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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Watching Mossad

As a non-Jew, as I am, watching the shenanigan's of Jews is not so much as interesting as depressing. Still, someone has to be tracking every move they make at all times, because they're a busy little outfit drugging, robbing and extorting as they go. There's never a day goes by when the tiny peaceful minority in every country find ways to build more than mountains out of molehills. The eternal victim card never wearing thin in their minds, and just enough to allow a constant stream of revenue for their projects, and only their projects. When Jews say Israel is a State for Jews, they mean exactly that. Yet, at what cost to other States? Well, this question is never answered, yet, let's take a peak.

The first link in the list is saying Mossad has secured Jewish communities abroad. I didn't know they were unsecure, they sure as hell look like they're running things from where I'm standing. Obviously I know they're unhinged, but unsecure, this makes me think of the securities markets that they run for themselves... They sure don't don't seem unsecure there, even though there's a whole load of shit polishing going on to make their lies truth. But, it's what they do, and have done for years, people have grown accustomed to it. I guess the Scooby Doo ending of they would've gotten away with it too... If it hadn't have been for the internet exposing their noses in everybody's beeswax. Link.

The second link describes the life of a Washington DC citizen, who just happens to suddenly want to go and join the IDF and ends up as a Mossad agent. Oh mercy me, however did that happen? Link.
The last link exposes the noses in the ways that everybody already knows, or at least I'd hope they know it. That Saudi is a satellite State of Israel, because the Wahhabi Jew Arabs are cousins of the Israeli Jews. Link. I swaer every Jew is a Mossad agent in fact. As every non Jew should be an anti-Mossad agent for their life's worth.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Deemed Jewish

As Jews have their conjuring tricks well lined up in law, politics and the media, so when resisting anything in those areas the Jewish Noahide Laws kick in to play. These laws are part of what is carried in their scrolls and tell them what they can do, or not do, to the ones that Noahide needs to be enforced on. This deeming of theirs is never question in law, politics or the media, and that's because they run those three things. Oh what a world to be able to deem this and to deem that on anyone and everyone you deem deemable. The resulting deeming carries over the Shetar into the Christian world, and also the Pagan world, the Agnostic or even the Aetheistic world, which are all deemed to be within the parameters of the Christian world.

So, to give some context to the chutzpah being utilised for the enforcement of deemed contracts and deemed Nahide Laws affecting every non-Jews life we need to first substantiate a few things about a few things. Firstly, we are ALL free to contract as we will. As with the Mormon deeming of any one who has died can be baptised into their Church for bumping their numbers up and laying claims to any abandoned estates. They were told off for this malpractice and now they follow a rule of if a family member joins, then all of their ancestors can be baptised into their Church at the deeming of the family member joined into the Church. Can anyone see where this could go as the patrol the streets with their recruitment drives? Remember Mormons use the concept of Jews versus Gentiles, not and Gentiles. They also relieve any and all Jews of any judgements to be made on them "until the final day", blah, blah.

So, there's a verifiable link to Jews and deeming outside of Jewry, if you think it's not verifiable, then go ask a Mormon. I'm sure by now followers of this blog are well versed in the contents of this 1 min. video here: LINK. And that Jewish chutzpah nose no ends when it comes to creating one rule for them and any rule they deem for others, as described in this video here:. LINK.  So what of the subject matter of the title of this article in relation to OFGEM the (J)UK regulatory body for gas and electric. Well, when the National Industries of gas and electric were sold of then, as you can imagine, the masses leaped into action to read all the dotted i's and crossed t's of the contract(s) the (J)UK were selling for private corporations. Now, I know, and know why, the government are wholly unrepresentative of the people in every which way, because from it's root as deemed overlord everything they do is crooked.

Let me explain. If I was working for you then sold the contract I have with you on to others would you consider yourself legal obliged to enter into that contract without any actual inspection of that contract that you have now been deemed to be in? You may say, yes, of course I'm then obligated into that contract, as long as it's the same. Well, what if it's not the same? What if the oh so innocent government pulled a fast one on not only the selling of the contracts, which they just did and never asked anyone involved on behalf of who they were selling it for by their own volition. This of course leads to the Trust Law tenet that one who benefits from a thing is then bound to pay for the thing until it is their outright. Formerly called an Use in English Civil Law, a Usufruct in English Common Law and a Trust in Equity, the Ecclesiastical side of life.

Now, since the Judicature Acts of the late 1800's, the separate jurisdictions were amalgamated due to the fact that too many Common Law judges were being sued for fraud in Chancery(The old Ecclesiastical jurisdiction for Church)/Civil Law, because Equity, cases held in Chancery, will not allow a statute to cloak a fraud. Since that time, the Maxim of Equity "Equity will not allow a statute to cloak a fraud" has been rendered redundant by the "Devil's Own". LINK. Unfortunately for the Devil's Own they have come late to the party, and as much as they've loved their anarchism it's now high time to pull the plug on their little kosher parade of shekels for misery. That longstanding relationship of Jews, Shabbos Goyim and the hoodwinking, skull cracking bullying tactics as so well utilised in Shanghaing normal pleasant folk and turning them into criminals.

"We all know that words and concepts are slippery things, and especially so if we are lawyers. A phrase, an idea, even a fact, can have a very different meaning or significance to different people, even a very different meaning or significance to the same person in different contexts. When Lewis Carroll’s Humpty Dumpty famously said “'When I use a word … it means just what I choose it to mean” :- Magna Carta and the Holy Grail Lord Neuberger Lincoln’s Inn, 12 May 2015 LINK.

For all of Lord Neuberger's Jewish musings, the word of a man, a White man, is his bond. This has been the case for gallant men to aspire to and maintain. When our societies have been corrupted by the Jewish minds, Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein, Julius Oppenheimer, Richard Bandler and oh so many others in the constant barrage they do love so much. If I say I wish to not contract with anyone it is indeed my Constitutional Right to choose to that. It is also an obligatory duty to enforce that Constitutional Right as a point of law. For deemed things to materialise it takes acceptance, and acceptance is one thing the Jews incrementally work for to establish themselves and undermine their host rulers.

