The Estrella de la Manana Cantina, commonly referred to by the locals as the Star Bar, or just The Bar as a matter of simplicity, offers everything you'd

expect from a bar and grill with a package liquor license. It's built of plaster coated adobe and there are large areas where the plaster fell off long ago.

The roof is flat and leaks a bit. There is a pool table that requires two quarters and a modern jukebox that requires paper currency, no coins. The

restrooms designated HOMBRES and MUJERES are outside in the back and aren't much more than outhouses attached to the main building. The

bar itself is made of mesquite wood, is shaped like the letter U and has fourteen mesquite stools around it. There are five tables along the walls that

seat four people each. At the open end of the U shaped bar is a table for the cash register, popcorn popper, shelving on the wall for liquor stock and

a doorway leading to the kitchen and storage room. A flat-screen TV with cable access is hung over the door leading into the kitchen which is

always on without the sound being on. The TV sound interferes with the jukebox, but anyone can read the closed captions on the TV if they please.

A painting on one one wall depicts a large yellow five point star rising from behind a desert mountain range complete with saguaro and cholla cactus,

a jack rabbit, gila monster, a road runner and the obligatory diamond back rattlesnake. The artist was certainly not a trained professional, but the spirit

of Arizona is all there. On the apposing wall is a mural depicting a cowboy on a bucking horse made entirely of beer bottle caps and is indeed a true

likeness when viewed from a distance. The floor is made of very aged wood with some deep gashes in places where a shod horse, that a drunk rode

into The Bar on a 4th of July, slipped while in a panic to get out. The ceiling is unpainted dry wall with water stains and several bullet holes.

Beside each bullet hole is a note written in pencil declaring when the shot was fired, by whom and what the circumstances were. There

were no serious injuries that anyone can recall.

Liz Dilling has been the owner and evening shift bartender for longer than anyone can remember and most of the regulars are in their 60s... more or less.

Fact is, most of the inhabitants of Panteras, Arizona, population 212 according to the 2010 census, are in their 60s... more or less. The community has

two gals for every guy which is a situation common to small towns in remote areas, or not I suppose.

Nobody in town lives very far below the poverty line and very few, if anyone, lives very far above the line either.

Liz is perhaps 75 years old and does anything she can do to appear younger, which is any woman's right. Her hair is piled high, dyed red and features

ever present gray roots. She wears far too much makeup. She evidently didn't like her natural eyebrows because she plucked them bare and now draws

eyebrows in a pronounced arch upon herself. Her thin lips are always bright red that somewhat match her finger nails and over rouged cheeks. At five

feet-five inches and maybe ninety five pounds she resembles an aged Minnie Mouse in her over-sized shoes and cocktail dresses. She is always over

perfumed which isn't so bad during the winter, but is often nauseating in the summer. She always wears a pair of reading glasses around her neck like

a necklace. She has to look sideways through them because the center of the lenses are very scratched from careless use.

In summation, Liz Dilling more closely resembles and smells like an ancient madam of a brothel rather than a saloon keeper.

Aside from her semi-comical appearance, Liz is perhaps the most respected, liked and admired person in Panteras and is considered the unofficial Mayor.

Nobody has contributed more money or personal time to local causes, nor has she ever refused a personal loan or favor when it was asked for.

Her love of children and animals is the stuff of local legends. She spares no expense decorating not only her bar, but also most of the community

for all holidays and occasions both American and Mexican. Mexican-Americans, both legal citizens and illegal citizens, make up only 15% of

the town's population which is unusual for a border town. There is only one African-American woman who moved from New Orleans after

Hurricane Katrina and there is an Apache-Irish mixed family of six living on the outskirts of town. Everyone else is of varying shades of white.

Some say Liz must have some horrid bones in her closet and her generosity is pure atonement for past sins. Others say that she probably just

needs to be loved and needed since her husband died and her only son simply disappeared a decade ago.

Her husband drank himself to death, which is anyone's right, and her son was far from what you could call law abiding.


Lasha Darkmoon, which may or may not be her given name, is the elderly hippie chick who prepares food for anybody who orders from the

not so extensive menu between noon and six in the evening. Tacos, burritos, burgers and chicken wings are the preferred staples all washed down

with mostly Papst Blue Ribbon, Bud Light or Corona beer. Designer beers haven't caught on in Panteras and probably won't. Fancy beer and

fancy food can be had by driving 20 miles or so in Bisbee or Sierra Vista. Local folks like to keep it plain and simple and the number of churches

in the area are a testament to their mostly clean living. Lasha habitually wears tie-dyed T-shirts and skirts and always wears her waist length grey

hair in a pony tail. She is proud to tell anyone who might be interested that she followed the Grateful Dead around the country for years selling

tie-dyed clothing and accessories. She only wound up in Panteras because her VW bus broke down

while she was looking to score a few kilos of weed from any one of the locals who are in that business... or were.

Bartender Grace Halsell's day shift begins at ten in the morning and ends when Liz takes over at 4pm. Liz stays open until the last regular leaves,

or last dollar is spent, which is usually not much later than 9pm on weekdays and no later than midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. Grace is a

middle aged no nonsense gal with a tough biker chick image and demeanor. She is pretty and has a figure that men naturally lust after. She took

full advantage of that fact as a stripper in Oakland, California for several years in her younger days. Harley-Davidson T-shirts purchased from many

different dealerships tucked into tight jeans are her usual attire. Many local men have asked her who H.A. is when the PROPERTY OF H.A.

tattoo on her right butt cheek is noticed during romantic interludes. Most of the men became somewhat nervous after she informed them that H.A.

stands for Hells Angels, until she assured them that she is no longer anyone's property since moving away from the San Francisco Bay area many moons ago.


Ursula Haverbeck is the fill-in bartender and cook when the others have days off. 'Ursie', to her friends, was born and raised on a working cattle

ranch near Wilcox, Arizona, is tough as nails and ranch wise because of it. She is admired for her friendliness and down to earth sense of humor.

She is also feared as being someone who you would have to kill to keep her from killing you if she was to unleash herself upon you for crossing

any of the lines that she has established regarding disrespect in the form of personal insults to herself or her friends. She sometimes reminds misbehaving

patrons that she has castrated many a bull during her younger days on the ranch and can prove it here and now. Ursie isn't very far from being

pretty but her strong appetite for beer, booze and burritos makes her resemble a five pound sausage in a three pound skin when attired in her regular western wear.

Meshell Partridge is the part-time cleaning woman and trash hauler. Meshell is the only African American in town. She lost everything she owned,

which wasn't much besides her rented furnished apartment, clothes, photos, keepsakes and a thirty year old Ford Pinto when Hurricane Katrina flooded

New Orleans in 2005. After being 'paroled', as she refers to it, from a FEMA camp following Katrina she traveled by bus as far as Benson, Arizona

where her adult son picked her up and brought her to nearby Sierra Vista where he is stationed at neighboring Ft. Huachuca as an Army

communications specialist. Meshell and her son's wife butted heads for two days until the wife announced that either Meshell had to leave or else

she was leaving. Meshell was the only person to respond to an ad Liz had placed in the Sierra Vista Herald for a part-time custodian. The interview

didn't take long. Liz asked her if she had a drivers license, if could she drive a standard transmission pickup truck and was she

allergic to bleach or ammonia. Annie answered yes, yes and no and she was hired and things worked out in her favor from there.

All of the female crew at The Bar are very good at what they do and very seldom do they fall behind in their main duty of keeping the customers

happy by keeping the cold beers, and inevitable shots of Jack Daniels, coming without much of a waiting period.

A large sign near the cash register reads, NO YAPPING ABOUT RELIGION OR POLITICS and is strictly enforced... sometimes.

Now, before you imagine that an all-woman crew at The Bar could be ultimately vulnerable to rowdy drunks with large beer-muscles or quasi-criminals

with bad intentions, keep this in mind: Even a drunken fool won't fight a woman because you'll lose

either way. If you punch out a woman you lose and if a woman punches you out you really lose.

No local, even when they aren't in their right mind, will risk being indefinitely 86ed from the only bar in town, nor will they run the risk of being

dog-piled upon by the local regulars who feel duty-bound to help maintain civility on their watch.

And if a situation should get totally out of hand then an unmentioned factor comes into play.


Arizona is a conceal and carry state. It's legal for anyone 21 years of age and older to carry a concealed hand gun even into a bar as long as the bar

does not post a no weapons advisory and as long as you don't order an alcoholic beverage. Liz and her crew usually know who is carrying and

who isn't and they tolerate the carrying while drinking infraction as a matter of a last resort security measure. The Baretta Pico 380 caliber is the most

popular gun of choice lately because of it's small size and flat design. There is no NO WEAPONS ALLOWED sign at the Star Bar.

And then there is Ursie, if she is on duty, who only needs to brandish a kitchen knife and pantomime a castration to gain control of any situation.

Panteras is about four miles North of the Mexican border along the San Pedro river that begins ten miles south of the border and flows North.

The San Pedro isn't really what you could call a river, it's usually more like a creek that sometimes resembles a modest river during the summer

monsoon season. Naco, Arizona is the nearest port of entry about nine miles to the East. The Coronado National Forest begins just a few miles to

the West. You can imagine what sorts of illegal activities are common place in the area. Drug smuggling, human smuggling, and illegal immigration

are rampant. The U.S. Border Patrol vehicles are so common place that you'd think you were in a country

under military occupation and the numerous BP checkpoints enhance the appearance of being occupied.

Now that the U.S. marijuana laws are all but extinct, pot is no longer coming North from Mexico. The bad news is that hard drugs such as heroin and

fentanyl are now coming North with a vengeance, thus proving that for every door that closes, another door opens... for better or worse. Speaking of opening doors...


On a cool and beautifully bright spring morning Grace began another day at The Bar by unlocking the front door after entering by way of the side door.

As usual there awaited the regulars of regular customers who always arrived like clock work at 10am after drinking at home all morning.

First through the door, as usual, was Hank Ford. Hank is a retired auto mechanic who spent thirty five years working at a Minneapolis Chevrolet

dealership then moved from Minneapolis to Panteras to enjoy the warmth, small town pace and affordable property. And yes he still gets ribbed about

being a guy named Ford who worked for Chevy. Tucson was his and his wife's first choice as a retirement place, but Tucson had grown too big too

fast since their original visit and now reminded them of Minneapolis, only much hotter in the summer. Hank is still proud of his Navy service

during the Viet Nam conflict and always wears a baseball cap with his ship's name emblazoned on the front: U.S.S. AMERICA CV-66.

Since retiring Hank found that being around his wife day after day in their double-wide on an acre of land was rather irritating. Not that his wife is

usually anything but pleasant, it's just that she correctly thinks that it is her home and he only boards there. He tried the usual getaways such as golf,

fishing and tinkering in his shed, but soon realized that the only good thing about golf, fishing and tinkering in a shed was

the drinking of beer. So he cut out all activities except the beer drinking and became the most regular of regulars at The Bar.

Being a good natured big man at 6' 2'' and 240 pounds with long gray hair and a bushy gray beard, Hank is drafted every Christmas season by Liz to

be Santa Claus at The Bar and at various festivities around the area. After consuming a few Bud Lites Hank finds that being Santa is a hoot.

Hank and his wife never produced children of their own, so being Santa is a way to enjoy other people's children... for a little while.

Next through the door is usually Theo Adorno or Ernie Zundel.

Born and raised in Phoenix, Theo retired from the Phoenix public school system as a history teacher and coach of the Cortez High School

cross-country team. He received his liberal arts degree from Arizona State University as a history major with a minor in government.

His dream since childhood, a dream inspired by watching Roy Rogers and all the other 50s cowboy stars on TV, was to become a real cowboy someday.


Theo's dream came partially true when he moved to Panteras, after cancer killed his wife of forty years, and purchased a modest frame and stucco

house on ten acres with a small barn and corral for horses. He bought two horses, a gelding and a mare, and was determined to build up a small

herd, but that never worked out for him. He bought a serviceable saddle and tack from a feed store in Sierra Vista, but was too embarrassed to ask

the salesman how to saddle a horse and ended up asking a neighbor with horses to show him how. The neighbor was nice enough to

show him how to saddle and bridal a horse, amongst other horse tending tips, but forever after referred to Theo as 'the Citidiot' behind his back.

It became a pleasurable habit for Theo to ride his gelding the two miles into town almost

every day to check his post office box and/or pick up something from the general store.

On a hot summer morning around 11am Theo decided to stop at The Estrella de la Manana Cantina for the first time for a cold beer. He had previously

avoided The Bar because of it's reputation as being a hangout for bikers and rednecks where sometimes people with guns shot holes in the ceiling.

To his relief the bartender gal was friendly, as were the patrons, the swamp cooler provided a cool humidity and the beer was as cold as could

be without being frozen.


He liked The Bar. He had a few more cold ones and then bought a round for the half dozen other patrons who then began treating him like their new

best friend. But after a couple of hours he remembered that he had tied his horse to a scrawny mesquite tree and it was getting very hot. He shook

hands all around, tipped the bartender,mounted up and headed home determined to return sometimewithout his horse. And that's how Theo Adorno

became a regular at The Bar.

Ernie Zundel had immigrated alone to Canada from Germany in the 70s as a thirty five year old man looking to escape what he considered 'the occupation'.

He earned and saved a small fortune working as a roughneck in the Edmonton oil fields. After enduring two decades of hard outdoor work in usually

freezing weather he determined that it was time to thaw out in a warmer climate for a while. Being a fan of Hollywood western movies he set out alone

in his BMW to go see Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon, some Indian reservations, Old Tucson Movie Studios and such marvels. He did just that and more.

On an adventure, with Tombstone as his destination, he happened to wander through Panteras and stopped at The Bar for lunch and a beer. While seated

at the bar enjoying his tacos and Corona he couldn't help but overhear a discussion between two patrons about a property one of them had up for sale.

Forty fenced acres along the river with a well, septic system and electricity to the property all for a price Ernie couldn't believe, $80,000. If this was

true, all he would have to do is purchase and pull a single or double wide onto the property and he'd be good to go in what he

considered to be paradise. Ernie gestured towards the two fellows to get their attention to express his interest in the property.

They both drove him out to see the forty acres and a deal was struck that day with a handshake and a promise from Ernie to produce a cashier's check

for $75,000 the next day. He arranged his purchased double wide to his liking near the river and from then on he has considered the staff and

regulars at The Bar his family.


Usually following behind Theo and Ernie is Eric Blair. Eric is a short thin man with a wild shock of thick brown hair and a mustache to match who

dresses in yard sale clothes and exclusively uses a bicycle for transportation. He is otherwise known as the Blair witch because of his manner of

scowling while staring off into space until he is slapped on the back to bring him back from wherever it was he went. The few people who know

anything about him report that Eric fancies himself to be a serious writer of profound novels, but he hasyet to produce even one page of

anything for anyone to read. Eric has a head chock full of trivia and semi-useless information that he has accumulated

by reading boxes of paperback books of all kinds that he purchases at yard sales... along with his clothes and necessities.

They further say that if only he could somehow organize his knowledge he just might actually write an interesting book someday. As it is, he can usually

be found sitting at one of the tables nursing the same draft beer for hours while scowling at whatever it is he is fixated upon... out there. Nobody

knows much more about him beyond what they see of him in the bar or what they see of him bicycling around town going to wherever. He seems

to frequently move from one hovel to another. Panteras is a live and let live kind of town where Eric Blair is as welcome as anyone else as long as

he doesn't do anything that's considered too strange. Nobody knows what he lives on. Rumor has it that he was a union electrician in L.A. for

twenty years or so and draws a modest pension. Rumor has it.

And then there is Bob Edmundson who is the youngest of the 10am regular regulars at forty-four years old. Bob suffered a bad fall from a two

story roof top a few years ago while working as a roofer and now shuffles along more than walks due to multiple injuries to his legs, hips and back.

He was awarded a substantial insurance settlement and receives full Social Security disability benefits. He takes prescribed medications for chronic

pain and washes that down with copious amounts of Papst Blue Ribbon beer. He prefers PBR, as he calls it, because it's red white and blue and not

much matters to him beyond that. His ex-wife took his teenage twin daughters and all of the furniture back to Oceanside,

California a year ago to be close to her parents. Nobody really needs to walk too far in her shoes to know why.

Bob now lives alone in a nice four bedroom, two and a half bath house in nearby Hereford, Arizona that is not what you could call furnished.

Besides the huge-screen TV on the living room wall and the hide-a-bed where he sleeps and watches the TV, there really isn't much else besides

his Harley-Davidson motor cycle that he can no longer ride. The Harley drips oil, of course, on the living room carpet but Bob doesn't mind.

The Harley reminds him of better days. His clothes are mostly still in the suitcases that he packed when he vacated the house that his daughters

were raised in. He says that he had to move out of the house because he could still 'see' and 'hear' them there. He misses them dearly and often

wonders what it was that he said, or did, to make them shun him so. Do not feel sorry for Bob because he hates being felt sorry for and

will be the first to tell you in a convincing tone of voice.

Those who do not know Bob Edmundson, beyond seeing him seated at the bar in The Bar, imagine that all is well in his world because of his

ready smile and friendly interest in anyone and anything. He is always happy to share his pitchers of PBR with anyone holding an empty

glass and can match anyone joke for joke.

Now that some introductions have been made let's drop in and eavesdrop on the conversations

and observe the activities that go on during a typical day at The Bar... and meet some more locals.


Mornin' Gennelmin,” Grace Halsell greeted the early birds as she opened the door. “How y'all doing?”

They responded with various grunts and cliches as they filed in such as “About to get better”,

“Another day in heaven!” and “Still above ground.”

The men took their preferred stools around the bar except for Eric Blair who took his preferred seat at the table nearest the bar with his back to the wall.

For Grace to have asked anyone what they wanted would have been beyond redundant. She began serving the preferred beers in bottles and pouring

the draft PBR for Bob and Eric. She had to come from behind the bar to serve Eric who accepted his beer with a nod and a barely audible grunt.

She turned on the TV and began the process of popping fresh popcorn. She was always very aware that men would always stare at her butt without

actually looking at it whenever she had her back to them. Even after seeing the same butt for years, they all would still stare at it.

It's just how men are.


ESPN was the usual morning show they watched for sports updates and highlights. No news programs were ever tolerated as they

were considered the same shit–different day and who the hell would want to listen to anything a politician had to say anyway.

It would be about a half an hour before the next two customers came in. Charlie Coughlin and Art McCollum arrived together albeit separately.

Charlie was an ex-pastor of his own church and a former teacher at the small bible college in neighboring Miracle Valley. Personal events, advancing

age and convincing arguments caused him to set religion aside for the duration without rancor. He had become weary of the fight between good and

evil because evil was always kicking the hell out of good... so to speak. It was time to let younger folks man the ramparts while he retired to smell

the roses and enjoy a bloody mary in the morning which is what grace prepared for him without being asked. His Social Security checks and a

small pension afforded him the lifestyle he now enjoyed. It was his routine to nurse two bloody marys until noon when he'd be the first to be served

an order of shredded beef tacos for lunch by Lasha whose routine it was to make tacos first thing for Charlie. No conversation was necessary because

all routine transactions were performed on mental auto-pilot.

Art McCollum is one of the local jacks of all trades yet master of none. With all of the men-less women in the area there is always some odd job

or another to be done. His wife had grown tired of women always asking Art for one favor or another and his never refusing them. So she put her

foot down and began telling the women to “either get your own damn husband or start paying mine to do your man jobs.” In essence, Art was

able to quit his construction job and work his own hours as a Rent-A-Husband with his wife as his agent. His own hours included some time in the

mornings to stop in The Bar for a shot of Maker's Mark and a couple of beer chasers before tackling the days tasks. The alcohol in the morning

made dealing with women with strong opinions about how to do things more tolerable. Often a second dose of alcohol in the early afternoon

would be required to be able to continue the days scheduled workload.


Around 11:30am a middle-aged couple entered the bar and seated themselves at a table along the opposite wall

from where Eric was sitting. Grace called over to them from behind the bar. “Mornin' folks what can I getcha?”

The man responded. “I'll have a Bud and my wife will have iced-tea... and a couple on menus please.”

Grace nodded. “Drinks coming right up and I got menus for ya but the kitchen don't open for another half hour.”

No problem, we can easily kill a half hour just enjoying the coolness in here.”

The couple were strangers and they were dressed too nice to be locals. They more closely resembled a couple that may

have just finished a round of golf at an upscale Country Club. As Grace served the drinks she asked. “Where y'all from?”

The man responded. “We're from Tucson enjoying a little day trip. We were going to see Karchner Caverns but didn't know that you need reservations,

so we decided to make a side-trip South on the side roads on our way to Bisbee. We've lived in Tucson for thirty years but have never been in this

area before. It's lunch time so here we are.”

Grace responded. “Well, Bisbee ain't much further, but y'all are sure welcome an' we appreciate ya stoppin' in. The cook will be here shortly.”

Grace went on about her business of preparing the drinks, popping corn, tapping a keg, cutting limes, keeping the regulars serviced, wiping

off the bar and such things that bartenders do.

All the regulars noticed the Tucson couple enter but made it a point not to stare at them. Staring at strangers is considered rudeness in a saloon...

or anywhere else for that matter. They all overheard the conversational exchange between Grace and the couple, but good saloon manners

also dictates that you act like you don't hear anything at all... only because it's none of your business unless you are directly addressed.

After fifteen minutes had passed the man got up from the table with his empty beer bottle and his wife's empty glass

and approached the bar saying to Grace. “Another round please.” Grace nodded and got busy with the next round.

It was then that Hank noticed the baseball cap that the Tucson man was wearing that very much resembled his own cap, only it was emblazoned

with USS LIBERTY AGTR-5. Hank figured that he must be a Navy Vet and a kindred spirit so he spoke up. “Say Mister when were you on the LIBERTY?”

The Tucson man then noticed Hank's cap and quickly deduced where this conversation was going and replied. “I wasn't on the LIBERTY and I

wasn't in the Navy.” The Tucson man quickly continued talking upon seeing Hank's knitted brow puzzlement. “I wear this cap in support of the surviving

crew's campaign for a re-investigation of the events of June 1967. In fact, one of the crew members presented me with this cap and his personal ship's ring

in appreciation of my support.”

The Tucson man then had everyone's attention and they were all staring at him out of pure curios

puzzlement. The Tucson man continued to address Hank and added. “Do you know about the LIBERTY?”

Hank replied. “No Sir, I hadn't heard of it till now. I was four years in the Navy, but I never heard

of the LIBERTY. What are you talking about anyhow? What event in '67. What investigation?”

Lasha Darkmoon, who had arrived through the side door, poked her head through the kitchen door to hear more out of curiosity after over hearing

some of the conversation. Even Eric had focused his attention on the Tucson man. In fact, Eric was especially very focused on the Tucson man.

The Tucson man continued. “The USS LIBERTY was an intelligence ship that had positioned itself off the Egyptian coast in international waters to

monitor the events of the Six Day War. On June 8th, 1967, Israeli Air Force and Naval forces deliberately attacked the LIBERTY fully intending to

sink it with all hands lost.


Stop right there Mister!” Demanded Theo Adorno. “I have a degree in history and taught history for thirty years and I don't believe that our only

ally in the Middle East would do any such thing.” He continued. “Where do you get this crap from anyway and why the hell would Israel want to sink an American Navy ship?”

Theo continued out of pure indignant disbelief. “It surely was some kind of mistake. It had to be. It was probably dark or foggy or whatever. It simply can't be true at any rate!”

It was then that the Tucson Man's wife spoke up addressing Theo. “My husband is far from being either a liar or a fool Sir, I can assure you that he

is telling the truth. Research it yourself.” She continued. “Israel deliberately tried to sink the USS LIBERTY in daylight on a beautiful clear day

and killed 34 crewmen in the process. I could not believe such a thing could happen myself which is why my husband and I made it a point to

contact surviving crew members several years ago to get to the bottom of it all. We got the real story directly from the people who were actually there!”

Hank then spoke up in a very condescending tone of voice. “But why in hell would an ally want to do such a thing, it makes about as much sense as

you do.” Hank then noticed the Tucson Man draw back and stiffen to his full height, which was about Hank's height and the man probably weighed

as much or more. Hank had been in enough fist fights in his time to learn that being punched in the face hurts pretty bad and he'd had enough of learning

that lesson. So he added. “Look, no offense, but ya gotta look at this from our point of view. Ya just can't stroll in here from wherever

and be runnin' down Israel with some crazy story that we are supposed to believe outta hand. It just doesn't make any sense I tell ya.”

The Tucson Man's posture relaxed some and he continued. “Israel wanted the United States to help them smash just about every country in the

Middle East, all of whom we're, and still are, Israel's mortal enemies. The Israelis figured that if they could sink an American Naval vessel,

with all hands lost in the process and blame it on Egypt, then Americans would be more than willing and able to assist with Israel's destruction

of all of her neighboring enemies. Very much like Pearl Harbor.”

WHAT!” interrupted Theo. “What does Pearl Harbor have to do with anything?”

The Tucson Man's wife stood up at their table and said to her husband, “Let's go Chuck, I think we are ruining these people's day.”

