Marxist swine and assorted libtards of varying shades will often shout, "Fascist!"

"Fascist!" at anyone who dares to debunk their demented doctrines. This commie

cry has intensified in the age of Donald Trump. Although the term is especially

popular among brainwashed college students -- in recent years, half-educated

"conservatives" and even some of our "conspiracy theorist" brethren have also

picked-up the label to use as an epithet against those same Reds and Pinks.

"You're a Fascist! -- No. You're a Fascist! Oh yeah? -- So's your mom!" 

That's what ya call "political discourse" these days.

But how many people actually understand what Fascism is? How many have ever

even given the question any thought, let alone objective study? Unfortunately, Fascism

-- in spite of the abject public ignorance about the subject -- has been given a "bad rap"

-- an undeserved bad reputation. Simply uttering the word in the presence of a Marxist or

even just your run-of-the-mill normie will reflexively conjure up thoughts of big bad

Hitler and the moronic myth of the "6 million" . In reality, populist Fascism -- the exact

opposite of elitist Marxism / Globalism -- represents a very sensible,  comprehensive

and natural set of principles for the proper governance of mankind. There are several

different "flavors" of Fascism, but not one specific "ideology," per se. But basically, the

ideal can be boiled down to a simple slogan: "One for all and all for one" --- hence the

root words: "fascia"(Italian) -- a band used to tie loose strands together --

Latin: fasces (a bundle of rods).

The three general elements which Fascism encompasses and "ties together"are: 

1. Politics 

2. Economics 

3. Culture 



What follows is a brief overview of the Fascist model for each of those realms.

1. In Italian -- the word is "fascismo"  is derived from the Latin word "fasces" --

a bundle of sticks tied together as one. It is symbolic of a people unified for the

common good. That is why the Fascist symbol of Italy (where Fascism was first

instituted by Benito Mussolini in the 1920's) depicts an ax attached to a bundle of rods 

-- an ancient Roman image similar to what was once on the back of a U.S. "Mercury" dime (Image 2).

// 3. Fascism values professionals and "Blue Collar" workers equally and --

unlike divisive envy-based Marxism / Libtardism -- promotes harmony and unity between the classes.




Because Fascism is a natural reaction to degenerate and/or tyrannical Leftists holding

power or seeking power, some degree of force usually accompanies its rise to power.

This is only logical because, after all, the "bad guys" (usually Marxists allied with

degenerate and stupid "Social Democrats") would never yield power back to the people

voluntarily. And only a deluded egghead academic or dumb-as-dirt normie would actually

believe that uninformed and splintered mob-voting could ever clean up a Red mess at

the ballot box. 

The three big names of the 20th Century most associated with Fascism

-- Benito Mussolini of Italy (ruled 1922-1944)  Adolf Hitler of Germany (ruled 1933-1945), 

and Francisco Franco of Spain (ruled 1939-1975) -- all dauntlessly stared the demonic

Marxist beast in the eye and subdued it by utilizing brute "anti-democratic" force -- just

as it was about to swallow their respective nations. It was the only way. Like the

National Rifle Association likes to say: “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a

good guy with a gun.”

After the honorable men of benevolent Fascism crush the dishonorable men of malevolent

Marxism -- the new regime must remain in power and never allow "the bad guys" to use

"democracy" (manipulated mob voting) to regain a foothold within the state ever again.

Fascism is therefore an authoritarian form of government -- but with the power being

used for the good. The Fascist political apparatus is thus stacked with loyal party members

screened on the basis of ability and character. Low life, wheeler-dealer, bullshit-artists in

service to the New World Order need not apply! But because party membership is

open to all men of good character (sorry ladies, this is the man's realm) -- the party itself

is truly democratic. 

Though no system can ever be totally purged of ambitious scoundrels and

well-meaning incompetents, the men selected by the party leaders and/or

membership to fill the positions of the Fascist state are generally of far

superior moral and intellectual quality that your typical vote-chasing,

kickback-pocketing, virtue-signalling charlatan in a "democracy." And if

a Fascist official does turn out to be shady and corrupt, someone up

the line will eventually fire and replace him -- instead of protecting him.

The political ideal of party Fascism is to populate the government with

what Hitler referred to as "a holy order of political leaders" -- something

which the corrupted western democracies can never achieve through

mob manipulation and bloc voting.

1. When it came time for their nations to fall to Bolshevism, Fascist leaders (l-r)

Franco, Hitler & Mussolini called out their "muscle" at the 11th hour to save the day. 

(*Napoleon Bonaparte did likewise more than a century earlier when he cracked

down on the Red Jacobins who sought to rule France, and he then instituted a populist

system very similar to 20th Century Fascism.) // 2. Hitler's  falsely maligned "Brown Shirts"

gave the violent Marxists of Germany a taste of their own medicine.

