made me very sad, but gave me great hope, all at the same time.

He was a 20-year-old Scotsman, traveling through Europe with a couple of buddies. And at some Pub he had a few too many beers and somehow fell onto a table while the people at the table that he fell on pushed him off and he landed on his back on the floor. What did he do on his back, totally drunk, his fighting Spirit uninhibited and fierce as can be, he picked up a glass that was lying there on the floor where he lay and fired it at the people who pushed him off the table. (Hey that reminds me of my youth.) Well the glass that he threw at them hit its target and caused a slight injury. (When I was young that happened all the time, but nobody went to prison for it. Boys will be boys!) This young Scotsman was more now close to going insane with frustration. He told me that another English guy he met in prison here was trying to get sleeping pills so he could sleep away the nightmare.

What is the nightmare? The entire summer has been extremely hot this year and about 90% of the prisoners are dark-skinned Invaders. Remember they have emptied the prisons in Africa and elsewhere to enrich European countries in the biological sense. These Invaders like to communicate with each other all day and until about midnight by yelling out their cell windows to each other.  This poor Scotsman now had 2 months of nothing but the white walls of his cell to look at while being blasted by a nonstop yelling in many different languages, none of which he could understand.  This is like a prison in Africa with German prison staff.  All the few Germans that I have met here are very decent and upright people.

After listening to this young man, I told him that these conditions are not the fault of the German people. We are in occupied country. I am in prison because I showed the audience, at a political rally, how high my pet dog Paolo can jump. I told him that the reward that the UK got for bombing the living hell out of Germany in 1945 is that now London has a Pakistani mayor and brown-skinned invaders can rape white-skinned English girls with impunity and if the English want to extradite the rapists, then the English taxpayer pays millions of pounds to Jewish attorneys to prevent the brown skin from being extradited.  Remember: The Jew loves treason but hates the traitor. The successful genocide of millions of Germans is now a template for the destruction of what is left of the white race.

I told the Scotsman that we are positioned with our backs against the wall, and we stand shoulder-to-shoulder. It is do-or-die! When this young man, not even very big, rifled that glass from the floor, on his back drunk as he can be, he showed what we all have in us.  We need to get this energy and resolve channeled in the direction that will secure our homelands and our future. I wrote my name on a piece of toilet paper, that was the only available paper in that stinking room full of Invaders. He was so happy to have had that dialogue with me.

Now, back to the 3/4 second glimpse of Monica, in route to Inquisition day #13 on the 14th of September 2018. Arrival at the “Justice Palace” after waiting for whatever time we have to wait, I get called out and there in the hall is Monica attached with handcuffs to her “Beamte” (police guard), and I get attached to my Beamte, and we march off in a little procession: Beamte - Beamte/Monika - Beamte/Alfred.  We follow the hallways and staircases until we reach the courtroom. We get detached from our Beamten after the door behind us is closed and the other Beamten have their eyes on us.

On this date, the Beamten were different from the ones the days before and they were very strict - NO TALKING! NO NOTHING! But still Monica and I were the happiest people in all the room.  Previous days, the police guard was more normal and even prided himself by sharing his awareness of WTC 7 (the tower on 9-11 that wasn’t hit but fell in demolition style anyway).

Without going into all the details of the proceedings, since they make no sense anyway, I only want to summarize briefly the following. The very worst day so far was Thursday August 16th. The state prosecutor walked in with two binders and proclaimed, “We have the property investigations and financial data and we expect a multi-year  sentence for Mr. Schaefer due to the gravity of his crimes.”  They normally take everything you own and disappear you for many years. I love jews.

Friday, August 17th was a turning point. I was exhausted from the very long previous day. I had reached the sanctuary of my cell by about 9:30 p.m. The night before and I was in a state of shock from a totally helpless feeling of this insanity. On our way down after that horrible day, I told Monica, “Monica we will walk out of here as free people.”  She just roared with laughter and said to her Beamte, “Alfred's always so optimistic!” But what could I do?  It was so surreal - out of a Brave New World or George Orwell horror show. The total absurdity led me to believe that it can't be real so things have to change. And change they did.