Therefore, the question now brought is, when did you become aware of your deemed contract, as per OFGEM's links available with a quick search for "OFGEM Deemed Contracts" will show. When did you voraciously go over the T's and C's of the agreement(s) you've been deemed to have made. When bearing in mind that by law contracts must be in exchange of equal value, what did you negotiate in? And how does the law support your rights of negotiating, or refusal for contract? Privacy Rights are where this body of law lies, and that is outside of Public Law, and in Private Law. Are you a law abiding citizen, then what law is it that you follow? Is it a forced law upon you, or do you feel you have had FULL conscionableness or conscionability? LINK.


conscionableness in British

or conscionability (ˌkɒnʃənəˈbɪlɪtɪ)
the state of being conscionable
The doctrine of conscionability states that a party to a contract can be relieved of its obligations if the agreement is unconscionable, or contrary to good conscience.
As Jew Lord Neuberg quite rightly states from the Jewish mind, when he uses a word, it means what he wants it to mean. Well, that's barely conscionable when you make up your own codified language for own means, the only conscionability about it is that the word used means what it means. The unconscionable side must be apparent by now? Also, he was the highest judge in the land for which he is nothing but a minority member. No underhandedness there whatsoever, obviously, given the climate. LINK. "Bungling" Israelis become weakened by their bomb attacks on Gaza? How does that work?

Let's look at my whole proposal from a different angle, something of a contrasting angle. As the National Grid power the nation with both electric and gas and it appears their not marching up and down the streets talking about not being paid. Then on can assume that the vast multi-trillion £ GDP turnover is sufficient to cover all costs and perhaps even a little left for the civil list to have some cake. Again, from this angle I point you to look at "Power Supply", get this. Powers are a term used in Trusts, I written about if before and talked about it on my lectures on Trust Law "The History and Development of Trust Law in England" all freely available on youtube. But, don't take my word for it, for what do I know? Well, the National Grid are suppliers of the nation's electricity and gas, right?
According to their website they supply it when and where it's needed. They may change it, but I've grabbed a snap of it while it's up currently... Currently, haha... LINK. I'm going to accept their offer, just thought of that now, then we will have a bona fide contract. Cool!

This leaves, as far as I'm aware, the question of "Power", well, that's easy. And how it explains what 17 million White households and 10 million White businesses are scrimping to pay. Great Britain and Northern Ireland are White countries belonging to the Caucasoid Race. Our whole being is connected by biology as a racial branch family. I don't care who wants to argue to the contrary, it's a bona fide fact, and I deal in facts. Let Jews deal in their cock-a-maney dreams for sale, and let Caucasoid's protect their own interests so they may grow exponentially and reach the promised potentials as yet attacked by foreign enemies. A quick law lesson for you. All contracts are trusts, but not all trusts are contractual in nature.

So, if you can be discerning enough to follow and uphold the law, then there are chances that we an have a lawful society when people are fully conscious of what the law actually entails, and not led by insidious Jewish banking cartels and their corrupt Shabbos Goy Shetar network held together by the Rabbi's at the Synagogues and the Freemasonic Lodges, which they run. LINK.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Law for You, Cash for Them

People must be cottoning on by now that law as we know it, the law that governs, the law that ignorance is no excuse of is a complete set up. How can it be? Well, think of how much law is taught in schools, which are supposed to ready you for "Grown Up Life". Well, there's no law that binds anyone when it comes to working for Israel's interests apparently. Apparently they have carte blanche when it comes to insurance trading, stocks and shares trading and every conceivable tax dodge gained through their issue of their Central Banking money.

Central Banking money is the only money allowed for street drug trade, prostitution, illegal gambling, contraband sales and under the table bribery. The laundering that then is required bleeds into every facet of society causing all manner of psychological imbalances by those ignorant of the law. Not only does it leave the doors wide open for the bought and paid for Police Departments to then raid homes, it's a way to keep track of who's on the payroll. Such convenience cannot be by accident.

Think about your local planning departments in your locally elected councils, and see how many Jews are involved in the corporations getting beneficial advantages, while they have no power to vote. What chance to the large majority of people who wish to simply lead a peaceful and fruitful life get dealt by the corrupt practices all over the wider spectrum of society? Where are the real laws drafted to control and protect the citizens? They're long gone as every finger in the pie will always want more.

So what of the issuance of paper money versus the credit card debt system regulating mortgages, loans and the like. Are the banks not insured? Show me a bank that's trading without insurances to the hilt, and I'll eat my hat. There's no way to get around trading without insurances on the High Street. So, they've killed the High Street and the electronic E-Trades are all run through banking and more accurately through money lending. The money lenders were always frowned upon, largely because of the impossibilities brought about by compound interest. Well, there's the exact pointer to what's deflating the economies, without recourse.

The facts are set, the money is real and the corruption is rife. This is all bred by a culture that has been bred leaving the people helpless and submissive to a more dominant force. It's not a natural force, but it's by manipulating the forces of nature that the means to set these things in motion comes about. Like trying to push a river uphill, by cleverly manipulating the environment all manner of water can be led opposite to it's natural way. Pumping here and there requires energy moving counter to natural force, and this is exactly what we see. The taxing on where the energy required to create counter force is levied by the ignorant, who neither know how to defend their equity, nor have the gumption due to collective conscious social pressures.

In gaining a mortgage, what exactly do you buy into? You have just bought into the consumerist market, now you're at the whim of the economic manipulators who have their finger on the nation's of the world's economic means. The leverages got from being in such strong positions to order governments about trickle down to the grassroots level of society and bring about a new value of life which is labelled at their estimates and values. What quality for life are you now allowed to vote for when the crooks have the politicians in their back pockets? Where the only money allowed in circulation is a protected thing that is used to lubricate crime and corrupt practices.

