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Tracking the 9-11 Insiders to their Rothschild Roots

LVI Services, a company that provides "total turnkey demolition services," did extensive asbestos abatement work in the World Trade Center prior to 9-11, according to Engineering News-Record.  This photo from the LVI Services website depicts LVI workers doing asbestos abatement on a surface very similar to the corrugated steel floor pans that held the 4-inch thick concrete floors of the Twin Towers.  Oddly, Burton Fried, then head of LVI, in an interview with the author, denied that his company had done the work in the Twin Towers.  

Workers like these would have been needed to apply the explosive coating of nano-thermite to the undersides of the floorpans and other surfaces of the Twin Towers.  The workers that prepared the surfaces for demolition would not have known they were applying an explosive coating and were probably told that it was a rust-proofing primer or something of that sort.  In such an operation there is deception on every level.  Even Burton Fried may have been duped.

The nano-thermitic material found in the dust samples releasedmore energy per gram than any other known explosive used in demolition and detonated at the unusually low temperature of 430 degrees Celsius.  This material is thought to have been responsible for the complete pulverization of the 220 concrete floors and the steel pans that held them.
Immediately after 9-11, a leading engineering magazine in the United States reported that LVI Services, a company that does demolition set-up work, had done extensive asbestos abatement work in the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center.  The following is a brief job description that involved the removal of asbestos floor tiles and other materials from the Twin Towers.  Was this the job that LVI had carried out at the World Trade Center?
Contract WTC-115.310 - The World Trade Center Removal and Disposal of Vinyl Asbestos Floor Tiles and Other Incidental Asbestos-Containing Building Materials Via Work Order Estimate Range: $1,000,000 annually Bids due Tuesday, October 17, 2000. 
(Offered by the Port Authority on September 12, 2000)
As I pointed out in my 2009 article "Who Put Super Thermite in the World Trade Center":
Two days after 9-11, Engineering News-Record (ENR) reported that an asbestos abatement and demolition company called LVI had done extensive asbestos abatement work in the World Trade Center:
AMEC Inc., Turner Corp. and Bovis Lend Lease were set to assume "lead roles" in the cleanup effort, says Lee Benish, AMEC vice president. "From the very beginning, we've been deeply involved with the city department of emergency services," he says. "They're sorting through who will be doing what." LVI Services Inc., New York City, which has done extensive asbestos abatement work on the towers in the past, is involved in similar work now as well as other cleanup efforts.
In 2000, LVI did about $3 million in R&D work for the U.S. Army, the largest part of the company's military contract of $3.2 million. records show that LVI did Applied Research and Exploratory Development (R&D) work for nearly $3 million that year.  Neither Burton Fried, then head of LVI, nor the company spokesman were willing to discuss the work LVI had done for the U.S. Army.
In 2011, LVI was taken over and Burton Fried, age 71, was ousted.  Fried tried to sue the new management of the company claiming that he had been the victim of age discrimination.  The court ruled against Fried and in favor of the new management and this ruling was upheld in an appeal in 2012.
It is interesting to note that LVI Services, a suspect in the 9-11 crime, was taken over by companies that have other 9-11 insiders as directors.  Apollo Investment Corp., for example, one of the companies that took over LVI, has Alvin "Buzzy" Krongard on the board of directors of its management company, Apollo Global Management, LLC.  Apollo was founded in 1990 by former Drexel Burnham Lambert "banker" Leon David Black and two of his partners from DBL.
On July 31, 2004, Alvin Bernard Krongard married Cheryl Gordon (née Cheryl Gruetzmacher). Cheryl Gordon was, at that time, a senior executive for Apollo Management.
Although I was unable to reach Burton Fried for this article, I did get through to "Buzzy" Krongard, the executive director of the C.I.A. from March 2001 to September 2004.  I began by asking Krongard why Apollo had taken over LVI services and ousted Burton Fried.  Krongard said that this decision had been made before he joined the board of Apollo, although he could not give the date he had joined the board.  He then asked his wife if she remembered the date but they were unable to recall the year.  Finally, he simply said he had joined the board when the company went public.  It must not have been very long ago because, according to the court documents from October 2011 (Burton T. Fried vs LVI Services, Inc.), Fried worked for LVI until November 30, 2010.
Krongard confirmed that as executive director he had been the "chief operating officer" of the C.I.A. during and after 9-11, and that in that role he had overseen the C.I.A.'s transition to a covert war-fighting agency with the power to launch Hellfire missile strikes from drones.  He also said that the C.I.A. is an agency that carries out covert operations for the executive branch and takes its directives from the White House.
The new president and C.E.O. of LVI Services is Scott E. State.  State is the former chairman and CEO of MACTEC, Inc., an Atlanta-based engineering, environmental, and construction services firm that was recently taken over by another 9-11 insider, AMEC.  AMEC is the British engineering company - closely tied to BP's (formerly British Petroleum) oil extraction operations and the financier N.M. Rothschild & Sons - that played a key role in the 9-11 clean-up. 
AMEC also happens to be the London-based company that did the construction work on the section of the Pentagon that was destroyed in the 9-11 attack.  AMEC, which earned huge amounts of money on both sides of the 9-11 atrocity was then headed by Sir Peter Mason, Knight of the British Empire, who was the company's CEO from 1996 to 2006. 
AMEC is very closely connected to the Rothschild money-lending/"bankster" family.  It should be noted that the Rothschild family of Britain is the key founder and sponsor of the Zionist state of Israel.  Among other reasons for creating the state of Israel, the Rothschilds wanted to have a Jewish state that they controlled next to the Suez Canal, a strategic conduit which was essential to their global trading operations and for which they had provided funds to the British government.  In order to populate their Zionist enclave the Rothschilds created secret societies in Eastern Europe to spread the Zionist ideology among the Jewish communities.  
During the period that Mason was CEO of AMEC, Jock Green-Armytage, a director and non-executive director of NM Rothschild & Sons Limited, and director of Rothschild's asset management business in the 1990s, became chairman of AMEC.  Green-Armytage had served as a non-executive director at AMEC since 1996 and was both chairman of its audit committee and its senior non-executive director when he was appointed chairman in 2004.
Since January 2003, Sir Peter Mason has served the British Empire as a "Senior Independent Director" of BAE Systems, Inc.  London-based BAE Systems is one of the largest defense firms in the United States and the world.  It might come as a surprise to see that Michael Chertoff, the former U.S. Assistant Attorney General is the Chairman and Secretary of the board of directors of BAE Systems, Inc., the American branch of BAE.  Another member of the BAE board is former congressman Lee Hamilton, the vice chairman of the extremely incomplete and flawed 9-11 commission report.