Chuck reached behind himself to his back pocket and produced his billfold, selected a twenty dollar bill from it and placed it near the untouched

Bud and ice tea. Then he said to Grace who was nervously and unnecessarily wiping off the bar. “Thank you.” He then rejoined his wife who

was already walking away, placed a hand on her lower back to urge her ahead of him at a quicker pace and out the door they went.

The last thing they heard as they went through the door was, “can you believe those assholes?” They figured correctly that Theo had said it.


Grace felt duty bound to give the Tucson couple their change for the twenty, so she quickly made the correct change, hurried from behind the

bar and trotted out the door to where the couple had gotten into their car. She held out the bills and coins saying. “You forgot your change Mister!”

Chuck responded. “That's all yours and I'm sorry about upsetting everybody, sometimes my cap opens up a can of worms.”

Don't worry 'bout it Mister, they'll simmer down, and I'll tell ya what. I ain't no fan of Jews anyhow. My Grampa, who ain't with us any more,

he had a book laying around his house once and I read most of it. It was by Henry Ford, ya know the car maker Henry Ford. Well he wrote

that book and I still remember the title. It was THE INTERNATIONAL JEW THE WORLD'S FOREMOST PROBLEM. Ya oughtta read it some day.”

Chuck winked. “I already read it. A few times.” And off went the Tucson couple to perhaps a pleasant lunch in Bisbee.

Grace was in deep thought as she watched them drive away. She said to herself. “Man, if that fella read

Ford's book then maybe he wasn't kidding 'bout that ship.” She determined to look into the matter some more.

Upon re-entering The Bar and re-taking her station behind the bar she asked, “So Hank, is your real name Henry like the car maker?

Yeah, that was my Dad's idea. But my middle name is different. Why?

Oh nothin' I was just wonderin'.”

Hank then demanded with a crooked smile on his face, “Well quit wonderin' and get me another beer will ya!”

As she set the bottle in front of Hank while picking up the empty bottle she asked him. “Didja know Henry Ford wrote a book?”

No, what about it?”

Oh nothin', I was just wonderin'.” Then she broke off the conversation to see

whether or not Lasha was ready to take orders. The lunch bunch would be coming.

Eric Blair had been staring at the very spot where Chuck had been standing. He had been mustering the courage

to speak out and he was ready. To no one in particular he blurted out loudly. “THAT GUY WASN'T LYING!”

Everyone was somewhat in shock that Eric would say something at all, and to say what he said, and

say it loudly, was astounding. Theo Adorno spoke first. “Jeezuz Blair, now what? What made you say THAT?”

Hank added. “Yeah Blair, what made you come back from Mars and say that?”

Art McCollum also added. “Yeah Blair, whaddaya you know that we don't know?”

Eric knew he had committed and there was no way out now. “I read two books a while back.” He stated. “One was called ATTACK ON THE LIBERTY.

The other one was called WHAT I SAW THAT DAY, I forget the guy's names who wrote them, but they both described in detail exactly what

that guy was talking about. I believe it. I believe the Israelis attacked that ship. That guy wasn't lying. I still have those books if you would like to read them yourselves.”


There was a pregnant pause. Then Theo spoke first. “Yeah, I'd like to see these books of yours. You can't believe everything you read you know!”

Hank added. “I'd like to see them too Blair, bring 'em on.”

Then, in a kindly manner without any sarcasm, Charlie Coughlin asked.

“I would also like to examine your books Eric. Can you bring them here tomorrow?”

Eric responded to Charlie. “Sure I can. No wait, I'll go get them now!” True to his declaration, Eric stood up and took several steps towards the door.

He then froze, did an about face, returned to his table and tossed down his half empty glass of beer. Then, knowing that

he owed for the beer, he said to Grace. “I'll be right back.” Out the door he went, mounted his bike and raced directly home.


The conversations at The Bar were much noisier than usual when Ozzy Moseley strolled in and a few people were intently looking at their smart phones.

He wondered what was up. Ozzy owns and operates the local 'We Come To You' auto repair service. His one ton high-cube cargo van with roll-up

rear door and dual tires on the rear is a marvel of automotive parts and tools. There are the semi-standard engine belts, spark plugs, distributors, hoses,

jacks, a tire-buster, a 5' tall tool chest of drawers with every metric and standard tool you can think of, a varied assortment of motor oil, brake fluids,

steering fluids, etc. and etc. There is even a motor hoist that he has actually used on the road side. Jim Traficant, the area tow-truck operator and a

frequent patron at The Bar, experienced a significant decrease in revenue when Ozzy started his business a few years ago. Jim also suffered a serious

humiliation when his tow-truck threw a fan belt with a tow-on and had to call Ozzy. Ozzy compounded the humiliation by refusing to accept

Jim's money as a 'professional courtesy'. Since that day Ozzy's first beer is always paid for if Jim is at The Bar first... as a professional courtesy.

More than a few times people, only half joking, have asked Ozzy if he is rocker Ozzy Osbourne's son because of the resemblance; the long straight

blondish hair, the heavily tattooed arms, and his mannerism of half shuffling and half walking on his tip toes. He always replies “Yes I am Mate”

using a convincing slurred English accent. Ozzy Moseley's actual first name is Oswald, but he considers Oswald to be too snooty the same

way Charlie Coughlin considers Charles as being a hoity-toity name.

Ozzy chose a vacant bar stool and asked everyone in general. “What going on? What's so interesting on the phones today?”

Hank answered first. “Awww, there was some joker in here an hour ago telling everybody that Israel tried to sink an American ship on purpose,

a Navy ship back in the sixtys. He kinda pissed everybody off. Then the Blair witch announces that he has

books about the whole thing. He went home to get the books. We're lookin' up this shit on the net right now.”

Yeah.” Volunteered Bob Edmundson who was on his smart phone. “And all kinds of stuff is popping up here. Like Israel said it was

mistaken identity and payed millions of bucks for their fuck up. And other things say it was deliberate. I don't know what to believe... yet.”

Ozzy said. “Oh!, you must be talking about the USS LIBERTY.”

There was dead silence until Hank asked. “Well whadda you know about it Oz?”


Well, about five years ago, I think it was, on Memorial Day, I was up near Phoenix, in Maricopa, at a car show that I entered my '49 Merc in.

This was at a motor-head themed restaurant bar called... uhh... I forget the name of the place right now, but out behind the place was a large

half-covered patio and there was maybe fifty or so older people back there. They had a P.A. set up and these old dudes wearing blue ball caps,

like yours Hank, were giving speeches and saying prayers and ringing a bell and shit. And they had plaques and signs

placed here and there. Us car show people could hear 'em back there but we didn't know if it was part of the car show or what.”


Ozzy continued. “I went over and watched the goings on for a while and got real curious when a bunch of the dudes in the caps gathered together

for a photo. They were all kinda helping to hold a thick sheet of metal about a foot square with a big bullet hole in it, or more like a cannon hole.

After they were lookin' like they were done I approached one of the old dudes and asked him, nice as I could, what was going on. I could read his

cap. It was like yours Hank only it said USS LIBERTY along with some letters and numbers. The old dude kinda layed the whole story on me

while he showed me the rigamarole that they had set up.” Ozzy stopped for a moment and looked around at everyone looking at him and finally said.

“These guys didn't give me any idea that they were anything but serious. I believe this shit happened just like they said.

They had a table set up with some books for sale so I bought one.” Theo cut in and asked. “What's the title of the book Oz?”

WHAT I SAW THAT DAY by Phil Tourney. He even signed it.”

Lasha, who had been standing in the kitchen doorway offered. “This is some real trippy shit man. It's spooky man. I need a doob.”

Eric Blair came through the door frowning while holding up a book in each hand.

As he neared the bar Ozzy squinted his eyes to see better and announced.

“That's the friggin' book I'm talking about right there!”

And added. “Hell Hank, don't YOU know about this shit, you were a Navy guy?”

Not till this morning, no.”

Ozzy offered. “I think we shouldda nuked Israel or some shit and hung a few politicians including Johnson...

But that's just me.”

Hank asked everyone in general. “Did anybody catch those Tucson people's names, did the wife call him Chuck?”

Charlie Coughlin affirmed it. “Yes. Chuck.”

Hank said. “Well, there's gotta be more than a thousand Chucks in Tucson. I'da liked to

talk to him some more... now.” And then he asked Ozzy. “Why hang Johnson, what did he do?”

Read the friggin book, you'll see.”

Hank then and there determined to do just that. Theo called dibs first on Eric's

other book. Ozzy offered. “If I can find my copy, anyone is welcome to borrow it.”

Hank asked Ozzy. “How come you never brought this up before Oz?”

I did! Not here, but I brought it up a few times to some people and they told me to shut the fuck up

and called me a neo-Nazi, said the past is past and shit. It was a mistake. So I shut up... till now.”

Lasha reappeared with reddish eyes after supposedly using the ladies room outside and asked of everyone. “What are the odds of two

people in this burg both having the same book about this ship shit that even history teachers and Navy men don't know about?”

Nobody accepted the question. Hank wondered out loud. “So what else didn't they tell us in school?”

Grace offered. “I'll betcha my ass that nobody here can tell me the name of Henry Ford's book!”

Those with smart phones got right on that bet.




I got it!” Declared Bob Edmundson. “According to Wikipedia, Ford's book was, or still is I suppose, titled THE INTERNATIONAL JEW and

then there's a slash or whatever ya call it then... THE WORLD'S FOREMOST PROBLEM. It came out in the early 20s.

Says that Ford was a anti-Semite and even tried to keep us outta WWI.”

Art McCollum asked. “So, whats a anti-Semite?”

Theo offered. “An anti-Semite is someone who hates Jewish people.”

So Ford was a Nazi then... right?”

I suppose.” Theo responded. “But evidently Ford's book came out

before the Nazis came to power, so Ford was something like a pre-Nazi.”

Art then asked Theo. “What was Ford's beef with Jewish people anyway,

what did they ever do to him, did they all drive Dodges or what?”

I really don't know, but I think I'll see if I can find this book and have a look.”

Bob offered. “Well hell Theo, looks like you can go to some on line places and read it there for free in a PDF... whatever that is. And

looks like Ford had his own newspaper called THE DEARBORN INDEPENDENT where he wrote a bunch of stuff about Jewish people.”

Then Bob had a thought and called to Grace who was washing glasses. “Hey Grace! You owe me your ass and I'm here to collect.”

Grace looked up from her chore, gave Bob an exasperated look and said. “Sorry Bob, you had to know it, not look it up.”

Well hell Grace! Who would know about a book Ford wrote like a hundred years ago?”

I did.” She replied.

Hey!” Bob blurted out to get anyone's attention. “Isn't Freddy Pollock a Jewish guy?”

Naw” said Ozzy. “He must be Polish with a name like that.”

No no.” Bob asserted. “He even wears one of those pentagrams around his neck.”

The Star of David has six points Bob, not five.” Theo assured Bob.

“A pentagram has five points like the Pentagon has five sides.”

Anyways, Freddy and his wife live on my road and I've never seen 'em put up a Christmas tree.”

Bob declared. “But they do put one of those candlesticks in the window.”

A menorah.” Said Theo.

Say what?” Bob shot back.

The Jews call that candle stick a menorah Bob.”

OK, a menorah it is then and the Pollocks are Jews I'm tellin' ya.” Bob continued.

“So how come you know about so much about Jewish stuff Theo, are you Jewish?”

No, but I had some Jewish students along the way when I was teaching in Phoenix so I picked this knowledge

up from them. Where are you going with this Bob, so what if the Pollocks are Jewish, what's your point?”

Well, Freddy probably knows about this LIBERTY ship stuff.” Bob replied.

“And he might know about Ford's book, why don't we ask him about it.”

Nawww Bob, leave those old folks alone. They are nice people

and they don't bother anybody, no real reason to bother them.”

Grace butted in and declared. “Read Ford's book Theo and then we'll talk about nice people.”

Theo shot back. “Jeezuz Grace, can we drop this and will you see if my

burger is done yet, I think I ordered it when mastodons roamed the Earth!”

Grace called back to Lasha. “Yo Darkmoon, where's Theo's burger?”

Lasha answered in a tired-bored voice. “It'll be done when it's done,

damn grill takes longer to heat up by the day, give 'em popcorn to shut 'em up.”

Liz always provided baskets of popcorn for her patrons free of charge for years. She knew that

the salt made customers thirsty which meant more drinks were sold. Then she got the idea to charge

50 cents a basket because patrons were eating popcorn like a plague

of locusts and free popcorn probably cut the kitchen revenue down some.

The result was resentment and a general boycott of popcorn.

Liz then noticed a perceptible decrease in the bar sales. So free popcorn was

again available. It's the little things that inspire people to be generous.

Bob looked up from his smart phone and asked, “So Theo, have ya ever heard of

THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION?” He read the question slowly to get it right.

No. Now what are we talking about?”

Well.” said Bob. “I'm still at this Ford Wikipedia place and it talks about this protocols thing. What are protocols anyway?”

Protocols are like procedural rules. Like a certain way something must be done,

especially in government or maybe religious ceremonies.” Replied Theo.

And what's, or where's Zion.”

Well hell Bob, YOU got the smart phone, look it up.”

Oh sure. I got it right here. It's that National Park up in Utah, I've even driven by... wait a second.

This other thing says it's the name for the land of Israel. That's probably more like it if Ford has it in his book.”

Theo then suggested to Bob that maybe he should net search THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION and see what comes up.

After a long while Bob looked up and announced. “Man, I don't know if they are a... what do they say...

a fabricated anti-Semitic hoax, or a plan for world domination. I guess it's like a book of plans.”

Enough for now. Gimme a break while I enjoy my lunch will ya Bob.”

Then to Grace, who was pouring a couple of drafts, Theo said,

“Grace dear, I think the ketchup in this squeeze bottle has coagulated, could I please have a fresh one?”

Grace being Grace responded thusly. “Theo dear, can you not see what I'm doin', how

'bout ya un-park yer fat ass from that stool, lean over the bar, an' grab one outta the condiment rack yerself.”
Theo did so and said, “Thank you Grace, I love You.”

She let out a heavy sigh while shaking her head in exaggerated mock exasperation.

By now the last of the lunch bunch had finished leaving the usual mess that Lasha had come out of the kitchen to clean up. The Corona clock next

to the TV, that had only the numeral 4 at all of the hourly positions, indicated that it was a quarter to 3... or a quarter to the numeral 4 in the 3 position.

Lasha deposited the tip money from the tables in the community tip jar by the register. The gals split the tips equally to avoid arguments

that could easily degenerate into cat fights. There's been argumentative exchanges in the past that included such declarations as...

Lasha to Grace: “Oh yeah! Well the only reason you get any tips at all is because you wear those goddam jeans so tight they can see the outline of

your goddam hemorrhoids! And aren't you afraid you are going to accidentally poke a hole in those saline bags of yours and then slip on the wet floor!”

Grace to Lasha: “Oh sit on it bitch! Maybe you'd get a few more quarters if ya didn't look like Jerry Garcia's

Gramma and maybe shaved yer beard more often! And at least I don't smack my boobs with my knees when I walk!”

Those are some of the cleaner witticisms the gals hurl at each other during disputes of any kind.

For the reader's sake, regarding literary dignity and decorum, we'll stop there.

Actually Grace and Lasha are very good friends and there is nothing they wouldn't do for each other, or to each other. They are like sisters. They fight

dirty and savagely at times, but if anyone dares to offend or threaten either one of them they will close ranks and jointly attack the offender with very malicious intent and ability.

3pm was the quiet before the storm time at The Bar. Grace and Lasha had a little time to tidy up before Liz arrived. A few of the 10am arrivals had

had enough and went home to nap or finish drinking themselves into a coma in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

It's true to say that the 10am arrivals were the most responsible of all drinkers. They are almost what you could call

professional drunks. They know their limit lines and never cross them. They know when to cut themselves off, which

was usually when the room began to spin counter-clockwise.

Panteras has no police department nor Sheriff's station, no postal delivery nor garbage pick up. Everyone has a post office box provided for free

to property owners at the tiny Post Office. There's a nominal fee for non-property owners. The County provides large garbage containers in a fenced

designated area away from town known as The Mall. There is no mayor nor city council and no stop lights. As a result, the community runs very

smoothly. There is very little, if any, crime only because the wrath of the heavily armed community is far more of an efficient deterrent to

would-be criminals than a professional police force.

There were tweekers and criminals in the past who simply disappeared, like Liz Dilling's only son who had succumbed

to the attraction of pot smuggling back in the day. In Panteras it is every man for himself and himself at the service of every man.

The elementary school is modern and staffed by qualified teachers. High school kids are bussed to Sierra Vista.

College age kids leave for colleges and universities in cities and are seldom, if ever, seen again.

Panteras, Arizona is not a place anyone moves to for career opportunities, career advancement, or as a springboard for social or

political ambitions. It is a perfect place to move to to get away from all that... particularly those who have reached retirement age.


Ernie Zundel had been manipulating and studying his smart phone all through the events and exchanges of the day. Grace leaned over the bar

and pretended to be looking at his phone and asked. “Whatcha looking at there Ernie, ya haven't added yer two cents all day, ya wanna 'nether Bud?'

Ernie looked up and said to Grace in his Germanic accent. “No, no thang you, et's time to go.” He continued. “I haff been looking at za site zat hass

Henry Fort's bouk. I weesh I know about dis soona.” He got up from his stool, fished a few bills from his shirt pocket and placed them near his empty Bud for Grace.

Grace offered. “Yeah, makes ya think don' it?”

He nodded and ambled out still fixated on his phone.

Ernie seldom, if ever, patronized The Bar during Liz's shift. Liz never actually had said anything to Ernie to offend him. Fact is, she never said anything

to Ernie at all besides, “Wanna 'nether Bud?” He got the distinct impression that she didn't like him, and she didn't. Ernie was a German. Liz held a

very strong opinion that Germans, no matter who, were the dregs of humanity for their alleged atrocities prior to, and especially during, World War II.

No German got a free pass from Liz even though they were born long after the war was over, or happened to actually be a humane and likable individual.

It was the Jew's holocaust narrative that really got her red in the face. She figured that there had to be some genetic defect inherent in Germans to have

perpetrated such a thing.

Ernie had learned that there were more than a few people who thought like Liz in Canada and America. There had been some instances when someone,

who upon being introduced to him or who would overhear him speaking, would flippantly say something such as, “How goes it Adolf” or any other

number of provocative insults. Ernie had to take it as he was always outnumbered... just like the generation before him who fought in the war. There

were a couple of times that the insult was definitely designed to provoke a violent reaction such as, “Hey! FUCK YOU kraut son of a bitch!”

Those hurling such insults were always, of course, amongst a large group of imbibers.

Upon arriving at home, Ernie turned on the computer in his living room, navigated his way to the website that displayed Henry Ford's book in PDF

format and began reading at the beginning of the book on the large screen. He read until 3am when his vision blurred to the point of it being futile to read any further.



Eric had handed off his two books to Charlie Coughlin upon returning to The Bar. Charlie kept the one book that Ozzy had a duplicate of and gave

Ozzy the other book. Ozzy had expressed a desire to read another book on the subject to see if the stories co-related and learn anything that would

further enhance what he already knew. Hank and Theo claimed next in line status.

Ernie wasn't the only one whose curiosity has been piqued to the point of action. Theo also returned home and immediately fired up his computer

to get to the bottom of this LIBERTY issue and Henry Ford's blasphemous book about Jews being a big problem. He felt somewhat defrocked as

an accomplished, authoritative historian and was determined to arm himself with facts, figures and dates in anticipation of what were surely to be

lively debates at The Bar.

There were plenty of on-line websites offering varying opinions about the USS LIBERTY incident. Some of them were seemingly maintained

by what he considered to be neo-Nazis, white supremacists, white nationalists and other such nefarious types. There were also some pro-Israel

sites that dismissed the incident as a typical accident that inevitably occurs because of 'the fog of war'. The Tucson couple's statement about going

right to the source, in the form of hearing the story from those personally involved, seemed like a very good idea.

He found a site titled USS LIBERTY VETERANS ASSOCIATION which looked to him like a good place to begin.

The veterans site contained information and links to related sites that

had even better information and more links to other reputable sites on so on... and on.

After many hours of reading statements by the Captain and crew of the LIBERTY, and statements by high-ranking Admirals etc. Theo became angry

and even more curious. Sure, he naturally became angry because of Israel's ruthless treachery, but he was

more angry at the Americans who assisted the Israelis both during the slaughter and during the cover-up.

Americans that included President Lyndon Johnson, Secretary of State Robert McNamara and

Admiral John McCain (the former Arizona Senator's father).

Theo wondered why on earth would any American, much less the President, Secretary of State and a very high raking Navy admiral sacrifice an

American ship and crew. Then, remembering the Tucson couple's statement about the incident being a means of drawing the U.S.A into an

expanded war, he began wondering about Pearl Harbor... and many other things. Could it be that there actually are psychopaths in the highest

positions of power in America... and elsewhere? He now wished, like Hank, that he hadn't been so hasty to dismiss the Tucson couple as befuddled

fools. It would have been very interesting to know what else they knew. He also regretted his remark about them being ass holes as they exited

The Bar and became mortified to imagine that they had heard the remark. He decided to hit the sack and try to stop his mind from racing,

but try as he did, sleep didn't come till the wee hours of morning.

Eric Blair was also at home. For the first time since he could remember he felt like part of a group, any group, especially the group at The Bar.

He felt like he had not only participated in a meaningful exchange of ideas, but was a significant contributor to an awakening of minds. If the

regular regulars at The Bar would actually read the books that he provided, and if they would only do some homework, then perhaps they would

be interested in other things he knew of but couldn't share for fear of ridicule and further ostracism. He felt a sense of relief that perhaps he

wasn't slowly but surely succumbing to insanity after all.

Eric had no computer, nor any immediate access to one, but he had stacks of boxes and stacks of loose books that resembled a pack rat's dream of a

community library... if there could be such a thing. He went directly to his 'taboo' box of books and went through the contents until he found

what he was searching for. He located two books. One titled, NUREMBERG THE LAST BATTLE by David Irving, the other was titled,



Eric, after reading and re-reading both books in the past ,was convinced that the Jew's narrative regarding the so called German perpetrated

holocaust was largely a lie of unfathomable proportions, particularly the 'facts' about the homicidal gas chambers; but who in Panteras would be

even passingly interested in hearing anything that he had uncovered on the issue... especially at Liz's Bar. It's more than likely that Liz would 86

him, or anyone else, for life if she got wind of anyone expressing doubts about what she considered unassailable facts. After all, she had seen the

photos of the conditions of the 'death factories' that were liberated near the conclusion of the war and she had seen the convincing TV programs.

As far as she was concerned nothing that appears on television could be anything but the truth, otherwise it wouldn't be on television.

Eric was imagining that maybe he could open the communities' eyes to some hideous reality if he continued to present his stored information.

Maybe he could somehow open the country's eye's. Maybe he could make it a better world if he could wake people up and take action! ...maybe.

It could not be said that Hank Ford's world had been rocked, but it had at least been severely jiggled. What disturbed him the most was a feeling

that he had somehow shirked a sacred duty by having been kept in the dark. Although the crew of the LIBERTY were not shipmates, in fact

far from it, they were fellow members of the United Sates Navy who had been shit on by their government and the United States Navy...

if this all was indeed true. They were fellow comrades in arms and kindred spirits... period. In the Navy everyone sails, fights, sinks or swims together.

TOGETHER! This sort of attitude may be considered old school by contemporary standards, but then, Hank IS old school and proud of it.

He, like Theo, was now determined to get to the very bottom of this USS LIBERTY matter and proceeded exactly as Theo had. He was on a

mission. His wife quickly deduced that he did not want to be distracted in the least while he was going about this

business of his on the computer. When she asked him if he was ready for dinner he responded with a gruff and final “NO”.

He was intently reading information on websites that he previously had no idea existed and he sometimes scribbled furiously on a note

pad before him. Sometimes she would hear him groan and say “Jeezuz H. Christ”, “Unfriggin' believable” or something stronger. Couples who have

been married for long periods of time learn exactly when to and when not to invade each other's space. She didn't dare even ask if

he was coming to bed that night. She fell asleep to the sounds of intermittent clacking on the computer keyboard in the other room.

Both Charlie Coughlin and Ozzy Moseley fell asleep in their favorite easy chairs that night

with the books they were reading falling to the floor. They both had strange dreams.



Liz arrived promptly at 3:55 that day as usual. She parked her '74 Ford Galaxy 500 in front of the side door that everyone knew was her inviolate

parking place. There are those who asked her why she didn't get a newer, smaller and more economical automobile and her answer was always,

“Cause if I'm gonna be in a wreck I want some real metal 'round me, them new cars is made a beer cans and plastic milk cartons!” She made a good

point. She made many good points such as whenever she was asked when she was going to retire she'd respond, “Never, 'cause I need a reason to

get outta bed and this joint would go da hell without me!” Or when asked why she never went on a vacation she'd say,

“At my age jus' bein' alive is a vacation, 'b sides, this joint would go da hell without me!”

Grace was always ready to hand over the day-shift cash and receipts, make a report regarding the day's highlights, low points or needed additions

to the stock before retrieving her black leather fringed Harley-Davidson shoulder bag from the storage room. Lasha handed her half of the shift tips

on her way back out through the kitchen. She then took an available stool at the bar to enjoy her shift drink. Sometimes there wouldn't be an available

stool, so she would simply squeeze in between two familiar male patrons who would almost immediately offer her their stool. Not only was this a

matter of good manners, but Grace was known to have knocked patrons off their stools for lack of good manners if she was in the mood... which was often.