The only recognisable ways to end the corrupt cultures is to yank out those at the root of it. Obviously the masses aren't ready for such heady fights, yet they're very definitely being forced into those corners. To be forewarned is to be forearmed, and make no mistake the time of the forewarning is upon us and we must spread the messages that this monster of a system unleashed for our demise needs to go. By hook or by crook the passages of time do repeat, and this time that repetition is annihilation of good people by evil. Do not stand for it, push back with every ounce of your might and bring this serious matter to an end so that we may finally have the opportunity to live prosperous lives for now and the future!

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Jewish Billionaires

Equality and Diversity, two common calls of the criminal government Political Correctness that every paid operative will uphold for fear of non payment of mortgage. The lucky few who are without such loan facilities never have to worry about usury, interest payments on loans. Never have to worry about maintaining the status quo for shekels to complete the circularity of debt instruments. From the issuer, to the tax collector. On the other hand, Jewish billionaires jet in willy nilly to buy up all the equity and stock of hundreds of years of heritage to flood the place with their kind and then run off with the loot. No doubt the trusty enforcers of law will be hunting them down to give them a damn good rollicking about Equality and Diversity. All before the inevitable carting of before the magistrates to get a £40 fine and hours unpaid work. How is work paid anyway is my question.

How does a nation such as UK/US/China/France/Spain and Russia etc as part of the most wealthy continent that has been ran by intermarriage of the people's they represent for their benefit too, all of a sudden go from being the tightly knit pure ethnic group to what we see today without having culprits pulling the strings behind the scenes? Who polices the billionaires? Who tracks their involvements in such deals as this: LINK. Where the whole country is balanced on Article 146 of the German Basic Law, yet the scavengers must get involved in what will be unsolvable crimes, just like the 96 murdered Liverpool fans. Just like the baby now who has died in a car crash with 3 others, where is the regulation? LINK. What do Jewish billionaires need fear?

Equality has become the major buzzword because it encompasses women as well as immigrants, homosexuals as well as transgenders and is that soothing word that feels so nice to say when one allows the grand illusions of the word smithery to be their master. People have long since fell away from the realities of real life, depending on the TV as the reference point to go to when unenlightened by the mass spiritual awakening taking place by via the internet: LINK. The Jewish billionaires and their endless resources for plying their trade that appears to never reach other than more Jewish billionaires pockets. The old phrase in investing was "Never use anyone else's money." Well, guess who started those rumours, I think you'll find they're the same Jewish billionaires and their well drilled crew.

Our illusions of standards have been flushed down the toilet while the enemy has had us born bound, gagged and blindfolded. At no disgrace to ourselves or to our unwitting ancestors do we find now all of the solutions to remove the Jewish Supremacist billionaire crews from our lands by simplicity. The running of our own marked currencies that have been taken over by the coverts and changed into the money-lending system, Shetar, that has materialised. It gives us opportunity to take our heads out of the plumes of smoke but under the microscopic scrutiny of the Jewish coin-clippers, it's sanctity rubbed away. We must redress our positions and make sure that this time everything is held more secure than before, so everything has been held sacred while they're not around once more.

Without conscience they ply materialism and consumerism not realising that our ties to the ground, to our homes and to the animals and environment that give us life and share our journey are much more valuable than the slow kill policies of the political backers. And also, to our disadvantage, they have made language virtually impossible to explain how Judaism works, when it is so simple to explain, yet revealing them from the shadows is another step again. Jewish billionaires and their army of trickery have separated themselves from everyone, except who they wish to use. Why would they be so insecure with all their lovely money if they weren't criminalistic in their everyday doings? Since when did business become so guarded that nation's governments work to hide their crimes?

Where's the outrage by those who ply goodness and forth-rightness as their main business? Oh, they've been bought and sold as well. So, it really is going to be up to the "meek" to stand up and tear the Jews a new one for all of their troubles. While the most recent of the resisters to Jews, Gaddafi, Hussein, and whoever said about Iceland kicked out the bankers needs to take a lie down for that. Everyone is on watch like the Cold War East Germany, where Hitler and his people were bombed until devastation. The dystopian world created thereafter is one that we must realise is created for us to continue to fall, and the Jews to continue to dominate. When will our people remove the Jewish hoods from their hoodwinking and see that a social paradise can be gained for all countries. That every country can work for their own paradise for their own nation. That while the Jews are robbing the cream off the top then the spoils from our constant efforts will be squandered like pearls to swines.

The enemy's behind the gates, whoever let them in we'll deal with later, for now let's get to rounding up the enemy and their conspirators!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Imagine, if you will, a world where the foreign enemy remain uncovered, and as men kill their fellow men and even women and children. Where women sell their bodies for substances of addiction under psychologically torturous conditions for little more money than the cost of a packet of sweets, Where the secret societies within the public infrastructure have become so corrupted that they have gone to war with their own people for ambitions of aligning with the covert enemy. Where the mighty among rulers are the puppets of war set to appease the masses that the status quo is not revealed for the blood trading empire it is.

Imagine also a hastened denial of such a world existing when it wholly exists. Where the default for the masses is triggered as a preemptive defense already constructed to protect the foreign enemy and make the seeming wolf crier the criminal. This conceptual apparatus is very much in play. Where children are being stopped from crystallising from the celestial plains to walk the earth, and those "fortunate" enough to make it have but the options of selling their souls to the devils for their malicious intended benefit. Taking the dreams of children for fuel for the fires of destruction to dismember any and all cohesion of a harmonious society can only be projections of a spurious comfortable body within another body.

Our constant mismatching of what is required to face such an enemy meets at every turn the very trickery fitted into the production lines of misery so that the truth may never be revealed and the foreign enemy stopped. When every rule of mathematical game theory is exhausted to reveal but one truth, so the telling of the process of the breakdown of equations resulting in that one truth fall short when trivialised by a victimised society bred by a foreign enemy to be exactly that. The victimised society held helpless beyond destitution and holding dreams not conducive for survival yet also unable to recognise the viral attacks from within and without. Like an acupuncture patient having the meridian points manipulated for healing, so our societies have become an acupuncture patient for draining the life force, rather than inviting it.

