“To announce that there must be no criticism of the
President, or that we are to stand by the President, right
or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but it is
morally treasonable to the American public.”
...Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United
States (1858 – 1919)

At 8:48 a.m. (New York time) on the morning of 9/11,
the first images of the burning WTC North Tower were
broadcast live on television. The news anchors, reporters,
and viewers had little idea what had happened in lower Manhattan.
There were some people who did know though. Officials
in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the North
American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), the
National Military Command Center, the Pentagon, the
White House, the Secret Service, and Canada’s Strategic
Command all knew that at least four commercial airliners
had been hijacked.
They knew that one plane had been
deliberately flown into the WTC North Tower, a second
plane was seriously off course and headed towards
Manhattan, and that a third plane had turned around over
Ohio and was headed back towards Washington.

It is more than likely that George W. Bush already knew
about the situation before sitting down in a Florida
classroom at 9:03 a.m. for a 20-minute photo op, and
surely someone in his entourage knew. The presidential
entourage is in touch at all times with some, or all, of the
above mentioned agencies, especially the Secret Service.

While Bush was engaged in his daily 8:00 a.m.
intelligence briefing, the planes that would be allegedly hijacked
were taking off. At 8:13, air traffic controllers at the
FAA’s Boston Center in Nashua, New Hampshire,
instructed Flight 11 to climb to 35,000 feet. The plane
did not respond to, or obey the order, and its transponder
was turned off. Air traffic controller Glen Michael said,
“We considered it at the time to be a possible hijacking.”

FAA regulations stipulate that an aircraft emergency
exists when there is an unexpected loss of radar contact,
loss of radio communications, or both. If air traffic
controllers believed Flight 11 had a major emergency at
8:13, then NORAD should have been notified
immediately and military jets scrambled to investigate.

The FAA and NORAD both claim that NORAD wasn’t
informed until 8:40, a full 27 minutes later. One NORAD
employee later claimed that notification occurred at 8:31.
Before contacting NORAD, Boston air traffic control
watched Flight 11 make an unexpected 100-degree turn
and head toward New York City. They informed other
controllers of the emergency at 8:25 who all then
allegedly heard dialog from the cockpit such as: “Nobody
move please, we are going back to the airport. Don’t try
to make any stupid moves.” Boston Center even asked
the pilots of soon to be “hijacked” Flight 175 to scan the
skies for the errant Flight 11.

If NORAD’s claim is credible, then the Boston Center
controllers should have been fired, or even brought up on
criminal neglect charges for their inaction. But no person
at any agency, on any level, was fired, or even
disciplined for inaction, mistakes, or mishandling of
any aspect of the events of 9/11.

If NORAD’s claim is false, and it was indeed informed
within the time frame outlined in the FAA regulations
that Flight 11 had a serious emergency, and possible
hijacking; it would mean that NORAD did absolutely
nothing for nearly one half of an hour while an airliner
flew off course in some of the most congested airspace in
the world. Heads should have rolled. But again, no one at
the FAA or NORAD was even scolded.

According to alleged phone calls made by flight
attendants Betty Ong and Amy Sweeny, the hijackers had
already stabbed and killed one passenger and two flight
attendants by 8:21. After 8:21, both women allegedly
remained on the phones with American Airlines
Headquarters for 25 MINUTES, until their plane allegedly hit
the WTC North Tower.

BTW: Daniel Lewin, who was allegedly stabbed by
hijacker Satam al-Suqami prior to American Airlines
flight 11 crashing into the WTC, was/is an officer in an
elite secret unit of the Israeli military called Matkal
Sayeret that was instrumental in orchestrating Mossad
activities prior to 9/11.


About 8:20, the same time hijackers were allegedly
stabbing passenger Daniel Lewin, Bush’s morning
briefing had ended. He was off to the first event of his
day known as a “soft event” by Bush handlers. It was a
photo-op with children at Emma Booker Elementary
School promoting his proposed fraud of an education bill.
The second scheduled event of the day, after 20 minutes
with the children, was to be a short press conference at
9:30 in the school library.

It matters what time Bush left the hotel and what time he
arrived at the school, because this is the time when he
was, or should have been, informed of events taking
place at Boston Center, at the FAA, and at NORAD.
Presidential limos are equipped with world class state of
the art communications technology.

CNN was first to suspend regular programming at 8:48
EST to report the WTC crash. Millions knew of the first
crash, but Bush claims he didn’t hear of it until he arrived
at the school and noticed it on a TV ten minutes later.
Bush’s claim is not to be believed if you consider that
others in the presidential motorcade were well aware of it.
For instance... Kia Baskerville, a CBS news producer
traveling with Bush that morning, received a message
while en route to the school.
A news photographer in
Press Secretary Ari Fleischer’s limo overheard a radio
message to Fleischer directing him to be available to
discuss the WTC crash.
Senior Presidential
Communications Officer Thomas Herman said, “Just as
we were arriving at the school, I received a notification
from our operations center that an airliner had struck one
of the towers.”

