Israel’s Third World Wars

We can begin an examination of Israeli involvement in so
called “third world countries” with the African continent.

By 1967 Israel had established diplomatic contacts with
thirty-three out of forty-one African states. The eight
states refusing to recognize Israel were the six Arab
nations of North Africa (Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia,
Morocco and Algeria) and the two predominately
Moslem countries of Mauritania and Somalia. Israel’s
seemingly anti-colonial stance and the civilian Israeli aid
to Africa organizations (amounting to only 0.5% of all
aid arriving in sub-Saharan Africa) were very effective
diplomatic tools.

Throughout the 1960s Israel was active in the training of
the military of many pro-western sub-Saharan countries
such as Uganda, Ethiopia, Senegal, Cameroon, Tanzania,
Zaire and the Ivory Coast. This was all basically financed
by the U.S.A. but Israel made tidy profits by selling
captured Soviet weapons and largely obsolete military
machinery in the form of outdated planes and tanks. But
the 1967 Arab-Israeli War, and the resulting Israeli land
grabbing and occupation of Palestinian territory, caused
the African states to view Israel as a belligerent aggressor
backed by imperialist America. Most African states
began to vote against Israeli occupations at the U.N. The
African states were only interested in decolonization in
the 1960s and American interference in the affairs of
African states was seen as America simply positioning
itself to be the next colonizer.

By 1973, after the Yom Kippur War, nearly every
African state broke off relations with Israel. The growing
awareness of the plight of Palestinians was a major factor
in the anti-Israel attitude festering in Africa.
There grew resentment of Western-style politics and the usury that
accompanied Western aid. Israel’s alliance with the
despised South African government and its apartheid
policies did not help Israel’s position at all.

The Israeli Mossad assisting the French OAS
(Organisation de l’Armee Secrete) during Algeria’s
struggle for independence was deeply resented by
African states.

Mossad support of the feudal monarchy of Morocco’s
King Hassan to the extent of setting up his internal
security system, including the training of the King’s
personal guard unit, was resented; not to mention Israel’s
hand in the kidnapping and murder of Medhi Ben-Barka
(the Moroccan liberation leader living in exile in France
under a sentence of death in absentia).

Israel’s involvement in the Sudanese civil war on the side
of the Southern Sudanese separatist rebels was viewed as
a meddling over-reach by African States.

Ehud Avriel.jpg
Ehud Avriel
The first Israeli ambassador in Africa was a Mossad
operative, Ehud Avriel, who from his station in Ghana,
oversaw most of the Israeli operations in Africa. Israeli
relations with Ghana took many forms including the
Israeli’s providing the air force of Ghana with
reconditioned aircraft and training. The Mossad set up
Ghana’s intelligence network and a joint commercial
venture, the Black Star shipping company was
established there. One can only imagine what Black Star
was shipping to whom and from where...

In Ethiopia, Emperor Haile Selassie (aka: Ras Tafari,
prior to his coronation in 1930) ruled from 1930 until his
suspicious death in 1975 at age 83 (while under house
arrest in the Grand Palace).
Haile Selassie (1969).jpg
Haile Selassie in 1969
Selassie inspired the
Rastafari movement that perceived him to be a messiah who
would lead the world to an age of peace and prosperity
(Selassie was a lifelong Ethiopian Orthodox Christian).
He primarily was a symbol of resistance to European
fascism and colonialism.

Civilian trade cooperation between Ethiopia and Israel
began in 1952 and government intercourse began shortly
after the Suez War of 1956 when an Israeli representative
was sent to meet with Selassie and his top aides.
By 1962, Israel had established an embassy in Ethiopia and
was providing military aid that included training for
commando units and counterinsurgency experts, as well
as setting up the communications apparatus for the
Ethiopian military. The 3,100 member so called
Emergency Police force was one of the high profile
counterinsurgency forces in Ethiopia.
Incoda, an Israeli
company established to handle the export of Ethiopian
beef, was actually a Mossad front for perpetrating covert
activities throughout the African continent that directed
and monitored the activities of Israel’s extensive spy
network throughout the Arab world.
Even after, or especially after, the fall of Selassie in
1975, Israel continued to supply arms to Ethiopia. Soviet
made arms were the favorite commodity that had been
captured during various Arab-Israeli conflicts.