Grace reported the buzz the Tucson couple caused regarding the USS LIBERTY, or 'some Navy boat' as she referred to it. Liz had listened while

squinting her eyes and cocking an ear towards Grace but shortly pursed her lips, shook her head and waved her hand to indicate disinterest in

what she considered literal nonsense.

The Happy Hour gang was starting to arrive. The gang consisted mostly of younger working guys and a few gals

who took advantage of the two dollar PBR drafts, two dollars for 10 chicken wings and the free popcorn after work.

The juke box came alive with the varied sounds of classic rock, contemporary Top 40, country from all eras but never any rap.

Liz was a little more than half serious when she advised the jukebox tech-rep that she'd shoot him if he didn't remove the 'rap crap' as she put it.

Hard rock was tolerated but not heavy metal. Liz would always play Sinatra and Nat King Cole for her own pleasure late at night before closing.

She also noticed that the classic crooners had a calming effect on whomever was there when it was nearing the time she preferred to close.

The pool table during happy hour became a constant sound and at least a half dozen players would usually line up their quarters. A couple of

guys regularly brought their own sticks in cases and fancied themselves to be hot shots... and sometimes they were. Most players used the

house sticks selected from the rack on the wall. Considerable stick rolling on the table was the method used to determine which stick was

the least warped. Alcohol always seemed to be a detrimental factor affecting pool skills as the evening wore on. In fact, alcohol became a

detrimental factor affecting some people's ability to stand or speak. Gravity evidently became much stronger later at night in various areas of The Bar.

As the evening wore on some patrons dropped things and caught themselves before falling... if they didn't fall down altogether.

Falling down in The Bar was no real sin, after all, who hasn't fallen down in a bar. But those who fell twice, or more, were asked to leave... and

they would, only to encounter much stronger gravity outside around the porch where the two stair-steps lead to the parking lot. It had been

suggested to Liz that perhaps a ramp, instead of steps, would be a more humane way to come and go. Liz responded thusly, “If someone stumbles

er falls comin' in 'cause of them stairs, then I'll know ta keep an eye on 'em. Iffen they stumble er fall goin' out, then that ain't none a my concern.”


One regular pool player worthy of mention at this point is Nesta Webster. Nesta is another cowgal biker type whose story is similar to Ursie Haverbeck's.

She was born and raised on a poultry ranch North of Bisbee. When she reached the legal emancipation age

of 18 she moved off of 'that noisy goddam chicken asylum' as she refers to it and moved to Bisbee.

She didn't last a year in Bisbee because of all the 'goddam commie hippies, lesbos and fags' as she refers to many of the residents.

Bisbee had been a very prosperous mining town until the mine closed in 1985. It was the most productive copper mine in Arizona for a hundred years.

It was, and is once again, like a mini-San Francisco nestled in the hills with dreadfully steep streets and sidewalks... only without the ocean and

skyscrapers. Bisbee fell into pitiful decline and was all but abandoned after the Copper Queen Mine closure. Then the hippies and alternative lifestyle

types moved in attracted by the below bargain basement house and commercial property prices. In a sense, San Francisco's Haight Ashbury district

expanded to Bisbee. The town is once again thriving. You'll see nothing else but restored Victorian architecture not only downtown, but everywhere

else in the vicinity. Being there today is very much like being there over a hundred years ago... especially at night.

There are more than a few haunted buildings where even the staunchest of non-believers claim to have felt a presence... or not.

Nesta was blessed, or cursed, with looks very much like Dolly Parton's. Only it's much more of a hard-case look rather than a friendly look. When she

does smile, which is seldom, it could be said that she lights up the room... and it is said. Nesta Webster is very aware of the affect she has on men and

enjoys the attention. She encourages the attention by routinely wearing tight buttoned shirts with the top half of the buttons undone semi-revealing

enormous breasts that defy gravity and appear to be near the point of explosion. Or she wears a tight T-shirt that is cut in front from the top of the neck

line to the bottom of her breast bulge. Wrangler jeans with a wide black silver studded belt adds to her attractiveness. When she bends over to make

a shot at the pool table, factoring in both breasts and buttocks, every man in the room while ogling either hopes that she misses so the

game will continue indefinitely, or they hope she makes the shot and ultimately wins the game so she can play another.

Ursie Haverbeck, for no apparent reason, once asked Liz why she tolerates 'that whore' being in her bar. Liz replied,

“Cause it's a free country an 'b sides, shes more of a draw and a hell ova lot more entertaining then them goddam bands I had in here.”

Liz was once inspired by the locals to have some live music on Saturday nights. She gave it a shot. The first band was from Bisbee where

every other resident is a musician of one kind or another. The pool table would be tipped up on a dolly and moved to the store room for the

evening to make room for the band and dancing. The juke box was rolled to the store room as well. Sad to say things started out on the

wrong foot, or feet, and went downhill from there.

The first band hired was the one that Lasha had strongly lobbied for. They sounded like a cross between the Grateful Dead on heroin and an auto body

repair shop... only worse. When they arrived to set up both they and their gear smelled like patchouli oil, body odor and pot. The unfamiliar songs they

played were all fifteen minutes long, more or less. Anyone attempting to dance during a song grew weary after ten minutes and quit... for good.

There was no rapport with the audience, in fact, the three musicians that stood usually had their backs to the audience. They were too loud, incorporated

no volume dynamics at all and evidently could only play in one key. The alleged harmonica player's harmonica was not the compatible key to the

other instruments. I could continue, but in summation, they stunk literally and musically without any redeeming quality at all besides expressing

gratitude for the half-pay Liz gave them when she fired them after only an hour's work. The remaining patrons called up the patrons

who had left to tell them that the band was packing up. Most of the patrons who had bailed returned and the night was salvaged.

To her credit, Liz assumed all responsibility for the debacle. She blamed herself for taking the word of a 'psychedelic parasite'

like Lasha in the first place and forthwith determined that she would go to see a band herself before hiring it... and she did.

The second attempt at live music didn't go much better... actually much worse. The band consisted entirely of soldiers stationed at Fort Huachuca

who all had some professional musical experience prior to their enlistment. They were now musical hobbyists who had gotten together for like minded

camaraderie, a little extra spending money and some fun. They played classic rock and a little classic

country that was perfect for The Bar patrons. Liz agreed to allow them to run a bar tab as part of the deal.

The band brought with them a half dozen fellow soldiers who were supposedly their manager, road manager, sound man and roadies making it a

total of eleven guys running up the bar tab. Liz assumed correctly that it would be an eventful night so she had Ursie on duty as bar back

and Lasha in the kitchen pulling an eleven hour shift.

The first two hours went splendidly. The band was good and they controlled their sounds and volume well. The members of their entourage

were friendly and enjoyed themselves dancing and buying expensive drinks for themselves and the locals... that went on the tab. The third

hour started to turn a bit dark due to misunderstandings between the locals and the soldiers regarding respect for the institution of marriage,

who was whose girlfriend, where hands were being placed during dances, and no meaning no. Then all hell broke loose near the end of

the final hour of the festivities.

Liz informed the band, and their entourage, that their tab now exceeded their guaranteed fee for performing and they would be required to pay cash

or open a credit card to continue being served. The band's intoxicated 'road manager' became extremely indignant claiming the band had generated

a million dollars in revenue so the fee had just been increased by an amount that would cover further tab use. When Ursie called “bullshit!”

the 'road manager' advised Ursie to “butt out lard ass”' and... it was ON!

Although the otherwise honorable men of our Armed Forces fought bravely, they were far outnumbered and had no weaponry to speak of

other than musical equipment. Ursie luckily failed in her attempts to castrate her primary foe due to the confusing mayhem and was knocked

senseless by a well swung Fender acoustic guitar. Shots were fired into the ceiling causing a tactical retreat by the bloodied soldiers who dragged

the unconscious drummer and 'sound man' with them out the front door. The entire squad fell all over each other while attempting to negotiate

the two steps down to their vehicles in the parking lot. The victorious patrons hurled vicious insults, and all of the

band's gear, out the front door. The Sheriff was called who assured the caller that a deputy would be there in the morning.

Damage to The Bar, besides the broken bottles and glasses, was minimal only because most everything that could be broken had

previously been broken already. It was good that the front door opened out, not in, otherwise the soldiers probably would have further suffered.


The third and final attempt at live music ended when the band from Tucson was a no show. The jukebox saved the evening.

Meshell Partridge was not only a part time employee but also a frequent evening patron at The Bar. She had picked up more part time work

as a house cleaner for some of the elderly widows in town and performed some custodial and lunch preparation duties at the elementary school.

Liz indefinitely loaned her the pick up truck her son had owned and Meshell rented a guest house behind one of the widow's homes. Liz and

Meshell had discussed possibly keeping the kitchen open until closing with Meshell as the 'Nawlins Style' cook. She was making friends and

her being an African American woman did not seem to be any issue with anyone at all. People are usually only

intimidated by numbers and if your number is only one, then you aren't intimidating as a racial entity... even if you wanted to be.

Life was good for Meshell Partridge in Panteras. She began thinking that she might stay for the duration.

Monika Shaefer is also a frequent evening patron who is the music instructor and band director at the elementary school. She had become a

widow at thirty-five when her husband was struck by a car while crossing a busy street in Tucson in broad daylight. She had previously been a

music instructor at one of the many Tucson high schools and is still an in-demand freelance violin, or fiddle if you like, player who is well

respected in the Tucson music scene. Being a petite and pretty blond with a slim figure and a ready smile is a plus in the entertainment business.

After hearing about the teaching position in Panteras, which is a place she hadn't heard of, she drove down and applied for the position. Being

over-qualified and having to accept a drastic cut in salary was not a problem. She no longer trusts big cities and the idea of working with younger

kids appealed to her. After teaching high school age kids for awhile her opinion of them was not generally positive. She didn't think that the

'time out' generation was amounting to anything but a cult of brats.


Monika and Meshell got to know and like each other at the school and are now often seen together. They are known as the M&M's.

Jimmy Traficant and Jim Forrestal work together as house painters and painters of anything else that anyone wants painted. They have business

cards that read JIMMY JIM'S PAINTING CO., a phone number and an email. A likeness of their card is painted on the doors of their work truck.

They've known each other since they were preschoolers. Because they are both named James, one needed to become Jim and the other became

Jimmy to make a difference. A game of rock-scissors-paper decided the matter, best two out of three. Neither boy felt like he lost or won, it just

needed to be decided. Both are married to women who can't stand one another for some forgotten reasons. Some people are grudge-holders,

others aren't. Jim and Jimmy are regular regulars at The Bar for the 4pm Happy Hour. Sometimes they are at The Bar for coffee and Kahlua in

the morning. Jimmy has two daughters in high school while Jim has two sons at the same school. Some people like to think that the kids

will marry each other someday, it just makes sense to them.

Leon DeGrelle is a U.S. Customs & Border Protection Officer attached to the Naco, Arizona Office. He and his wife live on a ten acre ranchette

near Panteras with their three daughters who are all horse lovers and accomplished competitive Junior Rodeo Association barrel racers. Leon

often stops in at The Bar in uniform during Happy Hour to enjoy a couple of beers on his way home. He and Liz enjoy chatting with each

other and see eye to eye on virtually every issue imaginable. At home he is incessantly water-boarded by four females who mostly hold

strong opinions contrary to his about... everything! Leon's Grandfather fought for Germany during WWII as a member of the Belgian

SS-Freiwilligen-Sturmbrigade-Wallonien Division. His father immigrated to the U.S. from Belgium in 1961and never mentioned

to anyone his fathers service in a German SS Division comprised of Belgian, French and Spanish Nationals. Such men were

considered traitors.

In fact, 40% of the German SS Divisions were comprised of non-Germans. There was the Ukrainian SS Galacia Division,

the Scandinavian Viking SS Division, the Spanish Blaue SS Division, the Hungarian Gombos SS Division, the British Frei Korps, etc.

The last Waffen SS Units to hold out defending Hitler's Berlin bunker were comprised entirely

of Frenchmen of the 33rd Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS Charlamange or 1st French Division.

Leon knew about these things and found it odd that virtually no one else knew. But then, he knew

that much of the actual events of WWII were either purposely omitted or contrived to fit a preferred narrative.

Another man in uniform who often stopped in for a bite to eat either at noon or 5pm was Deputy Bob Bitker of the Cochise County Sheriff's

Department headquartered in Bisbee. Bob lived in nearby Hereford with his elderly mother. He was divorced, had no kids, his father died years

ago, his mother didn't drive, she had a large house on an acre, so it was a good fit they they should live together. He helped her by being her

chauffeur, gardener, handy man, protector, etc. and she provided him with free room and board. A win-win for both. A perk Bob enjoyed was

the use of his Sheriff's Department cruiser for commuting to and from headquarters besides using it on duty. Liz considered it a plus to have a

Sheriff's cruiser parked in her lot with a uniformed Deputy enjoying a hearty snack at one of the tables inside. It was a reminder to the locals that

although there was no official law enforcement presence in Panteras, there indeed was an unofficial one.

Bob gave his private phone number to Liz just in case.

Bob wasn't around when the band of soldiers caused the Saturday night riot some years ago or he would have gotten there before morning.

At that time he was a Marine in Iraq attached to the Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Forces Crisis Command –

Central Command that was based in Kuwait. Bob Bitker was far from being a Mama's Boy and anyone who knew that he lived with his mother knew it.

Leon DeGrelle and Bob Bitker knew and liked each other and sometimes arranged to meet at The Bar when off duty to do some drinking and

socializing dressed in civies. Even out of uniform both men had the clean cut look and bearing of law enforcement officers. All of the locals

knew who both men were and were at ease in the presence of both men and liked them for their easy going mannerisms when in or out of uniform.

Both men were non-judgmental nor prejudiced, or if they were they hid it well.

There was a recent incident when both Leon and Bob were at The Bar enjoying their day off on a Saturday afternoon, sharing a pitcher of PBR

while watching a NASCAR race on the TV. The M&M's were also there along with Jimmy Traficante, Hank Ford, Bob Edmundson, Ozzy Moseley,

and a few of the local Mexicans.

In walked three young ladies all of varying degrees of attractiveness. They looked to

be college girls to the patrons although they were actually older... but not by much.

The girls seated themselves at a table and seemed unsure of what to do about ordering something. Ursie was on duty with Lasha in the kitchen.

Ursie saw the girls come in and knew they weren't locals. Ursie sees everything that goes on in 'her bar' when she's on duty. The girls were

uniformly dressed like bird watchers who were sometimes seen in the area. They wore Army style 'boonie' hats,

long sleeved-collared white cotton shirts, utility Bermuda shorts and low cut hiking boots with low cut socks.

Ursie came to the front of the bar and called over to the new arrivals. “Welcome ladies, what can I getcha?”

One of the girls got up, approached the bar and asked Ursie if she had iced tea and some menus.

You betcha, how many iced teas?”

The girl ordered three iced teas – no lemon, no sugar with lots of ice, took the menus that Ursie extended to her and returned to the table. A few

minutes after placing the iced tea order with Lasha, Ursie took the drinks on a tray over to the girl's table, served the drinks and asked if they

had decided on something to eat. They inquired about veggie burgers or meat-less tacos. Ursie suggested bean burros or maybe a salad.

They all settled on dinner salads with no dressing.


Coming right up.” Ursie announced. She rolled her eyes and then crossed them for anyone to see as she walked

back behind the bar. There were a few knowing smiles on some of the patron's faces who overheard the exchange.


When the salads were ready Ursie served them to the girl's and offhandedly inquired. “Where ya gals from?”

The girl who seemed to be the leader who ordered the teas answered.

“We live in Tucson, but we spend a lot of time in Arivaca.”

Ursie said. “I've heard of Arivaca, but where exactly is it?”

Leon, who like everyone else, could plainly hear the conversation spoke up.

“It's about sixty miles South West of Tucson about twelve miles from the border.”

The leader of the girl's said. “That's correct Sir, have you been there?”

Sure.” Answered Leon. “I've been to a whole lot of places along the

border from San Diego to Brownsville, Texas. What do you gals do in Arivaca?”

The leader answered, “We are volunteers for NO MORE DEATHS.”

Leon froze for a moment. Ursie inquired. “So what's NO MORE DEATHS?”

The leader answered, “We are a group of volunteers who assist immigrants that are coming

to America for a better life and to escaped violence and persecution in other countries.”

Is that so?” responded Ursie. “And how do ya assist the immigrants, and do ya mean ILLEGAL immigrants?”

The leader continued by first ignoring Ursie's reference to illegal immigrants and explained their activities as though her indoctrination had been thorough.

“We maintain a year-round humanitarian presence in the remote desert areas in the Southwestern border area where migration has been pushed, where

people are walking North up to 80 miles. We drive and hike to remote locations and leave water, food, socks, blankets and other useful supplies for

immigrants. Our medical team provides treatment for any individuals in distress.” She wasn't finished yet and continued. “In Northern Sonora we provide

phone calls and first aid to abused deportees and Northbound migrants. We provide a check cashing service for those deported with un-cashable

prison checks. To those planning to cross the desert we provide useful items and advice regarding legal assistance, transportation and lodging.”

When the leader was finished with her speech, Ursie, who was becoming beet-red in the face, looked from the one girl to another.

They all had their slightly nodding heads cocked slightly higher and they were wearing smug smiles of prideful agreement.

Before Ursie had a chance to explode, Leon cut in to ask a question somewhat loudly and purposely saying. “Has it ever occurred to you ladies

that YOU are putting these ILLEGAL immigrant's lives at risk by ENCOURAGING ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION by

performing all of your activities, and that YOU are directly responsible for the deaths of some of those ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS?”

One of the other girls, now armed with righteous indignity, stood for effect and responded. “Sir, no human is illegal. We are not the problem we are

the solution. If it wasn't for the racist policies of WHITE MEN there would be no border. We are all God's children endowed

with the inherent right to live anywhere on Earth we please. YOU PEOPLE are the cause of all the suffering and death!”

She then looked directly at the three Mexicans sitting together at the bar taking the whole exchange in and asked.

“Don't at least YOU gentlemen agree?”

It was George Marival who spoke up first saying. “Hey man, I was born here and don't agree with you at all! Salvador here came here LEGALLY

by going through the citizenship process LEGALLY! If there were no border do you know how much drugs and gang-trash would be here? Do you

know that there would be more people here than there are in China and fools like you would be the first to start crying about how crowded it is! NO!

I don't agree with you. It's bad enough that these wetbacks take jobs from people born here –

they work under the table – and suck up my tax money that gives them shit that I don't even get!”


Armando was by then inspired to speak his piece by addressing the still standing girl adding.Man, don' you know tha' ween you gif ILLEGALS

all uf da sheet you gave to them they call to Mexico or Honduras or Guatemala or whadever and say 'hey man, get up here man, the gringos

we'll take good care of you and give you everthin'- jus' start walkin' man!' ...No fool, es YOU that help to kill the people... serio! I know!”

The standing girl melted into her chair fighting the urge to cry by biting her lower lip, which had to hurt and

further aggravate the urge to cry. She had attempted to gather allies to their cause... but failed miserably.

The leader, who was also repressing the urge to cry out of indignant anger, then stood

up and began by saying in a very whinny tone. “How can YOU PEOPLE be so mean? Why do...”

Ursie, who had stepped back to enable George and Armando to better see whom they

were talking to, exploded in a very loud and furious voice, “GET THE FUCK OUT NOW!”

The girls recoiled in unison from Ursie out of abject fear. They all plainly got the message and knew full well that any further statements could lead

to a physical assault of the worst sort. They immediately commenced a rapid exit while simultaneously losing their ability to stifle their urge to cry.

Ursie called after them. “GET THE FUCK OUT AND IF YOU NEVER COME BACK IT'LL BE TOO SOON!” She continued to



At this point it was Bob Bitker who spoke up loudly, “URSIE!... ENOUGH!”

Ursie shot a malevolent glare at Bob and froze, knowing instantly that he meant what he had just said and he could certainly back it up.

Bob then added in a calmer tone of voice. “They are leaving and we will let 'em go. I think everyone's point has been made here.”

Ursie, while still looking at Bob, only with a calmer expression on her face, took a deep breath, held it and then fully exhaled. Of course Bob was right.

It was time to simmer down and get back to work. She got busy clearing the glasses of tea and bowls of salad from the table in front of her.

It was then that Lasha appeared in the kitchen doorway with her head tilted a little forward and downward with her eyebrows raised

to maximum height. She looked slowly around at everyone and finally said. “Wow.” Which was all that really needed to be said.

George inquired. “Yo Ursie, those girls didn't pay for their lunch did they?”

Nawww, I'll pay for it, damm fools. It's worth it just to have seen their cutsie asses walking away fast.”

George was lost in thought for a moment and then said. “No, I want to pay for

it and please don't try to rob me of the pleasure of doing something nice for you.”

Ursie felt pleasantly trapped by what George had said. She looked at him with a blank expression while thinking

it the rest of the way through. It was an offer she couldn't refuse and then she replied simply, “thanks George.”

George paid the NO DEATH'S girl's bill, but Ursie got even with him when it was time for the three Mexicans' next round. Ursie filled three cold

fresh glasses with Bud. She also filled a pitcher. She placed the glasses of Bud in front of them, turned around to get the pitcher and set it before George

and said. “That's all on me George and please don't try to rob me of the pleasure of doing something nice for you guys.” She winked and carried on with her chores.

All three Mexicans lifted their glasses towards Ursie and George said, “Saulud Amiga.”

Most of the other patrons at the bar also lifted their glasses while saying “Salud.”



Grace was puzzled when she opened the door to The Bar at 10am to see only Eric standing there. “Where is everybody?” She asked.

Eric reminded her of the events and exchanges of the day before by saying. “I don't know. Everybody is probably

burnt out from doing homework all night. They might not make it in today. They might be doing more homework.”

"Ya mean about that Navy boat shit that went down yesterday?” Yeah.” Eric Replied.

Grace held the door open. “Well, come on in and sit a spell. This is your lucky morning Blair, you'll have your own private bar... for a while I expect”

Eric took his preferred chair at his table with his back to the wall.

Grace automatically poured him his beer and was about to come around the bar and serve him, but thought better of it. “Why doncha come sit at the bar.

You'll save me a trip an' ya might enjoy a different point of view fer chrissake.” She added. “Hell, there ain't nobody here but me 'n you.”

He was befuddled. This was a radical departure from a comfortable routine. This was tantamount to being personal with someone. He might have

to talk the her! He noticed that Grace had set his beer on the end of the bar so it was evident that he'd have to come get. “OK” he replied.



After taking a stool at the bar and sitting for a few minutes watching Grace going about her business Eric announced.

“I can't do it Grace, I can't sit here.” He got off of the stool to return to the safety of his chair.

Grace, who had been sweeping up mostly popcorn on the floor behind the bar,

stopped in mid sweep, furled her brow for a moment then asked. “Why not?”

He thought for a moment about whether to tell the truth, which would add to the general belief that he was losing his mind.

He decided to tell her the truth. “Because I can't shake the feeling that somebody is gonna to

sneak up on me behind my back and stick a knife in my liver or some such thing.” There he said it.

Oh THAT feeling. Yeah, I get that feeling sometimes and so do some others that I mentioned it to. One fella called it

...uhhh... the 'creep with a club syndrome'. I don't know if there is such a thing but I knew exactly what he meant.”

Really!” He said. “Ya really know what I mean?”

I shit you negative Friend. I decided to not letta damm feelin' like that decide for me how to live. Bein' in fear ain't livin', it's more like

dying if ya ask me.” She continued. “There's been plenty a things that scared me so I decided to face the fear an' make it leave me alone.”

Gimme a fer instance, can ya?” Asked Eric.

Without hesitation Grace replied. “Tarantulas!... them goddam things used ta scare the bejeezuz outta me. I mean jus' look at 'em. Then my ten year

old niece taught me a lesson 'bout tarantulas. We was out walking together, I was watching her while my sister was at work, an' we crossed paths with

one. I picked up a big ole' rock an' was gonna smash it, but my niece screamed 'NO - STOP!' An' she reached down an' kinda put her han' under the

thing an' picked it up! Of course I was horrified an' I tried to smack the hairy goddam thing outta her han' but she dodged my han' an drew back.”

Grace paused for a moment and stared off into space as though she was reliving that moment... and she was. “My niece told me to leave her 'frien'

alone 'cause it had no idea to hurt nobody, 'cept maybe grasshoppers and such.” Grace went on. “I asked her where she got this idea and she

said that her Daddy showed her that tarantulas won't bite nobody 'less somebody means to harm them. She offered to let me hold it, or let it walk

on my jacket sleeve, but I wasn't ready for that. I did let one walk up my sleeve some time later. But maybe my point is more like a live and let live

thang. I mean ya don't hafta be scared a nuthin', ya just gotta respect it for what it is an' leave it be. An' that goes double with people... unless they

mean ta harm ya, then jus' shoot 'em. It's yer right of self defense.”


Do you carry a gun Grace?” Eric inquired.

Fuckin' A!... Well, not on me, but I always carry my Glock in my purse.

With the safety off. It's yer right an' a smart thang ta do if ya ask me.”