Meanwhile, CIA Director George Tenet was told of the
crash a few minutes after it happened. Tenet received the
news while eating breakfast with former Senator Boren
in a restaurant three blocks from the White House. Boren
says a messenger told Tenet that an airplane had attacked
the WTC. Boren said, “I was struck by the fact that the
messenger used the word... attacked.” An aide then
handed Tenet a cell phone and he made some calls.

This demonstrates that high government officials were
well aware of the event. People at the Florida elementary
school knew of the crash before Bush arrived at 8:50
including Tampa Bay’s Channel 8 reporter, Jackie
Barron, who heard the news from her mother via a phone call.
Fox reporter Brian Goff from Tampa, and
Associated Press reporter Sonia Ross, both heard the
news via cell phones.
Given all this, how could Bush
have remained unaware? Was he out of the loop because
he was in a car? Again, no car on Earth has better
communication systems than the presidential limousine,
including wireless email devices.

U.S. Navy Captain Deborah Loewer, the director of
the White House Situation Room, was in the
motorcade when she received a message. She claims
that she ran over to Bush upon arrival at Booker
Elementary School and personally told him that, “an
aircraft has impacted the World Trade Center. This is
all we know.”


Flight 175 departed at about the same time as Flight 11,
but evidently was hijacked later. At 8:41, flight 175’s
pilot was talking to ground control, but at 8:42 it sharply
veered off course. A flight controller noted that its
transponder had been shut off and the radio silenced. At
8:43, NORAD was notified that the plane had been
hijacked. The hijackers turned the transponder back on
but used a different signal code.
Had the Flight Termination System over-
ride kicked on aboard the actual airliner and the drone plane had been activated?
The signal code allowed flight
controllers to easily track it to New York.

At 8:46 Flight 77 began to go severely off course.
According to regulations that were assumed to be in
effect, fighter jets are required to be scrambled to
investigate any plane that strays from its official course
by more than two miles, or 15 degrees. Flight 77 returned
to its proper course for a while, but the last radio
transmission occurred at 8:50.

Supposedly, NORAD wasn’t officially notified that 77
had been hijacked until 9:24. The New York Times
reported that by around 8:50, military officials at the
Pentagon were already discussing what to do about Flight
77. Note the times when NORAD was notified: 27
minutes for Flight 11, 1 minute for Flight 175, and 38
minutes for Flight 77.

Flight 93 wasn’t hijacked until 9:16, but by about 8:50 it
was evident that at least three planes had been hijacked.

Dick Cheney, speaking on NBC’s Meet the Press on
Sept. 16th, 2001 said, “The secret Service has an
arrangement with the FAA. They had open lines after the
World Trade Center was...” Cheney didn’t finish his
sentence, but ending the sentence with the word ‘hit’ is a
good guess. If these lines of communication were
established once the World Trade Center was hit at 8:46
a.m. then that would make it clear that the Secret Service
knew the extent of the situation well before 9:00 a.m.

Bush knew, or sure as hell should have known, about the
situation before being on camera in the classroom. Or, he
really was the idiot that he most often appeared to be and
his entourage was by then unconcerned about
communicating with him.

Cheney was indeed the actual boss throughout the two
presidential terms of George W. Bush and Bush himself
was just the front man required to do PR work, photo ops
and bumbling press conferences. After being informed of
a second WTC hit Bush should have immediately left
Booker school, gotten aboard Air Force One, and left
Sarasota without delay. But he didn’t.

I think Bush was aware of the basic 9/11 plan but was
assigned something to do that he couldn’t screw up. He
then proceeded to screw up his limited role by executing
poor improvisation, missing marks and blowing his lines
at Booker school. Bush himself provides confirmation of
my analysis when he stated two months later after being
asked the question, “How did you feel when you heard
about the terrorist attack?” His reply was:

"I was sitting outside the classroom waiting to go in,
and I saw an airplane hit the tower – the TV was
obviously on. And I used to fly myself, and I said,
well, there’s one terrible pilot. I said it must have
been a horrible accident. But I was whisked off
[from] there; I didn’t have much time to think about it."

There was NO film footage of the first crash into the
North Tower until at least the next day! His handlers
may have clued him into his folly, but he repeated that
same story, only less eloquently, a month later.

In his speech to the nation that evening Bush said,
“Immediately following the first attack, I implemented
our government’s emergency response plans.”
It wasn’t known what those emergency response plans were
because neither Bush nor anyone in his administration
mentioned the “immediate response” again.