The fall of the parasitic foe lies in the final observations of it's mechanism to first attack the brain's recognitions systems. To teach the brain to relay misinformations not disimilar to placing a picture of what a security camera can see, to relay that picture back as an apparent image of a true representation of what the camera should be seeing. It is a sabotage of the mechanism at the first that allows the virus the time and wear with all to expand operations. The security cameras in this metaphor represent those set to protect us from all attacks, but are fed a loop and further distracted and persuaded as the virus takes root.

It may send shivers down one's spine to imagine such scenarios, but this is what we are living in currently. The virus has full and complete control of the main frame of the neurology, the security networks, and is sending back messages for the body to attack itself while the parasitic host sits back and enjoys the sweet meats now being served on a living platter. Each human life reduced to not more than the next tasty morsel of the foreign enemy to relish as the demise of the hosts flesh is oh so easy to grow in other parts. So the parasite acting as a farmer for incubating and harvesting their living crops have such chutzpah to believe that they are now the God and that God's rights have become their bargaining chip to act as an ATM at the blood bank of death.

These most harmful disillusions are at the heart fo what's wrong with our societies to the profoundest of levels, yet, one need only look out of the window to see the horrors that are resulting from the virus's increasing greed. Our moral compass leaves off the radar the means to detect such immoral actions, and this is how the advantage is got, yet, it has needed to be polarised to the nth degree to reach the highest points of the elements of the moral fabric embedded into our peoples. Then juxtaposed to this are the needs of the parasitic virus to tear down by any means possible to enjoy the greatest feast that is possibly available to them. With scant disregard to the intangible values and potential values of the people and their blooded being traded, so that most precious thing in this universe, life itself, is corrupted to nothing more than flesh for the table of those who gather at the synagogues and those connected to them.

#GDL #KillerCulture

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Genocide By Economics Is Genocide

The arrogance of the ill-informed is cyclical when it comes to the ignorant being held accountable for their ignorance and being charged to think beyond the constant feed driven into their heads by the arch-criminal kosher nostra managing 'Internationalism'. The pseudo-patriotism kind of emotional bent toward and for the promoting and underpinning of said internationalism is a bought thing. The people are currently largely held at the whims of the nonsensical economic system that derives it's power from budgeting. While the brain draining of the best of the best is a tool used to buoy up the mechanisms of internationalist musical chairs who is accounting for the failings of internationalism as it grabs the planet by the proverbial hair and becomes the master of everyone's destinies. The apparent untethered motioning of rise and fall, growth and decline and boom bust is not a thing people can put to any one particular body of rich, powerful and/or influential people that can get anything done.

While the billionaire army of Tel-Aviv rule the roost, their voracious appetites for destruction turns up more than meets the eye when prodding just that bit further ahead than the controlled narrative media outlets will allow. In a recent article in the FT, "Africa at risk of wasting demographic dividend" so it offers in that the (managed) decline of Europe's workforce from 2015-2050 will be at 85 million people, 200 million for China, yet counter intuitively constantly failing Africa, and no disrespect to Africans, but they're also under the yoke of the arch-criminals of internationalism, they will see a rise of 900 million in the same time scale. Yet, currently, there aren't enough jobs for those who already dwell on the African continent, and it certainly shows no signs of improving, so why the concentrated efforts to create a near 1 billion unemployable population that can be juxtaposed to the failing Chinese and European rate.

In a recent report by the BBC (Bolshevik Brainwashing Cohens) titled "Contractors dismayed at higher tax bill" it outlines the wishy-washy way in which the HMRC is outlining the new tax rules for entrepreneurs, yet "forces" them to pay higher rates. Not only that, but it also states that the employed sector will be ravaged as well. So when the Guardian put out their recent article about how "

Full-time work is no bar to poverty in UK, report says ... " and "San Francisco's Tech Billionaires Go To War Over Homelessness" Where have these billionaires been until all of a sudden? 

 President Trump has been saying things to the effect of the ANC's Communist calls to "Kill All The White People", as he pins anyone with an opinion on Israel and their covert operatives active in everyone's governments as "Hateful, Evil and, dare I say it, anti-Semitic" thereby equating observations of Jewishness as being ready to be trawled and arrested under the new catchnet of "Hate Speech Laws", for which the US Dept of Justice has set up a new page on their publicly funded website. US DOJ Hate Site. As Shakespeare once wrote: "Doth the lady protest a bit too much?" Do we not see the absolute parallel of these internationalist bound anti-Patriots upholding an absolute attack on our freedoms, while we have no say as to what hate is. Can we not hate their corruption? Can we not hate their oppressive Israeli political model being shoved into our living rooms and onto our empty dinner plates served from empty pockets brought about by empty promises? Can we not hate those who are led here to given opportunity above and beyond those opportunities granted to our own, and for the future? Here is the UK Solicitor General's speech on "Hate".

Imagine for a moment is the internationalist money grubbers for one moment turned a corner of conscience and set about putting efforts into setting straight the economies, setting straight the corruptive habits of the power brokers and set about making our home nations something to be proud of from the grass roots levels. How does that picture contrast with the current situations of hot potato politics, where anyone showing an actual interest in encouraging sustainable growth and economic richness as being other than a fascist nazi anti-multi-cultural homophobic bigot? Show me the remedy? Give me a crumb of something that proves that they're not managing chaos for our destruction and their stranglehold on monies by way of everyone else's misery. All roads ultimately lead to somewhere, so where is that even the greatest of detectives from Sherlock Holmes to James Bond, from Spider Man to Wonder Woman just can't ever seem to uncover in the pantomime of politics ran by "The Kosher Puppet Masters" Find out more and become active by using your rights to free speech while you have willing listeners and support and encouragement by the well informed crowd. #GDL.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Settling Issues in the Political Kaleidoscope

It is said in order to be calm within the storm head for the centre, for in the centre of the storm is calmness and it's the same within the political paradigms that we're fed via media, entertainment, politics and the like. This paradigm is what we have become used to being called public life, yet outside of the public sphere no one can much understand why they're never part of that unless some event causing the public eye to draw attention to it. These windows into the private lives of people are something to add to the drama that is kaleidoscopically controlled to meet the paradigms within the pubic psyche as things unrelateable to the publicly controlled sphere.