Have ya ever shot anybody?” Eric inquired.
“No, but theres been a couple times when I got it out 'an pointed it at some assholes that were botherin' me.

An' a time I fired off a round through thedoor at some joker who was tryin' ta get in my house in the middle of the night.

People tend to leaveya alone if they know ya gotta gun. They leave ya alone if they even heard ya gotta gun or even think ya got one.

Ya oughtta try it.”

Eric picked up his beer, got up and seated himself at the bar... again. It never occurred to him to own a gun. He feared them.

The door to The Bar opened and in, along with the bright morning sunlight, came Jim and Jimmy.

The JJ's is how most locals referred to them when they were together, which was most of the time.

Grace greeted them. “Mornin' fellas. Whatcha up to today?”

Goooood Mornin'!” Jim began his reply. “Can ya get us two big ole coffees to go? We gotta couple of rooms

to paint today over at the college.” Everybody knew that the college was the Bible College in Miracle Valley.

Comin' up. She replied and added. “You guys are off to a late start this mornin' ain'tcha?”

Jimmy explained. “No, we were at it on time, the damm truck got a late start 'cause the battery died.

Had ta call Oz ta bring us a charged one ta swap out.”


Grace went about preparing the coffees to go and asked. “I fergit, Cream or sugar?”

No thanks.” Replied Jim. “Coffee is bitter sure, but it's downright sickening with sweets in it.”

A little cream for mine, thanks.” Jimmy replied, then asked.Where is everybody?”

Blair here thinks everbody is doing homework today, like research home work an' readin' books.”

Researchin' what, what books?” Asked Jimmy.

Oh it started with some Tucson couple yesterday that got everbody riled

about some Navy boat sunk by Jews, or some shit like that.” Replied Grace.

The USS LIBERTY.” Offered Eric. “The Israelis tried to sink it on purpose during the Arab

war in '67. They didn't sink it but they killed 34 sailors, Navy men. It's a long story.”

Had ta be a mistake. Israel is our buddy... right?” Declared Jim. “We gotta get crankin'. I'd like to hear

the story sometime,” said Jimmy as he paid for the coffees and handed Jim his.

“Later fellas, have a good one.” Grace said as they were leaving.

Same to ya, thanks.” Jimmy said over his shoulder and off they went.

Eric was glad that they were gone. He wanted to talk to Grace some more and this was maybe the first time he ever had her to himself. He'd learned,

by listening to her interact with customers, that although she was certainly rough around the edge, she was far from being stupid and strongly resented

it if someone assumed that she was. She had an approach to life based on common sense and standing her ground. She always extended courtesy and

returned courtesy when it was extended to her. She held strong opinions about many issues, but kept them to herself unless questioned.

She was a lot like Liz... only younger of course. Eric wasn't the only one who thought that Grace might be Liz's secret daughter.

Eric asked Grace, who was now washing glasses that had not been washed at the end of Liz's shift last night.

“Grace, have ya heard of the holocaust?”
“Of course I have, who hasn't,
them Kikes won't ever let us fergit it... why?”

Well, I heard ya mentioning Henry Ford's book yesterday and got to thinking

that maybe there is a book I have that you might wanna have a look at.

It's by a guy who is a gas chamber expert, you know like prison execution gas

chambers expert here in America. He says the Nazis never had any gas

chambers and he thinks the holocaust is mostly a big fat lie. He went to Germany and places to see for himself.

He ain't buying it and I ain't either anymore. If ya wanna read it I can bring it.”

Grace replied. Oh hell man, I hardly find time ta sleep, much less read a book now days.”

She noticed Eric slump a little from disappointment. So she added,

“Tell ya what. You bring yer book sometime an' I'll be glad to have a look.

Maybe I'll leave it on the john 'cause that's about the only time I got time.”

Eric perked up again and said. “I can go get it now if ya want.”

Nawwww. You jus' sit right there. No hurry.”


After they both let the conversation rest for a few moments he inquired. “Say Grace, do ya know where that word kike came from?”

She responded after pondering the question with raised eyebrows. “Nope, no clue, but I know kikes don't like it much. Why, do you know?”

I do! Back when all the immigrants were getting here at Ellis Island the immigration guys would ask new people to sign their name on some papers.

The people who couldn't write at all were supposed to make a X. But the Jews who couldn't write would make a circle instead of a X because they

said a X looks like a cross, you know, like making the sign of the cross, so they made a circle instead.

Kikel is the Jew word for circle. So the immigration guys started calling Jews Kikels or just Kikes.”

Well, that's a handy bit of info.” She remarked. “Seems to me them Kikes sure don't think much of Jesus to do shit like that. Seems to me that them Kikes

are downright anti-Christian!” She paused for a few moments before continuing. “Seems to me that them immigration

guys shouldda known the trouble they was making by lettin' a bunch of Jesus haters in here in the first place!”

Yeah!” Eric offered. “That's what I think too. Hell, ya can't even say Merry Christmas now days without some dipshit tellin' ya it's Happy Holidays now.”

Amen brother. There's a lotta weird crap that goes on like it's normal now days an' I think the Kikes are behind all of it. I know for a fact that they want

to take our guns from us and there's only one reason ta do that.” Before Eric could say anything she continued. “Cause if we knew

what they've done, are doin' an' wanna do... We'd shoot 'em! An' I'll sure as hell shoot anybody who tries to take my gun... or guns.

You got more than one gun Grace?”

Fuckin' A Dude! I gotta 410 gage shotgun for varmints, a single shot break action. A 12 gage pump action always loaded with double ought for

bigger varmints, such as people. A lever action 30-30. A 32 cal revolver, a 380 cal Baretta semi-auto and my Glock semi-auto 9 milimeter for walking around.”
Eric exclaimed, “Jeezuz Grace, you could hold off an army!”Grace responded,
That's the plan Stan.” 

Eric then asked. “Didja know that the Mayor of Chicago is a black woman that married and Jew woman?”

Grace stared at him for for a few moments while trying to tell if he was joking. “You gotta be kiddin'.”
“No, I swear, look it up.”

Grace then began. “No, I'll take your word for it, but that's exactly what I mean by weird shit goin' on. I mean, whodda thought twenty years ago,

or whudever, that some 'African American' woman could be 'married' to some kike woman... I mean it's really, fuckin', nuts!” She held

up two slightly bent fingers on each hand to indicate quotation marks as she said the words, African-American, and then the word, married.


Ozzy Moseley entered The Bar and went directly to his preferred stool followed a minute later by Bob Edmundson who chose a stool one over

from Ozzy. Grace greeted both of the new arrivals and was somewhat relieved to know that the day might be getting better business-wise after all.

When she asked Ozzy, “how goes it?”, he told the story about helping the JJ's out with a dead battery dilemma first thing in the morning. She told

him about their coffee stop a little earlier. Theo and Charlie Coughlin arrived together five minutes later. Although

their arriving at the same time was a coincidence, they considered it providential. They had much to discuss.

Theo and Charlie stood at the bar waiting for Grace to get their beers and then sat at a table away from the bar and were soon joined by Ozzy.

Eric saw the huddle forming and correctly deduced that a serious discussion regarding the LIBERTY was about to commence. He slid off his stool and joined them.

Ozzy produced his copy of WHAT I SAW THAT DAY from his cargo shorts pocket and slapped it on the table in front of Theo and said. “Here ya go.”

Charlie leaned over the table and said. If this shit is true, and I think it definitely is, then we should have declared war on Israel on June 9th, 1967!”

He continued. “I mean the Viet Nam War was started over an incident far less provocative than this LIBERTY incident. I mean, that Gulf of Tonkin

thing is supposed to be a ...a hoax or a lie, just as an excuse to get us into a war. I mean a lot of people think that and I always thought that anybody

who actually believed that we would do something like that was... you know, some kind of friggin' nutcase! I don't know about THAT anymore now!

He continued hurriedly to be sure that no one interrupted his opening statement. “I mean some of the ruthless shenanigans the Jews pulled were definitely

war crimes of the worst sort – machine gunning life rafts for God sake. The Jews showing up in a helicopter full of soldiers who intended to finish off

the entire crew who were mostly without arms to defend themselves for God sake. I mean, isn't that the kind of crap the Nazis did? Attacking a virtually

defenseless AMERICAN ship in the first place! I mean, why in hell isn't this hideous event, or whatever the hell ya wanna call it, in every school kid's

history book?... I'll tell you why! Because it's the truth! Otherwise it would be in the books if it was an accident! Accidents happen sure, but THIS...

this was no accident! Excuse my dander!


Right on brother!” Ozzy offered. “I'm with ya all the way. I'm glad I got someone to talk to about this shit.”

Eric offered. “Me too Oz. The weird thing for me is how LBJ went totally along with the whole thing. The President! OK, maybe I can understand,

or not really, why a admiral or whatever would go along with it, as a matter of following orders, but the President! It makes me wonder what other

stuff LBJ was up to, maybe those conspiracy people do know something we don't. Maybe LBJ did have Kennedy shot so he could take over...

Who really knows? Maybe there would be no Viet Nam war if Kennedy lived.”

Theo added. “Yeah, this LIBERTY thing really gets ya thinking about things like...


Hank Ford arrived with a vengeance. He did not look like a well rested man, in fact,

he looked like he hadn't slept at all and hadn't bothered to change clothes since yesterday morning.

Oh good.” Is all he said as he slid a chair from another table up to the end of their table. “You guys are who I need to talk to.”

Hank then began to do all the talking. “I was up most of the night, on the net, checking out this USS LIBERTY mess and I can tell ya that there are

some more books out there and statements by people that sure don't seem like liars to me.” He continued while he produced

several pages of notebook paper from his shirt pocket, unfolded the paper and examined his notes. “There is this one guy... uhh... a

Captain Ward Boston who was a JAG advocate, a JAG is like a Navy lawyer, for the crew at the inquiry after the mess and he wrote out a sworn

testimony about the whole thing and I can tell ya to your face that the Israelis did this thing deliberately with a capital D!... no doubt about!”

Right on brother!” Ozzy offered. “I'm with ya all the way. What else ya got

Hank acknowledged Ozzy with a wink and a nod and continued. “I found a website that has the contact information for a lot of these guys who lived

through this... slaughter. They're scattered all over the country, but I'm gonna find out when they are getting' together again and I'd like to meet

'em and buy 'em a drink or something.” He asked Ozzy. “Didn't you say you met some of 'em, or one of 'em, in Phoenix not so long ago?

Yeah, but we didn't become buddies or anything. I just bought a book that one guy signed and some other guy showed me some of their stuff that they

brought with 'em.” Ozzy added. “I can tell ya they were some real nice guys and they sure seemed to be grateful that someone took an interest in their story and their cause.”

What cause?” Theo asked.
“They want a whole 'nether investigation into the whole thing, a real investigation

not some cover-up crap, and they want Israel to admit what they did.” Answered Ozzy.

Theo offered. “Well, I hope they get their reinvestigation before donkeys fly, but I'll bet that ship has sailed.” Theo realized his unintended pun and added.

“No pun intended. And if the Israelis ever were to admit to what they did, then I'd bet that it would be the end of our so

called 'ally' arrangement and ultimately the end of Israel. After all, we are Israel's only friggin' friend... I'm pretty sure.”

Ozzy offered. “Probably, and what kind of ally murders their allies? And just how has Israel ever

helped us out with any goddamm thing? How many Israeli soldiers fought with us in Nam?

How 'bout zero! How many of their guys fought with us in Iraq? In Afghanistan? I'm thinking zero. How much money have we given

those leeches without getting a penny paid back, or without so much as a friendly thank you? And it's OUR money for fuck sake!”

Eric spoke up. “Maybe I shouldn't be, but I gotta tell you guys that I'm glad yer pissed about this. I mean,

I've been pissed about this for a while now and I got other stuff to show you that might make you even more pissed.”

Hank asked. “Like what for instance Blair? What could be worse than this shit?

Eric continued. “Well, I got a lot of boxes of books at home, which is nether here nor there, but I got a kinda special box where I keep my...

my books about stuff that people don't wanna hear about. Like I got a book that'll make ya think that maybe the holocaust is a big lie and...

Hold it right there Blair!” Theo interrupted. “I hope you aren't one of those holocaust deniers... I think they're called. Facts are facts and the holocaust

really happened man. There are photos, films and thousands of sworn testimonials proving it. Hell, even the Germans admitted it! How can anybody doubt it?

Why would anybody doubt it? There are even some countries where you can go to jail for not believing the holocaust.

No, don't cross that line Eric, this LIBERTY stuff is one thing, the holocaust is something else.

Ozzy then said to Eric. “I'd like to have a look at your book.”

Well, I already told Grace that I'd let her see it first already, so after her.”

Hank broke in. “Grace! Grace is in on this?”

Grace upon hearing her name spoken loudly came over to the end of the bar and called

over to the huddle at the table. “Hey you guys! If y'all are talking 'bout me I wanna hear it!”

Theo offered. “Oh, Blair has some holocaust book that Oz wants to read, but you get to first.”
“Oh that.” She said. “Well, You go ahead first Oz. I'm in no hurry. In fact, I'm startin' ta think that Blair
s probably tryin' ta make us all nuts with his books.”

She then cocked her head to one side, knitted her brow and added. “Which probably couldn't hurt.” She resumed her activities behind the bar.

Lasha arrived at 12:10pm saying to Grace. “Sorry I'm late, but I have a good excuse!”

OK, what is it?”

Lasha responded. “Ahhh, which one haven't I used lately?”

Morning sickness.”
“Morning sickness it is then!” Then Lasha scurried into the kitchen and turned on the grill first thing.

Deputy Bob in uniform, George Marival and Armando Jones arrived intending to have lunch. There were two older couples who looked to be city

folks out for an adventure already there for lunch. Lasha advised Grace that grilled items would take a while, but she could

whip out salads and sandwiches. Bean burros wouldn't take long. Grace advised those who were ordering food of the situation.

Armando Jones was born in Guaymas, Mexico where his father had been a shrimp fisherman with his own trawler. His very pretty mother was a secretary

for an attorney. Her grasp of English was why she had been hired. They were known as the Chavez family back then. Armando's older brother Roberto

was a deck hand on his father's boat while Armando attended grade school. Life was good for the Chavez family until his father's trawler was one of four

that sank during a squall with all hands lost at sea. Lupe Chavez, of course, was devastated. About the only reason

she didn't succumb to a deep depression was 'Mondo'. She willed herself to carry on for the boy's sake.

Divorced Stephen E. Jones did well for himself as the owner of an Ace Hardware store in Sierra Vista. Well enough to own a forty foot sailboat that he

kept dry docked in San Carlos that isn't far from Guaymas. Lupe happened to be in San Carlos on an errand for her boss when Mr. Jones saw her enjoying

her lunch at a roadside taco stand. He immediately decided that tacos would be good for lunch. You can imagine the events from there leading to

Armando Jones residing in Panteras.


Bob ordered a ham and cheese sandwich, George and Mondo ordered burros and the four tourists all ordered salads. Beer all around.


Bob, using his professional eye for details, routines and other human activities immediately noticed the huddle around the far table where occasional

outbursts could be heard and he was inspired to investigate. Not because of anything suspicious, but because maybe he was missing out on something.

This huddling at a table was far out of the regular routine. He ambled over and stood nearby until he was noticed.

It was Hank who noticed him first and offered a greeting, “Hi Bob, care to join us?”

No, but thanks, my lunch is on the way.” He continued.

“I'm just wondering what you guys are doing over here, the bar seems kind of abandoned without ya.”

Theo spoke next. “Of course religion and politics are outlawed in here, but this

could be construed as a political meeting... of sorts. You aren't gonna arrest us are ya?”

Well, that depends.” Bob said. “If you are all deciding to vote for somebody like

Bernie Sanders, then you're all under arrest.” That got a chuckle from everyone.

Naw.” said Ozzy. “We're just talkin' some more about the USS LIBERTY thing... and the holocaust.”

Bob, with a surprised look on his face, said. “Really? Well, I don't know about the holocaust. I mean I do, but funny that you just mentioned the USS LIBERTY

because yesterday afternoon as I was walking out of Bisbee headquarters I damm near bumped into a guy wearing a ball cap that had that ship's name on it.

The guy was maybe sixty five, six one, 230, dressed like a golf pro and he was with a gal who was probably his wife. I didn't think anymore about it until now.”
Grace called out. “Bob,
yer up!

Bob said to no one in particular. “I gotta eat and run, but I want to hear more about this LIBERTY thing some other time.”


Ozzy, who had busied himself on his smart phone prior to Bob's visit, found what he was looking for. It was a photo of an extremely

emaciated naked man (except for a cloth covering his groin for modesty). The man looked beyond pathetic and very close to death.

Bob held out the phone for Theo to see and asked. “What do you see Theo?”

I see an inmate at Auschwitz, or some such place, probably the day it was liberated by the Americans... that's what I see, why?”

Ozzy responded. “That's a photo of a Union soldier, a POW, who had been in the Confederate prison at Andersonville, Georgia.

Evidently food and medicine becomes scarce for the losing side in any war, especially for anyone imprisoned by the losing side.”

Eric spoke up. “You'd confess to anything if somebody was crushing yer balls... anything Theo.

And Auschwitz was liberated by the Russians, not Americans.”

OK!” Exclaimed Theo. “I can see I'm being set-up here, but don't think I'm gonna believe that Americans or the Brits, or whoever, tortured any

Germans to get confessions from them. It was the Germans who did all the torturing and you should know that. Americans don't do that kind of crap!”

So Theo.” Said Ozzy. “Ever heard of Abu Ghraib?”

Theo stared straight ahead while processing his thoughts.

Ozzy's phone sounded. He answered it by saying. “Yeah.” He listened and then said. “Got it, tell 'em I'll be there in twenty minutes.”

He drained the remaining beer from his glass in one gulp and was heading out the door. He placed his hand on Eric's shoulder and said. “Bring the book.”

Theo snapped out of his thinking trance to continue the argument. “Nobody can deny that the Nazis rounded up millions of Jews and put them in prisons, right?”

Nobody will deny that Theo, I know I won't.” Offered Eric. “Sure the Germans rounded up Jews same as we rounded up American Japs here

after Pearl Harbor an' put 'em in prisons. Some of them prisons were right here in Arizona up by Phoenix. An' the German prisons for Jews were

nicer than the prisons we built for Japs! Auschwitz even had a maternity ward where this Polish lady delivered thousands

a babies an' they wanna make her a saint. Now why have a maternity ward if they're gonna kill everbody anyway?”

How can you say that!?” Theo exclaimed. “They were DEATH FACTORIES ya goddamm fool! What kind of drugs are you on Blair? Yeah we

rounded up Japanese, but think of the fear caused by Pearl Harbor. We thought the Japanese were going to land on California

beaches at any time and the Japanese already here were probably saboteurs, assassins and such things. It was fear Eric!”

Exactly!” Said Eric. “Same with the Germans. Hell, the Jews had already declared war on Germany an' started a boycott of German

stuff even before the war even started. The Germans figured the Jews could be trouble same as we thought Japs could be trouble.”

Well, there wouldn't have been any trouble if that mad man hadn't invaded Poland to begin his

conquest of the world.” Hank interjected addressing Eric. “Even YOU know Hitler was a lunatic, right?”

Eric felt out-gunned, but he was determined to stand his ground and said in a calm voice. “Hitler invaded Poland to stop the slaughter of the Germans

who were stuck there after WWI when Poland got a bunch of German lan' because of that treaty. Hitler figured he'd get that lan' back too, not the world.”

Versailles.” Offered Theo.

What?” Eric asked.
“The Versailles Treaty.” Continued Theo. “The treaty made after Germany surrendered in WWI was the Versailles Treaty.”

So that's how ya pronounce it. Yeah that.” Said Eric and he continued. “Hitler just wanted the

German lan' they lost back an' he didn't want to keep paying penalty money for losing the war, so he...
“War reparations.” Offered Theo.

What?” Said Eric.

It's called war reparations when the losing side in a war is required to pay for all the damages... so to speak.” Said Theo.

OK.” Eric agreed. “War reparations.”

Art McCollum entered The Bar fixated on his smart phone. He ambled past the huddle at the table and seated himself at the bar.

Grace automatically poured Art a draft and set it in front of him.

Art finally looked up from his phone and said. “Mornin' Grace.” He then did

a quick appraisal of the vacant bar stools and asked. “Where is everybody?”

Ya walked right past 'em ya phone zombie.”

Art grabbed his beer, placed some money in it's place, slid off his stool and ambled over to the huddle at the table and said. “Wazzup guys?”

Hank offered. “Well, we were discussing that Liberty incident, but Blair here got us side-tracked talking about Hitler and shit. Take a seat and hang on.”

So, whats Hitler got to do with the USS LIBERTY?” Asked Art of anyone.

Nothing.” Said Theo. “Maybe we should press the re-set button and start over now that you are here. Keep your phone handy Art.”

Wait, wait.” Said Eric. “First, jus' one thing OK?” To Art he said. “Can ya put bromberg massacre in yer phone and see what happens please?”

Sure.” Said Art. “Spell it.”

It's b-r-o-m-b-e-r-g and then mass – acre.” Said Eric.


They all waited without speaking, mostly out of curiosity to see where this was going and partly as a courtesy to Art who was concentrating on his

accepted task. After Art had finished typing in the words, there was only a momentary pause and then he announced. “Wow, there's a whole bunch of stuff here. What do ya wanna see Blair.”

Eric leaned over to see what Art was seeing. After a few moments he asked Art if there was more to see.

Art obligingly scrolled down slowly while Eric watched until Eric ordered. “Stop! That one, can ya make that one go?”

He had chosen a title to click onto that read, THE 1939 DANZIG MASSACRE OF ETHNIC GERMANS. “Can ya show that ta Theo?”

Art handed the phone to Theo who examined the article with furled eyebrows for a minute or so before saying to Art.

“Mind if I scroll down some more?”

Art replied. “Knock yerself out.”

Hank scribbled 'bromberg massacre' on one of his note papers, then asked Theo. “Well Theo, what?

Blair here may be right about this stuff. Looks like the Poles murdered a lot of Germans. This city, Danzig, was totally German and totally cut off from Germany.”


Hank then asked Eric. “What was that Polish woman's name who delivered babies in Auschwitz?” Hank was poised to commence writing on his note paper.

Jeezuz Hank, I don't know. I mean, I saw her name but I couldn't pronounce it, much less spell it, ta save my life.”

He answered. “It was Polish.” Then he asked Art. “Ya think we can find her on yer phone?”

I suppose I can give it a shot.” Answered Art. “But what do I type in there, Auschwitz baby deliverer?”

Theo handed Art his phone saying, “Try midwife. Try Auschwitz midwife... a-u-s-h... wait... it's a-u-s-c-h-w-i-t-z.

Art got busy and in no time he announced with a chuckle. “Got it! Fuck! Blairs right about the gal. There's a shit-load a stuff about 'er here”

So start at the top thing and spell the name for me will ya.” Said Hank.

Uhhh... the first thing is called, THE MIDWIFE OF AUSCHWITZ – THE STORY OF...

I'll spell it for ya.” Art offered. “S-t-a-n-i-s-l-a-w-a is the first name and get this, l-e-s-z-c-z-y-n-s-k-a.”

Hank said. “Hold it, spell that last name again slower.”

I know.” Said Art. “It makes no sense, so here ya go again... l-e-s-z-c-z-y-n-s-k-a.” He made an attempt to pronounce it, but it was no use

. “Says here she delivered over three thousand babies without ever losing one and she lived until 1974.

The Catholic church wants to 'canonize' her or something and the road that leads to Auschwitz today is named after her.”

Yeah.” Said Eric. “And Auschwitz had a dentist office, movie theater, concerts, soccer games with British soldier prisoners playing, they had plays,

stores to buy stuff and even a swimming pool! It was a work camp, not a death factory and ya didn't have to work if ya didn't want to, but if ya did,

ya got like coupons ta buy stuff in the store.”

Well, what about the gas chambers and the piles of poison gas cans they found after the liberation Eric?” Asked Hank. “What about those pictures

of piles of dead people who looked like skeletons, what about them? What about those ovens? Why were they forcing people in ovens fer gawd sake?”

Eric took a deep breath and exhaled slowly while organizing his reply to Hank's multiple questions. He began. “Them cans of poison was called Zyklon-B,

it's for killing bugs like fleas and lice. Lice carried Typhus then and it killed a lot of prisoners. Durin' the last year of the war Germany got bombed

into the stone-age. Roads, railroads bridges and stuff were destroyed, no food or medicine was getting to

the people or the soldiers, much less to prisoners. Like Oz said about those Union Civil War prisoners.”

He took another deep breath and exhaled quickly before continuing. “Those piles a skeleton bodies were people that starved ta death or got sick or both.

Those ovens weren't fer killin' anybody, they were for burning diseased bodies, nobody was forced in 'em, they was dead already.

Those ovens were only built during the last six months or so of the war. And those ovens didn't burn up millions

of bodies like they say. Those ovens couldn't burn a million bodies 'cause there were only like twelve of 'em and it takes too long to

burn a body anyway.” He paused and finally stated. “Look guys, I'm no expert on this stuff, I just read some books by guys who ARE experts and

if ya want I can tell ya the names if ya want. I'm gonna bring the best book here tomorrow for Oz. There weren't no gas chambers for killin' people I tell ya.”

