“Patriotism is supporting your country all the time and
your government when it deserves it.”
...Mark Twain

“In every possible way we must develop the significance
of our Super-Government by representing it as the
Protector and Benefactor of all those who voluntarily
submit to us.”
...Anonymous from The Protocols of the
Elders of Zion.

THE PATRIOT ACT: Uniting and Strengthening
America by Providing Appropriate Tools
Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act
of 2001

The Patriot Act was introduced to the House of
Representatives by the imbecilic Representative from
Wisconsin Jim Sensenbrenner. He did not author any of
the Patriot Act.

So let’s have a look at the actual authors of this
Orwellian abomination enacted 45 days after 9/11 and
dutifully signed by sycophant politicians who did not
read it.
The main architect and author is Viet Dinh. Viet
was born in Saigon, Viet Nam in 1968. He and his family
immigrated to the U.S. in 1978 because his parents were
on the wrong side (the American side) during the Viet
Nam War.

He gets a free pass though because he was only ten years
old when his family entered America and probably had
no clue that his parents had sold out their own country.

Viet was indeed a “boat people” person who arrived as a
welcome illegal alien in Oregon via Thailand and
He was studious enough to graduate from the
Harvard Law School. Upon graduation from Harvard,
Dinh worked as a law clerk for Judge and Zionist Jew
Larry Silberman of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the
D.C. Circuit.

In February 2004, Judge Silberman was appointed co-
chairman of the Iraq Intelligence Commission to
investigate the totally bogus U.S. “intelligence” in the
run-up to the Iraq invasion. Evidently everything was
fine by Silberman because no heads rolled except that of
CIA Director George Tenet.

George Tenet was required to resign on June 3, 2004 to
cool the heat for all the lies spread about the abundance
of “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq. He was then
awarded The Presidential Medal of Freedom on
December 14th, for a job well done...? I don’t recall the
reason given for his receiving the award. Maybe it was
for being a good team player by falling on his sword to
cool the heat; or was it for being such a consistently good
liar in the run up to the Iraq invasion... probably both?

Anyway, Viet Dinh was an Associate Special Counsel
(working for Michael Chertoff) for the U.S. Senate
Whitewater Committee trying to pin felonies on
Bill Clinton.
He was Special Council during the
Impeachment of Clinton for the Monica Lewinsky “blow
job” scandal. He worked on the Austrian and German
Bank Holocaust Compensation Litigation in 2002-2003.
Speaking of Holocaust Litigation... Jewish guy Norman
Finkelstein examines the Swiss Bank litigations for
restitution to Holocaust victim heirs in his book, "The
Holocaust Industry."
Finkelstein exposes a myriad of
examples of the exploitation of Jewish suffering by
various Jewish organizations. Norman is fearless and is
no friend of Abraham Foxman’s Anti-Defamation
League, Rabbi Kahane’s Jewish Defense League (JDL)
or Jewish uber-Zionist Alan Dershowitz who claims to
know why terrorism works and wrote a book about it
called, "Understanding the Threat, Responding to the
Challenge."    ...My Ass Alan! I know exactly why
terrorism works, I fully understand the threat, and I am
responding to the challenge!
Alan Dershowitz is a Zionist Jew
disinformation-distractionist gatekeeper.

BTW: In 2001, the FBI described the Jewish Defense
League as a terrorist organization that has been involved
in plotting terrorist attacks and assassinations within the
U.S. ...So, with terrorist groups like the JDL, who needs Al Qaeda?

Anyway, back to Dinh...Viet Dinh has served and
currently serves on the board of Rupert Murdoch’s News
Corporation that is the parent company of the Fox News
propaganda machine.
He is a personal family friend to
the Murdoch family and is godfather to one of Lachlan
Murdoch’s children (Lachlan being one of Rupert’s
Viet has been the point man in the defense of the
Murdoch family troubles related to the 2012 English
phone hacking scandals. The British phone hacking
scandal is no doubt far more sinister that it appears to be.
Dinh was the Assistant Attorney General for the Office
of Legal Policy from May 31st, 2001 until May 31, 2003
during the George W. Bush administration. Evidently he
showed up in May 2001 just to get busy with the so
called Patriotic Act.
If you know, like I do, that 9/11
was a False Flag operation and that the entire Bush
Administration was a bunch of traitorous murderers,
then you’ll want this Viet Dinh guy brought up on sedition
and obstruction of justice charges just for starters.