 Yet, we find that the political structure determines the shaping of society and that society must yield, by virtues of laws passed in the public interest at the will of the representatives of the people, to controlling mechanism that is now spread far and wide under the guise of Political Correctness, or official thinking. For the unofficial thinker who is in the eye of the storm the paradigms become wholly transparent as an accounting exercise of from whence is the generation of the official think paradigm shaped. The sculpters of the paradigms for the public to think with are based upon strawman arguments and claims that subvert an undercurrent of that which must never be allowed to be unofficially thought by the masses.

My unofficial thinking leads me directly into the calmness of where I can set myself down and view from mine own perspective drawn upon research that constantly yields results that relay a patternable and systematic mechanism of almost fictional proportions. The outcomes is that the underlying process of who carries the liabilities of the publicly funded institutions have a constant plethora of names to blame, yet the biological epigenetics is never brought into question, because that's unofficial thinking. LINK. The fruits to bear from the manipulation of the genetic heritable phenotype is structured plainly in the DNA, yet as we see all day long the inherent DNA structure is unfollowing that which has led us to this point in history.

Our call for an understanding of the political kaleidoscope and understanding the problems caused will always meet with no solution, yet will accumulate a certain pattern that is wholly determinable. That conclusion is always going to be based on monetary distribution for solutions to be found. Of course the archaic and steadfast crony system of today's democratic politics uncovers every answerable question when we look to the root cause of why are stable economies are continually held unstable. The production value of our intangible assets, human potential, has been capped unparalleled to the ginormous profits that foreign banking institutions are allowed to accumulate. The methods used, credit card debt, loans, mortgages and insurances, subvert the true economy of money issue by running a far more profitable monetary system that is held outside of any nations grasp by internationalist banking structures and methods.

These infinite structures and methods of allocation and distribution of monies that are based outside of a system of solvency are a means for the privileged few to drum up at their whims amounts of monies that are merely bound by the dreams of those controlling the ye or nay for that flow of parallel funding. So, were an established government sells off all the peoples assets for the benefit of developing countries, then the governments have not more than hocked the people's asset value to what very much appears to be a nefarious and treacherous group who continually will plough through the stock exchanges looking to gain advantages that stem from unreal money. LINK.

While not pointing to any one particular branch of this certain group, one can only deduct through rational and deductive reasoning that leads one to the eye of the storm, the calmness, that this ghost group haunting the echelons of any and all society have in fact met with little to no resistance because of the illegal mindset of how they operate. To allegorise the situation they have basically been let in by the shepherds who've been paid off to allow the proverbial wolves in sheep's clothing to manifest without limits among the sheep. Here before the Kalergi Plan for Europeans to mongrelised to the same racial interbreeding as Jews Paraguyan government of the day banned Whites from marriage within their own ethinc groups, and then after creating the mestizo population then set about wiping them off the face of the earth. LINK

While our dogooder types bend at the will of the Jewish shadow hierarchy in control of the controllers of our societies without question, so one becomes ostracised for connecting with one's own DNA programming that has fought off the Jewish programming of society. Obviously those willing to fill the voids in society that the Jews suddenly find themselves desperate to fill have all the cheques/checks available for their bidding to be done. Let's not forget that the Jews who were held in ghettoes and locked up at night certainly haven't done so badly. Looking at the history of these downtrodden people who can claim land and enforce that claim after a 3000 spell. Well, where are the Romans to manage them, where are the Ottomans, or where are the British for the former Palestinian Mandate to keep an eye over them? They'll let the neat little arrangement with China conquer Africa, and apparently that's better than European style colonialism. LINK. Here's an eye opener for those trusting that China isn't already subverted by Jews. LINK. LINK. LINK.

The true nature of Jewish careers in relation to everyone else's, the Goyim, are that the Jews have their fingers on everyone's credit buttons. So while Trump, Putin, Xi or May, or any other of the political footballs as puppets to garnish the public into a kaleidoscope of controversy and confusion, then what positions are the Jews taking up? What obstacles in society will Jews face in Christian nations when they wish to carry out their internationalist agenda and subvert the economies, subvert the status quo and subvert the food and psychological wholesomeness that is being strangled out of societies by the same Jews who will never be named? Change the perspective from looking at things from within. Refocus your lenses through a paradigm of Jews being foreign and treacherous to the status quo. From these angles caveat in that there are Jews actively involved in everything you're not allowed to have a stake in, even though you're damn well paying for them to administrate your collapsing economies and societies. When you've arranged your argument as to how it's not the Jews that you can simply add it in the comments section and that'll clear that whole mess up, but until then, IT'S THE JEWS!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Jews Bomb, Everybody Else Pays

In a report just out the current damage of Allied sorties over Germany are just being realised. In the 70 years cover up of silence that the victors who incinerated as many as their bombs could incinerate all over Germany, so the research begins. When one talks about Climate Change, Poverty in Africa, Free Energy, etc, all the while the Jews have been conning people to protect their places as lead criminals of the criminal empire of the world. All the time good money could have been spent of an amazing future, if US, UK and China had of spent money on seeking paths to end Bolshevism, instead of spending those monies on arms right up to the current day, then a global paradise we would have.

No, the Jew must dominate and dictate that world order will be run by desolation, destruction and depraved war tactics that must be illegal in any Environmental Law Court. How do these wandering Jews pledge a word that is so often the root of a million different evils and be taken seriously. How is it that the complicit politicians find ways to get funding for erroneous nothing projects, when on the back of a war that has now officially shaken the world. LINK. What more will they be planning that is going to be so destructive in the future that is held together by the thin strand of excuse, "We're God's Chosen." I find everything about who they are and what they do absolutely appalling in every way. It's detestable! LINK.