Theo offered. “We'll, I need to look into a lot of issues. I'm going home to do my homework. I don't feel like drinking beer

or chatting any more today.” To Eric he said. “Boy Blair, you really know how to open a can of worms and stir it up!”

Me too.” Announced Hank and then to Charlie he said. “You sure have been quiet Charlie, you alright?”

Hank's question brought Charlie out of his thinking stupor. He looked up at Hank who had gotten up to leave... after finishing his beer.

He answered. “Uhh... what, I mean yeah, I'm fine. I just can't believe my friggin' ears. I need another beer. I need a shot too!”

Hank left, but he soon came back in to ask Eric a final question. Eric and Art were still sitting at the table involved in discussion.

“Say Blair, what was that you said about the Jews declaring war on Germany? I mean, how would Jews declare war? What Jews?”

Eric raised his eyebrows and looked at Art. Art, without saying a word, reached for his phone on the table and asked. “OK, what do I punch in?”

Try... uhh....” Eric paused for thought, then shrugged his shoulders and said. “Try, jews declare war on germany.”

Art typed it in the search box, waited a moment and declared, “Yep, there is all kinds of stuff here about it.”

Got it thanks.” Said Hank and off he went.


Eric and Art sat at the huddle table chatting. Eric was feeling both distressed and elated. Distressed because of what Theo said about him being an

'opener and stirrer of a can of worms' is what he remembered him saying and elated because he hadn't had such a robust exchange of ideas with people

since he could remember. Arguments is probably a better choice of words, rather than exchange of ideas.

It occurred to ask Art for another smart phone search, so he asked.

Art, can I bother ya' for one more phone search?”

Sure, where we goin' Bud?”

Can of worms.”

Yeah, I heard what Theo said to you.” Art said. “I think it means like causing trouble. Let's see.” He entered the phrase into the search box.

Art then read aloud. “A can of worms is a situation or subject that is very complicated, difficult or unpleasant to deal with or discuss.”

So Theo used the right phrase, that's fer sure. Do ya think he's pretty pissed at me?”

How much schoolin' didja finish?” Art asked.
“Oh... well, I didn't even graduate high school after my Mom was ... after my Mom died. My younger brothers and my lil' sister got taken in by

some relatives and people, but I was almost eighteen, I was the oldest, an' they thought I was... Why anyways? What's schoolin' got ta do with Theo being mad at me?”

Well, you know Theo was like a professor or something. He like went to Arizona State in Phoenix and was a school teacher for a long time. I think he

was like a history teacher.” Art continued. “I don't think Theo gets mad at you for knowin' all this bizarre shit, I think he gets mad at hisself for not knowin' it.

Or maybe he gets mad at Arizona State for not tellin' him or something. I don' know, but maybe it's like that.” Art continued. “Ya kinda made 'em look

like a dumbass today, not that ya meant to, ya jus' did is all.”


Ya think maybe I should jus' shut up?” Eric asked. “Ya think maybe people are happier being ignorant... maybe people wanna jus' be left alone.”

Well, I can't speak for nobody but m'self, but I think this bizarre shit is inneresstin' as hell...

beats watchin' TV.” Replied Art. “TV jus' pisses me the hell off now days most a the time.”
“I ain't watched much TV since Mom was... died. I haven't had one.
The TVs always on here but

I can't see the words very well that are on the bottom goin' by. So what's wrong with TV Art?”

Well, I got nuthin' against black people, 'specially round here 'cause there ain't none... 'cept Meshell and she's alright. An' black people got their

own things goin' on, like how they talk an' how they dance an' the music they like and how they shake hands and whatever. Their hair dos and clothes.

How they go on when they're mad. They're real different. Nuthin' wrong with bein' different, but that's it, they are real different.

It ain't me. It ain't my style. And that's OK, what a bore the world would be without some difference.... Where was I?”

TV.” Eric reminded him.


Yeah yeah... Black people have kinda taken over the TV on commercials and shows like there are more of them now then us white people.

Maybe there are, I don' know. But I only watch old shows 'specially ole' cowboy shows now days cause it reminds me of bein' a kid. And the

homos on TV!” Art continued. “Since when do we hafta watch homos? I mean I suppose I'm supposed to like 'em but I never have and I don't think

I ever will. It's like everybody now days knows what they do to each other in bed but now it's supposed to be OK? I mean maybe people don't know

what they do in bed, or think it's fine, but I don't. Bein' a homo sure as hell ain't my style. I think homos are repulsive an' silly an' if there's

sumpthin' wrong with me for being how I am then jus' shoot me – I'll loan ya the gun!” Art was about to continue when his phone sounded.

He looked at the screen then put it to his ear. “Hi Hon, wazzup?” He listened then said. “Yeah, I'm here... yeah I know what time

it is and no I ain't had much at all... one.” He listened some more. “It ain't goin' nowhere, I'll get on it soon.” He listened some more.

Well, she's always mad, she's a.... OK!” He turned his phone off and turned to Eric. “I gotta go Bud. My wife is cavin' to the pressure all over the

damm place. I gotta go see about Bonnie Wyatts damm washin' machine like right now. Bonnie must be up to her neck in suds an' water to hear my wife tell it!”

He gave Eric an informal salute on the way out and said. “See ya Bud.”

Eric immediately realized that he was alone at the far table and got up to move to his regular table near the bar. He started to sit in his

chair along the wall but changed his mind. He slid onto the stool at the bar nearest the TV to watch it with a purpose in mind.

Grace came over to where he was and said. “You guys sure were havin' a hell of a meetin' over there. Who said what ta make everbody leave? ”

Then she added as she indicated towards his glass with a nod. “Ya wanna drain that last inch an' I'll getcha a fresh one.”

Uhhh... two guys had to work and two guys went to do homework. Like research homework.”

He tossed back the last gulp and handed her the glass. He fixated on the TV and sure enough there were five women seated behind a table shaped

in a half-circle obviously involved in an animated discussion. There were three black women, and two white women. All three black women had

long straight hair. One of them had blond hair. He wondered if the blond was wearing a wig or if the hair was bleached, because it sure couldn't be natural

and wasn't natural looking. All three black women were over made up, including obvious false eye lashes and bright red lipstick. Their choice of tight

fitting dresses was very unflattering to all of them because of their obvious 'heaviness.” One of the black women was talking while bobbing her head

a lot and making exaggerated dismissive hand gestures with hands that displayed very long fingernails painted the color of her lips.

He wondered if the fingernails were real, and if they were, he wondered how careful she needed to be to keep from breaking them.

He could easily read the text scrolling along the bottom of the screen. The text read: 'and after I was done throwing his sorry black ass

out I would throw the contents of his messy closet out behind him (applause) ain't no man gonna get away with two timing me no siree bubba' (applause).

The five women were all high-fiving the speaker who was now nodding her head with her large lips pursed and chin thrust forward.

One of the white women was now speaking. He read the text that had been appearing: 'a long

time and if my wife ever did that I would probably do more than just throw her clothes out I'd probably'...

He quickly looked back up at the person speaking who he thought was a woman. The person, according to what he read, had said 'my wife' and used

the word 'her'... he was sure he had read it right. He intently examined the person speaking and assured himself that the person was female, although he

could be mistaken. She or he, in a marked contrast to the black women, wore no obvious makeup, had dark brown curly hair worn in a disheveled

bobbed style, she had no finger nails to speak of and she was wearing a dark colored woolen pendleton style shirt buttoned all the way to the top.


Curious confusion inspired Eric to ask Grace what she might know about this person. “Say Grace.” He began.

Grace, who was pouring a pitcher for two new arrivals said. “Thank you Lord for this beer they're about to receive.”

He shot her a look of confused disapproval that she noticed and she continued. “Well, you said say grace.”

It was her little joke that she'd employed many times before when she was set up for it.

No... see that person talking on TV.” Eric continued. “Do ya know who that is?”

Yeah, that's Sarah Gilbert. She was on Roseanne for years.”

So she's a she yeah?” He asked.

Well, sure she's a she, although not much of a she by lookin' at 'er... why?”

Well, has she got A WIFE?” Eric asked using disbelieving emphasis on the words, a wife.

Yeah.” Grace answered and added. “The wife is a real mess of a rock chick. They're lesbians. Ya know what those are doncha Blair?”

Sure, but are they really like legally married, or just more like livin' together.”

No, they're legally married like man an' wife only woman an' wife. Creepy ain't it. Never thought I'd see the day!”

Eric offered, So women are marrying women an' men are probably marrying men too I suppose.”

Yep. Ya gotta get out more Blair. Yer missing the whole decline of decent Western civilization. America is in free-fall goin' ta hell ina hand basket!”

Grace then broke off the conversation to go into the kitchen to see if Lasha was preparing the orders or out having a puff... again.

Eric continued to watching the TV that was now showing an add for Toyota where a pretty young white lady was showing a black family

the latest family car. The next add featured a black couple pitching a weight loss product. The following add featured a black doctor

pitching a male enhancement product to a middle aged white man.

Eric was already convinced that Art was right. There must be more black people than white people. He supposed that by living in Panteras for so long

he had missed the transformation. But, just to be sure, he decided to ask Grace for the remote control when she came back out. He surveyed The Bar to

see if anyone was watching the TV. They weren't.

Grace handed him the remote and he began flipping though the endless selection of channels. After perhaps ten minutes George Marival,

who had been watching Eric from across the bar, spoke up. “Make up your mind Dude! You're wearing the remote battery out.”

Eric extended the remote towards George saying, “Do ya wanna watch sumpthin'?”

Not really, I just been watching you go through those channels like a crazy man.” George froze for an instant after realizing what he had just said.

Referring to a crazy man, and he really thought Eric was crazy, as being like a crazy man was never a good idea only because who knows how a

crazy man will react to being compared to a crazy man... or something like that.


Eric set the remote down and slid it towards the end of the bar for Grace to put away. He'd seen enough. It was true. Blacks appeared on the TV

screen seemingly as much, or more, than whites and exclusively appeared on some shows. He saw a few orientals but no Hispanics or no

one obviously Hispanic. He wondered if Blacks had indeed out-bred Whites, or maybe there always had been more Blacks and he just hadn't noticed.

He wondered if wealthy Black athletes had purchased the TV networks and had set about to over-represent their race. He wondered many things

and began wondering how he was going to purchase a smart phone or a computer on his Social Security pittance. He couldn't go on much longer

bothering Art, or whomever, about looking things up for him on theirs. He decided to go to his hovel and look through his boxes of books to see if

there was anything about TV networks.

Upon returning home, after chaining his bike to the mesquite tree in the front yard and setting the book intended for Art on the floor against the front door,

Eric went directly to an unopened stack of boxes. He already had read all of the books in the open boxes and did not recall ever reading anything

pertaining to television. He knew exactly what was in his taboo box because he had read all of those books at least two times each.

He began his quest by opening the top box on a stack of five other unopened boxes. He examined over a hundred books in the top box, the titles,

book descriptions on the back covers, the cover art. Nothing gave him any idea that any of the books might be about the television industry.

He did set aside a few that might be interesting for later reading.

Before he continued his quest for information about the television industry he again examined one of the books he'd chose for later reading.

There was something intriguing about the title that read, SOLVING 9-11 THE DECEPTION THAT CHANGED THE WORLD. Wondering exactly

what was meant by 'the deception' he looked on the back cover and read the concise reviews.

He read them all and became very curious about the contents. One review read:

“Our government, media and our culture itself have become so infested with lies and liars that most of us are hard pressed to maintain any awareness

of reality. Christopher Bollyn gives us a chance to see clearly what has happened to America – information we can use to reformulate our world

view and guide our thinking as we attempt to cope.”


Eric was excited. This was the sort of book that he was looking for and might be a book that would

address media, particularly television. He opened the book to the beginning which was a dedication that read:


This book is dedicated to the people who were killed on 9-11 and those who have suffered

and perished in the aftermath as a result of the evil deception about what happened that day.”

On the next page was a quote by J. Edgar Hoover, the former director of the FBI from 1956 that read:

The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not

come to the realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a

philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.”

Eric tried to recall exactly what Grace had said bout decent civilization in decline and America going to hell in a hand basket.

Next he examined the table of contents. He read down to Chapter VIII that read: The Media Cover Up. He proceeded to Chapter VIII and read it.

He was astounded to easily deduce that Jews, not Blacks, own or totally control all important media outlets, television in particular. The author

named powerful TV executives. The U.S.S. Liberty was even mentioned. He re-read the chapter, then returned to the

beginning to read the Preface. Opposite from the first page of the Preface was a quote by Robert F. Kennedy that read:

“Fear not the path of truth for the lack of people walking on it.”


Eric got the idea that this book was speaking to him personally. He read until four in the morning when his vision became too blurred to continue.

He fell asleep on his army surplus cot with the book on his chest. He'd been in approximately the same position on the cot for nearly twelve hours.

He wasn't the only one reading until the wee hours.






Theo Ordorno was at home furiously searching for and examining anything that appeared on his computer screen after typing AUSCHWITZ in the

search box. After examining the sites listed on the first two pages of search results, where information was provided by what he considered reputable

sources such as Wikipedia, PBS, and The New York Times, he again felt sure that the accepted holocaust narrative was true and that

Blair's arguments were based on falsehoods.

But upon further searching he came upon websites that presented convincing evidence that debunked the official story, very convincing evidence.

One particular site, CODOH (Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust) presented seemingly unassailable evidence and arguments that could

sway anyone to become at least a holocaust revisionist, if not a staunch denier. Another site titled, THE WRITINGS OF PETER WINTER, offered

enough logical evidence to reduce the official narrative to a ridiculous hoax. He even came upon a HOLOCAUST

DEPROGRAMMING COURSE site that could probably convince even a Jew that the holocaust did not happen as advertised.

Theo also happened upon historical events mentioned at these denier sites such as the HOLODOMOR, ARMENIAN GENOCIDE and

EISENHOWER'S RHINE CAMPS that were completely unknown to him... until now. He wondered how such events could have been so

well hidden for so long. Where did the power to either present a corrupted version of history or completely hide history come from? He determined

to find out but could see that he would need help, a lot of help. He needed what is known as a 'think tank' or something like a coordinated research team.

He decided to create a research team. He already had a good idea about who he should recruit first.

He looked forward to seeing them sometime tomorrow. He went to bed and slept well.

Theo was the first and only person waiting in his car for Grace to open the next morning. He first wanted to share his idea about a research team,

or research club, with Hank Ford, Blair, Oz, Bob Edmundson, Ernie Zundel and Art before driving to Sierra Vista to see about getting a smart phone.

He hadn't missed having a phone of any kind since the day he retired. He had put his ties and cell phone in the trash that day as a celebratory gesture.

To Theo, ties represented conformity costuming and cell phones were little else but irritating invasions of peace and privacy. There were

those who would ask him what he would do in an emergency without a phone and he would answer, “I'll drive off that bridge when I come to it.”

The JJ's came in for coffee to go. Art McCollum came in next for alcohol fortification. The rest of the early regular regulars were all

conspicuously absent prompting Grace to ask Theo, “Did you guys have a party somewhere last night? Where are you huddle buddies?”

Huddle buddies? Ya mean our little gathering at the table over there yesterday?”

Yeah that.” She answered.

I don't know what happened after I left, and I have to leave soon again.

I'm going Sierra Vista to buy a phone. It's time for one.” Theo offered.

Then he asked Art. “So Art, how much are those smart phones anyway, can ya give me some advice?”

Well, mine came free when I signed up for the service. I pay sixty bucks a month for service. But you can

pay a lot for phones that you can talk to and tellum what to do. Like as much as five or six hundred bucks.”

Jeezuz!” Exclaimed Theo. “I think I like your deal. So, changing the subject here, you remember

yesterday our discussion over at the table there with Blair and Hank and the others.”

Sure., that was some very inneresstin' stuff Blair was comin' up with. I'd kinda like to hear more about it. About the holocaust things and that LIBERTY

ship thing has been botherin' me. I tried to tell my wife about some of the stuff, but she didn't wanna hear about nuthin'... she thinks that the past is past

and why be diggin' up old buried stuff in the first place. Maybe she's right about the past, but I kinda think that if ya don't know about where ya

were in the past, then yer not gonna know how ya got to here and ya sure as hell ain't gonna know where yer goin'. But that's jus' me thinkin'.”

Well, I tend to agree with you Art. I think the events in history definitely have shaped the conditions in the present. I'm also thinking now that we

don't know nearly enough about what really happened in the past to know why so many things are so... so disturbing now days. But I intend to

find out and maybe you can help me.”

Sure I'll be glad to help ya Theo, but what the hell can I do? I'm no history teacher ya know and I can't rightly

remember what happened last Sunday, much less what happened before I was even borned or whatever.”

That's OK Art, you are pretty handy with that phone of yours, and if I had several guys with phones ready to search for things, like you were doing yesterday,

then I'll bet we could get a lot of information gathered very fast. I'd like to start up something like a truth search club... or something like that.

We can do it here while enjoying snacks and brews, kind of like getting together with pals to shoot pool, only we do some brain storming!”

Sure, sure I'm in.” Said Art. “So long as ya know I ain't much of a brain and who else ya got in mind, Blair, Hank?”

Exactly! And maybe Oz, Charlie and whoever else might be interested. All comers will be welcome as long as they want to learn, not just argue.”

Sounds kinda like school.” Art said.
“Yeah, like school. Like a continuing education history class for adults and a police detective investigation at the same time.”


Grace, who overhears everything that goes on at the bar asked. “Is this gonna be like a 'gentleman's club', are gals gonna be welcome?”

Of course.” answered Theo. “All comers who have an interest in being a history detective will be welcome regardless of race, sex, color or creed... even you!”

She acknowledged the thinly veiled, but probably well intentioned, insult with a roll of the eyes and a curt reply. “Oh Boy!”


Art then announced that he'd better get at it. His wife had scheduled

too much for him to accomplish in one day on purpose... as usual.

Theo expressed his need to get his phone shopping accomplished. They walked out together leaving Grace

to ponder what was going to transpire regarding this 'club' or 'team' or whatever Theo had in mind.

She tried to remember what Theo called it... a history education class for adults, and police detective investigation altogether... or something like that.

She figured that it couldn't hurt and probably wouldn't last too long. After all, were these yahoos really going to become the people's police on an

historic history quest or what. She wondered what they were going to call their club. She tossed around some ideas in her head and decided that

they should call themselves, THE PAUL REVERE SOCIETY.

She wrote it down intending to suggest it to Theo.

Not one other regular regular arrived to seat himself at the bar until nearly three o'clock when Oz came

in with Hank followed soon after by Eric. Ernie came in around three thirty and Theo five minutes later.


Eric handed off his holocaust revision book titled, THE LEUCHTER REPORT, to Ozzy. Eric had the SOLVING 9-11 book with him too,

he would wait for the right time to introduce it to the guys. Theo suggested that they all huddle around the far table again for another chat.

When they were all seated and beer glasses were all topped off from the pitcher that Theo bought, he began by saying. “So, I don't know about

you guys, but I have heard about and read about more disturbing facts, theories, historical events, cover-ups and whatever lately than I ever wanted

to know, but now I want to know more. I want to really know what the hell is really going on. Henry Ford's book isn't a pack of lies if ya ask me.

This USS LIBERTY story is very disturbing. A closer look at the holocaust story is certainly worth the bother. There is a lot more to the WWII story

than we've been told that's for sure. The more I investigate one issue the more issues present themselves. It's like there is a gigantic bunch of dots

that need connecting. I'm thinking that the more help I can get the better. We need to get the word out that there are some bad people evidently

operating from behind a curtain who control the people we see in front of the curtain. We can all contribute to putting together

a book maybe, maybe we can build an information website, maybe we can give talks at places... we gotta do something!”


Hell Theo.” Began Hank. “I'm with ya, but there are already books and websites out there. And if ya go to YouTube there are a lot of different

people with videos who are presenting information about all sorts of stuff. It's kinda overwhelming to go from one link to another until ya

forget how or where ya started in the first place.”


Hank's right.” Offered Ozzy. “What can we do that isn't being done already?”
“Yep. Began Theo. “There
's a lot of information sharing out there, but from what I've seen, it's all pretty jumbled, it's disorganised. I think we

can put our heads together and put an alternative history together in a chronological order. I read Howard Zinn's PEOPLE'S HISTORY

OF THE UNITED STATES a long time ago and was impressed then with his collection of atypical historical information. But he didn't touch

the USS LIBERTY story, or all of the holes in the holocaust narrative and there was not a peep about Ford's book.

Sometimes what we're not told is more revealing than what we are told, but only if we find out what we weren't told. Does that make sense?”


It makes perfect sense Theo.” Said Eric. “Speaking of not being told an' then finding out we weren't told somethin', I have this book here.”

He had been sitting on it. He now brought it out and placed it on the table face up for all to see and continued. “I always thought there were

some very peculiar, if not unbelievable, things that happened on 9-11. The way them buildings fell, especially the one that fell later in the afternoon.

People hijacking planes with box cutters and how did a big hijacked plane get past our military guarding Washington and the Pentagon? The guy that

wrote this book did his homework and we all should check it out!”


Oh, here we go.” Said Hank “Now we're all gonna become conspiracy theorists about 9-11 too huh?”

There's a big difference 'tween facts an' theories Hank, an' if the LIBERTY thing can teach us anything, it's that corruption can go all the way ta the top

– all the way ta the Oval Office. Hava look at this book here, it won't bite cha an' ya might jus' get a better point a view about the whole 9-11 shebang.”

I'm not afraid of being bitten, I'm afraid of finding out that our government is FUBAR and we've all been played the fools... for a long time.” Said Hank

Vhat is foo bar?” Ernie asked.

Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition.” Ozzy informed him.

Ahh, FUBAR. That is a akronym in Churman language.” Said Ernie after thinking about it. “What do you call it in English here?”

Acronym.” Answered Theo.

Hank had picked up the 9-11book form the table and was examining the front and back covers, then opened it up to examine some of the contents

while the conversations continued. He read the table of contents and went to page 47 where Chapter III began. The chapter's title was,

America the Target: 9-11 and Israel's History of False Flag Terrorism. Here we go again with the Jews Hank thought to himself. He was hooked.


Theo stated. “That book right there that Hank's looking at, the USS LIBERTY books and that holocaust book... the books that Blair here had, and

the Liberty book that Oz here bought directly from a LIBERTY veteran is enough for me to want to find out what else is out there and who and

what the hell is behind all this.” Then he asked. “Is it just some Jews or what? It can't just be some

Jews because evidently there are other people in on this besides Jews... but why? Where is this all going?

OK.” Said Hank. “Let's officially begin this... journey, by figuring out what a false flag is.”

They say that timing is everything. Hank finished making the last suggestion when in walked Art who had obviously been working

with cement earlier because there were dried specks and splashes of it all over his shirt and overalls, his face and especially his work boots.

Art was greeted by all who were present and Theo jokingly added. “You're late Art!”

Late for what?” Art replied.
Late for the first official meeting of... of the club.”

Yeah Art.” Said Hank. “Pull up chair, get out your phone and look up false flag please.”

Look up what? Hold on, gimme a minute to go wash up some in the john and I really need a beer.”

He went out the side door to the men's room.

 In the mean time Ozzy had searched for 'false flag' on his smart phone and reported.

Got it... uhh... false flag, a flag flown to disguise the true identity or affiliation of a ship... or... a political or military act orchestrated in such a way that it

appears to have been carried out by a party that is not in fact responsible... And that's pretty much what

Israel did with the LIBERTY, sink a ship, or try to, and blame someone else... like Egypt.”

And that's what Israel did on 9-11! Fuck some shit up an' blame the a-rabs!” Added Eric.


Art finished freshening up and was at the bar waiting for the pitcher of PBR that Grace was pouring.

Grace, looking over her shoulder, asked Art. “So, do you guys have a name for your little gang over there yet?”

No, I mean I don't know.” He answered and then called over to the group at the table.

“Hey fellas! Do you... do we have a name for us, our little gang here yet?”

Everyone at the table shrugged as they looked around at one another.

Ozzy responded. Nope, why, ya think we need one?”

Grace reached into her back pocket and produced the scrap of paper with the name she

wanted to suggest written on it and handed it to Art saying. “See if this'll work for ya.”

Art returned to the table, set his glass and the pitcher down and while still standing read

from the scrap of paper with feigned dignity. “How 'bout … THE PAUL REVERE SOCIETY?”

They all looked at Art for a few moments and then looked around at each other before Eric said. “I like it!”

There were other approving comments such as, 'works fer me' and 'sounds good'.

Good idea Art.”' Said Theo. “That'll fly.”

It was Grace's idea. She had it written down.” Art reported.

Theo called over to Grace. “Good idea Grace. We're gonna use your idea, but we don't want

to hear anything about your copyrights or user fees due, OK?” He was kidding of course.

Nawww, ya'll won't hear 'bout that stuff from my lawyer 'till the money starts rollin' in from book sales an' T-shirts an' personal

appearances an' what all ya got goin'... an' I'm a member right?” She kidded back.

You got it Hot Stuff!” Theo responded.