Michael Chertoff, the U.S. government official who oversaw the destruction of the crucial evidence and the non-investigation of the 9-11 crimes, is now chairman of the board of directors of Britain's BAE Systems, Inc., one of the largest defense contractors for the Pentagon.  Is there a connection?

Lee Hamilton and Anthony Zinni are also on the BAE Systems, Inc. board.  What a small world.
Another odd relationship with BAE Systems concerns Webster Tarpley.  Tarpley's wife and daughter worked for Gene S. Sachs the "preferred agent" of BAE Systems North America in 2010 and probably still do.  Mr. Sachs had completed more than 275 assignments for BAE in twenty states of the United States between 2005 and 2010.  When listening or reading Tarpley's comments on 9-11 or the Middle East one should keep in mind his family connections to BAE Systems.  These connections are anything but coincidental.

It is certainly not unusual to see so many key players in the 9-11 false-flag terror atrocity and cover-up belonging to the board of Britain's BAE Systems.  It brings to mind the old saying, "Nothing binds people more closely than a crime committed together."
Sources and Recommended Reading:
AMEC Announces Appointment of New Chairman, AMEC press release, December 11, 2003 
BAE Systems, Wikipedia, January 2, 2013
BAE Systems, Inc. (company overview),, January 2, 2013   
Bollyn, ”Foreign Firms Destroyed Crucial Evidence,” August 14, 2002
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Bollyn, “Webster Tarpley's Disinfo,” January 20, 2010
Bollyn, "Who Put Super Thermite in the Twin Towers?" July 20, 2009  
LVI Environmental Services, Inc., Contractor Profile for Fiscal Year 2000,, January 2, 2013  

As a proud member of Pilots for 911 Truth I have been focusing especially on Flight data recorder information of Flight 93 and 77 that was released by the NTSB after numerous Freedom of Information Act requests. The other black boxes were supposedly all destroyed and dustified on ground zero. Too bad they didn't wrap these black boxes in one of the 3 hijacker passports that were found. Going through the piles of (self contradicting) data after quite some years I am again amazed that they got away with this crap in order to start their fraudulent war on terror that actually increased state sponsored acts of terrorism to indefinite proportions. The released flight data overwhelmingly confirms the flight technical and operational impossibilities of the official narrative to the degree that it has something of a mockery towards pilots that can think for themselves. The flight data recorder information released by the NTSB does not support the official hypothesis, moreover it completely contradicts the official narrative presented by the 911 commission report and is inconsistent with their own released "hard" data. There is overwhelming evidence which suggests the data that is being provided to the public through the FOIA, is not from an aircraft which has been operated by American Airlines. Check out the phone call by Pilotsfor 911Truth to the NTSB confronting them with the barrage of inconsistencies.

The flight technical and operational impossibilities of the 4 airplanes exceeding their operational and maneuvering limitations to the extreme while flying at supersonic equivalent airspeeds in the most advanced and best protected airspace in the world without being intercepted make the official hypothesis in my view absurd. Even more absurd in the official hypothesis are the psychological miracles that happened during the attacks. Take Flight 77 which allegedly crashed into the Pentagon as an example. 

The official story unfolds something like this. Within 3(!) minutes the following plot unfolds: With his box cutter, the diminutive Hani Hanjour, sometime after take-off, fought his way into the cockpit, and wrestled control of Flight 77 from a 6'4" former Marine combat fighter captain with anti terror training, named Charles Burlingame, a man family members and colleagues say would never have given up his aircraft or the safety of his passengers. After dealing with the co-pilot as well and discharging both pilots to the back of the airplane, clumsy Hani Hanjour settled in and turned his attention to the bewildering array of gadgets and devices of a Boeing 757 instrument panel - a panel he was wholly unfamiliar with - in an airplane traveling 500 mph, 7 miles in the air, while under the extreme stress of a recently executed hijacking plot. Then, miraculously and without the help of any ground control or air-traffic controllers providing him any information and/or settings, this pilot who could not control a tiny Cessna 3 weeks earlier applied his genius and advanced situational and positional awareness and instantly interpreted his heading, ground track, altitude, and airspeed information on the displays before he could even figure out where in the world he was, much less where the Pentagon was located in relation to his position." Again, all this happened within 3 minutes according the official story. 

