The Henry Kissinger Orchestrated "Opening of China" Visit

by President Nixon in 1972 is exactly where the selling off of the USA began in earnest:

Poor ole "Tricky Dick" Nixon has gone down in all of our shamelessly biased,

content less, agenda driven history books as the liar whose only

notable accomplishment was opening the door to China as a trade partner.


And even his China trip from February 21st through 28th, 1972 was only a

grandstanding propaganda photo-op as far as the clueless Nixon was concerned.

The real China summit was arranged, orchestrated andpresided over

by Nixon’s National Security Advisor, Henry Kissinger.


Kissinger hammered out trade agreement proposals and future schemes with Zhou Enlai

while Nixon and Chairman Mao went sightseeing and attended numerous banquets.

Even Secretary of State William P. Rogers was purposely left out of all the meetings

between Kissinger and Zhou Enlai… and Rogers, as Secretary of State, far

outranked Kissinger! Such is the nature of perceived power versus actual power.


To make a long story short: The selling out of America to the Chinese began that week

in February of 1972 and it was orchestrated by the globalist-Zionist Jew, Henry Kissinger.


And here we are forty years later as the second in rank to China as the global leader in

trade and we are now heavily in debt to China. American manufacturing has been largely

packed up and literally moved to China. We are over three trillion dollars in debt to China

(the balance of the 19 trillion dollar national debt is owned by the

Federal Reserve Bank, or owed to Social Security and Medicare).


Wal-Mart is the all-American Chinese goods outlet franchise and China can now

militarily kick our ass much harder than they did in Korea in the early 1950s. They

now make more and better war toys than us and it appears as though

they spend far less than us on weaponry while doing it.


Independent Party presidential candidate in 1992, and 1996, Ross Perot, was absolutely

correct regarding so called "free trade" agreements that have had a devastating effect on

American manufacturing, and therefore the economy. The agreement known as NAFTA

(North American Free Trade Agreement) was correctly predicted by Perot to cause a

"a sucking sound" coming from Mexico. NAFTA was implemented,

and Mexico sucked wealth and jobs from America, and is still doing so.


Jewish Zionist and U.S. Trade Representative (1993-1996), Mickey Kantor, was the lead

negotiator for the NAFTA deal. Jewish Zionist, Charlene Barshefsky, was the U.S. Trade

Representative (1997-2001) who successfully helped establish

China as a major player in the World Trade Organization.


A puppet for the Jewish Cabal, Carla Anderson Hills, who was the U.S. Trade Representative

from 1989 until 1993 helped Kantor with the NAFTA negotiations and cut such a sweet deal

for the Mexicans that she was awarded the Order of the Aztec Eagle by Mexico in appreciation

in 2000. George H.W. Bush called upon globalist Hills to help hammer out the General Agreement

on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) that totally gutted any and all trade advantages for America related

to tariffs. Hills and Jewish Zionist, Robert Rubin, presently co-chair the Council on Foreign

Relations and she is a Trilateral Commission executive officer…

In summation, she is a shameless traitor to the U.S.A. along with Kantor.


BTW: Obama’s Harvard Law School classmate, Jewish Zionist Michael Froman, has

been the U.S. Trade Representative since June 21st, 2013. The Deputy U.S.

Trade Representative is Miriam Sapiro who is also Jewish.


Then we have American Zionist Jew authors such as Thomas Friedman who assures his

readers that globalization, trade agreements, and outsourcing jobs to foreign countries is

a great idea. He says so in his book, The World is Flat. But this three time Pulitzer Prize

winner is just flat wrong and should be exiled to the country where his true loyalty lays …Israel.


By the way… Joseph Pulitzer, a Jew, established the Pulitzer Prize for journalism in

1917 and is considered the "father of yellow journalism" as if that is a good thing.

Yellow journalism is a type of journalism that presents little or no legitimate

well-researched news and instead uses eye-catching headlines to sell more papers.


Eye catching techniques may include exaggerations of news events, scandal mongering,

sensationalism, scare headlines in huge print of minor news, lavish use of photos and

imaginary drawings, use of faked interviews, fake experts and witnesses and conjuring

dramatic sympathy for the underdog" against the "system."

Sound familiar…? National Inquirer comes to mind doesn’t it..?


The Inquirer’s executive editor is Jewish Zionist Barry Levine. The Inquirer is owned by

American Media Inc. which is owned by Roger Charles Altman

and David J. Pecker (both Zionist Jews… of course).