I'm going to make it brief now.  The Friday following the day of horror, a witness was called in who had already been there earlier and we were back to “gathering evidence.”  And now we have court dates all the way to the end of October. Can you imagine grown people spending this level of resources on this kind of nonsense? Hard to believe, but that is the Muppet Show that Monica and I have the honors of having secured two important leading roles. We love it.

Okay, now a few words about the weapons being used against humanity in a last-ditch effort to keep the state of induced mental sanity locked into place. All the hype generated by talk of “Nazi war crimes,” “Holocaust,” “Syria warned of consequences for using GAS.” blah blah blah. All of those words do nothing more than rejuvenate the indoctrination of the past 80 years. These things need to all be called out as “marked cards” in a card game of All or Nothing. We must not respond to any of them, EVER, other than calling them out as marked cards ...

(Included because it was so clever) Re-edit and correct my six million spelling mistakes. I wish I could spell as good as Uncle Adolf could paint, but he was a true Man Of All Trades.  I could keep writing but if they disappear this letter it would be all for nothing. This time I told the story of the Scotsman, there is a great story about a 16-year- old Afghan Warrior who really gave me a lot of Hope ... Coming soon. I would hire that guy as my personal bodyguard, he was that good. And remember we are winning! What we are observing now are the expected symptoms of the initial phase of our healing over space and time. These are natural processes that can be observed throughout nature.

Your friend and comrade Alfred.

Monika opens by confirming the importance of receiving letters:

Dearest Alison,

I was so happy to receive your warm and loving letter – thank you!

And the lead sheets too �� 


[…] As you have seen the “verdict date” came and went. It clearly was not over. And now there are a few more dates. It gets more and more interesting by the day. I am looking forward to the continuation this Friday. For one thing I get to see my brother and that is always good. He retains his great sense of humour throughout, and his spirit is infections.


I finally figured out why I am feeling somewhat disoriented apropos the season and what month it is and that kind of thing. It's because I'm not participating (physically) in the usual seasonal activities. Growing food comes to mind. I would be in full-on harvest mode now, pickling my beets and things like that. Next year my garden will be twice as big!


I've been continuing to play my violin and I am feeling very blessed. I am still floating a few inches off the ground from last Sunday's experience. A violinist (a total pro) came in from the outside to play for us at church – such things only happen rarely. The priest who happened to be here that day – also not the usual one but often enough that he had seen me play – asked at the beginning of the service: would Frau Schaefer be willing to play a duet with the Professor? My smile went ear to ear. The best part of all was that my “prison family” erupted in applause when I agreed to play! We hadn't even played a note yet, they were just so happy for and with me. Wow. I'm feeling a lot of love around here. Anyway we played a duet at the beginning and at the end of the service, and the Professor graced us with the most beautiful Bach-unaccompanied during the service, three different movements out of various Sonatas and Partitas.


Prison life carries on. We knit and crochet and make little gifts for each other. We make the best of it. I, for one, do not feel that it is wasted time. I know that there will be life-after-prison and I can barely imagine the intensities of sensations of a walk through the forest for example, and the enjoyment of unmonitored and non-rushed communications.


Well, my dear Alison, I hope this letter finds you well and healthy and in good spirits. All the best to you.


With much love,


N.B. Certain parts of the above letter has been edited in order to avoid unnecessary personal and other information falling into the wrong hands, in particular concerning my own trial. Dates for my Appeal will be announced shortly.

Kind regards,
Alison Chabloz







From the Right End of the Horse 

Paul and John, I am here in Munich on the first day of the Schaefer trial (of the Canadian-born Monika and her German-born brother Alfred). Upon my arrival  at the Munich courthouse this morning, my attorney RA Wolfram Nahrath ( who also acts today for Monika Schaefer) warned me not to remain in the courthouse building (much less enter the courtroom ) as likely the same trick will occur upon me as played when the German police seized Monika ( while she attended the attorney Sylvia Stolz trial on January 3, 2018).  This was when the judge interrupted that hearing to have Monika dragged off from the public gallery to the cells (for these past 6 months) to the Munich Prison and likely could be repeated today once court officials spotted me, as he says they certainly would, in the public gallery.  Since February this year, I have been under criminal investigation having been charged with Volksverhetzung para 130/ populace incitement which carries a five years' custodial penalty following my ad-libbed speech at the Dresden Commemoration.  Wiser our attorney says - but my call - that I leave immediately the risky vicinity to instead make reports from a nearby cafe when they provide me with a full account during the intervals of the day's proceedings  - as a more useful option especially as I not able to comprehend German language proceedings anyway if witnessing the process behind enemy lines.