From the Ohio/Kentucky border, Hanjour then supposedly turned the plane around, set course for Washington D.C. hundreds of miles away, and successfully entered the most restricted airspace in the world without eliciting a single military intercept - despite the crash of two other known hijacked aircraft into the WTC, and a missing third, being covered on every radio and television station in the world. In order to perform this bit of electronic navigation, he would have to be very familiar with (Instrument Flight Rules) procedures. None of the alleged hijackers even knew what a navigational chart looked like, or even how to plug frequencies into NAV/COM radios, much less input information into flight management computers (FMC) and engage LNAV (lateral navigation automated mode). If one is to believe the official story, all of this was supposedly accomplished by raw student pilots while flying blind with 500 MPH over unfamiliar (and practically invisible) terrain, using complex methodologies and employing sophisticated instruments."

The official story of Hanjour's flight path continues in an even more bizarre narrative. Having successfully entered D.C. prohibited airspace which was on high alert, with no idea how soon fighter aircraft would show up to shoot him down, he finds himself pointed in the ideal direction toward the East wing of the Pentagon, where all the top brass in the military are known to be stationed. But then he apparently changes his mind as to his heading, and pulls off that incredible, sweeping 270-degree descending turn at 400+mph to approach the Pentagon from the opposite direction. Once this maneuver was completed, without going into a graveyard spiral, he started to pull out of the descent at 2200 feet and accelerated 30 knots more at full power to 460 knots thereby exceeding the B757 maximum operating speed Vmo by 110 knots. Hani Hanjour at the control of the Boeing 757, who could not control a Cessna 172 during landing just 3 weeks before, crossed the highways, knocking down light poles, came level over the lawn which required up to 11G (Max positive G force for the B757 is 2,5G) While entering and overcoming ground effect at 460 Knots, he didn't touch the lawn and got a 44 foot high target (Tail height of 757) into a 77 foot target completely, without overshooting or bouncing off the lawn, or spreading any wreckage at 460 knots. All this with a 33-foot margin for error. Wow, impressive.

                                                                                                                                                                                                         ...Willem Felderhof

  The attacks of 9/11 are still in question. Many remain skeptical about what happened that day and who is responsible. Bin Laden and al Qaeda? Or someone else? The official version, presented by the mainstream media, is based on explanations of US authorities and the "9/11 Commission Report", finished in 2004. On the contrary there still exist several alternative theories, a number of them reasonable, others merely absurd. Besides any theories there are proven facts. Seven of them shall be presented here, with their respective sources, researchable for everyone. Many details are new. Most of the sources cited here were published in 2011 or 2012. The intention is to promote an open and fair discussion of these facts.  
  In the days leading to 9/11 observers see significant insider trading at the stock markets - a strong indication of foreknowledge. Certain people are betting on falling stock prices of companies, that will suffer from the attacks later on. Example: The bets on falling stock prices of the two involved airlines ("United Airlines" and "American Airlines") generate a return of over 400 percent in just one week - in total about 16 million Dollars.

Official explanation: All these trades had harmless reasons. There wasn´t any insider trading regarding 9/11. The investors had no conceivable ties to al Qaeda.

Problem: Financial experts from the University of Zurich, Switzerland, published a detailed study in 2011, proving that insider trading occurred shortly before 9/11. On the other hand the details of the investigation of the Security and Exchange Commission on this issue have never been published. The names of the individual investors remain secret till today.

Further information:

"Insider trading 9/11 ... the facts laid bare",
Lars Schall, Asia Times, 21.03.12
"Detecting Informed Trading Activities in the Option Markets",
Prof. Marc Chesney, University of Zurich, 07.09.11, S. 33 ff
  On 9/11 two towers of the World Trade Center in New York are hit by planes and collapse later on. But in the course of the day a third skyscraper, the over 170 m high WTC 7, also collapses, totally symmetrical, precisely in its own footprint - without being hit by an airplane.

Official explanation: According to the final report of investigation on this, published in 2008, the collapse of WTC 7 was caused by fires, which were started by falling debris of the two other collapsing towers.

Problem: Never before or after 9/11 did a steel framed high-rise building collapse in this special way because of fire. Also a damaged building, especially one being higher than 100 m, never collapses totally symmetrical, precisely in its own footprint. When it falls, then it naturally tends to the one particular side weakening first. Exception: the building is crashed by controlled demolition. Meanwhile there are substantial indications for this suggestion. A group of scientists around the American physicist Steven Jones and the Danish chemist Niels Harrit has proven the existence of a highly effective explosive in the dust of the crashed towers. An international association of more than 1.500 professional architects and engineers demands a new investigation of the attacks in this respect.

Further information:

Architects & Engineers - Solving the Mystery of WTC 7,
Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, 16.08.11
Interview with Prof. Niels Harrit, University of Kopenhagen,
on Danish Television TV2, 06.04.09
  In total 4 planes are hijacked and crashed on 9/11. None of them is intercepted by a fighter jet.

Official explanation: The military didn´t expect the suicidal hijacking of inbound flights. Therefore the air defense had to be improvised on that day.

Problem: The US air defense tested the hijacking of inbound flights by suicide terrorists in several exercises before 9/11. The air defense hadn´t to be improvised, it followed tested protocols. Nevertheless both fighter squadrons starting while the attacks were directed to the wrong direction exactly in the important minutes. By whom and why is still not investigated. The tape recordings of the communication between fighter pilots and air defense command while the flights were deleted or lost after 9/11.