"The Prime Minister said that we hoped to shatter twenty German cities as we had shattered Cologne, Lubeck, Dusseldorf, and so on.  More and more aeroplanes and bigger and bigger bombs.  M. Stalin had heard of 2-ton bombs.  We had now begun to use 4-ton bombs, and this would be continued throughout the winter.  If need be, as the war went on, we hoped to shatter almost every dwelling in almost every German city.  "  (Official transcript of the meeting at the Kremlin between Churchill and Stalin on Wednesday, August 12, 1942, at 7 P.M.)


Filling The Jewish Void

Inciting turmoil, chaos, hatred and all manifestations of negative energy and putting it on the front pages of every jewspaper allowed on the newstands makes it an easy jaunt for the Jew to create the illusions in people minds of non realities. People who follow the Jewish TV(Talmud Vision), the entertainment and media outlets, which is no narrow avenue, find themselves enticed in only to be polluted with Jewish weaponised narratives. For example, people have found both positive and negative outcomes using affirmations, mantras or prayers. Our journey here on this planet, in this universe at this time is indeed unique to each and everyone of us, and everyone of us is sensitive and susceptible to the same social atmosphere's.

The saying used to be "Where were you when Kennedy was shot?", today it's "Where were you for 9/11?" this, and other generalisations in society are poured in by one main operator that has controlled the narrative as a target for shaping people's minds. The elusive obvious factor in the equation that is so invisible to so many people has become the Jew factor. Having had the "6 million" to lean back on whenever it came to scouring the society for likely subversive, well, the Jew was always shielded with the victim card. Yet, as everything comes out in the wash, and the "6 million" has been obliterated from the general consensus, the narrative, so there's the void needs to be filled.

 When setting the plan for the public to be duped with the next scenarios for keeping the Jew out of the news, then the current events often give it hints of the contingencies in waiting to be triggered. For example in JUK(UK) the former Prime Minister John Major, who resigned humiliated by an affair with a Jewess, Edwina Currie, just after he'd came out with a somewhat unifying statement about living by family values. He's being nothing but a mouthpiece for Judaism, Currie's an Orthodox Jewess. He's been another gullible Goy lined up like merchant would dress a shop window. It's a window dressing that was designed to draw custom, then when custom gets big, drop the guts out of it. It's so unreasonable to think why this would happen, but the engineering behind the scenes reveals more than the surface story, as the ones supplying the materials for the shop keeper to dress his shop, well, they, the merchants have the monopoly on the supply and demand. Therefore, the possibilities for market manipulating are much more to hand than jonny average might have available to him.

With Jews, they are always in communication to keep money with their community, so they don't have to work, that is their work. With a 'rich' history of plunder via drug running, contraband dealing, money laundering and the like. LINK. John Major has just come out with a statement, bear in mind we're looking at how the Jew is trying to set up the public to create the climate they want to create what they need to have to hand crappy news stories that deflect the attention from their crimes. He's saying that the new changes in the Social Security payments, from actual cheques/checks, to a Universal Credit system could cause backlash as Maggie Thatcher got when she reintroduced Poll Tax, which had been banned for four hundred years. Rioting broke out up and down the country, cohenciding with a heroin explosion, following a similar heroin explosion in Dublin, Ireland just the year before. So given the "problem, reaction, solution scenarios conjured up by the cuckoos of no man's land, so we can see a political trend.

Next is the Jew, Paul Rosenfeld, who has been arrested with a 200lb bomb in his basement. He's been so convicted in his beliefs that democracy deserves no merit. That he can settle all grievances by blowing everyone up, and that's just one Jew, so imagine how the rest of them work, considering the King David Hotel, where Jews dressed as Arabs to deliver milk, which were actually bombs. Will the FBI find an Arab looking garment in the wardrobe? They did the same for 9'11, for ISIS, for the Wahhabi family of Saudi Arabia, who dress like Arabs, but are Jews, and are stockpiling on arms. LINK.

Directing contingencies can stretch from the 80's zombie apocalypse to be played out these days with the newly created drug zombies manufactured for Jews to run the charities cashing in on their host nations misery, and all at the cause of the Jewish imported goods, heroin and cocaine. A friend said to me they will try to induce a hypnotic state on the Goyim by fabricating an invasion to earth by aliens, ala War of the Worlds, which incidentally has reference to "6 million" now the latest report in from Australia is that (((signals))) from outer space have doubled since 2007. My question is, as always, how does all this wonderful type of research trump funding distribution, the world over, when we're apparently facing a shit storm in the economics departments. Surely getting a few telescopes focusing in on the economics will highlight the problems of our day. Well, it's not going to happen, because Jews. LINK.

Can anyone tell me why on the British side of the Atlantic there is a Jew, Jo Johnson, as the head of transport, and on the US side the Deputy Secretary is a Rosen, rosen from the dead if you ask me. How is it that the rail company of Harbin China, headed by a Jew engineer, banned Jews from working on there, yet set up the capital of China's richest province Heilongjiang? While spilling their kind all over the place running from this persecution to that persecution, persecutions everywhere, yet the Jews come out on top with all the money, land, and political influence. That's some kind of crazy persecuting going on their in Jew Town, maybe it's their template for causing chaos while they run off with the spoils.

Monday, October 8, 2018

The Secret State of Israel

Part 3 of 3 as an extension from this research here: LINK
The Jews to protect their crimes build through their media platforms the big scary monster concept that can be played with across Jewish entertainment platforms. The Secret State of Israel is a thing that people are given clearance to view from the perspective that the crony current state of Israel is based on some cute mythology that probably could have happened, because all these criminals had to manifest somewhere. As with the phoney Khazarian Empire type legends of Central Asia, so actual research in that line shows marauding barabaric and nomadic empires that appear to stem from Cyrus the second. The truth of the matter is the region set up as the perfect ambush for the Silk Road for the nomadics, and which the phases of the Great Wall appear to have been built for. As the story 'Journey To The West' displays, the West and the East were connected via the Celtic/European/Aryan networks spanning the continents of Europe and Aisa.