So, ya gotta plan about all this Theo?” Ozzy asked. “I mean, where do we start? Do we always meet here? Should we meet here?... I mean,

after a few pitchers we ain't gonna be none too sharp ya know. We gonna meet in the day or night? Is Liz gonna dig all this? The sign does say

NO POLITICS and this is kinda like politics idn' it? I mean this shit were lookin' at here is gonna be so right-winged that it'll probably go all

the way around to the left-wing or sumpthin' like that, ya know?”


No, I don't have any concrete plan at all besides we're going to need a coordinated research effort and a method of collecting and storing

information for organisation and eventual presentation.” Explained Theo. “We can all work separately together at home on our computers and

phones and communicate by phone and email... which reminds me... I bought a smart phone that's smarter than me because I need a lesson on

how to turn it on much less operate the damn thing, ...can ya help me out Art? And, of course, we'll still be meeting here, after all, we've been

doing it for years.” He continued. “And Liz, or anybody else, doesn't need to know what we're up to unless they want to know and then we'll

tellum. If they don't want to hear what we have to say, then fine, they can walk on by, but if they are interested, then maybe we'll have a new member.

We just have to start at the beginning and take it where it goes.”


Eric then stated. “Well, I don't have a computer or even a phone fellas, I don't know if I'd be much help.

All I got is my books an' I haven't even looked at half of them... I maybe could”...

Theo cut him off by saying. “I already thought of that Blair and if it wasn't for you and your books we all would probably be looking at the TV watching

female gladiators or whatever... not that I don't enjoy watching some jiggling T & A sometimes, but now I'm on a mission. I feel like I finally have

something to occupy my time that's worth something on some level... or a lot of levels.” He continued. “Anyway, why don't ya move to my place.

I have a motor home that's maybe as big as that... as that studio apartment you're in now. We can get it all hooked up to power and water and the septic system.

Your books and things can go in the barn. It's only two miles to town, so you can bike it in fifteen minutes and I can get a computer rigged

up for you out there with Wifi or whatever. I have an unused laptop that will work fine for you. It's all doable if you are interested.”

Eric was speechless. It was too good to be true. He mentally explored the proposal and tried to think of any downside to it before asking.

“That's a real nice offer Theo but I'm wonderin' what I'll need to pay a month. An' I don't even know how ta turn a computer on, much less work the thing!”

Well, I haven't thought about rent because it's not important to me.” Theo responded. “How about you doing some things around the place to offset any rent.

There are always things that need doing, like weeding, mowing, watering, feeding and grooming my horses and whatever. I'm sure there's enough to do if

you'd like and I wouldn't mind the company and having someone there when I'm away is a plus, if I have a mind to go anywhere. And as far as

operating a computer, it's so easy even a caveman can do it. All ya need is a couple of lessons and

you'll be off and runnin' through cyberspace like a man possessed. It's worth a try anyway, ya think?”

Again, that's a real nice offer. I don't know why not,'cept I hope we can get along OK. I like ta think I'm quiet an' I purty much keep ta m'self.

I sure wouldn't wanna wreck yer peace an' quiet out there... I gotta give ole' lady Meigs some notice that I'm movin' out.”

Then give her notice today and start packing if you please. Said Theo. “I'll come and help ya move with the motor home when you say so.”

Sounds real good Theo, an' I thank ya kindly.” Said Eric as he extended his hand toward Theo to shake, thus finalizing the agreement. He could

not believe how much better he felt about being alive these past few days, but this new development really was an indication

that a guardian angel had been assigned to him. He felt an obligation to thank the angel for coming, but he didn't know how.

Ozzy lifted his glass and said. “Salud Amigos!” His friends all responded by doing the same.


So Guys.” Began Theo. “Let me bounce this off ya... We have a lot of ground to cover, a lot of info to examine. We all should work on the subject

that interests us the most. We all shouldn't research the same thing at the same time because we all could be examining and collecting the same info...

which would be redundant... or maybe not, whaddaya think?He paused while he produced his notes, then continued. “The subjects at hand, in no

order, I just wrote this stuff down from the memory of hearing about it recently, are USS LIBERTY, Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, Eisenhower

Rhein Camps, the holocaust, gas chambers, Versailles Treaty, Hitler book, Ford book, Protocols of Elder Zionists, Armenian genocide, 9-11,

Rabbi Dov Zakheim on 9/11 and the trillions missing from Pentagon, World Trade Center Building 7, Leuchter book, Liberty books, Andersonville

prison, uhhhh... the Polish midwife at Auschwitz, Polish massacre of Germans Danzig,TV ownership, Jewish gun control, Jewish immigration

legislation, uhhh... theres more but that's enough... right?

What subjects are ya gonna do Theo?” Eric asked. We can team up since we'll be neighbors alright?”

9-11 has my attention, you obviously are on it. So 9-11 for me... and you, OK?”

Ernie Zundel spoke up. “I vill do za holocaust please. Vhen I vas groink up in Churmany, it vas not allowed to say da holocaust is not right.

You go to jail. No vone should go to jail for being wrong, only for being right ef you say it es wrong... es wrong. I vant holocaust.”

Charlie Coughlin spoke up. “I haven't a phone nor computer, maybe I can team up with you Ernie. I don't live far from your place.

I really would like to work on this holocaust thing.”

Hank chimed in. “LIBERTY for me all the way!”

Ozzy added. “I'm with ya Hank. I already got a lot of the skinny. I wanna

verify this stuff. I wanna meet these LIBERTY guys again and but 'em a drink.”

Leon DeGrelle, in civies, came in for a shot and a beer on his way

home from Bob Bitker's. As he walked by the gathering at the table

he greeted the familiar faces by saying. Hiya guys, what are ya up to over here?”

If you really want to know, pull up a chair Leon,” Said Hank.

Uh Oh, now I'm not sure if I wanna know, but hang on, lemme get a drink. I'll be right back.”
Leon went to the end of the bar and
manoeuvred between two familiar locals whose names he didn't know.

“Pardon me gentlemen, I need grace's attention”

One of the pleasantly intoxicated locals spoke up while winking and feigning indignity.

“Hey-hey man, who ya callin' gennelmin?”

Leon got the gag, of course, and replied. “Sorry, I meant pardon me dudes.” He called to Grace, who was flipping

through channels by request. “Grace, put on the Marx Brothers and get me a Maker's Mark and a chaser please.”
Grace looked over at Leon and said. “You got it Bud.” Then she offered him the remote and said. “Mark anna Bud comin' up,

but ya gotta fine' the Marx Brothers yerself... they're on there somewhere I'll betcha. Everything is on there but nuthin' is ever on!”

Ha!” Exclaimed Leon. “You just made a Yogi Berra!”

I just did a what? What's a Yogi Bear?”
Leon said. “No, not Yogi Bear, Yogi Ber-ra!... the New York Yankee!

Grace asked. “What are ya talkin' about Leon, have you been hangin out with Lasha?”
The local beside Leon offered. “You better quit while yer behind friend.”

Leon said to Grace. “Fergit it. Bad joke. My bad.”

Grace got Leon his Maker's Mark and a Bud draft and hurried about setting the drawer for Liz who was

arriving soon for happy hour. Lasha came out from the kitchen to grab the tip bucket and divvy up the day's tips.

Leon sauntered back to the back table armed with an alcoholic beverage in each hand. He set his drinks on a nearby table and pulled a chair up near

the group. He heard Theo saying. “OK, this is good, but we need somebody to get on the WWII

issues like Pearl Harbor, Hitler's book, Eisenhower's camps, Danzig massacre, the Dresden...

Art spoke up. “That's me! I'll look into that stuff.”

Good show guys.” Said Theo. “We're in business.” He examined his recently scribbled notes and reiterated. “We got Art on WWII. Hank and Oz are

on the LIBERTY. Ernie and Charlie got the holocaust. And Eric and I are on 9-11 and

I guarantee one dot will lead to another, we will need to store everything that we might use.”

There are a few handy ways to store lots of stuff” Offered Ozzy. “Like, I copy and paste stuff as email drafts,

you'd be amazed at how much stuff you can store onna email draft, I can show ya what I mean if ya want.”

Documents!” Exclaimed Hank. “Documents folders can store encyclopedias of information.”

Leon interrupted. “So, you guys know that yer a bunch of shit stirrers doncha?”

I don't think we're shit stirrers Leon.” Said Eric. “We're just regular people with a lot of questions who want to...


Leon interrupted again. “Blair! I meant shit stirrers as a compliment.” He continued.

“I happen to be a WWII buff. My Grandfather fought with the

Germans as a member of the Belgian Walloon SS Division. I know many things that you weren't taught in school.

May I join your group and maybe work with Art?”

Of course.” Said Theo. “Damn glad to have you, but did you say your grandfather fought with the Belgians with Hitler or against him?”

Leon began. “My grandfather was Belgian, my father was too, of course, but he came to America after the war with my mother. I was born here.

My grandfather was a member of the all volunteer Belgian SS Waloon Division that

fought for Germany in WWII. There were many non-German SS Divisions you know.”

Non-German SS Divisions ya say Leon?” Asked Art. “Like what, or who... whaddaya mean?”

That will be our first search.” Said Leon to Art. “You'll be amazed Art,

we all will be amazed by what we don't know about WWII... and WWI.”

Liz entered through the side door and was greeted by the locals at the bar who were primed

for happy hour. A half dozen working men, and two women arrived in short succession.

Ernie noticed her arrival, finished his beer and announced that it he needed to get home to take care of some things.

Eric, Art and Ozzy did pretty much the same thing as Ernie. Leon hadn't been there very long, so he planned on staying a while and asked Hank and

Theo if they would help him out with a pitcher. It was an offer they could not refuse. As Leon got up to get the pitcher, Hank and Theo

commenced the proper gesture of digging in their pockets to produce money to help pay for the pitcher but, of course, Leon waved them off.

Theo said to Hank. “Ya know, I'm thinking that we should create a website as we go along for storing and adding information, copied articles,

photos, Youtube videos and what have you. It would be better than stock piling everything in email drafts and folders or whatever.

If the idea is to eventually create a web site and a book or a blog... we might as well create things as we proceed. Ya think?”

Sounds like you've been thinkin' and it sounds good to me but I have no idea about how to create a website.

I can make my way around now days with my computer, but nothin' fancy like a website or whatever.”

Same here.” Offered Theo. “But Monika Schaefer has a website for her musical goings on. Maybe she will help us get started?”
“Couldn't hurt to ask her about it.” Responded Hank. “I'll ask her what she knows about websites if I see her before you do.”

Leon returned with a pitcher and three fresh glasses. He filled the glasses and lifted his toward the other men saying, “Mothers' milk, enjoy!”

Amen!” Said Theo.

Hear-Hear!” Said Hank.

So Leon, how well do you know Monika Schaefer?” Asked Theo.

I know her well enough I suppose, my youngest takes music lessons from her... violin lessons... why?”

We are thinking about creating a website as a sort of information repository as we go along collecting the info.” Theo responded.

“I've been to her music website, I'm thinkin' that maybe she'll help us with some pointers about how to create our site.”

Monika's a nice gal, I'll bet she'd help if she can.” Offered Leon. “I'm sure my daughter...

and my wife have her phone number. I'll get it for ya. Standby.”

Leon called his wife and wrote Monika's number down on the paper

Theo provided and concluded his conversation with his wife.

Thanks Sugar, I'm at The Bar. I'll be... no, the number is not for me it's for Theo and Hank here.

No, no one has the hots for Monika that I know of, it's about her website...

I'll.... Yes, I'll be home in a little while... Love ya too.”

That's how small town rumours get started.” Said Hank. “I hope your wife doesn't talk to mine about

this phone number inquiry Women always read way too much into anything involving pretty young women.”

I know.” Agreed Leon. “My wife is jealous of anything female, even dogs, cats and horses!”

He then offered. “I can get Monika on the phone while I'm at it if you'd like.”

Yes, please do.” Responded Theo. “I'll talk to her, thanks.”

Again, timing is everything. Leon had dialed Monika's number t

hen handed the phone to Theo who was waiting for Monika to answer.

Into The Bar walked Meshell followed by Monika who had answered her phone. “Hello Leon, what's up.”

The M&Ms walked past the three men sitting at the far table. They could plainly hear Monika's phone greeting to whom she assumed was Leon since it was

his information that appeared as the incoming call. Meshell stopped Monika and pointed while nodding towards Leon who wasn't on the phone, Theo was.

Theo answered. “It's Theo Ordorno.”

Monika could see that it was Theo talking to her. She lowered her phone and with an inquisitive frown asked.

“OK, guys what's the gag, and how did you know we were on our way in, my phone started sounding outside.?”

Theo handed Leon his phone saying. “No gag, just fortuitous timing I'd say.”

He continued. “I'm calling, or I was calling to ask you about your website, your music site.”
“Well, sure, what do you want to know?” She responded.

Well, we... can you sit with us a minute? Can I buy you ladies a drink? Theo offered.

Hell yeah!” Was Meshell's answer. “Bes' offer I had all day. A 7&7 please sir.”

Sure, same here.” Was Monika's answer. “I mean about being the best offer I've had all day. I'd prefer a gin and tonic please sir.”

Hank stood up, knowing that getting Liz's attention, ordering the mixed drinks and returning would take longer than a minute... many more minutes, so he stated.

“Lemme get those, I shall return.” He spoke the words, I shall return, with a voice and demeanor that he thought resembled

General MacArthur's declaration as he was fleeing the Philippines in 1942. Leon was the only one who got it.

Theo appreciated Hank's actions. It provided an opportunity to get right down to business with Monika. “So Monika, we, we being myself, Hank,

Leon here, Art McCollum, Oz Mosely, uhhh... Eric Blair and a few others are... we formed a little club, a team and we will need a website for collecting

data, articles, photos, historical facts, YouTube videos, book info, links to things... and such things. None of us are like the kids now days who are

all net savvy. We are older guys.” He continued. “So, I wanted to see what you could tell us about creating a website, I've see your music site. I like it.

You have a lot of interesting stuff on there. I enjoyed the videos of you performing with all sorts of people.

Can ya help us out, can ya show me, or somebody, how to even get started?”

She asked. “So... what is the subject matter, what are you going to present, uhh... how many pages will you need?

Are ya going to want a free site or will you need something a bit more sophisticated? Is it a sales site?”

Her questions were a little overwhelming. Theo thought back to her first question... subject matter. He began. “Have you ever heard of things like

the USS LIBERTY, holocaust revisionism, or do ya know much about World War II, or false flags?

I know you remember 9-11, but do ya have any questions about 9-11?”

Meshell spoke up. “I got a lotta questions 'bout 9-11, an' WWII, an that holocaust!” Farrakhan says it's mos'ly baloney an' I wonder too! You know, Louis Farrakhan.

He makes more sense to me than all them other crak... you know, people who think they know about what, but they don't

know shit from shineola... 'scuse my “Nawlins French.” She added. “An' I can't hep but what I think a things … thas' all.”


I know exactly how you feel Meshell.” Offered Theo. “I can see that you have some strong opinions about some of the issues that we have as well.

We are beginning a mission to get to the bottom of some, or maybe a lot, of the things that bother us. There sure as hell are a lot of things wrong

with this world, so maybe we can find out why and maybe do something about it... instead of just bitch about it.” He added.

“I can't help what I think about a lot of things either.”

Monika was impressed by the passionate statements she just heard.

She held up an index finger and set her elbow on the table as a gesture indicating that she wanted to be next to speak, but needed a moment.

Then she began. “I too have a lot of questions. I don't know about the ship you mentioned Theo, I have no idea what a false flag is, but there were,

and are, things about 9-11 that bothered me starting on 9-11. Like where was the Air Force? We have paid an unfathomable amount of money on

the Air Force alone, but where were they when they were needed the most?” She continued. “I think that it's a fair question. My Dad was an

Air Force officer, which is how I got to Tucson as a kid... Davis-Monthan Air Force Base is there. He died in '98, so he missed 9-11,

but I'll bet he would have wondered exactly what I wonder to this day.”

Theo interrupted. “My Dad was Air Force too!”

Monika raised a thumbs up and continued. “So, to answer your question

Theo, your question about my teaching you how to build your website. My answer is no!”

Both Meshell and Theo froze blank-faced in disbelief, until Monika continued. “Rather than help you, or whomever, learn how to build a website,

which can be a very frustrating experience for all concerned, how about I be your website master.

I'll do it all... and you can learn along the way if you like. If girls are welcome in your club that is?”

Both Meshell and Theo relaxed and grinned in relief. Then Theo said. “Hell yeah. Girls are welcome. Grace is in.”


Make that three girls then. I want in! Meshell declared and then added. “Less y'all gots sumpthin' 'gainst

addin' a lil' colla to yo' club.” She exaggerated the 'southern negro' vernacular for a facetious effect.

Hell no!” Declared Theo. “Welcome to the club ladies!” And to Meshell he added.

“I'd like to hear more about what Mr. Farrakhan has to say.”

Hank returned with a borrowed tray. Upon it were a 7&7, a gin and tonic with a lime wedge on the side,

a pitcher of PBR and three fresh glasses. He asked. “What have I missed?” As he served the refreshments.

Theo answered. “Well, we have two new members of The Paul Revere Society and one of them is our new website master.”

Excellent!” Declared Hank. “I'll drink to that.”

Monika said. “The Paul Revere Society? I like that.”

They raised their glasses and Meshell declared. “To The Paul Revere Society!”

Her toast was followed by an in-unison repeat of the toast.

Their toast was rather loud causing Liz, and several people at the bar and nearby tables,

to look to see what the outburst was about. Liz made a mental note to find out.




   As planned, Theo drove his motor home to Eric's abode the next morning and set about helping him with the loading. Eric's boxes of books were
the first priority, as far as he was concerned. They both lifted each box and loaded them into the motor home.
They were heavy and Theo counted sixteen of them. Theo remarked. "Jeezuz Blair, you have more books than most municipal libraries!" 
   Eric responded to the conversational exaggeration by saying. "Ya might be right. I never could pass up a free book... or all but free.
There's only maybe four or five boxes I ain't read yet an' even the romance novels have some things worth knowin'... sometimes."

  After the books, they loaded the small dinette table with two chairs, a box of essential kitchen items, a box of clothes, some clothes on hangers,
an army cot, sleeping bag and blanket, a free-standing lamp, a bucket full of common hand tools, and a box of bathroom essentials.
The bicycle was strapped to the bike rack on the rear of the motor home.

   They both did a final inspection. Theo remarked. "Ya must've been up late last night getting the
place looking spic and span like this. You'll have no trouble getting your deposit refunded I'm sure."
    "No, it's always clean. I like my place an' things clean. It makes me feel better somehow an' she didn'
want no deposit. I think she was jus' glad to get somebody in this... this place and made it easy on me."
   Theo was glad to hear that Eric was a clean freak and announced. "We're outta here then."

   As they pulled away, Eric was overcome with a sense of elation. He was very much looking forward to life on a country horse property living
in this comparatively luxurious motor home where he would have a computer to explore cyberspace. But most of all, he felt a sense of belonging to
something. He was a respected founding member of The Paul Revere Society. He couldn't remember being a member of anything besides a
family for his first seventeen years.

   Monika had gone home after her induction into the Paul Revere Society, and after another round of drinks, to begin the process of
creating a website. It had been decided that a free site would be inadequate, so she began shopping for a site host that could
provide for their needs and purposes. Theo assured her that either he, or everyone, would pay the monthly hosting fee.

   She had been furnished everyone's contact information. Providing her own contact information,
particularly her email address, to all members was also an order of business.

   After emailing all members with her introduction and some instructions pertaining to their sending her gathered information, she was astonished at how
much information was being sent to her almost immediately. It was now obvious that she had taken on a time consuming task and she would
be privy to an enormous amount of information that would require editing, formatting, categorizing, and a reader-friendly presentation. 
   She was glad that it was summer. She would need the time to begin and perform this task as best she could before the next school year commenced.
It occurred to her that it would be helpful if somebody, if not everybody, had access to the site support password so they could log
in and work on their page or pages themselves. It looked like she'd be teaching a computer science summer adult education class.
   She began designing the site, naming the home page and naming the four initial pages. Designs, colours, and text styles needed to be chosen from
those offered. The website title and title of the home page would be, of course, THE PAUL REVERE SOCIETY. Maybe a logo would be nice. 

   The information coming via email was mostly articles that had been copied and pasted,
photos, memes and lots of links to websites, books in PDF format, etc.
   The four initial pages she titled:


   These four pages would appear as the navigation bars that would appear at the far left of the homepage.
Subsequent additional pages could be added below each of the four topics.
   She then began to transfer 9-11 information that Theo and Eric were emailing to her onto the
9-11 TRUTH AND FACTS page starting with a letter composed by Theo:

So Get this Monika: In a document published in September of 2000 called, Rebuilding
America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century, Dov Zakheim called for
“some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor” being
necessary to foster the frame of mind needed for the American public to
support a war in the Middle East, a war that would politically and culturally reshape the region. The document was
prepared by a so-called “think tank”  lobbying group known as The Project for a New American Century (PNAC).

You have to wonder what they think about in these think
tanks. Evidently they think about traitorous shenanigans.
A year after this game plan was published; it was carried
out on 9/11.

In his book, "A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen
Eighties," by Senior Israeli Foreign Policy Advisor, Oded
Yinon, he mapped out a 1982 Middle East reconfiguration strategy for all
to see that was the template used for PNAC’s Middle East strategy.

The strategy being the break-down all Arab countries into manageable units and to make imperial Israel into THE premier world power.
And use the United States of America as the military and financial hammer to forge a new Middle East... and a new world order.

Eviscerate Iraq first, Afghanistan, then Syria and others leaving Iran to be dealt with last in the Middle East.

Mr. Zakheim is indeed an ordained rabbi. He was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1948.
He graduated from Columbia University in 1970, and post graduated from Oxford in ’72.
He attended the London School of Jewish Studies from ‘72 to ’75. From ’75 to ’80 he was an Adjunct Professor
at the National War College, Yeshiva University, Columbia University and Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut.

From ’81 to ’85 he served President Reagan in a variety of senior Department of efense posts.
He also became a member of the Council on Foreign Relations during that period.
From ’85 to ’87 he was Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Planning.

From ’87 to ’97 Zakheim was vice-president of System Planning Corporation (SPC) that specializes in many areas of defense technology production
and manufacturing, and was CEO of Flight Termination System (FTS). FTS developed highly sophisticated technology that can control several
drones from a remote location on varying frequencies with a range of several hundred miles. This technology can be used on many different
aircraft, including large military aircraft, and... passenger jets.

BTW: Israel is presently the leader in world-wide drone technology, but in May of 2013 they had to ground their
fleet of Heron 1 drones because of the malfunction of a Heron 1 necessitating its destruction by crashing it into
the Mediterranean. Palestinians have repeatedly accused Israel of using drones to fire missiles at them; but of
course Israel has not confirmed that.

According to the SPC website, a customer during Zakheim’s direction was Eglin Air Force Base located in
Florida. Eglin AFB is very near MacDill AFB where Zakheim contracted to send at least 32 Boeing 767 aircraft as part of the Boeing/Pentagon
tanker lease agreement. The Boeing 767’s were to be modified to become tankers to replace the aging KC-135 tankers for air-to-air refueling duty.

From January to September of 2000, General Norton A. Schwartz was assigned to MacDill AFB as Deputy Commander in Chief of the USAF
Special Operations Command. Gen. Schwartz evidently was the one who got hold of a few of the Boeing jets for modification into the drones used on 9/11.

In 2004 General Schwartz was awarded the Jewish Community Center’s Military Leadership Award.
He became the first Jewish Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force for a job well done prior to and during 9-11.

After Schwartz finished his role at Special Operations Command, he became commander of Alaskan Command
(Alaskan North American Aerospace Defense Command Region, and 11th Air Force)
based at Elmendorf AFB, Alaska from September 2000 until October 2002.

Schwartz was in command of the war game called Operation Northern Vigilance that was ongoing on 911 that required
the transfer of jet fighters assigned to the North East Air Defense Sector (NEADS) to the Alaskan Command.

The horrors of 911 all occurred in the North East Air Defense Sector that was then without its normal compliment of fighter jets.

Dr. Lani Kass was born in Israel and rose to the rank of Major in the Israeli Air Force.
She is married to Norman Kass who is a former Pentagon Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense. n ’92 she was at the Pentagon as Special Assistant
to the Director of Strategic Plans and Policy under Dick Cheney. She again was working at the Pentagon in 2000 and 2001; at first under William Cohen
and then under Rumsfeld. Dr. Kass was the top civilian advisor to General Norman A. Schwartz prior and during 9/11 and the run-up to the Middle Eastern wars.

Back to Zakheim who was a respected and established voice in the intelligence community. His views were eagerly accepted by the
Bush administrations’ war mongers. Zakheim went from his position at SPC to become Comptroller of the Pentagon on April of 2001.

Coincidently, it was a SPC subsidiary, Tridata Corporation, which oversaw the investigation of the alleged terrorist
attack on the WTC in 1993, making Tridata Corporation privy to limitless information related the WTC.

As the events of 9/11 occurred, and thereafter, little was mentioned about these strange
connections or the possible motives and proximity of Dov Zakheim and his group.

Since there was little evidence remaining after the events of 9/11, investigators were left with only photographic and anecdotal evidence.