Further information:

"Inside 9/11 - Hijacking the air defense"
Paul Schreyer, 28.06.11
"9/11: Intercepted"
Pilots for 9/11 Truth, 16.02.11
  Precisely on the morning of 9/11 a wide ranging exercise of the air defense is taking place. It´s name: Vigilant Guardian. Part of the exercise is a virtual hijacking, to be tested exactly while the real hijackings occur. In this same hour a simulation team inserts virtual radar signals on the screens of the air defense, while the military officers there are trying to react on the real hijackings. Also the air defense can´t see the radar signal of the first hijacked plane, although it´s clearly visible at the same time on the radar screens of the civilian air traffic controllers not taking part in the exercise.

Official explanation:
None, just the general statement that the exercise had not obstructed the reaction of the air defense.

Problem: The air defense has completely failed on 9/11 – not once, not twice, but four times in a row. The role of the exercise in this failure is still unclear and was not part of the official investigation.

Further information:

History Commons, "Vigilant Guardian"
"'Let's get rid of this goddamn sim': How NORAD radar screens displayed false tracks all through the 9/11 attacks", Shoestring 9/11 Blog, 12.08.10
  The third hijacked plane on 9/11 takes off from Washington and will be directed into the Pentagon right there. The distance between airport and target ist just a few miles. Nevertheless the plane starts flying about 250 miles to the west before it turns to the opposite direction. Exactly at this turning point is a small zone of poor radar coverage, a so called „radar gap“. That´s why the plane is dissapearing for a while from the screens of the air defense. Right before the Pentagon the plane is maneuvred in a further very precise and skillful way: it makes a sharp 330 degree turn while loosing altitude extremely fast at the same time and than crashes with top speed exactly in the first floor of the Pentagon.

Official explanation:

Problem: The following questions need to be adressed: How should the alleged hijackers have known, that the radar gap existed, where it was located, and when they would have arrived there? What sense did it make for them to fly a detour of roughly 500 miles? Finally: The huge skills of the alleged pilot, whose flight school teacher said he couldn´t even fly a Cessna safely before 9/11, appear almost incredible. All anomalies mentioned could easily be explained, if the plane was remotely controlled. But this was never officially investigated.

Further information:

"Inside 9/11 - Who controlled the planes?",
Paul Schreyer, 07.09.11
"Airplanes Have Been Flown By Remote Control Since 1917",
Washington´s Blog, 11.09.11

  The alleged hijackers with Mohammed Atta at the top have never been conclusively forensically identified. The remains of most passengers of the four flights were identified by there DNA found at the crash sites. But not the remains of the 19 alleged terrorists. Allegedly their relatives hadn´t provided DNA samples for comparison to the FBI´s investigators. Furthermore the flight manifests were only partially published and are inconsistent with the claimed hijackers.

Official explanation: None.

Problem: Just this.

Further information:

"How FBI determined the 19 hijacker´s identities",
9/11 Commission
"7 years later, 9/11 hijackers’ remains are in limbo",
Sean D. Hamill, New York Times, 21.09.08
  After 9/11 no one claimed responsibility for the attacks. Nobody announced any political demands.

Official explanation: Osama bin Laden has claimed responsibility for 9/11 in a video.

Problem: Immediately after the attacks Bin Laden made it clear several times that he had nothing to do with 9/11. The video where he allegedly claims responsibility was published only three months after the attacks – by the Pentagon. An independent translation, made on behalf of German public television, concluded the video had been mistranslated in the critical statements. Furthermore the FBI admitted in 2006 that it had no reliable evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11. His responsibility for the attacks remains an unproven allegation till today.

Further information:

"Bin Laden again denies involvement in 9/11 attacks",
History Commons, 28.09.01
"US translation of Bin Laden `confession´ video is said to be misleading",
History Commons, 20.12.01
"FBI says, `No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11´",
Edward F. Haas, Muckracker Report, 06.06.06
  The journalists in the mainstream media are not more ignorant than other people. But they´re also not more courageous. Imagine you were a journalist for a big TV station and would get to know these facts – the scientific proof for insider trading before 9/11, the indications for a controlled demolition of the towers, the lack of evidence for the connection of Bin Laden to the plot. What do you do? You know for sure: once you question the official theory seriously, you will be named a conspiracy theorist. You also know: at this moment your career will actually be over. Colleagues and bosses will seperate from you. Possibly you even lose your job. Is this worth it? Do you want to risk getting in serious financial trouble, just because of a story? Or wouldn´t you rather like to wait, till one of your many colleagues dares this first step? And then follow?

Such thoughts are unpleasant for everybody. For a journalist they mean that he accepts to give up on his professional ethos just for material safety. Nobody likes to think about such things for a long time. One rather tries to avoid this inner conflict. That´s why the journalist starts looking for evidence supporting the official theory. He doesn´t want to investigate the alternative theories – he wants to refute them. If they´re wrong, then of course everything would be fine again. As strange as it might seem: There´s a natural tendency to repress all facts contradicting the official theory. One doesn´t want to deal with them. That´s the situation today.

  My name is Paul Schreyer, I´m a freelance journalist for the German magazines "Telepolis", "Hintergrund" and "Ossietzky", as well as author of the book "Inside 9/11". On 9/11 I was 24 years old. Like almost everybody else I had at first no doubt about the official explanations regarding the alleged responsibility of Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda. Only a few weeks after the attacks I read by coincidence in the internet some facts that hadn´t been mentioned on TV or in the Newspaper. Facts that made me start thinking.