The time of the Issedones corresponds, geographically rather than solely historically with other groups stemming from the Hyborborean people's, whose known documentation goes back pre 450-500 BC at least. People like the Massageates, the Scythians, the WusunYet the Jews secret empire appear to be in a constant state of war, even from a historically advantageous positioning in war, as ambushers. So while the Hyperborean(High European/Aryan) line seems to give the appearance of a noble cause following people, versus this Jewish parasitical aggressive cancer like sociopathic blood lusting hit squads that are hell bent on power. LINK.

In a recent ruling a 89-year old woman, Ursula Haverbeck, is adjudged by the Jewish Secret State of Israel's Secret Police German Division BFV & LFV, to gatekeep Article 146. Those people are stopping opinions that point to Constitutional matters apparently illegal to hold as an opinion. Here is an explanation of the current scenario that renders 89 year old pensioners, and others, to be held against their will in what appears to be unlawful imprisonment under baseless charges. The term Verfassung(constitution) was deliberately avoided as the drafters regarded the Grundgesetz as an interim arrangement for a provisional West German state, expecting that an eventual reunified Germany would adopt a proper constitution, enacted under the provisions of Article 146 of the Basic Law, which allows Germans, as a nation, to vote by referendum on the choice of constitution. Currently that has not come into effect and it can only be of any factual basis that the constitution of Germany is the constitution of Germany proper, which is the Verfassung under Kaiser Wilhelm the first of May 1871. Here are some links to consider. LINK LINK.

For more information about Ursula's plight please visit her site which is multi-lingual. LINK

Friday, October 5, 2018

Triggering The Tipping Point

Part 2 of 3 as an extension to this research here: LINK
If World War Two has been the biggest event in modern world history, then for what purpose have the outcomes for victors and the defeated alike? What situations have been brought the actions of aggressors and defenders for the current time to be struggling so badly now to create a new world super villain for the eternal cronies. Read on: Understanding law and understanding the law can be two completely different things in various way. This articles hope to unwrap some of the congealed madness that's been acting as a sort of cocooning of human life while empty dead shell holds everything in place until the cocoon is then rendered defunct of any use whatsoever. This scenario appears to crystallising all by itself from the human nature of those being cocooned by the dead empty shell.

This week has seen Trump meet in New York with Netenyahu after Netenyahu delivers a redundant speech defunct of any credible or worthwhile evidence to back his ludicrous claims of anything that doesn't matter to anyone, except those who stand to benefit from the charade. The claim made about Trump and Netenyahu is that ties between those two criminals have never been stronger, isn't that evidence alone as the mass awakening is beginning. And I say it with caution, as the Israeli mossad secret service failings have been mounting, but treachery, deceit and booby trapping is their middle name. While their psy-op media periodicals and journals appear to be scrambling by their fingernails on the ever steepening cliff edges that they've led themselves onto. So, the independent media, blogging, vlogging and other means of utilising social media platforms, and rightly so under the free speech laws. Can it but be more and more transparent as to who the culprits are of an actual sustained loop system of Boom, for them, Bust for everyone else?

They say they have a Jewish day when their "promised messiah" will materialise. Well, people must have been taking their eye off the ball on at least two occasions in history, the first they turned their back on, even voting for his death, the second, Menachem Shneerson, failed to deliver, though he was supposed to do whatever he was supposed to do in 2008. It never happened. So, the Jewish eternal promisers of glory for the Jewish people is their last card left in the stack for them to play, other than the Sampson Option? Is this what all the blood drinking of 8 day old babies mutilated penises has all been about? In studying everything Jews do, and the shadows they have thrived behind for millennia, so their success, in crime, may be their downfall out of crime. Lucky the Jew Luciano's Law states that "It only takes one person to find out you're up to no good. You better pack up your bags and head for fresh turkey's, because that goose is cooked." Now, which other fine ethnic anomaly has such spirited quotes for a life of industrial crime manufacture?

Solving puzzles and understanding mazes becomes artful when only allowed to be in those environments, and with the Jewish Central Banking system having every last penny on a virtual lock down scenario, as the Jew must be in everybody's business, whether that be the ultra-paranoia of socio-pathic megalomaniacs, or just they want to skin every last penny that you make, as they're plunderer's by nature. Well, this Friday sixth of October Twenty Eighteen has seen an very obscure article reveal rather more than they possibly would have liked to reveal, and possibly predicated on the presumption that no one is paying attention to their crooked schemes the world over. Jews have some sort of law about giving the public fair notice, for contractual reasons, and so they have defences for their privateering methods. For example, signs in public buildings, no smoking, as an example, is a contractual offer, as slavery is outlawed.

It's why signs and symbolism using signs has become such an important member of the yiddish alphabet added into everyday speak, yet we can only use 26 letters of the alphabet. Try putting your own signs up about anything of any importance, then tell me they don't have everywhere in lockdown. In this instance it's very much like the time I was enquiring about the Court Records from court proceedings heard in National Socialist Germany, as from 1933. My search took me to a site of the German Government, so they said, but, again under closer scrutiny, not only were there no court records available, I ended up finding about Article 146 of the German Basic Law.

This little trail led me to call the German Consulate up and explain to him my query. As I'd been travelling around Germany in Twenty Fifteen, I met a German, a Bavarian from Bamberg who told me about the Reich Constitutionalists over there who were refusing to recognise anything but their bona fide Constitution under the Kaiser. Well, it turns out Article 146 of the German Basic Law talks about the distinct and definite right of Germans to have a referendum upon the unification of Germany, which incidentally took place in 1990 proper. Yet, the referendum has been kept out of the public eye by the lying press, who are the only press allowed, so they don't allow any press. If there was a referendum, then only Germans would be considered to be valid voters. As the Constitution still stands, as Germany is under a military occupation rule, as without the referendum this will always be the case. Which leads me to mention that the one single word so missing in all the claims made over this last week or so by Merkel at the German-Israeli Tech Fair, also with Netenyahu, who was then with Trump after a dire speech to a virtually empty UN room. My evidence, of course, is that it's freely available to watch online, so why can't our world leaders make available such simple means for evidencing their claims? Well, we know why don't we.