I decided to take my attorney's advice as a more effective option (than uselessly being hauled off to a prison cell ) and so am now sitting with Henry Hafenmeyer as he is not allowed inside the courtroom at this time. Henry awaits being called as a witness for the Prosecution for being considered as the video maker ( though in fact, he was not Monika's video maker). 

Though RA Sylvia Stolz warmly thanked me for coming to show "International affection for the Schaefer siblings" she agrees that my making a report to include this advice as given by my own attorney in fact serves to strengthen the drama of the situation Alfred and his sister Monika are facing in this Alice in Wonderland anti-National Socialist non-Sovereign German legal-land where - 'first we have the verdict then maybe or maybe not we hear the defendants' evidence' - is the nonsensical norm for historical sceptics. 

Alfred is set upon screening in the courthouse the full story of his awakening via the videos he has made. I am only anxious that the judge may manage to forbid this exposee by him . The great disadvantage here in Germany is that no transcripts are made of these processes. I shall do my best to give you the proceedings from the horse's mouth.

Day one began at 09.15. The following was reported to me by Attorney Sylvia Stolz. Before the entrance of the two professional judges and the two lay judges, Alfred was able to hug his handcuffed sister while the Press photographed them and while Alfred gave the Roman salute ( a harmless gesture ludicrously outlawed in still Allied / all- lies occupied Germany. Judge Hofmann and Judge Federl entered with the two lay/Schaffe judges but Alfred refused to stand in any acknowledgment of their authority. To this, the judges declared Alfred's disdain as an offence to the rules whilst Alfred declared them and the Federal Republic of Germany illegitimate since he adheres to the standing legitimacy of the German Reich.

In the "curiouser and curiouser" world of occupied-German law, the judge declared the defendants would not be allowed anything to drink, and if they insisted, the court proceedings would have be interrupted in recess while they drank water! Alfred instantly demanded a drink which resulted in Monika in handcuffs being temporarily removed from the courtroom. Truly a farcical act of "inquisitional" (as Alfred stated) power-playing to which fittingly Alfred added that the court was but a clownish "Muppet Show".

Alfred was told if he offended again he would be heavily fined for complaining that the proceedings were inaudible to him and to the public gallery because Judge Hofmann had ordered that the attorneys not press the live microphone buttons. This instruction wilfully denies due public access to hear the proceedings. When Alfred commenced to read his introductory remarks, the judge demanded he give only a summary.  At this, his attorney and Monika's called for an interruption for two hours in order to draw up a rejection of the sitting judges whom they declared patently prejudicial to the defendant's right to express his defence in full.  The "Holocaust"-denial laws adhere to those of the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland wherein these nonsensical trials precede via "first the verdict then the evidence". No wonder historical Revisionists are called religious heretics since the International Guidelines for Teaching About the Holocaust on page 11 determine that: "Care must be taken not to disprove the deniers' position with normal debate and rational argument"!

Even in the Allied occupier's land of Britain, not since  2008 has the BBC permitted another World Service  broadcast under the title" Why Can't We Question the Holocaust?" In this unique broadcast, when I and Jewish Prof Deborah Lipstadt were invited as the main guests on this hour-long worldwide phone-in radio show, has the public had the normal opportunity to hear some of the Revisionist victories presented instead of the standard Hollywood version of WW2 history. 