When the „9/11 Commission Report“ was published in 2004, I bought a copy and participated in internet debates. In 2005 I started to work journalistically on the topic. I wrote the nonfictional appendix to the German novel "Die Legende", which tells a story about 9/11, and worked on essays focussing on certain parts of the attacks: the failed air defense, the insider trading, the identification of the alleged hijackers as well as their connection to intelligence agencies.

So I was clearly very much critical of the official theory then. Nonetheless I was also very critical for example of the popular theory about the controlled demolition of the towers. This changed only in 2012, after I took the time to examine the evidence of Danish scientist Niels Harrit. This again led me to the conclusion that it might be useful to present some substantial but still not very well known facts about 9/11 in a short and easily understandable way.

The Shocking Never-Before-Told Story Of the Infiltration and Subversion Of the American Nationalist Movement (By the FBI, ADL, CIA and Mossad)


This amazing work by veteran investigator Michael Collins Piper demonstrates how, during the course of the 20th century, paid agents and disruptors, working on behalf of the Zionist cause and for the international interests of the Rothschild banking empire, infiltrated and subverted American nationalist and patriotic groups.

Here is a detailed overview of the intrigues of the infamous Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, the corruption of the FBI and the CIA by Zionist elements, the evidence pointing toward Israeli involvement in the Oklahoma City bombing, the strange, little known story of how Trotskyite elements seized command of the American “conservative” movement and also played a role in manipulating Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy’s hunt for communists in high places, a study of the secret powers behind Rupert Murdoch’s media empire and much, much more.

Every chapter loaded with revelations; large photo section; political dynamite . . . . Here is the table of contents:

Identifying the Subversive Forces
Strange World of the Judas Goats
Nationalism: Prime Target of Zionism
The Return of COINTELPRO
Inside the “Controlled Opposition”
The Soviet “Trust” Model
J. Edgar Hoover and the Enemy Within
John Roy Carlson—Judas Goat
The Great Sedition Trial of 1944
Collaboration Between the ADL & FBI Accusing Patriots of Being “Traitors”
Walter Winchell: Zionist Front Man Capitol Hill
Judas Goat: A Zionist Spy
The ADL’s Secret Role in Firings
The ADL: U.S.-based Spy Agency
First-Hand Encounters with Roy Bullock
The ADL Spy Scandal Breaks
The Struggle Between Stalin & Zionism
Zionist Infiltration of the Soviet KGB
Secret Foundation of the Neo-Cons
Neo-Cons Are Trotskyites
Story Behind Joseph R. McCarthy
The FBI & the Communist Party
USA The Cold War & Trotskyite “Neo-Cons”
The Zionist Vanguard Early Zionist Corruption of Nationalists William F. Buckley Jr.—Judas Goat
The Vatican’s Own Enemy Within
Fr. Malachi Martin’s Secret Role
“Conservatives” Loot American Patriots
Manipulation of “Anti-Communists”
Advancing the Zionist Agenda
The John Birch Society: Judas Goats
The Rise and Fall of Human Events
Intelligence Agency Manipulation
Sun Myung Moon: Rockefeller’s Man
A Major Media Judas Goat
Drew Pearson & Jack Anderson: Shills
Convincing “Right Wing” Patsies to Kill
CIA Infiltration of the Anti-War Movement
Bill, Hillary and John Kerry Play Roles Zionist
“Goats” Ruined GOP in 1940
Judas Goats Ruined Democrats in 2004
The Sad Story of Jesse Helms
Gingrich: Judas Goat from the Start
The FBI-ADL-Mossad Nexus
The First Attack on the WTC
FBI-ADL Nexus & the Waco Holocaust
Andreas Strassmeir & Kirk Lyons
Timothy McVeigh and the ADL
What Really Happened in OKC?
Talmudic Justice: Michael Chertoff
Victims: Jim Traficant and David Duke
The Fox “News” Phenomenon
Past, Present & Future Agenda
U.S. Patriots Declared “the Real Enemy”
Modern-Day “Thought Police”
Zionist Takeover of Law Enforcement
Jared Taylor’s Zionist “Nationalism”
The “Israelization” of America


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To take our country back we must first know exactly
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Next we must spread the word about WHO to take it
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Solving 9/11: The Original Articles ...and... Solving
9/11: The Deception That Changed the World... by
Christopher Bollyn .... are MUST READS if you’d care
to solve the puzzle that is 9/11reality and beyond.

"The Host and the Parasite, shows how the Israel Lobby,
evangelical Christians, and neo-cons rode to power
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States into Israel’s willing executioner.”
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Israel’s Fifth Column Consumed America"

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Army War College professor)
"THE SIX MILLION, Fact or Fiction"... by Peter Winter
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The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and David Ray Griffin

The New Pearl Harbor... by David Ray Griffin

Crossing the Rubicon... by Michael Rupert

The Creature from Jekyll Island... by G. Edward Griffin
(an in-depth expose` of the Federal Reserve System)

Parasite, Something is Eating America Alive... by Jimmy

Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola... by Dr. Leonard

9/11 Ten Years Later: When State Crimes Against
Democracy Succeed... by David Ray Griffin

Beyond Treason: Reflections on the Cover-up of the
Attack on the USS Liberty and American Spy Ship...
Robert Allen (Former Marine, Police Investigative
Captain, Lawyer)