President Mobutou Sese Seko of Zaire was regularly
singled out as one of the most corrupt and oppressive
rulers in the world by Amnesty International who
evidently literally owned his country that was formerly
known as the Belgian Congo.
Mobutou Sese Seko

All the while the people of
Zaire attempted to live on an annual per capita income of
$80 (Seko’s personal fortune was once estimated at a
minimum of four billion dollars, and more likely as much
as fifteen billion). Seko lived like a Roman Emperor and
was even primarily responsible for staging the Rumble in
the Jungle boxing match between Muhammad Ali and
George Foreman on October 30, 1974. Each fighter was
guaranteed five million dollars that came out of Seko’s
unfathomably deep pockets as a personal amusement and
a global public relations stunt.

Of course, the U.S. and Israel viewed Seko as a friendly
champion of Western values and a sterling example of
anti-communist sensibility. Israel played an ongoing role
in protecting Seko’s power going back to the early 1960s
when the newly independent Belgian Congo was established.
In 1962, Congolese President Joseph Kasavubu visited
Israel to arrange for military training and military
hardware. Israeli officer-trainers were dispatched to the
Congo in early 1963, while at the same time, Congolese
military units totaling 250 soldiers were welcomed in
Israel for training.
In 1964, the Israelis delivered the first
shipment of 10 M-4 Sherman tanks to the Congo. In
1969, Israeli advisors began training the elite
First Paracommando Battalion for Seko’s army.
Suffice to say that besides Seko’s cosmetic
announcement that he was breaking off relations with
Israel in 1973 in solidarity with Egypt, Israel was always
very involved in enabling the rule of Seko by providing
military training, hardware and weaponry.
Rebel forces
finally forced Seko into exile in Morocco in May of 1997
where he died of prostate cancer three months later.

Israel shamelessly assumed full responsibility for the
development of the Ugandan military beginning in 1964.
Between 1964 and 1971, Israel sold Uganda twenty-six
training and transport planes while at the same time the
Soviets sold Uganda seven MIG fighter jets. In 1970
Israel sold Uganda twelve WWII vintage Sherman M-4 tanks.
Israeli advisors were especially close to Colonel Idi
Amin, who in January of 1971 carried out a coup against
President Milton Obote. The coup was supported by the
Mossad, CIA and the UK’s MI-6.
Idi Amin -Archives New Zealand AAWV 23583, KIRK1, 5(B), R23930288.jpg
Idi Amin 1973
President Obote’s
leanings towards anti-Zionism was deemed reason
enough to depose him and install the alegedly psychopathically
murderous Idi Amin. The bloodshed and madness in
Uganda continues to this day...
 See Idi Amin explain why he broke with Israel:
Israel’s support of the Portuguese control of its African
colonies, namely Mozambique, Angola, Guinea-Bissau,
Cape Verde, Sao Tome` and Principe, was such that the
ever present Uzi sub-machine gun was manufactured in
Portugal under Israeli license for use in all African colonies.

Although Kenya had no official relations with Israel,
Mossad contacts in Kenya were good enough to enable
Israeli Defense Forces commandos to use Nairobi airport
for landing and setting up a forward operations base for
the July, 1976 hostage rescue raid at Entebbe airport in Uganda.
And a lack of formal relations did not stop the
Kenyans from purchasing two missile boats and 48
Gabriel missiles from Israel in 1978; not to mention non-
lethal military items such as field kitchens and uniforms.

And on his way back to Israel from Kinshasa, Zaire in
December of 1982, Israeli Foreign Minister Yitzhak
Shamir paid a brief visit to Kenyan president Daniel Arap
Moi to arrange for the training of his personal security.

Israeli involvement in the arming and training of
Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) forces to protect the white
minority rule is best illustrated by the licensing of the
manufacturing of the Uzi in Zimbabwe. So many Uzi
sub-machine guns were made there that they became
“Ruzis” (a contraction of Rhodesia and Uzi) and were
available only to white citizens on the cheap.

Israel was a major supporter and also benefitted from its
relationship with the South African apartheid regime.
Again, the Uzi was licensed for manufacture in South Africa.
Israel sold South Africa 32 Centurion tanks,
amongst many other armaments too numerous to list; and
when the French imposed an embargo on Israel after the
1967 Arab-Israeli War, the South Africans were only too
happy to supply Israel with all the spare parts needed for
its French built war planes.
An entire book can be
written, and probably has been, about the close
cooperation and mutual support of Israel and South
Africa. Both countries have/had no problem imposing
apartheid policies upon its populace. The diamond
industry of South Africa was and still is dear to Israel.