Eyewitness accounts of the WTC Tower hit by Flight 175 claim that a cylindrical object was attached under the
fuselage and there were no windows on the military grey painted plane.
See for yourself:

Over two trillion dollars was unaccounted for and missing from the Pentagon coffers
when Zakheim arrived and another trillion went missing on his watch.

The very day before 9/11, Donald Rumsfeld, in a Pentagon press conference on September 10th, 2001,
announced that two trillion dollars was missing and declared his determination to recover it.

To this day not a penny of our money has been recovered and we are personally poorer because of it!

Extremely suspicious is the fact that the finance and accounting offices on the first floor of the Pentagon were
hit dead center on 9/11 with thirty eight lives lost and all
computers and physical files destroyed. Also the first plane to hit the WTC North Tower hit the computer room
of Marsh & McLennan, which had recently acquired Jerome Hauers’ Kroll Associates WTC security company.

I’m thinking that either the alleged commercial passenger
jets were remotely controlled by Zakheims’ FTS Systems, or those slip shod trained Saudi hijacker
pilots were somehow as good as USAF Thunderbird pilots and could pinpoint desirable targets at will.

Another Zakheim shenanigan that requires examination is the LAVI
jet fighter rip-off of American taxpayers (lavi means lion in Hebrew).

During Zakheim’s Pentagon years as Undersecretary of Defense for Planning from ’85 to ’87,
the Israeli Air Force intended to spend untold billions to build their own fighter jet.
In fact they actually built two prototypes that reside in Israeli museums today.

Zakheim figured correctly that he could save Israel those untold billions by selling them all the American F-16’s
they wanted at a bargain basement clearance price including all the spare parts they would ever need.

The Israeli LAVI jet project was cancelled in August of ’87 and as a result of the U.S.
sale to Israel many USAF F-16’s sat useless on flight lines for lack of parts.

After successfully completing his duties at the Pentagon, that evidently included acquiring a trillion dollar operating fund for perpetrating 9/11, destroying
all evidence of all Pentagon misappropriations, modernizing Israel’s Air Force on the cheap, fanning the flames of war with
Afghanistan, and insuring that a war with Iraq was in the bag, Rabbi Dov   Zakheim quit. The Iraq war started nine days later.

Two months later after quitting his Pentagon position,
Zakheim took a lucrative job at Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH). BAH is supposedly a world-class government strategy-consulting firm. It is presently
owned by the Carlyle Group (co-founded and managed by Jewish Zionist David Rubinstein) and has U.S. Government contracts to gather information
about your internet searches and monitors your emails looking for anyone who may be getting
wise to the globalist agenda; and has nothing to do with intercepting terror plots by the Muslim
enemies of the U.S.

The actual enemy terrorists are our “ally” Israel and the Jewish-American Sayanim o
perating here. Jewish Zionist Ralph W. Schrader is CEO of Booz Allen Hamilton. 

If you ask me, ISRAEL IS AL QAEDA! Osama Bin Laden didn’t found Al Qaeda, the Jewish-Zionist media did.

Recall that Rabbi Dov Zakheim and his son, Roger, were on Presidential Candidate
Willard “Mitt” Romney’s Presidential Advisory board. Isn’t THAT a shocker?...Not!

In June of 2013 the National Security Agency (NSA) was caught red-handed spying on Americans. The NSA was/is collecting phone call data
by users of service providers such as Verizon and AT&T. This, of course, is just the tip of the government spying iceberg and has nothing
to do with “National Security” but has everything to do with monitoring American awareness of the globalist agenda and it's mechanizations.

Jewish Zionist Senator Diane Feinstein, as head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, had to do
a lot of explaining, or rather bold-face lying, related to the NSA’s spying on Americans. 

The brave whistle-blower who caused the extreme embarrassment to the NSA was a 29 year
old former CIA technical assistant and a Booz Allen Hamilton employee named Edward Snowden!

Snowden, of course, has been reduced to the status of a traitorous high-school drop-out and Army boot-camp washout by
the Zionist American media and we were told that he intended to harm America by compromising our “national security.”

Our national security is in the hands of Zionist terrorists!

The Jewish Zionist controlled Obama administration had been ruthless in its prosecution and persecution
of whistle-blowers such as Army Pvt. Bradley Manning, and Wikileaks’ Julian Assange.

Edward Snowden felt that it was his duty to expose the sinister shenanigans of the NSA and Booz Allen Hamilton because, and I quote, “I can’t in
good conscience allow the U.S. government to destroy privacy, internet freedom, and basic liberties for people around the world with this massive
surveillance machine they’re secretly building.”

If there were more REAL warriors like Snowden, America would not presently find itself with its ass in a sling, on a sinking   barge, over-populated
by dumb swine whose only interest in geo-politics has been reduced to who will be the odds-on  favorite to win the “Dancing With The Stars” TV competition.
You will even hear many Americans declare, “I’m not interested in politics.”

Well, LIFE IS POLITICS! Get a life people!

More to come, lots more!
Theo & Eric

    Monika read and re-read the information after she had copied it from the email and pasted it into the 9-11 page. She thought to herself that just this
information alone was more than enough to re-open a proper investigation into the events of 9-11. Then she opened the next email from Theo and Eric.

Scott Bennett: Memorandum for the President: How 9/11 Was Funded
The Man (Dov Zakheim) Behind the Missing $2.3 Trillion
11 July 2018

Mr. President,
As a military officer and also contractor for Booz Allen Hamilton, I was assigned to the Joint Interagency Operations Center at
U.S. Central Command, where I identified, tracked, and reported on terrorists, their financial donors, networks, banks, and activities.
Part of my mission was to investigate, discover, and expose all acts of “waste, fraud, and abuse” by Terrorist Financing
Operations Director Dov Zakheim who was my senior supervisor. It was believed that Dov Zakheim had secretly arranged
for $2.3 trillion dollars to be mis-appropriated through Pentagon channels when he had been the Pentagon Comptroller.
I was assigned the task of penetrating Dov Zakheim’s terrorist financing operations, which involved his son Roger Zakheim (a lawyer at the
House Armed Services Committee), an Iraqi named Abdullah Azziz (with close ties to Rudy Gulliani) andthe law firm Covington and Burling.

The auditors investigating this matter were conveniently killed in a missile strike upon the Pentagon Office of Naval Intelligence
on September 11, 2001. This missile strike was concealed as a “plane attack”, which was a deception operation.
I briefed your attorney Michael Cohen about these matters in 2015 and 2016—which may be
one of the reasons he has been targeted by Deep State Shadow Government loyalists.
Evidence and expert testimony confirm without a doubt that the attacks on September 11, 2001 against the Pentagon (as well as the World Trade Center
and the Solomon Building in N.Y.) were a well-planned, well-financed, psychological operation – a false flag attack on American soil – designed
to trigger and manipulate the American people, the Congress, and the U.S. Military into a full-scale war-mobilization posture with the intent of
overthrowing, scattering, and re-making the Middle East and Africa for the direct political, cultural, and economic benefit of the Zionist state of Israel.
9/11, although seemingly coherent, has led to a multi-trillion dollar nightmare for Americans. Because of your success in attacking
the Deep State with your sealed indictments and other measures, and because of the failure of the DNI-CIA-FBI-DOJ “Russian Hoax”
as well as great fear that your forthcoming summit with President Vladimir Putin
will be a great success, I fear for your life and pray for your safety.

You are our Chief Law Enforcement Officer, not just our Commander-in-Chief. It is my hope that this memorandum, combined with the other memoranda
you are receiving from other informed patriots, will be helpful to you during the Helsinki summit, where I and many others hope
that you and President Putin will share intelligence on 9/11 – who did it, how they did it, why they did it – face to face.
I believe that your leadership in placing the truth about 9/11 before the public will finish the job of taking down the Deep State and the Shadow Government
– it will help you shut down the pernicious Zionist/Saudi penetration and subversion of the US economy, government, and society and it will help you
demonstrate to the larger public, most of whom did not vote for you, that under your leadership, the US Government can be trusted to clean house and tell the truth.
Very respectfully,
Scott Bennett

(Scott Bennett, a U.S. Army Psychological Operations Officer, worked at U.S. Central Command’s Joint Interagency Operations Center. Bennett
was assigned to “Terrorist Threat Financing” and tasked with discovering terrorist financing networks (domestic and foreign), instruments,
and bank accounts being used to fund Islamic terrorists, working with multiple U.S. and foreign military and government agencies.
He also worked at U.S. Special Operations Command as the Liaison Officer at the State Department Coordinator for Counterterrorism
Office, and prior to joining the Army, the Bush Administration from 2003-2008. He has also worked for Booz-Allen-Hamilton.)

He is the author of:
 Shell Game: A Whistleblowing Report
Also published as Scott Bennett,
“How 9/11 Was Funded: The Man behind the Missing $2.3 Trillion”

American Herald Tribune, 11 July 2018.
Phi Beta Iota: Our best guess is that 9/11 only cost $10 billion, inclusive of the $7 billion used to cover the insurance fraud in which the insurance
company was assuredly complicit. The rest was simply stolen. Who exactly benefitted remains to be properly investigated. Our operating assumption
is that both Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld were a party to the fraud and the theft and should be properly investigated
to include a total take-down of all of their communications known to be held in copy within NSA unprocessed databases.

See Also:
Memorandums for the President on 9/11: Time for the Truth — False Flag Deep State Truth!

Monika Schaefer was now on fire. And so too were Theo and Eric. The next email she opened began:

To pull off 9/11 it was imperative that total control of The Department of Defense (DOD) be established. The offices of the DOD are located in the
giant office complex in Washington, D.C. known as the Pentagon that was constructed during preparations for, and just prior to, WWII. to
 enable four drone airliners to successfully reach their targets, the unfathomably expensive United States Air Force
had to be rendered impotently inept. If you control the Department of Defense you control the U.S. Air Force.

Not a single jetliner, not to mention three, would have reached their targets without the USAF being castrated on 9/11.
 Throw in the Dick Cheney shenanigans emanating from the White House on 9/11/2001 and the United States
Air Force was indeed blinded, castrated and laughably impotent at a critical morning in America’s history.

When Rabbi Dov Zakheim, as a member of the Project for a New American Century,
wrote about the need for a “new Pearl Harbor,” he definitely got exactly what he needed.

Enter the “Wrecking Crew” who were all George W.
Bush appointees including:

arrived on January 20, 2001 and became the #2 ranked man at the Pentagon.

RABBI DOV ZAKHEIM arrived on April 4, 2001 as Pentagon Comptroller.

DOUGLS FEITH arrived in July of 2001 and became the #3 ranked man at the Pentagon.

also arrived in 2001 in time for 9/11. Doug Feith appointed Perle as the chairman of the Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee
mainly to distract and misdirect the already distracted and misdirected Donald Rumsfeld who was the George W. BUSH
appointed Department of Defense Chairman installed on January 20, 2001.

Zionist Jew ELLIOT ABRAMS was another Rumsfeld distracter/handler who was appointed to the National Security Council (NSC) on June 25, 2001.

Wolfowitz, Feith, Zakheim, Perle and Abrams are all Jewish Zionists who are rabidly
loyal to Israel first and foremost. None had any military experience whatsoever.


Yet they assumed absolute control of our military prior to 9-11.

Donald Rumsfeld had prior military experience but from 1977 until his George W. Bush appointment to run the DOD he was busy making big bucks
at pharmaceutical companies, Searle and Gilead, selling the health hazard known as NutraSweet and the unnecessary, to the point of being a fraud,
bird flu antiviral drug, Tamiflu.

Remember... Wolfowitz, Feith and Perle had all been investigated by the FBI years prior to 9/11for passing
classified documents to the Israelis.

Do not let the timing of the arrival of all these characters
escape your notice. All of these traitors arrived just months before 9/11 with plenty of time to do extensive damage to
our military and our country. Now that those introductions have been made, let’s get to know these traitors starting with:

Paul Wolfowitz:

Paul Wolfowitz was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1943. He grew up in Ithaca, N.Y.
where his father, a Polish Jewish immigrant, was a professor of statistical theory at Cornell University.
supposedly most of his father’s family perished in the WWII Holocaust. Family history
rather than the jungles of Viet Nam or the corridors of Congress forged Paul’s world views.

Wolfowitz did his graduate work at the University of Chicago and completed
his PhD dissertation, “Nuclear Proliferation in the Middle East”
under Albert Wohlsetter who was a Senior Policy Analyst at the RAND Corporation.
Wohlsetter was much of the inspiration for the Hollywood movie "Dr. Strangelove."

From ’70 to ‘72 Wolfowitz taught in the Political Science Department at Yale
where one of his students was Jewish Zionist Lewis “Scooter” Libby (Liebowitz).

In ’72 Wolfowitz was part of Nixon’s U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency
(ACDA) team (but he really did not believe in arms control or disarmament).

As Director of the CIA, George H.W. Bush formed a committee
of anti-communist experts headed by Jewish Zionist Richard
to assess raw data. Based on the recommendation of Richard Perle, Pipes picked Wolfowitz
for the committee that was later known as TEAM-B (that included Douglas Feith).

It was later determined that all the intelligence gathered
by TEAM-B was greatly exaggerated, and its members were actually war agitators rather than professional intelligence experts.

In ’77, during the Carter Administration, Wolfowitz moved to the Pentagon and became the U.S. Assistant Deputy Secretary of Defense for
Regional Programs for the DOD. He then returned to academics in 1980 and became a visiting  professor at
the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University.

It seems to me that most people in government service can’t hold a steady job!

There were plenty of convoluted stories, accusations, investigations, and calls for grand jury actions against
Wolfowitz for spying on the U.S. for Israel, but somehow no formal charges were ever brought against this traitor.

And what is friggin’ incredible is that Bush appointed this traitorous spy to the #2 position at the Pentagon during the months just prior to 9/11!
Actually it is not incredible at all that Bush appointed Wolfowitz as the real boss at
the Pentagon prior to 9/11 because it was all part of a well-orchestrated plan.

Wolfowitz was on board Richard V. Allen’s National Security Advisory team in ’79 and ’80 but broke ranks and denounced
Saddam Hussein while at the same time Rumsfeld was shaking Saddam Hussein’s hand and selling him “weapons of mass destruction.”

Wolfowitz was also dead set against opening a dialog with the
Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), and thought that selling Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS)
aircraft to the Saudis was insane. Wolfowitz was arguably THE strongest supporter of Israel in the Reagan regime.

In ’82 Secretary of State George Schultz appointed Wolfowitz as the Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs. Under his
watch the opposition leader to dictator Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines was assassinated. Marcos fled the country aboard a USAF plane or
his countrymen would’ve torn him to pieces. The U.S. government officially recognized the rebel government in an attempt to hold onto
our Air Force and Naval bases in the Philippines, but lost them anyway.

Marcos lived happily ever after in his Hawaiian beach house at U.S. taxpayer expense. Some people say that upon Marcos’ death his wife,
Imelda, moved to downtown Manhattan Island, NY and rented two apartments; one for her, and one for her shoes at tax payer expense.
But that is preposterous of course... or is it?

From ’86 to ’89, Wolfowitz was our U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia where the military-backed dictatorship of President Suharto was selling off the
country’s oil for pennies on the dollar while trying to get the blood stains off of his clothes from the recent East Timor slaughter of thousands.
Some people say Paul would have loved to finish the slaughter just to show those upstart Timorese that they can’t build a Muslim
democracy on his turf, but too many people were watching.

So, he did a bunch of photo-op grandstanding to make everybody think he had gone native and was actually
concerned about the people of Indonesia. He made a pretense of doing good things that were well publicized locally.

After the 2002 Bali bombing Wolfowitz was quoted as saying, “The reason the terrorists are now successful in
Indonesia is because the Suharto regime fell and the methods that were used to suppress them are gone.”

Wolfowitz actually thought Suharto was a good guy, which is very revealing.

Henry Kissinger and Gerald Ford were major players in enabling the East Timor massacre in 1975 by approving it.
Kissinger personally had Wolfowitz installed in Indonesia in the first place!

There is a book titled, The Trials of Henry Kissinger,  by Christopher Hitchens. In this book you will notice
that the Kissinger/CIA backed coup in Chile to overthrow Salvador Allende decades ago commenced on 9/11/1973.

Speaking of the date 9/11. In the speech by Charles Lindbergh (Yes, “Lucky Lindy”) given in Des Moines, Iowa on September 11, 1941, he tried
to keep us out of WWII and described the consequential Jewish influence on American domestic and foreign policy... but of course it didn’t work out for him.

Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Anna Lindh, was stabbed and died the next day on 9/11/2003. Some people
say she was murdered for criticizing the U.S. war in Iraq and for criticizing Israel’s many human rights violations.

The U.S. Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, was murdered on 9/11/2012 in a planned attack in Benghazi. The attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi
is still an inconclusive event that has been largely swept under the rug. Were any Mossad agents in the vicinity at the time is the first question that I would ask.

So what’s up with the date 911? Is it a numerology thing, or a repetitious coincidence, occultism, a post-mortem slap at Lindbergh, or what?

Anyway... From 1994 to early 2001, Wolfowitz was an academic again as Professor of International Relations,
and Dean of the Paul H. Nitz School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University.

Sounds pretty hoity toity, but all he was really doing was bad mouthing Saddam Hussein and the Clintons
while trying to get the ever bumbling Bob Dole elected as president with the help of his pal Donald Rumsfeld.

It must be admitted that Zionist traitors like Wolfowitz know an easily manipulated dumb ass
when they see one and always support dumb asses in a push for the presidency.
Through the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) think tank, Wolfowitz advocated building permanent military bases all over the world to
establish a New World Order, and of course, be one of the guys running the world. This advocacy became known as the “Wolfowitz Doctrine”
and it has indeed been created.

The 700 some odd military bases that we maintain worldwide are bleeding America out economically and the only place where real
military concentration was supposedly necessary, that place being Afghanistan, is STILL not secured after, what is it now... 18 or 19 years later?

During the 2000 Presidential election campaign Wolfowitz was the foreign policy advisor to George W. Bush as part of a group led
by ultra-lackey Condoleeza Rice called The Vulcans.  Vulcans is really just a tough sounding name for a bunch of chicken hawks.

I have no doubt that the entirety of Wolfowitz’s advice for Bush was, “Invade Iraq, then invade Iran, then invade Syria, then Lebanon,
then Afghanistan, then Jordan, then Egypt,” and so forth. After 9/11 no one could get Paul to shut the hell up about invading Iraq.

I think Bush probably capitulated just to get all the Israel Firsters to shut the hell up; not to mention the
war profit margins would be stratospheric for the Bush family   investments in Carlyle Group companies!

It was Wolfowitz who told the House Appropriations Committee on March 27, 2003
that Iraqi oil revenues would pay for the mess we we’re making there.

Ultimately, Dutch Royal Shell and Petronas Oil of Malaysia got most of the oil rights and even contracted Dick Cheney’s Halliburton to drill more wells for them!
The Rothschild banking family owns Dutch Rotal Shell and probably Petronas as well. It's hard to peel away the layers of ownership to know.
And don’t ever forget that Halliburton typically moved from Houston to Dubai to avoid paying American taxes!
Wolfowitz, as part of the “wrecking crew,” did such a terrific job of castrating the USAF on a critical morning, wrecking the Pentagon, stealing trillions,
igniting wars, and “protecting” us from Osama Bin Laden, that George W. Bush nominated him for the presidency of the
World Bank. Paul’s experience in banking was zilch, but who cares, it was a trophy job for doing a good job on 9/11.

Wolfowitz then proceeded to appoint unqualified cronies to quarter million dollar a year jobs at the World Bank. He raised many eyebrows when he
appointed his Tunisian (or was it Libyan?)... err... naturalized British girlfriend to a job that paid way more than company policy prescribed, and had to resign before he was fired.

So after two years of doing nothing besides attending Bilderberger G-8 meetings to "discuss climate change",
Wolfowitz quit before he got fired. It always looks good on paper to quit before you’re fired.

Douglas Feith:

Feith was a gofer for the likes of Richard Perle and Cap Weinberger at the Department of Defense
during the Reagan years after being fired from the National Security Council

Feith was fired from his Reagan Administration appointment at the NSC because the FBI was investigating him for passing classified NSC documents
to the Israeli embassy in 1982. He then went to work for Assistant Secretary of Defense Richard Perle at the Pentagon as Special Counsel.
Feith worked as a lawyer in the private sector during the Clinton years, returned to government service for the Bush II years, and evidently was
appointed as the dirty job guy for Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz at the Pentagon in July of 2001. Feith at the Pentagon was ranked #3 in the DOD power structure.

If I were a uniformed military officer, I’d have a real hard time taking Feith and company seriously.
Again. A bunch of civilian ZIONIST Jewish American chicken
hawks with NO MILITARY EXPERIENCE WHATSOEVER was running our military in the run up to 9/11 and the Afghan-Iraq wars.

Doug Feith’s office at the Pentagon was in charge of prisons in the war theaters. So we can deduce that the repulsively embarrassing Abu Ghraib
war crime shenanigans were his idea. It was Feith who devised the “legal” solution for getting around the Geneva Conventions’ prohibition on physically or
psychologically coercing prisoners of war into talking... as if they had something to tell.

Military Judge Advocate Lawyers (JAG lawyers) said Feith had a dismissive, if not derisive, attitude toward the Geneva  Conventions. One JAG lawyer said,
“Feith called the Geneva Conventions, law in the service of terror.” I see that as perfectly revealing. Feith has no idea, or actually knows perfectly well,
that it is the very existence of documents such as The Geneva  Convention that separates the bad guys from the good guys by the nature of their
adherence to it, or non-adherence.

My USAF fighter-pilot father was a prisoner of war in a Chinese POW camp for 22 months during the Korean War. He was shot down during
a combat mission, parachuted safely, and was promptly captured by Chinese troops. My father had very
strong opinions regarding the torturing of any helpless human being in the custody of abusive captors.

During my Father’s last years on earth it became increasingly apparent to him that we were dismantling our manufacturing engine and shipping
it to China supposedly to save on domestic labor costs. China was a country he considered the U.S. still 
  technically at war with, and China thinks the same thing. The Korean War truce is still in place!

By the way, you don’t sign a truce if you’re winning a war.
China kicked America’s ass hard during the Korean War, now known as the “forgotten war.”
My father wondered what sorts of people were running the show in Washington during his
last days on earth. I wish I  could tell him. Had my father lived to see the Abu Ghraib
revelations he would have been the very first American to fully understand the damage that we were
doing to ourselves! several strong men would have been needed to loosen his grip on Feith’s
throat had the opportunity presented itself for those two to meet.

These Jewish American chicken-hawk Pentagon manipulators like Feith, Perle and Wolfowitz got their torture methods  directly from the Israeli Shin Bet School
of torture. Israel and America use sleep deprivation, painfully loud music, hoods over heads for days, being tied into very uncomfortable positions f
or hours at a time, routine threats with firearms and dogs, disallowing toilet use in cells, blunt force trauma, humiliating nudity and etc.
The Israeli Supreme Court barred torture in 1999 if. Net search Israeli torture methods and see what pops up.

The United States military was used by Israel to do their dirty work. It was sickening dirty work and caused great harm to our military and country.
The United States of America had no business whatsoever invading Afghanistan or Iraq. I suppose if Israel and its agents have their way we will be
pouring money into Iraq’s occupation for generations; or until we cannot afford to be occupiers any longer. If Israel has its way the U.S.A. will invade Iran and every
other country in the Middle  East without even contributing a single Israeli soldier, or  shekel to the effort.

By the way, China is one of Iran’s main trading partners. Iran supplies most of China’s natural gas. If the USA were to demolish Iran like it did Iraq
and take over the natural gas flow, China would consider that an energy strangling act of war, and would declare war on the U.S.A. Russia and
China are allies. Either one of them could strike a crippling blow to America. The combined forces of Russia and China could definitely strike a mortal blow.

There is a very good reason why America has not tangled with China since the Korean War,
and got its ass kicked out of Viet Nam by the  Chinese-backed Vietnamese.

America has never tangled with Russia. America only attacks weak countries where victory is assured, like Grenada,
Afghanistan, Iraq, Panama... or they thought Viet Nam. It’s a bully thing. Bullies never hit anyone who can hit back.
How insane is it to invade and eviscerate a country such as Iraq, killing one million people by doing so, to save the country and its people from one
guy who allegedly killed a couple of thousand Kurds? Not to dismiss the humanity of the Kurds, nor the altruistic idea that we should free the Iraqi’s
from a ruthless leader, but “freeing Iraq” was not the real reason we destroyed it. Besides, was it up to us, or was it up to the Iraqi’s to
dispose of their “evil” leader? When it comes to “sovereign  countries,” some things are simply none of your business.

Could Saddam have poisoned his people, or brutally ruled over them, if we hadn’t sold him the goods to enable him to do so? I’d say Saddam knew
exactly how to properly govern his own country, and did a vastly superior job of it than we have. He didn’t have to destroy his country to do it. I,
for one, was repulsed by the horrid slaughter of innocent Iraqis by    Americans and ashamed that America could be so easily manipulated
by an Israeli and domestic cabal of psychopathic criminals.