The so called Patriot Act had nothing to do with fighting
terrorism. It is all about the evisceration of The
Constitution of the United States of America and the
suppression and revocation of U.S. citizens’ rights.

Selling out countries is evidently a Dinh family tradition.

The very people who swore vows to defend The
Constitution of the United States from all enemies both
foreign and domestic are the ones shredding the
Constitution and eviscerating our rights!

Viet Dinh is a bad guy and so is the sinister son of a bitch
Michael Chertoff! ...Actually, I shouldn’t cast any
aspersions upon the man’s mother by calling him a “son
of a bitch”. For all I know she was a nice lady and was
indeed a lovely flight attendant for Israeli El Al Airlines
back in the day. His father, Rabbi Chertoff, was probably
a stand-up guy too; although some people say that he and
his wife were both Mossad assets. But then, what Zionist
Jew isn’t a Mossad asset?
Chertoff’s wife, Meryl, is the Director of The Aspen
Institute’s Justice and Society program (think tank). Mrs.
Chertoff has honorably served on the Anti-Defamation
League of New Jersey and in the Office of Legislative
affairs at FEMA during Tom Ridges’ tenure.
Millions of dollars in FEMA funds were funneled to
Republican connected firms on Ridges’ watch. Important
disaster recovery funds were also reallocated to Israeli
owned security and information technology contractors
such as Waterfall Security Solutions.
Meryl worked at
FEMA during its absorption into the Department of
Homeland Security. She briefed Congress on FEMA’s
disaster preparedness at the same time Louisiana’s
congressional delegation was pleading for funds to
strengthen the New Orleans levees.
She is now an
Adjunct Professor of Law at Georgetown.

A cousin of the Chertoff’s, Benjamin Chertoff who
claims to have never spoken to his cousin Michael, was
the very guy who wrote the totally bogus cover-up
disinformation article in the March 2005 edition of
Popular Mechanics magazine titled "Debunking 9/11 Lies."

He claimed that although the jet fuel burned off in ten
minutes, the ensuing fire fueled by furniture, carpeting
and etc. weakened the steel infrastructure of the Twin
Towers and caused the collapses.

Presently at the Popular Mechanics’ website you will
find an article by Zionist Jew Arianne Cohen that
claims WTC Building 7 collapsed due to burning office
furniture. Arianne is welcome to her opinion.
My opinion is that Arianne is complicit in the on-going
disinformation-dissemination propaganda project at
Popular Mechanics. Popular Mechanics is a good
example of how a once respectable publication can be
bought and used by nihilistic criminal psychopaths with
an agenda.

Arianne Cohen cites the Shyam Sunder authored
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
report as irrefutable proof that burning office furniture
brought down WTC 7. The NIST did not even test for
explosives at the WTC 7 site; nor did they acknowledge the
presence of super-heated molten metal weeks after the
collapse. NIST claims to be THE authorities on the cause
of collapsed buildings...

All the traitorous NIST “authorities” who testified at the
9/11 Investigation were instructed to lie and did so.

Zionist Jew James B. Meigs is the ultra-sarcastic editor
of Popular Mechanics magazine that prides itself as
being “the first major media outlet to debunk the
burgeoning conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11.”

Meigs, who is neither a scientist nor journalist, wrote an
afterword in the book Debunking 9/11 Myths that was
published by Popular Mechanics. Read it sometime to
satisfy yourself that this guy is a lame disinformation
specialist on an assignment.

Is there a word for liars who call other people liars?

Speaking of which ...Back to Michael Chertoff...

On May 12th, 2012 good ole Fox News ran a report about
Chertoff’s Airport body scanner company, Chertoff
Group, being investigated for over-charging big bucks
for way too many scanners that were piling up in
warehouses! He used his clout as former Secretary of
Homeland Security to have his overpriced body scanning
machines installed in Americas’ numerous airports,
making a fortune along the way, ...and then he further
padded the bill!

Let’s go back to a 1986 starting point regarding
Chertoff... As U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of
New York, Chertoff and Rudy Giuliani worked together
to crackdown on organized crime during the so called
Mafia Commission Trial.

In 1990, George H.W. Bush appointed Chertoff as the
U.S. Attorney General for the District of New Jersey
where his greatest accomplishment was putting Jersey
City Mayor Gerald McCann in prison for two years for
defrauding a savings and loan out of some money.