The Case for Sanctions Against Israel... edited by Roane

The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine... by Ilan Pappe
A TERRIBLE REVENGE: The Ethnic Cleansing of the East Germans... by Alfred-Maurice De ZyasExecution
EXECUTION BY HUNGER: The Hidden  Miron Dolot

The Jews of Capital Hill: A Compendium of Jewish
Congressional Members ... by Kurt F. Stone

The Israel Connection: Who Israel Arms and Why
Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi

Despair and Deliverance: Private Salvation of
Contemporary Israel Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi

Original Sins: Reflections on the History of Zionism and
Israel Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi

Disappearing Palestine: Israel’s Experiment in Human
Despair Jonathan Cook

Blood and Religion: The Unmasking of the Jewish and
Democratic State Jonathan Cook

Israel and the Clash of Civilizations: Iraq, Iran and the
Plan to Remake the Middle East Jonathan Cook

Planes Without Passengers: The Faked Hi Jackings of
9/11... by Dean T. Hartwell

The Israel Lobby... by John Mearsheim and Steven Walt

By Way Of Deception... Victor Ostrovsky (Former
Mossad Agent)

Battle Hymn: Revelations of the Sinister Plan for a New
World Order... by John Scura

9/11 Synthetic Terror... by Webster Tarpley

The Samson Option... by Seymore Hersh (an expose` of
Israel’s nuclear arsenal and how they plan to use it).

The General’s Son... by Miko Peled (Son of Israeli

General tells the truth)

The Jews of Iraq... by Naeim Giladi

The Lobby: Jewish Political Power and American
Foreign Policy... by Edward Tivnan

We Are One: American Jewry and Israel... by Melvin

Memoirs of an Anti-Zionist Jew... by Elmer Berger

Palestine, Peace Not Apartheid... by Jimmy Carter

Assault on the Liberty... by Lt. Commander James Ennes
(USS LIBERTY survivor)

What I Saw That Day... by Philip Tourney (USS
LIBERTY survivor)

The Most Secret Science... by Archibald E. Roberts, Lt.
Col., AUS, ret.

The Planned Destruction of America... by James

The War on Freedom... by Nafeez Ahmed
9/11 on Trial... by Victor Thorn

The Holocaust Industry... by Norman Finkelstein

Truth Jihad: My Epic Struggle Against the 9/11 Big
Lie... by Kevin Barret

Extreme Prejudice: The Terrifying Story of the Patriot
Act and the Cover-ups of 9/11 and Iraq... by Susan

America’s War on Terrorism... by Michel Chossudovsky

Toward A New World Order: The Countdown to
Armageddon... by Donald S. McAlvany

OK BOMB: Conspiracy and Jim Keith
(Keith provides good information but falls flat on his face
by suggesting that Middle Eastern Islamists were the
actual bombers)

DICK, The Man Who Is President... by John Nichols

Global Environmental Politics... by Gareth Porter and
Janet Welsh Brown

Days of Deceit... by Robert B. Stinet

Hidden History: Exploring our Secret Past... by Daniel
J. Boorstein

The Winner Take All Society... by Robert H. Frank and
Philip J. Cook

Hegemony or Survival, America’s Quest for Global
Dominance... by Noam Chomsky

Bushworld, Enter At Your Own Risk... by Maureen

The Terror Conspiracy, Deception, 9/11 and the Loss of Jim Marrs

Rule by Secrecy... by Jim Marrs

Everything You Know Is Wrong-The Disinformation
Guide to Secrets and Lies... Edited by Russ Kick (This
book claims to teach you what disinformation is out there
while being a distraction vehicle itself using distraction
specialists such as Greg Palast, Naomi Klein, and Paul
Krassner... the distractions are interesting though)

Worse than Watergate, The Secret Presidency of George
W. Bush... By John W. Dean

The Biggest Con, How the Government is Fleecing
You... by Irwin A. Schiff

The Coming Energy Revolution... by Jeane Manning

The Family, the Real Story of the Bush Dynasty... by
Kitty Kelly

The CIA, And the Cult of Intelligence... by Victor
Marchetti and John D. Marks

You Gentiles... by Maurice Samuel (1924) ...PDF online
available at:

Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK
Assassination Michael Collins Piper

The Holocaust Hoax Exposed: Debunking the 20th
Century’s Biggest Lie... by Victor Thorn

The Ruling Elite: The Zionist Seizure of World Power...
by Deanna Spinola

Jewish Supremacism: My Awakening to the Jewish
Question... David Duke

Judaism’s Strange Gods... by Michael A. Hoffman II
...PDF available online at:

1984... by George Orwell

Brave New World... by Aldous Huxley

Bashed by Bankers... by Byron Dale

Bushwhacked, Life in George W. Bushes America... by
Molly Ivans and Lou Dubose

Banana Republicans... by Sheldon Rampton and John

The Amazing Lost Money-Secret of the U.S.
Government... by J. Andrew Douglas

Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful
Mercenary Army... by Jeremy Scahill

Gruesome Harvest... by Ralph Franklin Keeling (1947)

Other Loses... and... Crimes and Mercies... by James
Bacque (Expose` of the Baruch-Morgenthau Plans of
post WWII)

Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany... Thomas
Goodrich (Reveals the truth about the Holocaust
perpetrated upon the German people after WWII)

The Nemesis of Potsdam... by Alfred M. de Zayas

The Morgenthau Plan: Soviet Influence on American
Postwar Policy... By John Dietrich

Freemasonry: An Interpretation Martin L. Wagner

Legions of Jonathan Williams

Hitler’s Secret Bankers... by Sidney Warburg (a
controversial booklet supposedly written by a ranking
member of the German-Jewish Warburg banking family)

Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler... by Anthony C.