// 3. Years earlier, Mussolini's "Black Shirts" out-muscled the violent Reds of Italy.


Under the economic aspect of Fascism, the authoritarian government of a sovereign

nation plays an important role in monitoring (not controlling) all banking, commerce,

manufacturing and labor activity within the nation. Such oversight is done for the

sole purpose of safeguarding & advancing the interests of the people. The government

will not approve of any business activity unless it has a positive impact on the nation

as a whole. This is the fundamental proposition which drives everything within the

economy. In other words, the big bad Fascist asks, "Does ABC Inc. benefit our

people? Does ABC Inc. pay a fair wage? Does ABC Inc. make a product or offer

a service which improves the lot of our people in some way?" If the answer is

'yes,' then it is left free to conduct its affairs. In some cases, a company may

even partner-up with the state to achieve a certain public initiative. If the answer

is "no," then it is either regulated or, in the most harmful cases, not permitted to exist.

For example, under Fascism, pornographers would be shut down because pornography

corrupts men and degrades women. Also, lopsided "free trade" agreements would never

be approved because such schemes invariably induce companies to ship jobs overseas

in search of cheap exploitable labor. This type of treasonous undermining of the nation's

working class is entirely unacceptable under "people first" Fascism.



The scholar James Miller once observed: "Fascism is based on free enterprise -

with the only constraint based on the question: "Is it good for our nation/people?" 

A businessman can become very wealthy in a Fascist country, and the government

has no objection to wealth accumulation. This stands in total contrast to our current

hybrid system of Marxism / Communism / Corporate Croniesm which seeks to

keep everyone -- save for the political elite -- in a state of perpetual want and

pathetic dependency. Fascism also defends private ownership of property --

again, in contrast to Marxism / Social Welfare "democracy" where private property

is either not allowed, or taxed at very high levels.

Although economic Fascism is free-market based, Fascism is not "Capitalism."

The primary goal of contemporary Corporate Capitalism is profit maximization

and stock price. On the other hand, the universal aspiration of Fascism is the

well being of a nation's citizens. In a Capitalist system (i.e., Super-Capitalism

/ Monopolistic Cronie Capitalism) almost nothing can interfere with maximizing

profits -- least of all the workers and customers.

To quote Miller again, in short, the Fascist basically says to entrepreneurs and CEO's: 

"Go ahead and start a business, earn a lot of money, be successful. We won't bother

you or tax you too much. But just make sure you don't produce any products or services

which damage our nation and our nation's people. Treat your workers fairly, pay them

a living wage, and provide them decent and safe working conditions. If you follow these

rules, we won't intervene."

With regard to banking  -- and this is HUGE -- money-supply usury is not allowed under

Fascism -- a factor which explains why the German and Italian economies were

spared the extreme hardships of the Great Depression plaguing the western democracies

throughout the 1930's. Indeed, the "German Miracle" of the 1930's ranks as the greatest

economic recovery in world history. It is the government -- not the private Rothschild Central Bank

-- which issues/prints money and spends or lends it interest-free, as needed, to grow the

economy and  serve the people. 

1. Germany's debt-free Fascist Mark was the strongest currency in the world.

//  2. "The German Miracle" -- Hitler breaking ground for the the famous Autobahn

-- the German Highway System built under his reign.

// 3. Hitler with German laborers. The Great One was pro-business, but the

working men loved him because he promoted their interests and well-being.



1. Under the "democratic" / "capitalist" economic model, the "fat cat" elites of

high finance and the big corporations combine with crooked politicians to

fleece the people through debt, inflation and taxes.

// 2. Under the populist Facsist system, the state serves the interests of the people,

not the "fat cats." This ideal is accurately depicted in the 1932 NSDAP election poster

above -- which urges workers of both "the forehead" and "the fist" to unite in support

of the man whose party would fight only for THEIR common interests, Adolf Hitler.


Under a Fascist government, the state monitors film, theater, art, literature, music, education,

etc in order to maintain high moral and intellectual standards, promote senses of patriotism,

duty & honor, and censor the type of depraved filth and "artistic" ugliness which has corrupted

the materialistic and overly sensualized cultures of so many Marxified societies throughout the

world today.

Fascism also holds women in very high regard. Women are the carriers of new life. As such,

they are expected and encouraged to marry, have children, and dedicate themselves to

family first. Though women can certainly be educated and have careers -- family comes first,


There is no "gender neutrality" under Fascism. Little girls are raised and expected to be

feminine -- and the boys, strong and brave. Consistent with these ideals, Fascist art

often portrays women as sweet and nurturing, and men as manly and straight. A Fascist

society does not churn out nasty bitches like Mamma Merkel or Killary Clinton ---

or insane cross-dressers like "Big Mike" Obama.