And speaking of savings and loan defrauding scams...
Does anyone recall George H.W. Bush’s son Neil
slipping through the cracks of justice related to the
multiple charges against him for defrauding Silverado
Savings and Loan? This was in Denver in 1985. Neil’s
daddy, as the President of the U.S.A., pardoned Neil as
he was finishing up his one and only presidential term.
And speaking of Neil, some people say that he was
scheduled to have dinner with Scott Hinckley on March
31st, 1981. Scott Hinckley was the brother of John
Hinckley who shot President Reagan and almost made
the then Vice President Bush, the President. Of course,
that’s just what some people say... and thanks to
Fox News for providing us with that “some people say”
lame method of establishing credibility.

Anyway... Chertoff remained the New Jersey Attorney
General when the Clintons became President(s) in 1993
but entered private practice as a partner at the Latham &
Watkins law firm in 1994. He then took an active role in
the Whitewater investigation against the Clintons serving
as the special council for the Senate Whitewater

BTW: When Chertoff was confirmed as Secretary of
Homeland Security in 2004, the Senate vote was 88 to 1.
Hillary Clinton cast the only no vote. She didn’t like how
Chertoff participated in the Whitewater investigation. It
wasn’t THAT he participated, it was HOW he
participated. He’s ruthless, rude and very abrasive,
especially in a losing battle... but then, what Zionist Jew isn't?

During the days of 9/11, Chertoff was the Bush
appointed Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal
Division of the Justice Department where he involved
himself in every effort to obstruct the FBI’s WTC
investigations. He turned a bunch of rounded-up Israeli
Mossad agents loose with help from Judge Michael
Mukasey. He always added his two cents to the “get Bin
Laden” propaganda machine and who knows what else
besides relieving FBI agents of their duty if they were
investigating anything pertinent to 9/11.

In February of 2005, Chertoff was appointed as the
Secretary of Homeland Security after NYC Police
Commissioner Bernard Kerik, a Rudy Giuliani appointee,
had to decline the appointment.
Kerik had been
employing illegal immigrants for duties in his home prior
to his ill-fated Homeland Security appointment.

Eventually a New York grand jury issued a 16 count
indictment against Bernard Kerik alleging conspiracy,
mail fraud, wire fraud, lying to the IRS and etc. Bernie
got a four year sentence in a federal joint on February 18th,
2010. Rudy and Bush sure can pick ‘em!
So, Chertoff
becomes Secretary of Homeland Security ...then what?

How could we forget what a horrid cluster-fuckup the
post Katrina Hurricane disaster was? How many of the
1,833 dead could have been saved but were not because
of rescue efforts going slower than a snail’s pace? That
was a good example of Chertoff’s style of management.

People such as FEMA Director Michael Brown, and New
Orleans Police Department Superintendent Eddie
Compass resigned in disgrace because of their
incompetence, but not Chertoff who was ultimately
responsible for the human disaster after the natural

Chertoff actually flew to Atlanta for a “terrorism”
conference while New Orleans was flooding.

Investigative committees in both the House and Senate
“cited” (“cited”, in political bullshit language, means:
lightly slapped his hand) Chertoff for his delays in
activating federal emergency plans that could have
rushed aid more quickly to the gulf coast and saved lives.

"Oh well"... he probably thought... after all, it was only African Americans drowning,
starving, and in dire straits in Louisiana, so why not go to
Atlanta for an all-expense paid vacation?

In contrast to the Bush-Chertoff response to Katrina, we
have President Johnson’s response to hurricane Betsy in
September of 1965. As unsavory a criminal character LBJ may
have been he still far outclassed everyone in the Bush
regime by flying to New Orleans the day after Hurricane
Betsy plowed through New Orleans to personally
reassure as many victims as possible that he was there to
kick bureaucratic butt and get relief rolling quickly... and
he did.

LBJ personally went to the people, to shelters where
evacuees were gathered, to neighborhoods all over the
city, to assure them that help was on the way.
In one
evacuee shelter, where there was no electricity, he stood
before the crowd while shining a flashlight on his own
face and declared, “My name is Lyndon Baines Johnson.
I am your President. I am here to make sure you have the
help you need.” And that’s exactly what he did.
Can you
imagine Bush or Chertoff doing that after Katrina? Of
course you can’t because those two psychopathic clowns
wouldn’t lower themselves to do such a humane thing.

Recall Chertoff’s push to establish a federal law called
the Real ID Act (authored by Jim Sensenbrenner of
Wisconsin) in 2005? It would have required all U.S.
citizens to carry electronically readable federally issued
identification cards.
Isn’t that exactly why American
soldiers supposedly landed on the beaches of Normandy, France on
D-Day 1944? Weren’t the American G.I.s there to stop
the Germans who controlled Europe from requiring
people to “show me your papers?” Unbelievable! And
this is coming from a Jew who should supposedly know better.