Who Financed Hitler... by James Pool

Secrets of the Temple: How the Federal Reserve Runs the William Greider

Your Nation to Save: A Line by Line Explanation of the
Constitution Shane F. Krauser

The Transparent Pillage Kevin Tillman (brother of
pro football player turned Army combat soldier Pat
Tillman who was murdered in Afghanistan)

Kill Everything That Moves: The Real American War in
Viet Nam Nick Turse

Take This Job And Ship It: How Corporate Greed and
Brain-Dead Politics Are Selling Out America... by
former Senator Byron L. Dorgan
Methodical Illusion... by Rebekah Roth
"The story of the "Six Million" has, for many people, become an article of faith.
Some will therefore find it surprising to be confronted with the reality that the entire
story is at the very best, a poor concoction of lies, and at the worst,
an utterly evil conspiracy designed to besmirch the German people. 
Constant repition in the media, combined with endless Hollywood films,
character assassination of any historical researcher who has daredto investigate the topic,
and finally legislation outlawing revisionism (only for the Second World War)
has created the impression amongst the general public that the so called Holocaust
cannot be questioned.
The truth has, however, nothing to fear from open inquiry, and only those who have something
to hide seek to outlaw books.
It is therefore, highly ironical, that those who seek to outlaw historical revisionism,
do so in the name of "democracy" ---and fail to see that their very desire to censor
historical research and differing opinions are the very opposite of democracy."
...Peter Winter (Author - THE SIX MILLION, FACT OR FICTION) 


THE JEWISH STATE by Theodor Herzl, 1896,


ZIONIST NETWORK by Senator Jack B. Tenney, Standard Publications, P. O. Box 2003, Sacramento, California




DEMOCRACY AND WORLD DOMINION by Edwin D. Schoonmaker, Richard R. Smith, New York, 1939


THE WORLD CONQUERORS by Louis Marschalko, Joseph Sueli Publications, London, 1958


THE WORLD AT THE CROSS ROADS by Boris Brasol, Boston, 1921. . .


ROCKEFELLER: GIANT, DWARF, SYMBOL by William H. Allen, Institute for Public Service, New York, 1930




DEADLIER THAN THE H-BOMB by Commander Leonard Young...


INTERNATIONAL JEW by Henry Ford, Sr....








THE ALIEN MENACE by Lt. Colonel A. H. Lane, Boswell Printing & Publishing Co., Ltd., 10 Essex St. Strand, London, W. C. 1, 1932




FAR AND WIDE by Douglas Reed, Jonathan Cape, 30 Bedford Square, London, 1951


THE HIDDEN EMPIRE, published in London


AFTER THE WAR, published by Constable in 1922


TWO STUDIES IN VIRTUE by Christopher Sykes




GENEVA VERSUS PEACE by Comte de Saint-Aulaire, London, 1937






THE SECRET WORLD GOVERNMENT by Major General Count Cherep-Spiridovich, New York, 1921






THROUGH THIRTY YEARS by Henry Wickham Steed, New York 1924




DER JUDE by Dr. Martin Buber, Publisher, Berlin, Vol. 3 1918-19 .




YouTube Research Library

Be aware that YouTube deletes posts and comments at  will. Christopher Bollyn Chertoff Rebekah roth

Christopher Bollyn rahm Emanuel – Susan Lindauer Susan Lindauer – harvest of despair.


via Cindy Johnson --------- The Ultimate 12 Hit Combo of Truth.
1. Adolf Hitler - The Greatest Story NEVER Told
2. N.W.O. Communism By The Back Door
3. Hellstorm
4. Eisenhower's Rhine-Meadows Death Camps
5. One Third Of The Holocaust
6. The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax
7. The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax
8. Six Million Jews 1915-1938
9. Judea Declares War On Germany
10. Hitlers War: What the Historians Neglect To Mention
11. Marching To Zion
12. The Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth
13. Jim Condit, Jr. The final solution to Adolph Hitler

1. Broken link A. Hitler

2.…Christopher Bollyn 911

3. Hellstorm the real victims of WWII

4. – Eisenhower’s Rhine Meadows Death Camps


5. – 1/3 of the holocaust

6. –Jewish “Gas chamber hoax


7. blocked Treblinka holocaust hoax

8. - 6 million Jews in Newspapers

9. – Judea Declares War on Germany

10. –Hitler’s War Historians fail to mention


11. –marching to Zion


12. - Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth

14. Khazar Conspiracy

15. Jim Condit, Jr. Hitler

16. Jim Condit, Jr. Zionist takeover of the Catholic Church.

17. Daryl Bradford Smith Jewish political plans follow biblical prophesies.


19. Khazar Conspiracy

20. Transformation of America full book


21. Rebekah Roth.

22. Christopher Bollyn on Chertoff

23. Christopher Bollyn on 911

24. SusanLindauer

25. What Zionists won’t let you see on tv

26. ExIsraeli solder speaks truth

27. Gwynith Todd

28. Israeli General’s son

29. Eustice Mullins Not for the Immature

30. Daryl Bradford Smith Ottoman Empire

31. Ben Freedman 61 Speech.

32. Judea Declares War on Germany

33. Persecution of holocaust Revisionists

34. ErnstZundle96Interview

35. Germany off your knees Ernst Zundle

36. Harvest of Despair, Ukranian Genocide

37. Eisenhower’s Rhine Meadows Death Camps

38. Hellstorm, real victims of WWII

39. Ugly truths in the Talmud

40. Bernie Sanders

41. Daryl Bradford Smith isis

42. Brian Lamb Isis

43. Daryl Bradford Smith & Mohamed Chabad & rothschilds

44/ Deborah Travaris

45. Daryl Bradford Smith and Mohamed on Sabatai Zwi

46. Daryl B. Smith Scofield Bible

47. Daryl Smith & Pitcock

48. Daryl Smith Jewish Nazis Daryl Bradford Smith Scofield Bible

49.… 48 videos, Hitler destroyer of Germany

50.… Eustice Mullins

51.… Jeff Rense with Christopher John B.