It’s interesting to know that when the revered former
leader of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, died in
December of 2013, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin
Netanyahu did not attend the memorial stating that the
trip would be “too costly.”
This statement is a boldfaced
lie... as usual. Bibi did not attend the Mandela memorial
because he rightfully knew that his presence in South
Africa would be unwelcome and perhaps incite violent
anti-Israel demonstrations. The South Africans are very
aware of Israel’s support of the Afrikaans’s brutally
oppressive apartheid policies.

In a 1997 speech delivered by Mandela in Pretoria, South
Africa he stated:
“We know too well that our freedom is
incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.”

There it is... In America and other countries under the Jewish jackboot,
anyone who supports the Palestinian cause
is an automatic enemy of Israel (including North Korea,
Cuba, Russia and the entire Arab World).

A 1975 U.N. General Assembly Resolution (3379) was
passed on November 10th , by a vote of 72 to 35 (with 32
abstentions) which determined that Zionism is a form of
racism and racial discrimination. The treatment of the
Palestinians and Israel’s support of apartheid South
Africa was the inspiration for UN-GAR 3379.

On the same day that UN-GAR 3379 was passed, Israeli
U.N. Ambassador Chaim Herzog stated: 
“For us, the Jewish people,
this resolution based on hatred, falsehood
and arrogance, is devoid of any moral or legal value. For
us, the Jewish people, this is no more than a piece of
paper and we shall treat it as such.”
He then tore the
resolution in half in a typical gesture of Israeli hatred and
The resolution was revoked in 1991 after
George H.W. Bush personally introduced U.N. General
Assembly Resolution 46/86.

There is much more to reveal about Israeli involvement
in the affairs of African states in the 60s and 70s, but
suffice to say, Israel’s influence and involvement in
African affairs tapered off as African states aligned in
support of the Palestinian cause; in fact, the Palestine
Liberation Organization (PLO) presently has
representatives in at least 20 African states.

The question arises... Why would Israel, especially in its
infancy and since then, align itself and support some of
the most brutal and repressively corrupt regimes in
African history? And Israel wasn’t only involved in
Africa, but Central America and virtually elsewhere as well.
Why be so involved in what is essentially an
ongoing Third World War? Is it to simply make blood-
money? Or is global domination always on Israel’s
collective mind? Probably both.
It’s easy to buy-off a tyrant who wields centralized power.

Regarding Central America! ...The Guatemalan mass
slaughters of the 1980s, the genocide against the Ixil
Indians in particular, were enabled by Israel at the behest
of the U.S.A.

During the trial of Rios Montt (Guatemalan dictator for
17 months in 1982-83), surviving witness after witness
testified about the use of UH-1H “Huey” helicopters that
were used to massacre the native population who
attempted to flee into the mountainous jungles.

Ex General Efrain Rios Montt testifying during the trial.jpg
Rios Montt during his first trial
The U.S.
Congress had successfully resisted providing weaponry
to the Guatemalan government because of Guatemala’s
atrocious human rights record.
So Reagan’s national
security team (Lt. Col. Oliver North as master organizer)
simply arranged for a back channel arrangement with
Israel to provide 10 “Hueys,” and assorted military
hardware (including the Israeli made Galil automatic
assault rifle), for the murderous Montt regime.

Some 100,000 “Marxist guerillas” and their civilian
Guatemalan supporters were murdered during Reagan’s
terms in office alone. The 86 year old Montt was
convicted of genocide and sentenced to 80 years in prison
by a Guatemalan court... as if he was actually being
punished. But the conviction was overturned by
Guatemala’s Constitutional Court (dominated by
sympathizers of the military oligarchy). Accountability
by the Reagan Administration and Israel was never exacted.
Zionists established the rogue state of Israel for a reason.
Global Zionist domination is the reason and the eventual
global Zionist government will require a capital, namely
The “enemy” that Zionism must fight and conquer
is the populations of any and all countries whose
populace desires freedom, equality, independence, the
survival of their culture, and their territorial integrity. By
controlling the controllers of countries, the Zionists will
control the world... or so they believe and they care not a
whit about the character or designs of anyone who
controls a country.
It also doesn’t hurt to make a buck off
the sale of arms to whomever, wherever and whenever as well.
Since its establishment in 1948, the “State” of Israel has
fought seven named and recognized wars, two
Palestinian “intifadas,” and an ongoing series of armed
conflicts within the broader Arab-Israeli conflict.
The Zionist control of the United States of America can
absolutely be squarely blamed for the American
demolition of Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq and any future demolition.

