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I Wish To Warn How Jewry
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    The Piper Report - August 12, 2009


Brother Nathaneal Kapner (Real Jew News) has been criticized for exposing the Jewish control of America  by Ripoff Report (the unaccountable slander channel), by Jewish controlled websites,and by blogger John Sanidopoulos as being mentally ill, unorthodox, and having been excommunicated from monasteries.

But, one needs to carefully consider the source and prejudices of his critics.


Brother Nathaneal, a former Jew, is quirky enough to attract attention, and well researched and reasonable enough to be believed when it comes to shedding light on the Jewish / Zionist stranglehold on America and other European nations.


Because Brother Nathaneal is one leading the fight against Zionism and because his work is so valuable to seekers of truth, the defense of his ministry by John Kaminski is hereby offered for your own analysis (Storm Brooks).





In Defense of Brother Nathanael


By John Kaminski


Sometimes, in our fear, we make judgments that are incorrect.


Sometimes, in our frustration, we lash out at the very people who are trying to help us, misperceiving their style, or the language they use, for their substance.


And sometimes, when we realize the odds we’re up against, we plummet into a confusing state of cognitive dissonance, not knowing who to trust because the information we have gathered is inconsistent, and just doesn’t seem to add up.


Such a situation has arisen in the recent revelation that Brother Nathanael Kapner, one of the foremost critics on the Worldwide Web of everything Jewish, has a curious history of posing as an orthodox monk and being kicked out of several monasteries for his decidedly unorthodox behavior.


When discovered and published, these allegations raised the explosive ire of Joe Cortina, a principled military veteran almost as well known as Kapner over the years for his forthright opposition to the worldwide horror known as Jewish behavior.


The links casting Kapner as a fraud with mental problems were cobbled together by Lindsey Tackett, a lesser known player on the same team as Kapner, Cortina and myself. Tackett is perhaps best known for his audio recording of the complete Protocols of Zion, which, at more than three hours long, very few have listened to.


A 2002 Boston Globe story cast Kapner as a cantankerous homeless man who became a thorn in the side of a local synagogue. <>


Blogger John Sanidopoulos described the Internet personality now known as Brother Nathanael as having been kicked out of monasteries for disruptive behavior, and having been formally disowned by the head of the Orthodox church in America. <>


And an Internet outfit called the Ripoff Report maintains that a person who once knew Kapner said he was bipolar and had lost contact with his family. <>


However (and this is a big however), when you look at Kapner’s website <> it contains a veritable cornucopia of stories that is one of the best repositories of anti-Jewish material and insight on the entire web.


This is not the output of a crazy man; it is the incredibly perceptive compilation of a man who knows the insane practices of the Jews from the inside, and wretches at their antihuman behavior, from the killing of children and harvesting of their organs to the sexual abuse of their own children and the forbidding of informing law enforcement about the ritualized crimes they are committing.


This realization leads to the precipice of cognitive dissonance. Is Brother Nathanael being defamed to neutralize and delegitimize his legitimate criticism of Judaic insanity? Or is he the one who’s insane, and all the Jews are really a bunch of good guys being defamed by a malcontent?


Hundreds of videos and stories, from “How Lieberman Stole Our Freedoms” to “America is Run by Jews”, attest to the authenticity of Kapner’s perceptions. That his outlandish priestly garb and often manic mannerisms, in the minds of some, tend to undermine the validity of his message takes nothing away from the insightful realism of his reports. What he says the Jews are doing to the world is spot on.


Behavior of Israelis in their continuing genocide of every Arab they can get their bloody hands on, Cortina repels some (including sometimes me) with his primitive Bible thumping, but at the end of the day, there is no person on this Earth with a more fervent desire to see that these Jewish murderers get what they deserve.


So when he gets upset, I pay attention. Even as I can reject his brittle religiosity and his belief in credulous fairytales, there has never been any doubt in my mind that we are on the same side when it comes to seeking justice for the oppressed or punishing those who have enslaved us, if we can ever get out from under their manipulative thumb.


Which leads us to the ever-present problem of trying to form a coherent alliance against the Jewish murder scheme being prevented from uniting by all these people who insist their own particular religious idiosyncrasies are more important to protect and promote than recognizing that the whole world needs to put aside all those minor points of theological folderol and unite against the major threat to the continuance of all natural life on this planet, which is Jewish perfidy.


This is not happening. And if it doesn’t happen, we’re all doomed (we being all the non Jews of the world), because it is the stated intention of the Jews to kill everyone whom they cannot use as slaves.


Catholics are advised by their “infallible” leader that the Jews are their “elder brothers”, while the Jews in specious secrecy snicker that the Son of God is hanging upside for eternity in a pit of excrement.


Muslims act nice until they become the majority, and when they do, no white woman is safe, and neither is any white civilization. A majority of Muslims does not realize that their beloved Muslim Brotherhood is actually run by Jews in London.


Some brands of Protestants genuflect to their homosexual ministers and preach the Jewish concept of diversity while their towns disintegrate into a landfill of crack dealers, rampant cops and empty factories. Other evangelical Protestants, misled by the Jewish version of Christianity known as the Scofield bible, attend massive rallies trumpeting the twisted idea that the nation of Israel is more important than the divine personality on which their religion is supposedly based.


Both Christians and Muslims fight each other’s brothers to death over which version of their holy history is correct. In my opinion, that’s just the way the Jews set the whole thing up wanted it, to keep brothers fighting each other so no one will notice who’s stealing all the money.


So Brother Nathanael garners all this attention for the wrong reason. So he had a hard time most of his life, pointing out the flaws in hypocritical religions that their organizers had no interest is correcting, before he finally found his niche revealing the inside story of the most evil religion of all.


The writers we should all being going after are the ones who pretend to be responsible and respectable, but don’t ever mention the real driving force behind all the crimes that are later blamed on the governments that have been totally infiltrated by the greatest evil force the world has ever known, the Jews.


Veteran writer Dick Eastman pointed out a great example of it the other day when he dissected Jewish writer Steven Lendman’s story about how China and Russia are preparing for war with the United States.


While Lendman waxed poetic about how the U.S. is behind all this worldwide turmoil, Eastman pointed out that it is International Finance that triggers all these bloody maneuvers, and International Finance means the Jews, something Lendman never, ever mentions.


And that is the case with the vast majority of political commentators, in both mainstream media and on the web, who act as if Barack Obama actually thinks for himself and is not following the directives of those Jewish moneymen who put him in power, which more people nowadays realize was really for the purpose of engineering the destruction of the United States and the profit of Jewish interests.


It is also the case with popular Internet news sites such as Alex Jones, Information Clearing House, Citizens for Legitimate Government, Intel Hub, Before It’s News, Activist Post and many others who dazzle their readers with intricate investigations of U.S. government criminality without ever once tracing the blame to where it rightly belongs, to the Jewish puppet masters who are running our reality, and us with it, right into the ground.


The reason for this deception is clear, just as it is with mainstream media — because all of these sites are owned and/or run by Jews, which is why they never mention the true architects of the programs, crimes and atrocities that are all aimed at the destruction of the United States, and the world as we know it.


None of them ever mention the Jewish puppet masters operating the fake Americans who everybody believes are running these sadistic schemes.


Which is something no one could ever accuse Brother Nathanael or Joe Cortina of doing.


My own policy is that I never believe any fact emanating from either a Jewish writer or a Jewish news source. Three thousand years of Jewish history convinced me that this was the wisest course.


I first realized this way the only way to go in about 2004, when I had convinced myself that every aspect of the 9/11 tragedy — the planning, the execution and the coverup — was entirely controlled by Jews, and then covered up by Jewish-controlled media and Jewish-owned politicians.


The endless succession of needless wars that has followed were wholly the work of Jewish interests, and the reporting on them was wholly twisted by Jewish media.


So when I encounter someone now who insists there are Jews in the world who are fighting for the light against the darkness, I tell them, I have never met a Jew who is utterly forthright about the Jewish fraud we have been deceived into believing is the history of World War II, or the reason for the Kol Nidre oath allowing Jews to lie about everything, or the reason why the Talmud orders death for any non Jew who dares to read it.


But I’m old enough and reasonable enough to know that people can overcome their own brainwashing, and even overcome their own bad histories, see the light, and act productively, if not compassionately. So I applaud Brother Nathanael for overcoming his chaotic disruptiveness and creating for himself a useful legacy of truthfulness.


I’ve always wondered, even though I know better now, why there was never a movement among Jews to reveal the horrid practices of Judaism and try to rejoin the human race.


Still, in my more hopeful moments, and in my futile search for a good Jew, if I had to choose a Jew to trust about the inner workings of the demonic disciplines of Judaism, Brother Nathanael Kapner would be a good choice, because the things he has written about Jews are true.


Personally I’d like to see more investigations of the writers who deliberately don’t write about Jews, rather than about the ones who do.






John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

It is never acceptable to shoot the messenger.