Ever since the German ex-Constitutional Court Judges Hassimer and Hoffman-Reim called for the repeal of the "Holocaust"-denial laws there have been numerous valiant attempts to enlighten and embolden the law-makers and law-proponents in today's Germany. Notably these valiant attempts in Germany and Austria were made by the late greats Ernst Zuendel,  Dr Herbert Schaller, RA Rieger, Gerd Honsik, - and Horst Mahler, Sylvia Stolz, Germar Rudolf, Henry Hafenmeyer, Dr Rigolf Hennig, Werner Keweloh, Dr Hans Berger, Gunter Deckert, Herr Froerlich, Ursula Haverbeck, Sven L and Christian H to name but a few.  Today's opportunity by Alfred and Monika Schaefer may justly capture the tide to call for this anti-debate law to be called into question and repealed.

Alfred Schaefer in person confirmed the report above given to me by Sylvia Stolz. At 12.30 they returned to the court which has since resumed and I await further news from the right end of the horse...

Meanwhile, persons in the public gallery (only about 6-8 which included two comrades from Japan) have recognised some of the Press as Antifa they recall from Pegida demos. There are about 6 in the Press benches, and one from Bild the popular scandal sheet.

"No surrender"!
Michele Renouf

Dear Jim and Diane, thank you so much for your letter of June 28th, which I received at lightning speed, it's all relative, -- ha ha, on July 10th. Today happens to be my 200th day of incarceration, a good day to write you a letter.... I wonder who is giving you up-to-date news now that they have imprisoned Alfred. You know that first week of Court they imprisoned three people -- Alfred and two others who were attending just to watch, for saying one wrong word at the end of day #1. Sylvia Stolz got 2 days at My Lovely Hotel. We (Alfred and I) did not see each other here of course, but we did ride the bus together, separated by Plexiglas, soundproof windows and on a door upon which we pressed our hands against each other and poured love into each other through our eyes. Another fellow got four days jail, given to him on that Thursday morning of week one, for having said something after court date 3 to the prosecutor outside of the courtroom. Something like - "shame on you. I hope you get to see the inside of a jail one day." They tacked on something more, that he did not say, but they invented it and off he goes to jail. I have not seen him since, so he may have been banned from the courthouse, I'm not sure. It is a dangerous place to be, whether you are in the dark or not.

You probably know what happened to Alfred, but in case not I'll tell you. First day he was arrested for insulting the court. Second day out on bail. Then I believe it was Friday of that week, but I'm not sure, they came and picked him up from home and he has a similar address as mine ever since. They say,  "verdunklungsgefahr," but I think they are afraid of the opposite which is "verhellungsgefahr." Gefahr means danger and Verdunklung means darkening, and other words hiding or destroying evidence. Verhellung means brightening or shedding light upon, which is what Alfred really does, so they have turned that one upside down and true Orwellian fashion.

I did not find out about his arrest until the following Thursday, the 12th, when he didn't arrive in court and they said something about forgetting to transport him. Me, toll the question mark on my face, what are they talking about? My lawyer turns to me and gasps, "What, you didn't know? Alfred has been arrested!" That was the week before!

Last time I told you a bit about the story of mail. Well I don't know if it's their revenge on me for having straight-talked with the boss here about the world watching, but now the jail boss said I needed Court approval before getting a copy of my own birth certificate, which they have right here in this building. I needed it for some other thing which is not relevant to the story here, other than to say there was a deadline which of course becomes impossible to meet as they try to make me jump through hoops like a trained monkey. She really has it out for me, the jail boss.

Most of the guards now treat me with great respect. I had to work for that though, as it was not always so. When I arrived back in January, I was the Nazi on the Block, and then subservient, condition Germany, you can imagine what that means. I got "special treatment."

The trial continues. I won't say much about it other than a couple of terms which just float right into my mind. Kafka and kangaroos. Nevertheless, we are having a good time. They seem to be eating themselves up, not just in court but in the world. Alfred mentioned an example the other day, and maybe he has already spoken with you about this, I have no idea since I am so out of off from internet. He said that more and more American universities are disallowing antisemites entry into their programs of indoctrination I mean oops, into their programs of study. Wonderful! That protects those people from indoctrination, oops, there I go again, sorry. Relating to something you said Diane, I guess those universities would have disallowed Jesus Christ entry into their hallowed institutions. (I don't have a proper a dictionary, I hope I have used the word "hallowed" appropriately.

