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Qanon Endorses Book "Beyond A Pale Horse": Book Sells Out ...
"Like it or not, everything is changing. The result will be the most wonderful
experience in the history of man or the most horrible enslavement that you can imagine.
Be active or abdicate, the future is in your hands." -- William Cooper, October 24, 1989.

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✏Behold a Pale Horse Book Summary : Bill Cooper, former United States Naval
Intelligence Briefing Team member, reveals information that remains hidden from the
public eye. This information has been kept in Top Secret government files since the
1940s. His audiences hear the truth unfold as he writes about the assassination of
John F. Kennedy, the war on drugs, the Secret Government and UFOs. Bill is a lucid,
rational and powerful speaker who intent is to inform and to empower his audience.
Standing room only is normal. His presentation and information transcend partisan
affiliations as he clearly addresses issues in a way that has a striking impact on listeners
of all backgrounds and interests. He has spoken to many groups throughout the United
States and has appeared regularly on many radio talk shows and on television. In 1988
Bill decided to "talk" due to events then taking place worldwide, events which he had seen
plans for back in the early '70s. Since Bill has been "talking," he has correctly predicted
the lowering of the Iron Curtain, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the invasion of Panama. All
Bill's predictions were on record well before the events occurred. Bill is not a psychic.
His information comes from Top Secret documents that he read while with the Intelligence
Briefing Team and from over 17 years of thorough research. "Bill Cooper is the world's
leading expert on UFOs." -- Billy Goodman, KVEG, Las Vegas. "The onlt man in America
who has all the pieces to the puzzle that has troubled so many for so long." -- Anthony Hilder,
Radio Free America "William Cooper may be one of America's greatest heros, and this story
may be the biggest story in the history of the world." -- Mills Crenshaw, KTALK,
Salt Lake City.

At 1:00 p.m. mountain time Nov 6th we received a call from Officer Frank Valenzuela
form Az. Dept of Public Safety, This call came to us as a result of our calling the
sheriff’s office to confirm that this incident had happened, he informed us that this
level of entrapment for Mr. Cooper started at 11:40 p.m. mt. time Nov. 5th 2001 by
luring Bill Cooper away from his home which sat on top of a hillside in the community
of Edgar ,Az his physical address was 96 North Clearview Circle , Edgar, Az. The
departments of Edgar and Apache law enforcement were working together. They
claimed that they had gone out to serve 3 felony warrants, pertaining
to someone having had a semi-automatic pistol drawn on them by Bill Cooper.

At this time we do not have that info as to whom that was who filed a complaint.

Officers deliberately caused a ruckus to get this man away from his home to create this
entrapment He went down the hill away from his home to the automobile to see what the
ruckus was, it was 2 law officers in plain clothes. He spoke to them then got back in his
car to go back up to his house , when out of hiding came a patrol car that blocked his
return to his home. He put his hands on the car window as we assume that is what
he was ordered to do as they approached his car he pulled out to get around the car.


He got out of his car and tried to run for his home. Shots were fired. He returned fire hitting

one officer in the head twice whom is in surgery in St Joe’s hospital. The other officer

continued to fire until Cooper was dead. Please keep in mind this report was given to

                                                                          us by the sheriffs office and here are the numbers.. 928-333-5580, 1-800-352-1850

                                                                      William Cooper authored the book Behold A Pale Horse. He was also battling the IRS.

                                                                        He also was a well known radio talk show host. We have a problem with this report.


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