Of course Chertoff is not responsible for how God
designed him, but what was up with the ever-present
whisker stubble and disturbingly sunken facial features?
He could have shaved and put on some weight, ya think?

I know I shouldn’t get that personal, but then, why not? If
he is guilty of what I believe he is guilty of, then he is
worthy of much less than a lack of respect. He’s worthy
of a slip knotted rope around his neck!

Recall in October of 2007 when Michael waived several
environmental laws to continue building a Mexico border
fence through a national conservation area in Arizona,
bypassing a federal court ruling that had suspended the
construction. He cited the “unacceptable risks to our
nation’s security” if the fence construction was delayed.
A guy complicit in the horrors of 9/11 and
its aftermath worried about national “security.” And what
about this border fence?...



Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano stated
as Governor of Arizona, “Show me a 50 foot wall and I’ll
show you a 51 foot ladder.” But now that she’s Secretary
of Homeland Security she’s OK with the fence.

Living near the “wall” I can tell you that all it stops is
animals that once migrated north and south; but only in
areas where construction vehicles can go. There are huge
gaps in the border wall where it is too rugged to construct
anything but a four strand barb-wire fence that is mostly
in ruins.

Local rock climbers, and others, enjoy scaling the border
wall for sport. Walls are just something humans go over,
through and under... like the Great Wall of China, or the
Berlin Wall, and the wall
separating Israel from what’s left of Palestine.

Who remembers the $1.5 Billion dollar “virtual fence”
that was built along the Mexican border? It was supposed
to be a high tech marvel that would detect illegal aliens
by using motion detectors, digital cameras, night vision
cameras and such wonders. It was a flop and the Boeing
Company didn’t even refund us taxpayers any money!

I’m all for securing the border AT THE BORDER
because I’m personally tired of having to stop at
checkpoints every time I leave my house (I live 12 miles
from the border). Checkpoints are as many as 30 to 50
miles north of the border.

At these checkpoints my truck is searched by often
unfriendly federal agents, sniffed by dogs, I must declare
my nationality, and answer questions related as to why
I’m in the area, where I’m going, and “what is that in the back?"
At the Interstate 19 checkpoint, some 30 miles
north of Nogales, Arizona, there is often a long wait for
your turn to be questioned, sniffed, and searched.

Check points are a waste of your time, and if you are
working for a business as a long haul truck driver,
delivery person, route driver, or whatever, then business
time is wasted. If you are late for your destination
because of being held up at a check point then that’s just
too bad.

It’s a waste of valuable gas sitting in a check point line;
and if it’s a hot Arizona summer day, and you have no air
conditioner, then sitting in a line, breathing motor fumes,
while sweating profusely is ...unpleasant.

The country side roads usually require only a short wait,
if any wait at all.
So what you ask? It’s worth it to make
the country secure you say! ... Just come on down and
walk in our shoes awhile. You’ll get it. SECURE THE
BORDER AT THE BORDER is a popular bumper
sticker here along the border.

So why did people move to a place where Border
Patrol/Homeland Security checkpoints are along every
roadway you might ask? Well, the checkpoints didn’t
exist when people moved here.

The Patriot Act now allows for invasion of your privacy
and your loss of freedom. I go through 5 check points
whenever I visit relatives in the L.A. area. It’s tedious
and disturbing. It seems like the checkpoints are creeping
further inland too. Maybe they will be everywhere across
America in 20 years. Cameras along roadways seem to
be popping up everywhere, too. They say the cameras are
for traffic control. It seems like our handlers want us to
get used to omnipresent cameras and checkpoints.

There used to be, and maybe there still are, so called
primitive aboriginal tribes whose people believed that if
someone took your picture with a camera they were
stealing your soul. I used to think that those primitive
people who thought that way were silly. I don’t think so

I have serious problems with federal officials, like
Michael Chertoff and Viet Dinh, who waive or suspend
laws and rules and regulations that were passed to keep
greedy exploiters and nihilistic psychopaths from running
our country and running amuck.