You mentioned how appalled you are at how anemic the Canadian officials are towards me. It gets worse.  Did I tell you not only are they ignoring me, they -- as in Ottowa -- have forbidden the Canadian consulate here in Munich, to attend the trial. Did I mention that already? I mean let me be clear, their job would not entitle defending me or interfering in the laws of the land. They would simply be observers to observe if I am getting fair treatment. That's all forbidden!

Thank you for that bridge illustration. Also, thank you for the birthday greetings and all the funny jokes. I love that! I had to laugh out loud and God knows we all need laughter. I agree with you that are most dangerous adversaries are those Israel-first.  judeo-christians in the churches, that have been so ugly and completely hijacked for the very purpose of destroying us and destroying God's work. It is through the church that some of the deepest deceptions have taken root. The very concept of judeo-Christian is oxymoronic. Is that the right word? Once again, I am missing the dictionary that I can check my choice of words. I want to say opposites are put together, that's oxymoronic right? Speaking of dictionary, now there's another story, but perhaps another time, or maybe you've heard my dictionary stories already. The saga continues...

That's all for now my friends. I hope you are well and healthy and keeping your heads high. God bless you, much love, Monica.


Click on this text to watch and read Alfred Schaefers letter to the German police...


Click on this text to see: Monika Schaefer: A letter from a German Prison...

 Email  the Canadian Embassy in Berlin to demand the release of Monika Schaefer:  brlincs@international.gc.ca

(GLARING HypocrisyOn June 17, 2016, Monika Schaefer, a native-born Canadian citizen of German parents, posted the above brief video to YouTube entitled “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust”. Yesterday, January 3rd, Monika was arrested in Munich, Germany for “hate speech”. We’ve just received, via email, the below open letter from Alfred Schaefer, Monika’s brother. We’re publishing the whole of Alfred’s letter, verbatim, with his express permission.


Dear Friends,


Monika Schaefer was arrested on January 3 2018 in the very heart of “Holocaust country” while attending, as an observer, the bizarre inquisition hearings against the courageous Sylvia Stolz. This “trial” was for illegal words that Sylvia Stolz had spoken at the Anti Censorship Coalition (AZK) in Switzerland in 2012.   The twisting nonsensical accusations of the inquisition was beyond bizarre. What the snake that calls itself the “State Prosecutor” did, will be something that will amuse future generations when studying the “witch” trials of 2018.


45 minutes into the inquisition the “State Prosecutor” snake called for a surprise break, which was then used to arrest my courageous sister Monika. The only thing Monika did was watch quietly as the inquisition was dealing with Sylvia Stolz.  These people have us under close observation and figured it was a good opportunity to demonstrate their “power”, and intimidate us.


Another snake masquerading as a “State Prosecutor” accompanied by 3 heavily armed thugs handcuffed Monika and dragged her away. When my sister protested that she is a free person from Canada and had done nothing wrong, the “State Prosecutor” snake told her, “if you wanted to stay free you should have stayed in Canada”. (Welcome to Holocaust country)


Now they have moved Monika Schaefer to the high security prison in Munich and will keep her there indefinitely. Monika is accused of making an apology to her own dear mother. The title of the video was Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust.


What has angered the Jews is the fact that this one little video has undone hundreds of millions of dollars worth of their psychological warfare that most of us had become victims of. They thought that their ridiculous “Holocaust” program was now firmly wired into our brains, and then, along comes Monika and blows it out of the water with a simple apology to her Mom. That really surprised them.


This is happening at the same time that our borders are open and millions of young men from Africa and Asia are flooding into our European countries with a free pass to do whatever they want.  This is something that the Jews had planned for the European countries for a very long time. In the end our cities are supposed to turn into Lagos or Calcutta type slums that can no longer resist Jewish hegemony.



Click on this text to watch Monika's brother: Alfred Schaefer Thought Criminal- Monika Schaefer Arrested and Imprisoned in Germany





Angry German letter to Jewish Journalist hatemonger at Calgary Herald: re: Monika Schaefer & the Holocaust!

by jlamprecht



[I'm not exactly sure who the author is of this great letter. I made several excellent parts bold. Its really great to see a German standing up like this against a Jew. The Jewess is using the normal Jewish technique of lying when she refers to Revisionism as a "faith". That's your typical Jew at work undermining truths.