Implementing ‘‘emergency response plans’’ completely
contradicts Bush’s casual recollection of an airplane
impacting the WTC “accident.”


Reports varied regarding Bush’s reaction after Andy
Card “informed” him of the second Tower hit. Some
people say, he blanched, the color drained from his face,
he wore a bemused smile, became visibly tense and
serious, and so forth. Watch the video and draw your
own conclusion:
I think he sat there like the poor actor that he is, waiting
for a cue. The cue actually came in the form of Ari
Fleisher, in the back of the room, holding up a hastily
scribbled note in block letters for him to see that read:

Bush later recalled his own reaction by offering:

“I was very aware of the cameras. I was trying to
absorb that knowledge. I’m sitting in the midst of a
classroom with little kids, listening to a children’s
story and I realize that I’m the Commander in Chief
and the country has just come under attack. We’re at
war and somebody has dared to attack us, and we’re
going to do something about it. I realized I was in a
unique setting to receive a message that someone had
attacked us. It became evident that we were, you
know, that the world had changed.”

So what did the leader of the free world, our Commander in Chief do?


He did nothing! He did not ask Andrew Card any
questions. He would have had no clue who, or which
country, was attacking us if it wasn’t a false flag. He did
not excuse himself to direct our defenses, or even to
direct his staff to get rolling. He wasn’t hustled off by the
Secret Service (which would have been a blessing for
him). He just sat there frozen while casting his
bewildered eyes about.

Bush was a proverbial deer in headlights. It was a bad
show and I was embarrassed for him, and by him.
A U.S. Marine, responsible for carrying Bush’s phone
(which is nice work if you can get it), said to Sarasota
County Sheriff Bill Balkwill who was present, “Were out
of here. Can you get everyone ready?” Someone must
have overruled the Marine, because Bush did not leave.

Bush probably knew the basic 9/11 game plan but evidently did
not have enough personal integrity to ask for a more
dignified assignment on 9/11. So he bumbled on...

When the classroom reading was over, Bush said to the
children and teacher:

"Hoo! These are great readers! Very impressive!
Thank you all so much for showing me your reading
skills. I bet they practice too. Don’t you? Reading
more than they watch TV? Anybody do that? Read
more than you watch TV? [Hands went up] Oh that’s
great! Very good. Very important to practice! Thanks
for having me. Very impressed."

Bush was described as smiling and chatting with the kids
as if he hadn’t a care in the world.

Nearly every news account fails to mention when Bush
actually left the classroom after being told that America
was under attack. Between six and nine minutes is the
ballpark time frame depending on whose estimate you
like best. When he did leave, he did not appear to be in a
hurry, even taking time to stretch out a little.

White House aide Gordon Johndroe then came in as
usual to usher the press out of the room at the end of the
press photo op. A departing reporter asked, “Mr.
President, are you aware of the reports of the plane crash
in New York? Is there anything...?” Bush interrupted,
and no doubt recalling his Ari Fleisher cue card order,
DONT SAY ANYTHING YET, he responded, “I’ll talk
about it later.”

But still he did not leave! He stepped over to shake hands
with the classroom teacher, Ms. Daniels, slipping his left
hand behind her in another posed photo-op. He was
taking his time. He waited until the press core was gone
before proceeding to greet school Principal Gwendolyn
Tose-Rigell and offer his excuses for not being able to
stay to give his prepared speech in the school library. He
left the classroom only a couple of minutes before the
originally scheduled time.

The reason given why Bush didn’t leave as soon as
Andrew Card told him the news is because the reading
was almost over and upsetting the kids was unnecessary.

Booker School was chosen for the photo-op because of
its proximity to the Sarasota airport where Air Force One
had landed. Bush was in serious peril if the events of
9/11 were not a false flag operation. Hijacked airliners
were going unchallenged and crashing into targets of
choice and Bush’s visit to the school was well publicized.

If Bush was so concerned about the fragile psyches of
school children it must have escaped his awareness that,
as a target himself, he was putting 200 kids at risk by
being in a bulls-eye.

Of course, being a false flag operation, that didn’t occur
to him or his handlers. There actually was no danger
whatsoever and Bush and Zionist Jew Ari Fleisher amongst
others knew it.

At 9:16, NORAD was notified that Flight 93 had been
hijacked, and at 9:24 it was notified that Flight 77 had
also been hijacked. Flight 77 was headed towards
Washington where multiple targets of value were located.

At 9:26, FAA Director Jane Garvey, not George “The
Decider” Bush, directed all airplane takeoffs in the U.S.
be halted. George “The Decider” Bush did not order any
scrambling of fighters. The abject fool, George W. Bush,
didn’t order squat on 9/11.