So, back to where I'm going with this. There is this article, in Bloomberg, which is a big a liar as any of them, but there are cracks in the plaster when viewed from certain angles. Little light shiners of truth that propose there to be more going on than meets the eye at first glance. Of course, with the defeat of Germany in 1945 and the military take over of all German politics and business, so the article points to it that there are special relationships between particular local banking houses, who do business under the umbrella term "Sparkasse". What it says is, there are suspicions of interplay between payments from banks to politicians, as the politicians are the ones placed in by the Allies to quel Article 146. So, you can read for yourself, as I'll post the link, but you can see such things as the charge has now been lowered from bribery to dereliction of office type charges. My one question is that with the condition of Germany, and the positioning of such Sparkasse's to keep money trickling in, which by the way has now made the Sparkasse the second best option for loaning after commercial banking giant, Deutsche Bank is failing to do anything, as the same with Commerz Bank. As a side note, there's a dodgy character who just helped Deutsche to fail who has just joined Jewish billionaire Howard Studnick, who just missed the 9/11 terrorist attack by Israel on America, because he just happened to take the kids late to school that day, though he says his brother was killed there.

So amid all the Jewish chicanery and tomfoolery of their kind, who could warrant that a group of non Jews could hold so much sway without Jewish co-operation? Here's the link to the article. LINK

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Jewrial Jewoptics

Part 1 of 3
The unedjewcated guesser may miss the elusive obvious 10 times of ten, and he'd be at no fault of his own when left to his own devices as the worker drone he has been created into. From the African birthing boom as funded by the developed countries via Israeli drug manufacturers that inherited every advancement of technology as being developed post world war 2. The proof is in the pudding, when Israel can remain uninvestigated for the 9-11 torahrist attack(pronounced terrorist attack). Yet, at the same token, the so called Al-Quaeda network simply has vanished, or morphed into the ISIS that never attacks Israel. Perhaps, among many other issues relating to their cuckoo position in the Mid-East region, they don't wish for the press to be there, or, the press, being in the know, don't wish to be there either.

There's definitely much work for Israel to continually pummel out for the masses excuses for their lying, and what if anyhow? What if Jared Kushner, Steve Mnuchin, Henry Kissinger, Jack Lew, Dianne Feinstein, among so many others, are in fact mossad agents bent on subverting the US political sway? What if all of the mossad agents are found to be deeply embedded in non Israeli politics, but they were all reporting every information back to Israel for Israel's advantage? What contingencies would be required to hedge bets at these lofty levels of anti-futuristic outlooks? What menace could be caused that isn't being caused?

With the South African communists ANC shooting each other to kingdom come, and South Africa caught supplying arms to Saudi Arabia to wage war on Yemen, then what further encroachment on Africa's countries do Israel hold? What of our own? What ways can our own people get back to realise the importance of their voice in the open forum of politics when the Tavistock  and Stanford Institutes are literally light years ahead in the game when it comes to knowing the mind. The busy creatures at those subversive human conditioning institutions are care free in their eternal shadow of trickling into society the dictat of what is and what shall be.

How long do you think it would take you yourself to educate yourself to the levels of understanding required to get back what's rightfully yours? Would you recognise yours off the bat? What defences to your rights, liberties and properties would you be proposing for taking everything back that belonged to you and your future generations? Where is your vision? Where is your direction in society as a member of society. World War 2 was about halting the directions of Self-Autonomous people exercising their rights, duties and obligations to themselves and each other, while the Jews who had been removed from the equation by their own choices stood to lose their advantageous positions on the board. They could not accept the fruits hanging from the overburdened tree of abundance, instead they wished to have skeleton like slaves dying on the streets of foreign lands that they had waged war on.

Who can draw on a conscience when the people's consciences have been dictated to, and in turn poisoned by, the same Ultra-Zio-liberalistic psychopathic menaces that run today's crazy world of Jewish economics via their world bank systems? What merit can one bring to their own soul when their conscience is not only compromised as a working mechanism to operate from in the world, but actually sets one in reverse? All the while the biological functioning of the chemistry of mankind ceases to flourishes in it's natural orderly state. When there can be no agreements between the society as to what kinds of directions benefit the masses at large the most return on investment, then one has to seek out the saboteurs, the ardent conflagrationists, the conspirators with ulterior motives kept from the crowd.

Isn't it also funny that almost every corner turned will have pied pipers waiting cohenveniently to direct you to all that you require. They have every proof of everything that they claim to be able to do for you, yet when the crunch time comes they will oft pull out the tried and tested methods of making ludicrous claims of knowledge of things that they have no proof of. This much is a constant, and it's a sure way to separate the wheat from the chaff in any lengthy dialogue. The answer to the unspoken question is about creativity realised, potentials realised, chance and opportunity made and offered with the support and encouragement of the state. Not, as we see today, a nation state created for tom foolery, drug dabbling, immature behaviour and harm caused to others. We are better than this as has been proven time and time again by our great communities who have shared the brunt of many an onslaught.

With the shadowy figures in the synagogues preaching their international banking language of yiddish to their own congregations. With the manifesting of anything and everything they require to materialise at their whim, all charged to their cattle, the Goyim, their salvation. How else would invaders of Races manage to creep about the place without secret coding, artificial infrastructures and password after password enabling their security to be uncompromised? Imagine your sitting at home with your family, or by yourself, or however. Next thing up pops a Rabbi with his bank clerk and migrant refugees to tell you how he's going to be charging you for the privileges you have bestowed upon him to run your life, because he's claimed he's been chosen by his g-d to do it? Would you buy into this? Well, I know it's a trick question, because you already did, but how do you escape the cartoon?

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