The only thing herein that I disagree with is that Germans were in what is Israel. This German seems to be a Christian Identity type. But other than that, the entire letter is sound.

I doubt the Calgary Herald would ever publish it, so we must publish it in our media, the media of the TRUTH and FREEDOM!

I totally agree with the ending: Heil Hitler! Heil Germany! DOWN WITH THE HOLOCAUST!! Jan]



Letter to Calgary Herald about hate articles about Monika Schaefer
endederluege General 10 July 2018
taken over from: germanvictims.com

...Our revisionist "faith" is not "faith", but we have factual
information. It comes from many people who are legally oppressed by the
Allied occupation in Germany, which is led by the Jews...

July 8, 2018 by Paula Simons (Edmonton), The Calgary Herald

The Calgary Herald

Regarding your article "Former Jasper Park Warden on Trial for Holocaust

July 7, 2018

lie big enough holocaust

Greetings, Mrs. Simons, The Calgary Herald

I would like to say something about your article above, although I do
not have much hope that it is useful, since it seems that you belong to
the Jewish tribe. Yet there is always hope that you can join the caring

Monika Schaefer is still a musician. I don't see at all that she is a
hatemaker, nor is she against Jews, from my experience with her. When I
warned her not to trust a Jew, she began a heated debate with me. We
have dropped the argument with disagreements. Monika is a person who
loves. Truth cannot be harmful, for truth can only be truth. A fact.
However, it is harmful to inject this type of poison into your language.

Our revisionist "faith" is not "faith", but we have factual information.
It comes from many people who are legally oppressed by the Allied
occupation in Germany led by the Jews. It seems to me time and again
that people like you love the Holocaust so much that they want to
capture and perpetuate it at all costs, instead of looking at research,
alongside the Jewish lies. If you want to relieve them of this burden by
giving them the truth, they become malicious. I see your vicious streak

There were work camps for the Jews because the Jews caused the two world
wars; and they even say that proudly. In fact, all Jews in Germany
deserved the death sentence for high treason when they declared war on
Germany on March 24, 1933. Death was the law of treason. What did Adolf
Hitler do? He hung them all.

I'm just kidding. He arranged a boycott against Jewish businesses etc.
on 1 April 1933. Then it was time for the traitors to move in and leave
because the German people had had enough. And they left.... at least
most of them. No one was kicked out, as the Jewish liars say.

They know, of course, that the Jews are taught in their Talmud "to lie"
to defeat the gentiles. They are so good at lying because they lied for
a long time, at least since 2000 years, when they invaded Palestine and
murdered the Germans [with the help of a Caesar] who lived there and
seized their identity. We Germans are the Israelites! I call the Jews
the original identity thieves.

How outrageous of you, Jewess, the noble German people and their noble
leader, and the most disciplined army in the world, the SS, to accuse
such a heinous crime as genocide! How dare you, you liar! The beating of
a Jew in the concentration camps was severely punished, as the SS files
show, and the rape of an enemy woman could cost a soldier his stripes,
and he definitely had to go through court.

Adolf Hitler was aware of his position in society and in the countries
of Europe never to commit such a heinous crime as genocide, even if he
were as cold-blooded a person as he is portrayed. But he was a very
caring man and the first in Europe to make a law to protect animals from
medical experiments. But he was tough, and traitors, saboteurs and
partisans who were active in the war against Germany were shot dead
(maybe hanged-depends) after a trial if found guilty. And many Jews were
the culprits and partisans.

The Holocaust is best documented, as you say, but not by historical
facts and science, but by Hollywood giants like Steven Spielberg and
mentally ill Jewish witnesses, communists and simply evil liars. Nothing
scientific comes from liars.

Obviously we have eyes, and we can see what the Jews are doing to us
whites by flooding our once white nations with the scum of the earth of
all colours, creeds and predispositions.