6,800 Arms Exporters Working in Israel, State
Documents Reveal

...Was the headline in a Haaretz Israeli News article by Gili
Cohen published on July 15th, 2013.
Evidently there are
6,784 Israelis who deal with arms exports from Israel
who are listed in the Israeli Defense Export Controls
Agency that issues the permits related to arms exporting.
As of the end of 2012 there were 6,684 individuals
dealing with security exports working for 1,006
companies and 312 independent businesses. The Israeli
Defense Export Controls Agency issued 1,900
marketing permits and 1,716 export permits that resulted in the
exporting of $7 Billion in arms, ammunition and battle equipment.
Israel is considered a leading exporter of
drones, missiles, intelligence equipment, optic equipment
for aircrafts, communications and navigation equipment,
as well as basic equipment such as helmets and bullet
proof vests.
Israel’s largest customers are Poland, India,
South Korea, Australia, Thailand, the U.S.A., Columbia,
Brazil and Chile.

The so-called "Operation Cast Lead" is a fine example of
what the murderously vindictive rogue-terrorist illegal and temporary
“state” of Israel does to the virtually helpless Palestinian
population in the concentration camp known as the Gaza
Strip whenever it tires of swatting the irritating
Palestinian flies that can do little else but launch home-
made rockets at illegal Israeli settlements.

For twenty two straight days, between December 27th,
2008 and January 18th of 2009, the Israeli military bombed
large areas of the Gaza killing 1,400 civilians (including
308 children), while 5,200 civilians were wounded. Over
20,000 Palestinians were made homeless (3,540 homes
destroyed). The Gaza infrastructure and economy was
further ruined.

Hundreds of civilians were killed in attacks carried out
using high-precision weapons such as bombs and
missiles launched from F-16 fighter jets and unmanned
drones. Tanks and ground troops shot civilians at short
range who posed absolutely no threat to the Israelis...
well, besides the stones that were being tossed.

Indiscriminate weapons such as mortars and artillery
were used on densely populated residential areas. White
phosphorous was used on residential areas, schools
and hospitals.
Medical vehicles and personnel were
purposely attacked to hinder their work. Utilities and
vital infrastructure were purposely targeted. Twelve total
miles of water piping was destroyed, along with four
water reservoirs and 11 wells. The sewage system and
pumping stations were destroyed. 18 schools, including 8
kindergartens were destroyed with most of the remaining
schools sustaining damage. Palestinian police stations
were purposely targeted.

One of the most infamous incidents of the widespread
slaughter occurred on January 4th, 2009 when the Israeli
army herded nearly 100 members of the Samouni family
into a single building in the Zaytoun area of Gaza City.

Once there, they were purposely shelled, killing 21
members of the family outright and wounding the remainder.

UN Mission workers documented several incidents
where Israeli soldiers shot and killed civilians waving
make-shift white flags to indicate their willingness to
surrender. Two Palestinian women, Majda (37 years old)
and Rayya Hajjaj (65 years old) were thusly murdered by
an Israeli soldier who was prosecuted and sentenced to
45 days in jail; he was the only soldier to face serious
charges stemming from Operation Cast Lead.

The armed wing of Hamas and other armed Palestinian
fighters did launch hundreds of rockets and mortars at
civilian areas of Southern Israel during the 22 day
conflict killing three civilians and six Israeli soldiers.
Several dozen civilians were injured.

And yhen we have the so-called "Grapes of Wrath" Israeli
artillery slaughter of innocent Lebanese civilians in a
United Nations refugee compound near Qana in Southern
Lebanon on April 18th, 1996. Of the 800 people who took
refuge in the compound, 106 were killed and 116
wounded including 4 Fijian UN workers.
Every subsequent investigation (other than the investigation
conducted by the Israelis) determined that the shelling
was intentional.

Supposedly the attack by Israel on the UN compound
was a response to a Hezbollah rocket attack upon an
Israeli patrol. The Israeli patrol was planting anti-
personnel mines and explosives in UN territory.

As of March 2013, one hundred sixty one countries have
signed the 1997 Ottawa Treaty banning the use of land
mines, but 36 countries have not. The countries that
refuse to sign the treaty include Israel, U.S.A., Russia,
China, India, Pakistan, South Korea, Sri Lanka, and
Morocco... some of THE very countries that should be in
the forefront of banning land mines.


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As the result of the American Civil War proved... Centralized power is the easiest to corrupt.