Also, under Fascism, if a Marxist or libtard doesn't like the way things are, he/she can either

stay and refrain from political subversion -- or is free to leave the country. Communist

Enrico Fermi left Italy; Communist Albert Einstein left Germany -- and no one attempted

to stop them. And contrary to what far too many conservatives believe, the Fascists did

not abolish private ownership of firearms. To the contrary, The Great One (that's Hitler

for you newbies and normies) actually repealed the gun bans imposed upon German

citizens by the cruel and unjust post-World War I Treaty of Versailles.

Now compare and contrast this degree of liberty under Fascism with totalitarian Communism

--- where if one had wanted to leave Stalin's Soviet Union, Mao's China, or Castro's Cuba

(regimes which the "anti-fascists" just lovvvved), he could not. It was either submission, or

a re-education camp to be brainwashed into accepting "the worker's paradise." And if

one still resisted, he'd probably be killed. And if he managed to leave the country, his

property would be confiscated (in accordance with Plank #4 of Marx's 1848 Manifesto (here))

1. German poster promotes motherhood and family -- a Marxist's worst nightmare!

// 2. German National Socialists burn pornographic, homosexual / pedosexual and Communist books.

// 3. Spanish Communist con-"artist" Pablo Picasso was hyped as a "genius"

in the Western Fake News. Exhibits of his ugly and senseless mockeries of

art were banned in both Fascist Spain and Germany. In July of 1937, a German

exhibition of "Degenerate Art" invited visitors to come in view the type of "art"

that Hitler was protecting Germans from. One room was labeled, 'The Insanity Room"

-- and the exhibition handbook read: "In the paintings and drawings of this chamber

of horrors there is no telling what was in the sick brains of those who wielded the

brush or the pencil." 




A clean and healthy pro-family moral order -- a respect for tradition, God, religion and elders

-- a "mind-your-own-business" approach to foreign policy (notwithstanding Mussolini's North

African imperialism) -- a merit-based political class free of the corrupting influence of whorish

"democracy" -- a free but justly regulated economy built upon an honest monetary system

-- a welfare system designed to uplift the working class and not the lazy degenerates of society

-- a culture which values the highest forms of artistic beauty -- and a social order in which people

of all classes and occupations rise and fall based on merits, and respectfully view each other

as part of one big happy family "banded" (fasce) together in common cause for the common

good. That Fascism sounds pretty good to yours truly!

Hmmm. No wonder that very same self-perpetuating class of predatory, anti-family,

counter-cultural, "pro-democracy," pro-divide & conquer, atheistic Globalists / Marxists

who imposed World War II upon Fascist Germany, Italy & Japan have ever since given

the word such an undeserved stink. (((They))) are "projecting"-- that's why.


Hitler -- Mussolini -- Franco gained enormous popularity (especially Hitler) because they all saved their people from both the minority Marxists and the debt-money finance Mafia. Their unifying "people first" policies were anathema to the New World Order crime syndicate which later conquered all three states (Germany & Italy via war, Spain by patiently waiting for Franco's death in 1975) -- and rolled them into the tyrannical and degenerate European Union.


Some of most vile characters of the Marxist element in American and European "high society"

are now openly calling Donald Trump a "Fascist." These aren't just snot-nosed, know-nothing

college kiddies or silver pony-tailed ex-hippies with one foot in the grave -- but rather,

well-connected and "respected" individuals (many of them Jewish) tied to the PRC

(Predatory Ruling Class).

In the article titled, "The Debate Over the Word 'Fascist'" (here), the New York Slimes quotes

former U.S. Labor Secretary, Robert Reich: “I have held off using the f word

for three and a half years, but there is no longer any honest alternative. Trump is a fascist,

and he is promoting fascism in America.”

The article also quotes author, journalist, activist Masha Gessen:

“Whether or not he is capable of grasping the concept, Trump is performing fascism.”

The Washington Compost, in the article headlined, "Is Trump a Fascist?"

(here) quotes Oregon Senator Ron Wyden :

"The fascist speech Donald Trump just delivered verged on a declaration of war against American citizens."

And Adam Weinstein  of The New Republic:

“It is time to embrace the parallels, to be unafraid to speak a clear truth: Whether by

design or lack of it, Donald Trump and the Republican Party operate an

American state that they have increasingly organized on fascist principles."

And Fake Historian and author Fred Finchestein:

"Goebbels and Hitler would have been proud of Donald Trump."

Is Trump really a Fascist like the usual JEW suspects say? God I hope so!

1. The Marxist JEW midget Robert Reich says that Trump is a Fascist.

// 2. The lovely and gracious JEW Masha Gessen -- who has openly stated that she

wants to see the institution of marriage disappear -- says that Trump is a Fascist.



The Q Anon Motto of "Where We Go One, We Go All" represents the same

"Let's stick together" unifying ideal as the Fascist symbol of bundled rods.

A unified people has always been the JEWS greatest fear.