I know you hate these German pigtails, they remind you of the youth of
Germany, the Hitler Youth. Monika wears them to make a point. Monika
never said on the video that her parents were indeed monsters, but she
said they should have done something to prevent what she thought was a
real genocide. She also never said that she thought her parents were
complicit. You don't take the truth very seriously.

Indeed, it is salutary for the German to understand that the Holocaust
is a fraud. I had the same experience myself. There have been many
Holocaausts, and the first great one I know is the Holocaust in Russia
overthrown by Communist Jews who were responsible for 60 to 100 million
Russian deaths, including my family members - the greatest genocide of
all time. And often in the most heinous tortures committed to the
heart's content of the Jews. Then the Chinese Jew Chairman Mao arranged
the death of 50 million Chinese. He was very tricky, the way he arranged it.

Then, because the Jews started both world wars, and they are very proud
of it and say so, 60 million people died in World War II were destroyed.
Perhaps 35,000 Jews died in all concentration camps and many died in old
age. Nobody was genocided!

Why are your tribe's death numbers so much more important? [I shouldn't
have asked her, I should have said: Their deaths are no more important
than anyone else's.] What about the 60 million gentiles who lost their
lives in World War II, many of them in terrible agony? I don't have the
numbers at hand in World War I.

After the war ended, Jude Dwight Eisenhower, Great Commander of Europe,
caused 6 million (!) Germans to die of hunger, including over 1 million
German prisoners of war on the Rhine meadows alone. These are some
holocausts we need to talk about. But they are kept hidden. Nothing is
written about DAS in the mainstream media. Never!

Yes, they threw Monika out of the Green Party because these people in
the party are controlled and called upon to do so.

Indeed, Germany has different laws. These laws were placed above the
German Basic Law and are illegal. These are Jewish laws that are not
part of our German country. These laws are a crime against humanity to
prevent people from discussing the Holohoax among historians or others.
It is a crime to forbid people to talk about historical events. Well,
what do the Jews care about gentiles if they don't serve their purpose?

We humans, who expose the Jewish lies and the deception of the
Holocaust, we are not hate rushers, as you call us. We are good people;
some of our people are very noble and we love our country Germany; and
we love the truth. And others love their own home and the truth. We
whites are all threatened by the Jews.

There is no Holocaust denial because something that does not exist
cannot be denied. There is no Holocaust of the Jewish people. But the
genocide of the Jews in Russia, which exists. It's the greatest
Holocaust of all time.

I recently published a book entitled "Understanding the Jews.
Understanding Anti-Semitism."  read. They accuse us of insidious hatred
and a permanent form of hate speech when the Jews are defaming the white
race every week in one or the other film, and especially blondes with
blue eyes. You Jews are the greatest haters and warmongers on this
earth. That's why I gave up the cinema decades ago.

It is disgusting to read as a white man all the slanders and
misrepresentations that the Jews spit out again and again in their
films, novels, news and all the other media they control.  What the Jews
are writing against us is a threat to our well-being and security. It is
the Jews who are the hate-speakers, and constantly, without end.

Germany has nothing to atone for. Germany is innocent of all
accusations. The Jews are the genocides and liars and you supported your

You are not German! You're a Jew. I am a German, a German. Jews are not
German, they have a different blood and a different genetic structure.
That's why we see things differently.

It is you, Ms. Simmons, who is delusional when you believe your tribe's

Fascism is a thousand times better than your democracy. I could tell
you, if we had a fascist leader, your nonsense wouldn't go out. A bunch
of morons can make decisions in a democracy, rather than highly
intelligent leaders with the same blood and the same interests.
Democracy only works for Jews and for parasites who brought the Jews to
our homeland.

It's the Jews who are paranoid. This emerges from their Talmud and their
genocidal god Yahweh. They hate all nations except their own. I see your
paranoia in the last paragraph of your article. Let me be clear: If you
are not a bad Jew, your own Jewish leaders are abusing you with the
horrible films and novels of a Holocaust that does not exist. That's how
bad they are. I strongly recommend that you drop Judaism. It's a
murderous, lying, paedophilic religion.

Heil Hitler! Heil Germany! Down with the Holocaust!

July 10, 2018