Once a protective law or right is gutted it leads to other
laws being gutted for the benefit of people who do it for
self-interest. Protective laws will not be re-established
without a fight. In fact, on June 14th, 2012, The U.S.
House of Representatives voted to “ease” many
environmental rules in the 100 mile terrestrial border
buffer zone reasoning that it was necessary for border
security. Horseshit! Greedy land rapists hate
environmental protection, are behind this gutting of
environmental protection, and they won’t be satisfied
until the Earth resembles the moon!

One more story point... My wife and I were passing
through a checkpoint early in their existence and the
armed Border Patrol officer asked where we were going.
My wife was more offended by the question than I was
and said, “I don’t think you can ask people that,” which
was a nice way of saying, “none of your gawddam
business you fascist fucking goon!”
She was wrong about not
having to answer any question put to you. To
demonstrate who was in charge we were ordered to pull
over to a search area where a dog went sniffing through
our car while we were advised that we have no right to
remain silent, no right to a phone call, no right to rights whatsoever! The Patriot Act
suspended all of those rights!

If you think I’m wrong about that then come on down
here to the Mexican border area, pull up to a check point,
refuse to answer questions and refuse to be searched. I’ll
go with you just to see the expression on your face when
you fully comprehend what the Patriot Act has done to
your rights ...especially within the 100 mile wide
Security Buffer Zone along the terrestrial borders of the

To be fair I will say that some checkpoint officers are
pleasant, have a sense of humor, and make the experience
OK. Most officers are bored out of their skulls while
doing a routine thankless job and don’t hide it; and there
are a few officers who make you feel extremely resentful
for being treated so disrespectfully in your own country.
These are the ones that make you feel like maybe all the
illegal aliens and drug smugglers should be given free
passage so long as you aren’t subjected to such
disrespectful treatment in your own country.

Some people say, “If you have nothing to hide, then
what’s the problem?” Well, the problem is the invasion
of your privacy, impeding your right to free travel in your
own country, being reduced to “suspect status” and then
being condescended to because of your being a suspect.
It’s an erosion of freedom and dignity. Lose one freedom
and you’ll lose another. It’s done in increments by people
who couldn’t care less about your freedom.

And speaking of losing freedom and dignity... I was and
am deeply ashamed of Americans who began submitting
to peeing and continue to pee in a jar and then hand it to
someone who will have your piss analyzed for the
presence of drugs... talk about loss of dignity! This
practice began in the spring of 1984 (Orwell was right)
and has become totally acceptable to anyone wanting to
have a job or keep their job.
Forced indiscriminate drug
testing is unnecessarily unfair to all workers who may or
may not be a drug abuse suspect. Even those whose job
performance is satisfactory are involuntarily subjected to
a degrading procedure to prove their innocents. And it’s
these very workers who piss in jars on demand who are
the first to give thanks to American soldiers stationed in
the Middle East for “fighting for our freedom.”
Stupid is as stupid does.

Anyway... Come on down to the border and you’ll get
the idea that the U.S. is occupied by a foreign army that
has little respect for American citizenship. And I actually
can’t blame Border Patrol officers for not respecting
American citizenship; after all, anyone can become an
American citizen and untold millions can live here
without bothering with citizenship.

Sometimes when I’m asked if I’m a Unites States citizen
at a check point I answer, “Anyone can become a
citizen, I’m an AMERICAN born and bred.” The
agents always wear a knowing smile whenever I say that.

Besides all of this... if you really want to catch illegal
aliens there are millions of them in places like Denver,
Chicago, New York, Cleveland, and so forth. Set up
checkpoints there! The illegals aren’t here along the
border and, take my word for it, they aren’t passing
through here much anymore because of the lousy
American economy and the rising Mexican economy.
Thanks to NAFTA!

Illegal border crossers used to be a frequent nuisance at
my house up until four or five years ago. I will say that
they were all very friendly and respectful people who
would walk up to my place and ask for a drink of water,
or they wanted to use my phone to call a cab, or call a
friend or relative to get a ride to Tucson or Phoenix.
Some just wanted sox without holes in them.
I have never refused a human being a drink of water, but I
draw the line at allowing illegals the use of my phone;
there are penalties for helping illegals ya know.

Anyway, I haven’t seen an illegal at my place in five
years. But they still cross my property now and then,
especially during the full moon. I can tell because the
dogs make a fierce racket on some nights and the field
fencing needs to be straightened back up the next
morning where they mashed it down to cross.

Drug smugglers all know where the checkpoints are and
simply walk around them. Or they just wait for a scout to
call to verify that the checkpoint is closed because of bad
weather and then they just drive right through them... or
they hookup with crooked Border Patrol agents who will
smuggle the goods for you in marked Border Patrol
vehicles... and do it rather cheaply.