Anyway, Nixon was fully aware that a Jew could not be expected to be impartial on

Middle East policy and was proven correct in 1973 when Kissinger purposely withheld

news of Israel’s attack on Egypt and Syria during the so called "Yom Kippur War"

(aka: 1973 Arab-Israeli War, October 6 through October 25) for three and a half hours

so that Nixon would not interfere in the conflict. Kissinger then instructed Nixon’s

Chief of Staff, Alexander Haig, to lie to the media by

saying that Nixon was informed of the attacks immediately.


On October 7, the day after the "Yom Kippur War" commenced, a telephone transcript

revealed that Kissinger was purposely keeping relevant information from Nixon related

to the Russian support of the Arabs. It was a possibility that the Russians might enter

the conflict, so Kissinger, without Nixon’s knowledge or approval, raised the American

military readiness to DEF CON 3 and personally drafted a letter to the Soviet Premier,

Alexei Kosygin, advising him of the American alert status without advising Nixon.


So, a Jewish Mossad asset as Secretary of State, was flirting with WWIII

without the knowledge of the President of the United States... and so it goes.


 Kissinger was Secretary of State under Nixon and then under Ford,

which is another lesson in perceived power versus actual power.






Click on this text to hear audio-tape of Nixon: "The Jews are Born Spies"


Click on this text to hear audio tape of President Nixon & Reverend Billy Graham Discuss Jewish control of Media...

So let’s look back to American presidents being puppets
of Jewish masters... Starting with Richard Nixon through
to Obama in his second term.

Nixon had been Senator Joe McCarthy’s right-hand man
during the “Red Scare” of the 1950s. McCarthy headed
up the House Un-American Activities Committee that was
investigating suspected communists and their activities.
They were referred to as “Commies” or “Reds.”
The name “Reds” came from the “Red” faction that opposed
the “White” faction during the Russian Revolution just
prior to World War I.

Also scrutinized were “Pinkos”, who were not quite
“Red”, but just “Pink.” Jewish Germans such as Karl Marx
and Frederich Engels had scared the bejeezuz out of all
the capitalists in the Western World with their
Communist Manifesto. Marx and Engels proposed a
socio-political system where there would be no fat-cat
exploiters allowed in the game and every man would be
his brother’s keeper... to a point. Those are two aspects
of communism that capitalists equate with abject blasphemy!
Some of these same Russian and European adherents of
the Communist Manifesto immigrated to America in the
early 20th Century. In America they were spreading the
word about communism, and communism’s step-sister,
socialism. These Reds and Pinkos were also managing to
place themselves in positions of influence in the movie
industry as screenwriters and directors, and in the literary
arts, the publishing industry, and elsewhere.

Most of those scrutinized by McCarthy’s Committee
were Jews such as Hollywood screenplay writers Alva
Bessie, Samuel Ornitz, Albert Maltz and Herbert
Biberman (members of the so called “Hollywood Ten”).
Also scrutinized were author Arthur Miller, songwriter
Yip Harburg (who wrote the songs for "The Wizard of
Oz"), and actors such as Herschel Bernardi, Zero Mostel,
John (Garfinkel) Garfield, Lillian Hellman, and
contemporary actor Sean Penn’s father, Leo Penn.

It was Nixon’s experience on the House Un-American
Activities Committee that made him weary of Jews in
general. Notable Nixon quotes (from de-classified Nixon
White House tapes speaking to his White House Chief of
Staff H. R. “Bob” Haldeman) are:

1) “The only two non-Jews in the Communist
conspiracy were [Whittaker] Chambers and
[Alger] Hiss. Many felt that Hiss was, or he could
have been half, but he was not by religion. The
only two non-Jews. Every other one was a Jew.
And it raised hell with us.”

2) “There’s a Jewish cabal, you know, running
through this, working only with people like
[Federal Reserve Board Chairman Arthur] Burns
and the rest. And they all only talk to Jews.”

3) “Most Jews are disloyal.” After explaining that his
Jews (who were Kissinger, White House Counsel
Leonard Garment, and speechwriter William
Safire) could be trusted, he said, “But Bob,
generally speaking, you can’t trust the bastards.
They turn on you. Am I right or wrong?”

4) “The Jews are born spies. You notice how many of
them there are? They’re just in it up to their necks.
Also arrogance, an arrogance that says – that’s
what makes a spy. He puts himself above the law.”

5) “Bob, please get me the names of the Jews, you
know, the big Jewish contributors of the
Democrats... All right? Could we please
investigate some of the cocksuckers?”

So, Nixon went too far in referring to all big Jewish
Democratic campaign contributors as “cocksuckers.” But
it’s true to say that orthodox Jewish mohels are indeed
cocksuckers and will go to jail rather than stop the
circumcision ritual of sucking the blood from an infant’s
freshly circumcised penis.