A year later, White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card
recalled that, “As we were heading to Air Force
One...we learned, what turned out to be a mistake, but
we learned that the Air Force One package could, in fact,
be a target.”
Air Farce One took off between 9:55 and
9:57 ascending almost vertically for ten minutes without
fighter escort!

Repeating: Air Farce One took off from the airport in
Sarasota, Florida on the morning of 9/11 fully aware
of multiple hijacked aircraft in American airspace,
without the benefit of fighter escort!

The Secret Service should have just shoved Bush into
someone’s personal car (or the presidential limo) and
driven him on down the freeway. He would have been far
safer in a car than flying off in an unescorted jumbo jet!
But there was no danger to Bush, and his handlers knew it.
Had there actually been any real danger, long before
Bush left the school, arrangements should have been
made for fighter escort to be present upon Air Farce
One’s take off. Homestead AFB is 185 miles from
Sarasota and had the highest alert readiness status possible
that morning. Fighters going Mach Plus speed can cover
185 miles in a few minutes! As it happened, fighters did not
arrive to provide protection until more than an hour later.

The bumbling incompetence of the Secret Service on
9/11 should have been determined and heads should have
rolled. Or, the Secret Service did exactly what they were
told to do... which wasn’t much.

Suffice to say, Bush and his flying circus landed at
Barksdale AFB near Shreveport, La., where he pretended
to be “The Decider” for a while. Then he was directed to
go to Offutt AFB, Nebraska, where billionaire
Warren Buffet had been hosting a non-publicized charity
golf tournament with VIP’s. So called VIP, Anne Tatlock
of Fiduciary Trust Co., was one person in particular who
would have suffered a direct hit had she been in her
office in the WTC South Tower, instead of celebrity
golfing at an Air Force base that is the base of operations
for the Strategic Air Command.

While at Offutt AFB it was decided that maybe a
reassuring speech to the commoners was in order, so the
flying clowns flew to D.C. where Bush gave his so called
Bush Doctrine speech at 8:30.

Recall the contrived platitudes included in the speech
such as, “We will make no distinction between the
terrorists who committed these acts and those who harbor
them.” Upon hearing the slogan filled, macho speech,
delivered disingenuously by a third rate actor I knew we
were being and were going to be screwed in more ways than one.

There is this Jerusalem Post newspaper article that
illustrates what Bush’s real role as president was:

"Early Friday morning the Secretary of State
[Condi Rice] was considering bringing the cease
fire resolution to a United Nations’ Security
Council vote and we didn’t want her to vote for it",
[Israeli Prime Minister] Olmert said. I [then] said,
‘get the president on the phone.’ They tried and
told me he was in the middle of a lecture in
Philadelphia. I said, ‘I’m not interested, I need to
speak to him now.’ He got down from the podium,
went out and took the phone call."
(PM: Rice Left Embarrassed in UN Vote, By Yaakov Lappin,
Jerusalem Post, Jan 12, 2009.)

So, even during the last week of Bush’s presidency, The
Prime Minister of Israel could interrupt the President of
the U.S.A. and instruct him to tell the Secretary of State
of the U.S.A. to vote against a UN resolution that was
contrary to the Israeli agenda.

On 9/11, Bush was interrupted and informed that
America was being attacked while reading along with
school kids ...and kept on reading. But when the Prime
Minister of Israel calls about how to vote in Israel’s
interest at the UN, Bush left the stage to take the call.

                                                                                  No better example of the master-servant relationship exists.




The White House, President George W. Bush
For Immediate Release

Jewish American Heritage Month, 2006
A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America



When the first Jewish settlers came to this land, they sought a place of promise where they could practice their faith

in freedom and live in liberty. During Jewish American Heritage Month, we celebrate the rich history

of the Jewish people in America and honor the great contributions they have made to our country.


As a nation of immigrants, the United States is better and stronger because Jewish people from all over the world

have chosen to become American citizens. Since arriving in 1654, Jewish Americans have achieved great success,

strengthened our country, and helped shape our way of life. Through their deep commitment to faith, family, and

community, Jewish Americans remind us of a basic belief that guided the founding of this Nation: that there is an

Almighty who watches over the affairs of men and values every life. The Jewish people

have enriched our culture and contributed to a more compassionate and hopeful America.


Jewish American Heritage Month is also an opportunity to remember and thank the many Jewish Americans who

defend our ideals as members of the United States Armed Forces. These courageous men and women risk their

lives to protect their fellow citizens and to advance the cause of freedom. By helping to bring the promise

of liberty to millions around the world, they lay the foundation of peace for generations to come.


NOW, THEREFORE, I GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested

in me by the Constitution and laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim May 2006 as Jewish American Heritage

Month. I call upon all Americans to observe this month with appropriate programs and

activities that honor the significant contributions Jewish Americans have made to our Nation.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this twentieth day of April, in the year of our

Lord two thousand six, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirtieth.