Communist China was created by Jewish infiltrators

working for the International Banking Cartel


Communist China was created by the Jews and serves their interests.



Communist China was created by Rothschilds and their agents.


October 1 1949, Mao Tse Tsung declared the founding of the People’s Republic of China in Tiananmen Square, Beijing. He was funded by Rothschild created Communism in Russia and also the following Rothschild agents: Solomon Adler, a former United States Treasury official who was a Soviet Spy; Israel Epstein, the son of a Jewish Bolshevik imprisoned by the Tsar in Russia for trying to ferment a revolution there; and Frank Coe, a leading official of the Rothschild owned IMF. Jews were behind the rise to power of Mao Tse Tung, the communist dictator of China, who tortured and murdered tens of millions of Chinese (mostly Christians) during his brutal reign. Sidney Shapiro, an American Jew, was in charge of China’s propaganda organ. Israel Epstein, was Mao’s Minister of Appropriations (Finance).


Sidney Shapiro

American author, he was a member of the

Chinese People’s Political Consultative Council

(political advisory body in Communist China).

sidney-shapiro china jewish men jews communism




Israel Epstein

born in Poland, he moved to China where he worked

as journalist and author. Member of the

Communist Party of China, he became minister

of appropriations in the communist government.

Israel Epstein communist Jews china jewish men



Mao would murder sixty million innocent Chinese people under his rule mainly to destroy traditional Chinese culture in order to gain total control. As with Christianity, any practitioners of spiritual systems where outlawed, killed, and thrown into gulags, to die a slow death through slave labor, starvation and torture. The Communistic systems became the new culture of control. With China under their flag, Tibet was next on the list as being the last bastion of spiritual and historical knowledge. All the Jewish systems seek to remove spiritual knowledge from Gentiles and keep it in the hands of the Jewish elite. This is a major part of their indoctrination program. There has been a major Jewish population in China for over a thousand years such as the Jews of Kaifeng.


China has been built up into the biggest global superpower by the Jewish financial elite and every valuable Western technology has been shipped there. This was identical to what the Jews did with their USSR, turning it into a massive super state of military superpower, to wage conquest upon the rest of the earth, which they did. The only reason they were halted was the second war monkey wrenched their plans globally and led to the stagnation and fall of the USSR. There are reports that the America tactical silos are contracted to Israeli firms for certain electronics’ functions, they also have their agents all over the Pentagon and other key Western military and government networks.


The covert Jewish control of Mao and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) explains why convicted Jewish spy Jonathan Pollard, found guilty of stealing thousands of classified documents from the Defense Department where he worked, gave these materials to his masters, the Israeli Mossad operating in the U.S.A. The Israelis, in turn, transferred these valuable military secrets straight to Red Chinese dictators in Beijing. Pollard, a Jew born in Galveston, Texas, sits in a federal prison today. Recently, when Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu came to America, he visited Pollard in prison and assured the despicable turncoat Israeli spy that the Israeli government was working behind-the-scenes with Obama’s White House to pardon the convicted spy. Meanwhile, Pollard is a national hero in Israel—honored for stealing America’s most precious military secrets which Israel gave to Communist China.


Even now according to official statistics Communist China again carried out more executions than the rest of the world put together. Amnesty International believes thousands are executed and sentenced to death there every year, but with numbers kept a state secret the true figure is impossible to determine.


‘Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution, it has obviously succeeded not only in producing more efficient and dedicated administration, but also in fostering high morale and community of purpose. The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history’.– David Rockefeller.



Soft Power


The most under reported, however is the “Soft Power” tactic currently being implemented by the Peoples Republic of China in the United States.


It was America that showed the world how to mass produce everything from automobiles to televisions to airplanes. It was the great American manufacturing base that crushed Germany and Japan in World War II. But now we are witnessing the deindustrialization of America. Thanks to Jewish control over government, thousands of factories have left the United States and move to China in the past decade alone. Millions upon millions of manufacturing jobs have been lost in the same time period. The United States has become a nation that consumes everything in sight and yet produces increasingly little.


The United States has become bloated and spoiled and our economy is now just a shadow of what it once was. Once upon a time America could literally outproduce the rest of the world combined. Today that is no longer true, but Americans sure do consume more than anyone else in the world.


The Economic Policy Institute in Washington, D.C., estimates that America. lost 2.7 million jobs as a result of the U.S.-China trade deficit between 2001 and 2011, 2.1 million of them in manufacturing. Wages of American workers have also suffered due to the competition with cheap Chinese labor, EPI says. A typical two-earner household loses around $2,500 per year from this dynamic.


Manufacturing was the hardest-hit industry, with fabrication of high-tech goods like semiconductors and electronics suffering the most, accounting for more than half of the $217.5 billion increase in the trade deficit between 2001 and 2011.


Most of the jobs lost or displaced by trade with China between 2001 and 2011 were in manufacturing industries (more than 2.1 million jobs, or 76.9 percent). Within manufacturing, rapidly growing imports of computer and electronic products (including computers, parts, semiconductors, and audio-video equipment) accounted for 54.9 percent of the $217.5 billion increase in the U.S. trade deficit with China between 2001 and 2011. The growth of this deficit contributed to the elimination of 1,064,800 U.S. jobs in computer and electronic products in this period. Indeed, in 2011, the total U.S. trade deficit with China was $301.6 billion—$139.3 billion of which was in computer and electronic products.


Thanks to the suicidal manufacturing policy in US, China GDP has risen from $350 billion in 1990 to $20 trillion (PPP) and surpassed the US in terms of GDP based on purchasing power parity (PPP). United States of America was the largest but International Monetary Fund and World Bank rank China since as the world’s largest economy. The US has been the global economic leader since overtaking the UK in 1872. Most economists previously thought China would pull ahead in 2019.


So if the United States continues to allow its manufacturing base to erode at a staggering pace how in the world can the U.S. continue to consider itself to be a great nation? We have created the biggest debt bubble in the history of the world in an effort to maintain a very high standard of living, but the current state of affairs is not anywhere close to sustainable. As of June 30, 2012, China held a total of $3.24 trillion in foreign exchange reserves (Bloomberg News 2012), about 70 percent of which were held in U.S. dollars. Every single month America does into more debt to communist China and every single month America gets poorer.


The deindustrialization and debt of the United States should be a top concern for every man, woman and child in the country. It is not that hard to understan what happens when the debt bubble pops. But sadly, most Americans do not have any idea what is going on around them.


Because America’s debt is exploding to unmanageable proportions, the United States finds itself financially dependent on China as one of its main creditors. Americans owe The Peoples Republic well over a trillion dollars and are going further into debt, but the Communist ruling elite in Beijing are not satisfied with having the U.S. as a virtual debtor client state. China’s political elite are also using their financial power to manipulate how Americans think — or don’t think — about China. Along with computers, electronics, and house wares, a new kind of Political Correctness is also being manufactured in China.


The Communist elite which controls China wants Hollywood to portray the Peoples Republic in a favorable light to American audiences, while rewarding the hard Left U.S. film industry with hefty profits for their cooperation.


These are dangerous events which directly threaten the United States. The threats offered by an increasing powerful Communist China are already all but ignored by the zionist mass media in US, both on the Right as well as on the Left. Beijing’s elite, however, are taking no chances. Ignoring the China threat is not enough, the American people must be made to love the Peoples Republic and all its works.




From looking at things, the Syrian conflict could be a smaller warm up to a planned global conflict. Russia has already participated in 2013 in a mass joint war games exercise with China on Eastern European soil with thousands of Red Chinese troops. They where training specifically for war against Western forces, this was kept out of the mainstream of course. This is what America and Western Europe have been prepped for over the decades, and how they planned to take Germany down into Communism during the First war, which they manipulated into existence for the sole purpose of taking all of Europe down into Communism, and they nearly did. It is a repeating set of tactics they are using.


The West is past the demoralization point and has entered into the destabilization phase. The Protest Wall St was organized by Jewish agents of Rothschild to be the start of a Communist movement, which is part of the subversion of decades of indoctrination of students into Communist ideals. At this point, one way or another, Zionists are seeking to take the West down should they start a full out Communist revolution, civil war or open war. One way or another, it seems Red Chinese troops will be on Western Soil “Liberating” us from the Fascist oppressors. This is what the Jews did with the Red Army rolling over Europe and the East, enslaving the many for the Jews.




Sidney Rittenberg

American journalist and scholar who worked closely with leader Mao

and statesmen of Communist China. As a prominent media leader in China, being the head

of the Broadcast Administration, he promoted the Cultural Revolution in China (pro-communist movement).

Sydney Rittenberg-and communist leader Mao jewish men jews communism




Grigori Voitinsky

member of Communist Party of the Soviet Union, he took part in the

pro-Communist revolution in Siberia and the Far East. As a Comiterm official, he was sent

to China as an adviser and he helped the formation of the Communist party of China.

Grigori Voitinsky jewish communism china jews





Mikhail Borodin (born Mikhail Gruzenberg)

a prominent Comintern (Communist International)

agent, and later a Chinese government adviser of Communist leader Mao. He joined

the Bolshevik party in 1903 and became an associate of Vladimir Lenin.

He worked in Mexico, the United States and the United Kingdom as a Comintern agent.

Mikhail Borodin bolshevik jewish men jews communism China









In the late nineteenth century, communities of Russian Jews settled in Harbin and Tientsin, especially at the urging of the Russian government, which aimed to construct a railway to eastern Asia and needed population centers there. The Russian government, eager to populate the cities, encouraged minorities such as Jews and Karaites to move to these cities. As the religious freedoms in Eastern Europe became more limited and as pogroms in the Pale of Settlement increased, many Jews joined these Southeast Asian communities, raising the Jewish population of Harbin to 8,000 by 1908.


Zionist group in Harbin China 1913



In June 2014, China announced that the 105-year-old Harbin Tongjiang Street synagogue would reopen after a year-long restoration project. The restoration was done in collaboration with Dan Ben-Canaan, an Israeli scholar who has lived in Harbin for more than a decade and works there as director of Heilongjiang University’s Sino-Israel Research and Study Center.




Shanghai, a port city in the Kiangsu province in Eastern China, opened to foreign trade in 1843. Subsequently, the city of Shanghai absorbed many of the Ashkenazi émigrés fleeing repression in Eastern Europe. Russian Jews fleeing persecution and massacres under the Tsar also emigrated and built the Ohel Moishe Synagogue in Shanghai in 1907. But the majority of the Shanghai Jewish population was Sephardim from Baghdad, Bombay, and Cairo, including the wealthy families Sassoon, Kadoorie, Hardoon, Ezra, Shamoon, and Baroukh. These families raised the Jewish population of Shanghai to approximately 700, including 400 Sephardim, 250 Europeans, and 50 Americans. Most of them were merchants, although some were in medicine, teaching, and diplomatic service.


Jews fleeing the Russian Revolution of 1917 further increased the Jewish population and raised awareness for the Zionist movement. Then in the 1930s and 40s, Jewish refugees from Germany and German-occupied areas fleeing the Nazi regime increased the Shanghai population to approximately 25,000. Lubavitch Hasidim, as well as remnants of the Mir and Slobodka Lithuanian yeshivot (Jewish religious schools), found refuge in Shanghai, which became a frequent destination because the free port did not require visas.


Between 1933 and 1941, Shanghai accepted approximately 18,000 Jewish refugees who fled from the horror of the Holocaust in Eastern Europe [Watch a video thanking Shanghai]. Of these Jewish refugees, 14,000 lived in the “Designated Area for Stateless Refugees,” located in Tilanquiao Square, along with other refugees from all over the world. The Tilanquiao historic area is still very much alive today.


Japan captured Shanghai in 1937 and closed it to further immigration in December 1941. They deported most of their Jews to the miserable Hongkew district of Shanghai and kept them in unsanitary semi-internment camps under Japanese occupation forces. The Shanghai Jews, including the transferred Japanese Jews, suffered great economic and property loss during the war, after which, most left to the United States, Britain, Israel, Australia, and other communities. Since 1948, 1,070 Jews from China have immigrated to Israel, with 504 leaving between 1948 and 1951.


Between 1904 and 1939, three synagogues were built in Shanghai, and 12 Jewish magazines in English, German, and Russian were established and published there. A Hebrew newspaper was also published as early as 1904. The leading magazine, Israel’s Messenger, was a Zionist monthly founded in 1904 by N. E. B. Ezra and published until his death in 1936.


The Ohel Moshe Synagogue was built by Russian Jews in the 1920's and has been integrated as a part of the Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum. During World War II the synagogue served as a a meeting place for the Jewish community. Former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin visited the synagogue in 1994, and took time to thank the people of Shanghai for their humanitarian actions during the second World War. In 2007 the synagogue was remodelled based on the original 1928 design. That design is displayed on the first floor; the second floor includes videos and a database to search for Jewish refugees, and the third floor hosts an exhibit titled “German Nazi Death Camps - Auschwitz.”


The Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum illuminates the area's Jewish past. The museum offers daily free tours every 45 minutes. The permanent exhibit at the Museum houses over 140 high-quality photographs and a multi-screen projection area showing a short film about the refugees who lived in the area. A new museum exhibit opened in August 2015, including historical materials and testimony from refugees who took shelter in Shanghai.


In 2015, a replica of the White Horse Inn, a popular gathering place for the Jewish community that was destroyed in 2009, reopened. Ron Klinger, 74, the grandson of the café’s co-founder, who grew up in the cafe, said: “The White Horse was like cafe, bar and nightclub. It was very popular, a place of refuge for Jews who had escaped the Nazis.” The cafe is located next to the museum.


Plans are also being made to open a memorial park that will serve to replace the four Jewish cemeteries in Shanghai that over the years were damaged or destroyed.




Today, there are about 2,000 Jews living in Beijing, a city of 17 million. A handful of Jewish communists came to this city decades ago but a growing number of secular and then Orthodox Jews have settled there recently, bringing along their families and their traditions. For the past 30 years, the world’s Jews have been coming to China to take part in the rapid transformation and surging economic development. A small group of North American Jews first came to Beijing in the late 1970s. A congregation was established, called Kehillat Beijing, as a part of the Reform movement. The first Passover Seder was held in 1980 and then High Holy Day services were held in a hotel conference room, starting Friday night Shabbat open houses soon after. Jews from Europe and the Soviet Union began arriving during the 1980s.


When China established diplomatic relations with Israel in 1992, a joint Seder was held between Kehillat Beijing and the Israeli Embassy. The congregation began holding regular Friday night services in 1995, followed by the first brit milah in 1997, along with a Kehillat Beijing Sunday school. Today, the Ahavat Yitzhak school teaches 40 children. Although Kehillat Beijing does not have a permanent rabbi, the congregation now boasts approximately 50 families.


The Chabad House in Beijing is located at the end of a quiet street in an upscale gated community inside Fourth Ring road and down the block from the Israeli Embassy. Rabbi Shimon Freundlich serves as Beijing’s Chabad-Lubavitch rabbi, arriving in Beijing in 2001. Chabad makes sure to work within the centralized Chinese system by allowing only holders of foreign passports to attend prayer services and cultural activities, and refrains from public advertising. The synagogue is technically in Rabbi Freundlich’s home, since free-standing religious buildings are forbidden.


In 2002, Rabbi Freundlich’s wife opened Ganeinu International School, an accredited Montessori school that educates about 50 children up to age 12 from a diverse range of Jewish backgrounds and various levels of observance. Chabad provides teachers for Kehillat Beijing’s Sunday school, which shares Ganeinu’s building, and the two communities come together for religious holidays.


The community has grown from 700 to 1,500 people in the last seven years. Chabad has established a downtown location in the city’s central business disctrict as well as a community center. A womens-only mikveh, Mei Torah, was established, and a ritual slaughterer flies in from South Africa every three months to meet the kosher dietary needs of the community. In March 2007, Beijing’s first (and only) kosher restaurant opened, called Dini’s, which was open 24 hours, six days a week during the 2008 Summer Olympics Games, providing kosher food for athletes in the Olympic village, as well as snack baskets for spectators.


Hong Kong


An estimated 5,000 Jews live in Hong Kong at least part-time, as the community is very transient. The Jewish Community Center, which opened in 1995, is the main location for Jewish events in the city. Right next door is the Ohel Leah Synagogue, a Modern Orthodox synagogue that boasts a membership of 190 families. Rabbi Asher Oser has led the congregation since 2010.


Rabbi Stanton Zamek leads the United Jewish Congregation of Hong Kong, a Reform congregation of 170 families. The congregation is approximately 60 percent American, relatively young and career-oriented.


Chabad Hong Kong is led by Rabbi Mordechai Avtzon and his wife Goldie and has been in the area since 1987.


There are two Sephardic Orthodox congregations in Hong Kong, both with mostly Israeli congregants, that were established in the 1990s. Both have glatt kosher restaurants and are open to the public.


Jewish Community Today


Today, China’s Jewish community numbers around 2,500, though nearly all live in Shanghai. Led by Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Shalom Greenberg, efforts are underway to revive the Jewish community. A small Jewish Museum exists in Kaifang.


Israel and China established formal relations in 1992 and ties have grown increasingly close in recent years.


In September 2013, Tel Aviv University President, Professor Joseph Klafter, and Professor Zhang Zhi, President of the Jiao-Tong University in Shanghai, China, signed an agreement for the establishment of a special research center for Israel Studies at the Chinese college.  The research center, which will address contemporary issues in the Middle East and Israel, is the first of its kind in China. The agreement was signed in the presence of the Israeli Ambassador to China, Matan Vilnai, Israeli consular officials and representatives from the business community as well as the Jewish community.





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