I feel bad for the Mexican Americans born in America
who can trace their family trees back 300 years or more
here in America that was once Mexico.
Mexican Americans, particularly young ones, are really grilled at
Border Patrol checkpoints as suspects. Racial profiling is
a tool used by government agencies at will and you
would use it too; it may be illegal or simply wrong to use
racial profiling but it’s logical and it’s routinely done.

The Border Patrol was founded in 1924, has yet to secure
the border and seems more like a self-perpetuating
bureaucracy than an effective security agency. Very few
Americans who live near the Mexican border actually
believe that the Border Patrol has much interest in putting
themselves largely out of business by successfully
sealing the border.

And.... factor in Zionist Jew Senator Chuck Schumer is the ranking member of the
Zionst Jews and Globalists have no interest whatsoever in borders even existing, much less protecting them...!

The Romans built Hadrian’s Wall to keep those pesky
Scotts from bothering them literally to death in England,
but Americans can’t build a wall to keep those pesky
Mexicans from looking for honest work. Anyway...

How unsettling it is that the guys who were the primary
authors of the “Patriot Act” are of dubious origins and
very questionable loyalties. Michael Chertoff is even a
prime 9/11 accomplice/traitor suspect in my book
(literally and figuratively)!
Chertoff and Dinh are
domestic enemies for shredding our Constitution
...PERIOD. And where are our armed forces who took a
solemn oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies
both foreign and DOMESTIC.
Patriot Act Section Titles

Here are some Patriot Act section titles that apply to
you, not terrorists. After all, the real terrorists are
mostly domestic ones, such as those who perpetrated
9/11. The “Patriot Act” is in place basically to deal with
any domestic insurgency against those who are the so
called “Shadow Government.” Insurgents such as the
many members of the American Library Association.
Remember those seditious subversives who objected to
the language of the Patriot Act and urged association
members to defend free speech and protect library
patron’s privacy? ...wink...

FISA, as mentioned in the following, is the “Foreign
Intelligence Surveillance Act”. In reality, no distinction is
made between foreign and domestic surveillance, and
foreign or domestic terrorism...

201...Authority to intercept wire, oral, and electronic
communications relating to terrorism.
202...Authority to intercept wire, oral, and electronic
communications relating to computer fraud and
abuse offences.

203(b).Authority to share electronic, wire and oral
interception information.

204 ...Clarification of intelligence exceptions from
limitations on interception and disclosure of wire,
oral and electronic communications.

206 ...Roving surveillance authority under the Foreign
Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978.

207 ...Duration of FISA surveillance of non-United
States persons who are agents of a foreign power.

209 ...Seizure of voice mail messages pursuant to

212...Emergency disclosure of electronic
communications to protect life and limb.

214...Pen register and trap and trace authority under

215...Access to records and other items under the
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

217...Interception of computer communications.

218 ...Foreign intelligence information.

220 ...Nationwide service of search warrants for
electronic evidence.

223 ...Civil liability for certain unauthorized disclosures.

225 ...Immunity for compliance with FISA wiretap.

So, this Trojan horse manure was passed by a vote of 98
to 1 by Senators who did not read it nor dared to vote
against anything with such a patriotic title in the first
place. Who wants to be accused of being un-patriotic by
not signing a patriotic act? That’s exactly how people
who grovel for votes to keep themselves in positions to
enrich themselves think.

Senators Patrick Leahy and Russ Feingold actually read
it and proposed amendments to modify the final revision,
but that didn’t work out for them.

BTW: A Jew, Russ Feingold, was the only guy to vote against the
Patriot Act stating that provisions in the act were an
infringement on our civil liberties.
He is a good guy, and
a Jewish guy who didn’t let his being Jewish usurp being
American. Russ actually took his representing us
seriously. He wanted campaign finance reform, fair trade
policies, health care reform, conservation and
environmental protection, protection of social security,
elimination of general capital punishment to name a few
He voted against Jewish bankster Tim Geithner
becoming Secretary of the Treasury. He voted against the
Iraq war and even introduced a resolution to censure
George W. Bush because of his wiretapping shenanigans.

Feingold was an irritant to the “Shadow Government”
and the transparent greed monsters. So Russ Feingold has
been marginalized and reduced to being voted out of
government by his constituency who had been convinced
that his ideas were actually bad.
He is now a college
professor, which is a far more honorable profession than
being a sycophant American politician.