Daryl Smith with Christopher John Berkniss

53. Cynthia McKinney Cynthia McKinney with Alex Jones… Eustice Mullins with Daryl Smith Rothschild Israel

54. Kate Griggs on Israel

55. Eustice Mullins AMA

56. Sandy Hook Red Ice Smallstorm

57. Uraveling Sandy Hook in 2,3,4,5 dimensions

58. Isis, Brian Lamp CSpan

59. Isis, Daryl Bradford Smith

60. Brother Nathaniel Why jews promote Homo

61. Myron Fagan.


62. JFK was against Israel's Nuclear Programs, which was why they killed JFK. I think Mosad/ADL killed Michael Collins Piper.

63. Jim Condit, jr. on Voting Fraud.


64. Eustice Mullins AMA

65. Jan Irvin

66. Brandon Martinez on Red Ice

67. Brandon Martinez

68. Brandon Martinez Isis

69. Court stuff Frank O’Collins

70. Israel did 911.

Alan Sabrosky Israel did 9/11 US Military War
College 2010

9/11: Dr. Steven E. Jones Presentation-9/11Truth

All Wars are Bankers’ Wars

Hollywood Speaks Out WTC – Pull it by Larry

Total Control of United States (FULL MOVIE) & the
Israel Lobby The ISRAEL LOBBY [no narrator

Paul Bremmer interview NBC 12:46 9/11

Dead in the water USS Liberty

Lieberman WTC7

Architects and Engineers Solving the mysteries of

Who did it – Conspirators

9/11 research Dick Cheney

The 9/11 solution Jerome Hauer

9/11 Pentagon Still Images

Pentagon attack cab driver Lloyd England virtual

FBI security killed 9/11

The Cleveland airport mystery 9/11

Sir Rudy admits wtc7 was fed black ops center

9/11 fake actor in a clean firefighter costume


Total Control of United States (FULL MOVIE) The
Israel Lobby

Post 9/11 uneasiness lingers for plane crew and

Patriots question 9/11-Engineers and architects

A Rothschild Speaks-Listen Closely

What happened to the planes and passengers on 9/11?

The money master and mastermind of the 9/11 terror

Mysterious deaths of 9/11 witnesses

In Plane Site 9/11

The Pentacon-smoking gun version

9/11 pilots say no way

Hidden facts of 9/11

USS Liberty Incident

USS LIBERTY (Lest We Forget): A Speech by USS

Liberty Survivor Phil Tourney

Iran contra scum did 9/11

Wikileaks exposes 9/11 conspirators

9/11 Mysteries

Oklahoma City Bombing

Real pilots speak out on 9/11 lies

Pilots for 9/11 Truth Presents 9/11 Intercepted

The 9/11 who done it installment one

9/10/2012 Rumsfeld says 2.3 trillion missing from

Inside 9/11 Who Controlled the Planes

This 10 minute video will change your life

9/11 Mossad mural van-NYPD radio

Rumsfeld stretcher bearer 9/11

Pentagon eyewitness Bob Pugh tells his story

Sacrifice at Pearl Harbor 1989

Waco a New Revelation

Marine Sergeant Shamar Thomas

Pandoras Black Box

Israeli Lobbyist Calls For False Flag Attack to Get Us

Into Iran War (Patrick Clawson of Washington

Institute for Near East Policy)

Youtube Documentaries

9/11 Truth : Hollywood Speaks Out

9/11: Explosive Evidence

Loss of Liberty-The Real Story about USS Liberty

Dead in the water USS Liberty

Sacrifice at Pearl Harbor 1989

Waco a New Revelation

Pilots for 9/11 Truth Presents 9/11 Intercepted

In Plane Site 9/11

OUTFOXED: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism

The 9/11 Solution

The Trials of Henry Kissinger

< > is a website where
you can watch a collection of 43 documentaries about
9/11 including:

Towers of Deception: The Media Cover Up of 9/11

9/11 Explosive Evidence: Experts Speak out

Fahrenheit 9/11

Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11

9/11 Eyewitness

Zero: An Investigation into 9/11

September Clues

9/11 Emergency Room

9/11: Press for Truth

9/11 Mysteries

In Their Own Words: The Untold Stories of the 9/11


Loose Change: Final Cut
Web Sites

(Websites come and go, are hacked and change. Your
search may be fruitless in some cases.)

Commissioned and Non-commissioned U.S. Military
Officers for 9/11 Truth (Allison Weir offers general
historical info you never heard of and aren’t supposed
to know... and more)

9/11: Explosive Evidence, Experts Speak Out

Dov Zakheim and the 9/11 conspiracy


Dov Zakheim pentagon


Authors Christopher Bollyn and Chuck W. Maultsby prior to Christopher's presentation in Payson, Az. July 24th 2016