When I heard Rumsfeld, who personally brokered weapons sales to Saddam Hussein during the 1980’s, state that the U.S military knew exactly where
the WMD’s were I laughed in disbelief. Remember his stupid-ass explanation: “They are north, south, east, and west of Baghdad.”
...I understand there are those who found his explanation assuring, but I thought it insulting to me personally
and to my country. Americans wanted the justification for war to be found, but instead, Rumsfeld fool heartedly justified the disrespect I feel for
him and all of the evil bastards involved in perpetrating  9/11 by mocking the perceived stupidity of all Americans.
There never was any justification for completely demolishing Iraq. America was just the
willing idiot tool of Israeli vengeance and regional dominance. It’s really that simple.

I’m also very uncomfortable about my country occupying so many other countries around the world. Any country that hosts
U.S. military bases is at least somewhat subjugated, if not totally subjugated. No matter if it’s Japan, Germany,
South Korea, Italy, Turkey, Samoa, Singapore, Taiwan, Palau, the Nederland’s, and over 100 other countries worldwide.

We maintain over 700 bases employing nearly 2,000,000 uniformed service personnel, nearly 500,000 DOD civil service personnel, and over 200,000 locals.
Some countries like us being there, like the Saudis, who would be deposed by a very resentful populace if it weren’t for us protecting them with
our military. Other places, like Okinawa, hate our military bases being there and are perpetually trying to expedite our leaving.

You and I are paying for all of this military subjugation without anything at all tangible coming back to us. And don’t buy the “world domination is
necessary for U.S. security” crap. We are economically bleeding out and find ourselves having to use high-priced mercenary killers (recall Blackwater
mercenary services) to do the actual fighting in places like Afghanistan and Iraq because our uniformed military is stretched too thin worldwide.

Any country that employs professional killers (mercenaries) is the bad guy. The Hessian mercenaries fighting for England against our Founding Fathers
during the Revolutionary War didn’t do so well. Anyone who fights for money, instead of national protection or  personal principals, will cut and
run if the going gets tuff.

Doug Feith should be at least exiled and I have no doubt where he would go. He founded a group called One Jerusalem to oppose the Oslo Peace Accords;
he was a board member at JINSA (Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs), and director of the Foundation for Jewish Studies. I get the unshakable
idea that guys like Feith only enter “service” to the U.S. government to exploit the U.S. government to facilitate the well-being, global influence, and prosperity of Israel.

Go to Israel Doug! You are already a welcome citizen there!
You’ll live longer and get smarter too!

Israel has Universal Healthcare. Participation in a medical insurance plan is compulsory.
Health care coverage is administered by a small number of organizations by relatively
few people with funding from the government. All Israeli citizens are entitled to the same uniform benefits package regardless of their financial means.
Israeli healthcare is of high quality and is delivered in an efficient and effective manner. Israelis enjoy the 4th longest lifespan on the planet at
82 years of age. America has the 49th longest life span at ...well, it varies by race. African Americans die sooner than Anglo Americans.

If I were an African American I wouldn’t like hearing that; if I were an African American there are a lot of things I wouldn’t like hearing.

If I wanted to immigrate to Israel I’d have to convert to Judaism first. Converting to
Judaism is such a rigmarole (I checked it out) that I’d die of old age before I could
pass the Judaism test. There is no separation of “church and state” in Israel. Israel is admittedly a Jewish state.

The state of Israel is a hard-core hyper-racist, religious, socialist, terrorist state subsidized and protected by the U.S.A... Ironic isn’t it?

Furthermore, Israeli universities are subsidized by the state and deliver low-cost high quality education. I admire these things that are either directly
or indirectly subsidized by American tax dollars in the form of aid to our “ally” Israel! These Israeli programs, like universal health care and affordable
universities, sound like what a large segment of American Fox News watchers, and many others, call “socialist” and they spit the word “socialist” out like it’s a cat turd.

American propaganda radio blow hards like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck have all but advocated shooting socialists.

By the way, on November 22nd, 2011, Glenn Beck received the very first Defender of Israel award presented by the
Zionist Organization of America.

During the past week I made it a point to listen to rightwing radio to see what they were up to.

Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Michael Savage (he changed his name from Weiner to Savage), Mark Levin and etc. are all about the same. I got to thinking
that right wing radio is very contrived, divisive, inflammatory, too often factually incorrect, racist, sexist, seditious, childish, and has
no comic relief at all. It’s a tedious and irritating 24/7 propaganda machine. Amazingly, it does seem to still have an audience.

Right-wing radio stooges mocked France whenever possible  after 9-11. Leave France out of it! France fielded combat troops
in the Afghanistan war. They did not field troops in Iraq, so we disrespect them for having done the supposed right thing?

Leftwing talk radio stooges like Amy Goodman, Tom Hartmann, David Pakman, and Stephanie Miller danced all around the real issues too,
and are nothing more or less than gatekeepers to the basic truth. And the seemingly incessant on-air pleas for
public money support by left-wing media outlets are somehow more irritating than the noisy right wing ranters.

The problem is: Zionist Americans with an agenda based on loyalty to Israel first and foremost. The problem is, and has always been, the socio-political
and economic subjugation of the United States, and the further evisceration that is now in progress.
The United States is being used on many levels, not the least of which is military and economic exploitation.

Accusing anyone of being a “neo-Nazi” is actually a control tool used by organizations like the Jewish Anti-Defamation League or the terrorist
Jewish Defense League. They tag you with the “Nazi” word to get you to shut up, or throw down the Nazi card to make you fear speaking in the
first place. The word Nazi has such hideous connotations in Zionist controlled nations that any person not wanting any trouble is very careful
not to be accused of being a Nazi.

NAZI is a word that was invented by the German Jew, Konrad Heiden, to denigrate t
he Hitler's Nationalsozialistische Deutsche  Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP) in the first place.

So calling every German during World War II a Nazi is about as incorrect as calling every American and every American
soldier who had anything to do with any of our imbecilic wars all Republicans or Democrats (or all elephants or asses).

By the way, Sayanim is a word applied to any Jewish person living outside of Israel who may be indeed more, or no less, loyal to the Jewish state than
even a Jewish person living in Israel. These Jewish loyalists living abroad who are overtly or covertly helpful to the State are called Sayanim.
The Pentagon Wrecking Crew was definitive Sayanim.

In General Tommy Franks’ memoirs titled, "American Soldier," 
he described Doug Feith as, “the dumbest fucking guy on the planet.”

In his book titled, "Plan of Attack", Bob Woodward described Feith as,
“the fucking stupidest guy on the face of the earth.”

I can’t add anything to those assessments. See for yourself:


   Monika, besides being amazed at the information provided,  wondered who had written so much so quickly about the subjects. There must
have been weeks of research involved. She suspected that Eric Blair had written most of it in the past with Theo adding his two-cents here and
there while proof  reading all of it. Evidently Eric  did not write like he spoke. He spoke like an uneducated hillbilly, much like Grace at The Bar,
and although this wasn't the finest writing, it was informative and interesting beyond imagination. She made a note to ask them about all of this this later.

Now she was curious about Hank's emails. The first email began:
The U.S.S. Liberty “Accident-Incident”

“The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of  the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”
...Albert Einstein

 The U.S.S. Liberty massacre or so called “accident”  occurred on June 8, 1967 in international
waters 13 miles off the coast of the Sinai Peninsula during the so called Arab-Israeli Six Day War.
The Liberty was a lightly armed U.S. Navy  surveillance ship (call it a spy ship if you’d like) with a crew of 294 officers and men on
board. The Liberty’s’ mission was to monitor the military actions taking place onshore  between our ally Israel, and their Egyptian foes.
Two hours after the Liberty arrived near the scene, the Israeli Defence Forces sent out plainly marked reconnaissance aircraft to identify the ship.

Eight flyovers were made over a three-hour period. A large U.S. flag made the Liberty easily  recognizable as being American.
The ship’s U.S. Navy designation, GTR5, was plainly painted in large white lettering on the bow.
The crew was relaxed and many off-duty crewmen were on deck sunning themselves and enjoying the fair  weather.

Two hours later, Israeli Mirage III fighter jets arrived and commenced fire on the relatively defenceless ship with rockets and machine guns.
Minutes after that, a second flight of fighters, French built Mystere jets armed with napalm, coated the deck with flaming jelly. By now there
were dozens of killed and wounded American sailors. Of course the ship’s radio team was trying to issue SOS distress calls, but Israeli aircraft were
jamming the  frequencies with what U.S. Navy communications  specialists described as a ‘buzz saw’ sound. The  American flag
was shot to shreds and replaced by a larger flag. An open frequency was finally found and an SOS was sent to the 6 th Fleet.

Twelve armed F-4s and A-4s were launched from the U.S.S. Saratoga.

When information about the unfolding events,  particularly the part about the inability of the Israelis to sink the ship in a timely fashion, reached
Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, he ordered the jets to return to the U.S.S. Saratoga. The attack on the Liberty  continued with three Israeli
torpedo boats also engaging, scoring a torpedo hit, tearing a 40-foot wide hole in the hull, flooding the lower compartments, and killing a dozen more
American sailors. As the Liberty began listing, rafts were lowered over the side to facilitate abandonment of the ship. The Israeli torpedo
boats raked the rafts with machine gunfire.

It was apparent that there were to be no survivors.

After two hours of non stop attack the Israelis finally ceased fire. One of the torpedo boats approached the Liberty at which point an Israeli officer
asked in English with the aid of a bullhorn, “Do you need any help?” A wounded Capt. William McGonagle ordered the quartermaster to respond
with an unmistakable, “Fuck you.” The Israeli boat turned and left evidently aware that a Russian Destroyer was arriving on the scene in
response to the distress calls. The Soviet Destroyer  offered assistance but the Liberty’s conning officer  refused it.

Unknown to the Liberty crew, there was also a U.S. submarine, The Amberjack,
in the area on a covert mission but did nothing at all to assist the Liberty.

Finally, after being dead in the water for 16 hours, two American Destroyers reached the Liberty to find 34 U.S. sailors dead and 174 wounded.
Many were seriously  wounded. As the wounded were being evacuated to the  U.S.S. America an Office of Naval Intelligence officer, 
Admiral Kidd, arrived and commanded the survivors not  to talk to anyone about the ordeal or face the severest of consequences.

As it turned out, the attack on the Liberty was a joint U.S.-Israeli operation designated, Operation Cyanide.
The plan was: The U.S. would position a convenient  American sitting duck (The U.S.S. Liberty).
The Israelis would then sink the sitting duck with all hands lost at sea and blame the Egyptians.
The U.S.A. would be outraged and enter the war against Egypt and the rest of Israel’s opponents,
and a large section of the Middle East would then be restructured to Israel’s liking with U.S. help.

If it hadn’t been for those damn Russian commies and their destroyer arriving and ruining everything,
the operation probably would have worked out well, or terrible, depending upon your point of view.
Of course, within three weeks, an official report was released describing the awful but understandable “mistake”
involving the Liberty. “These errors do occur,” Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara concluded.
The cover story and cover up is almost as outrageous as the attack. I could go on about the cover
up, but the still living survivors who are no longer disposed to shut up, can best tell that story. 
Lt. Commander James Ennes relates first hand his experience in his book, ASSAULT ON THE LIBERTY.

 Survivor, and past president of the Liberty Veterans Association, Philip Tourney, wrote his book called, WHAT I SAW THAT DAY. He and some
of the other elderly U.S.S Liberty survivors will not let allow the lies of the governments of America and Israel stand and will push for the truth till they are dead.

The BBC produced a documentary about the Liberty incident called, DEAD IN THE WATER, which can be found on YouTube in its entirety.
The book, Operation Cyanide, by BBC investigative journalist Peter Hounam is a must read and lays the whole sordid affair out for you.
The Liberty massacre has never been publicised by the censored and totally Zionist controlled American mainstream media.

Upon learning about the U.S.S. Liberty a couple of years ago, I posted a link on my Facebook page to the Liberty website,, and
asked my 1,200  Facebook friends if they had ever heard about this incident and  why hadn’t I heard of it? Only one
Navy vet offered that he had heard something about it. Everyone else, except   two people, who responded claimed total ignorance.
Those two people immediately attacked me in the Facebook comments accusing me of being a neo-Nazi for posting anti-Semitic lies.

I was surprised and my feelings were hurt. I’d never been called a neo or any other kind of Nazi before! I  have Jewish pals and had a Jewish
Little League coach, Jewish teachers, Jewish classmates, Jewish work mates, even a Jewish girlfriend in high school. Shall I go on? I had a Jewish
uncle (deceased) who was married to my mother’s sister. I loved him and if there were more people like my Jewish uncle in this world it would be a much better place!

Upon going to these attacker guys’ Facebook pages it didn’t take long to deduce that they were Jewish  Americans. So whose side are these Facebook
attackers  on who throw the Nazi card down so readily? The Jewish American Facebook attackers even said that the American sailors killed and wounded
on the Liberty had it coming because it was a spy ship! ...Well, yes it was a spy ship, but it was an American
spy ship, I’m an  American, so excuse me if I stand on the American side of this issue. To hell with Israel.
The attacker guys defended Israel, pointing out that it’s surrounded by people who want it wiped off the face of  the earth, it’s a
tiny country with a small population,    Jews have been persecuted for a thousand years,  remember the holocaust and so forth.
I’ll always defend the U.S.A. before I’ll let some  stranger get away with some crack about how murdered  Americans had
it coming! This episode got me to   thinking about loyalty priorities, what sort of ally Israel  really is... and much, much more. 
The more I thought about this episode, the more I thought that Israel can go to hell and to hell with the traitorous LBJ, his Jewish National Security Advisor
(Walt Whitman Rostow), his Secretary of State (Dean Rusk), his Secretary of Defense (Robert S. McNamara) and the military lackeys who served them.

And to hell with ANY American Jew, goy or whomever, who places the importance of Israel above the United States of America!
An interesting person involved in the Liberty  incident was Admiral John S. McCain (the Arizona Senator’s father and Commander of European
U.S. Naval Forces, including the 6th Fleet, in June 1967) for his role in the cover up. Senator McCain, to his dying day,
defended his position that the slaughter of 34 American sailors (170 wounded) was an “accident of mistaken identity.”

If you’d like to have seen a U.S. Senator get red faced and squirm, you could have asked Senator John  “Songbird” McCain if the U.S.S. Liberty
massacre will ever be reinvestigated. He as totally on board with the continuing U.S.S. Liberty whitewash to the point of having endorsed,
in writing, the completely bogus disinformation book, THE LIBERTY INCIDENT, written by a Jewish bankruptcy lawyer from Florida named A.J. Cristol.

Cristol’s version of the U.S.S. Liberty “incident” is complete bullshit designed to convince any reader that the “incident” was an accident.
His book was sent to every member of Congress to be used as a “reference book” in case any politicians or their
constituents should bring up the issue of the U.S.S. Liberty demanding justice and a reinvestigation.

To refer to Arizona Senator John McCain III as a “war hero” is an insult to war heroes.
John McCain’s father, Admiral John McCain II, was a key player in the U.S.S.
Liberty massacre cover-up and was in total cahoots with
LBJ, Robert McNamara, and with the Israelis by doing so. The McCains were traitors, plain and simple.
Monika then opened up a second email from Hank that read:
Captain Ward Boston Jr. was so disgusted with A.J. Cristol’s version of the Liberty slaughter that
he required himself to issue a legal   affidavit in October of 2003 stating the following:

I, Ward Boston, Jr. do declare that the following statement is true and complete:

For more than 30 years, I have remained silent on the topic of the USS LIBERTY. I am a military man and
when orders come in from the Secretary of Defense and  the President of the United States, I follow them.     
However, recent attempts to rewrite history compel me to share the truth.
In June of 1967, while serving as a Captain in the Judge Advocate General Corps, Department of the Navy, I was assigned as
senior legal counsel for the Navy’s Court of Inquiry into the brutal attack on the USS LIBERTY, which occurred on June 8th .
The late Admiral Isaac C. Kidd, president of the Court, and I were given only
one week to gather evidence for the Navy’s official investigation into
the attack, despite the fact that we both estimated that a proper court of inquiry
into an attack of this magnitude would take at  least six months to conduct.

Admiral John S. McCain, Jr., then Commander-in-
Chief, Naval Forces Europe (CINCUSNAVEUR),
at his headquarters in London, had charged Admiral Kidd (in a letter dated June 10, 1967)
to  inquire into all the pertinent facts and circumstances leading to and
 connected with the armed attack; damage resulting there from; and deaths of and injuries to Naval personnel.
 Despite the short amount of time we were given, we gathered a vast amount of
evidence, including hours of heartbreaking testimony from the young survivors.

The evidence was clear. Both Admiral Kidd and I believed with certainty
that this attack, which killed 34 American sailors and injured 172 others,
was a deliberate effort to sink an American ship and murder its entire crew. E
ach evening, after hearing testimony all day, we often spoke our
private thoughts concerning what we had seen and heard. I recall Admiral Kidd
repeatedly referring to the Israeli forces responsible for the attack as
“murderous bastards.” It was our shared belief, based on the documentary evidence and testimony we received first
hand, that the Israeli attack was planned and  deliberate, and could not possibly have been an accident.
I am certain that the Israeli pilots that undertook the attack, as well as their superiors,
who had ordered the attack, were well aware that the ship was American.
I saw the flag, which had visibly identified the ship as American, riddled with bullet holes,
and heard testimony that made it clear that the Israelis intended there be no survivors.
Not only did the Israelis attack the ship with napalm,  gunfire and missiles, Israeli torpedo boats machine gunned
three lifeboats that had been launched by the crew in an attempt to save the most seriously wounded – a war crime.

Admiral Kidd and I both felt it necessary to travel to Israel to interview the Israelis
who took part in the attack. Admiral Kidd telephoned Admiral McCain
to discuss making arrangements. Admiral Kidd later told me that Admiral McCain was
adamant that we were not to travel to Israel or contact the Israelis concerning this matter.

Regrettably, we did not receive into evidence and the court did not consider
any of the more than 60 witness declarations from men who had been
hospitalised and were unable to testify in person. I am outraged at the
efforts of the apologists for Israel in this country to claim that this attack
was a case of “mistaken identity.” In particular, the recent publication of
Jay Cristol’s book, The Liberty Incident, twists the facts and misrepresents
the views of those of us who investigated the attack.

It is Cristol’s insidious attempt to whitewash the facts that has
pushed me to speak out. I know from personal conversations I had with
Admiral Kidd that President Johnson and Secretary of Defense
Robert McNamara ordered him to conclude that the attack was a case of
“mistaken identity” despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Admiral Kidd told me, after returning from Washington, D.C. that he had been ordered to sit down with two
civilians from either the White House or the Defense Department, and rewrite portions of the court’s findings.
Admiral Kidd also told me that he had been ordered to “put the lid”
on everything having to do with the attack on the USS LIBERTY.
We were never to speak of it and we were to caution everyone else involved that they could never speak of it again.
I have no reason to doubt the accuracy of that statement as I know that the Court of Inquiry transcript
that has been released to the public is not the same one that I certified and sent off to Washington.

I know this because it was necessary, due to the exigencies of time, to hand correct and initial a
substantial number of pages. I have examined the released version of the transcript and I did not see
any pages that bore my hand corrections and initials.

 Also, the original did not have any blank pages, as the released version does.
Finally, the testimony of Lt. Painter concerning the deliberate machine
gunning of the life rafts by the Israeli torpedo boat crews, which I distinctly recall being given at the
Court of Inquiry and included in the original transcript, is now missing and has been excised.

Following the conclusion of the Court of Inquiry,  Admiral Kidd and I
remained in contact. Though we never spoke of the attack in public, we did
discuss it between ourselves, on occasion. Every time we  discussed the
attack, Admiral Kidd was adamant that it was a deliberate, planned attack
on an American ship.

In 1990, I received a telephone call from Jay Cristol, who wanted to interview
me concerning the functioning of the Court of Inquiry. I told him that
I would not speak to him on that subject and prepared to hang up the telephone.
Cristol then began asking me about my personal background and other,
non-Court of Inquiry related matters.

I endeavoured to answer these questions and politely
extricate myself from the conversation.

 Cristol continued to return to the subject of the Court of Inquiry, which I refused to discuss with him.
Finally, I suggested that he contact Admiral Kidd and ask him about the
Court of Inquiry. Shortly after my conversation with Cristol, I received a
telephone call from Admiral Kidd, inquiring about Cristol and what he
was up to. The Admiral spoke of Cristol in disparaging terms and
even opined that “Cristol must be an Israeli agent.”

I don’t know if he meant that literally or it was his way of expressing his disgust for
Cristol’s highly partisan, pro-Israeli approach to questions involving the USS LIBERTY.
At no time did I ever hear Admiral Kidd speak of Cristol  other than in highly
disparaging terms. I find Cristol’s  claims of a “close friendship” with
Admiral Kidd to be utterly incredible. I also find it impossible to believe the statements
he attributes to Admiral Kidd, concerning the attack on the USS LIBERTY.

Several years later, I received a letter from Cristol that contained what he purported
to be his notes of our prior conversation. These “notes” were grossly
incorrect and bore no resemblance in reality to that discussion. I find it hard to believe that
these “notes” were the  product of a mistake, rather than an attempt to deceive.

I informed Cristol that I disagreed with his recollection  of our conversation and that he was wrong.
Cristol made several attempts to arrange for the two of us to meet in person and
talk but I always found ways to avoid doing this. I did not wish to meet with Cristol as
we had nothing in common and I did not trust him.

 Contrary to the misinformation presented by Cristol and others, it is important for
the American people to know that it is clear that Israel is responsible for deliberately
 attacking an American ship and murdering American    sailors, whose bereaved
shipmates have lived with this  egregious conclusion for many years.”

Ward Boston, Jr. 
Captain, JAGC, USN (Ret.)
Senior Counsel to the USS LIBERTY Court of Inquiry
Dated: January 9, 2004 at Coronado, California.
   Monika, nearly in a state of open mouthed psychological shock opened an email from Ozzy that read:
How LBJ's Vietnam War Paralyzed
His Mideast Policymakers

In the summer of 1967, I was a staff writer for President    Lyndon B. Johnson
at the White House. I was aware of that year's Middle East crisis but,
like most Americans, understood little about it other than the fact that it 
involved Jews and Arabs. In that year I did not know a single Arab,
and possibly LBJ did not either. Like most Americans, I was pro-Israel,
Israel having been sold to most all of us as the underdog.
Everyone around me, without exception, was pro-Israel. Johnson had a dozen
or more close associates and aides who were both Jewish and pro-Israel.
There were Walt Rostow at the White House, his brother Eugene at State,
and Arthur Goldberg, ambassador to theUnited Nations. Other pro-Israel
advisers included Abe Fortas, associate justice of the Supreme Court;
Democratic Party fund raiser Abraham Feinberg; White House counsels Leo White
and Jake Jacobsen; White House writers Richard Goodwin and Ben
Wattenberg; domestic affairs aide Larry Levinson;
and John P. Roche, known as  Johnson's intellectual-in-residence
and an avid supporter of Israel.

Everyone around me, without exception, was pro-Israel.

   I did not "know," but could sense, that events of great portent were
transpiring. I heard rumors of CIA Director Richard Helms sending a warning
to LBJ that the Israelis were about to attack, and the president getting
word from Moscow that if the Israelis attacked any Arab country, the Soviets
would go to that nation's defense.

 I could see the comings and goings of Abe Fortas and
Arthur Goldberg, and I knew that Walt Rostow, in particular,
had close Israeli connections, and met frequently
with Israeli Embassy Minister Ephraim (Eppy) Evron.
On occasion I saw a strikingly attractive blonde woman who, I learned,
was an ardent supporter of Israel and a woman of whom the president was fond.
Her background sounded like material from a spy novel. She
was born Mathilde Galland in 1927 in Italy, where she was reared
as a Roman Catholic. Then, when her family returned to
her father's birthplace in Switzerland, she became a Lutheran.

While a student in Geneva, she fell in love with a young Bulgarian Jew,
David Danon, who had been brought up in Palestine and exiled by the British
for his association with the Irgun Zvai Leumi, a Jewish terrorist
group led by Menachem Begin. Danon was studying to become
a medical doctor, but spent most of his time recruiting and carrying
out secret Irgun operations throughout Western Europe.

In later interviews with former Time reporter Donald  Neff, Mathilde
said that as a teenager she saw Danon as a dashing and heroic figure, an activist
dedicating his life to the founding of a Jewish state in Palestine.
He was a personal friend of the Stern Gang terrorists, led by  Yitzhak Shamir, who
killed British resident minister  Lord Walter Moyne in Cairo during World War II, and the Irgun terrorists
who blew up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem in 1946,with heavy loss of life. As bloody as
these actions were, Mathilde said, she saw them as heroic. They represented the depth of the convictions of
Danon and the Irgunists—and drew her to them.

Mathilde became so enamoured of the Jewish struggle and of Danon's daring undercover operations
in Europe that she converted to Judaism and married Danon. Then she, too, became an Irgun agent.
Reporter Neff, in his book entitled, Warriors for Jerusalem: The Six Days That Changed
 the Middle East, documents Mathilde's role as a young "gun-runner"
for the Jewish terrorist group." As a seemingly innocent petite and
pretty blonde out for a bicycle ride along Switzerland's borders,"
wrote Neff, "she in reality was taking messages and explosives into
neighbouring France and Italy—to be passed on to the Irgunists.”

Five years after the creation of Israel obviated the need for pretty blonde gunrunners,
Mathilde received a Ph.D. in genetics at the University of Geneva
in 1953. She and Danon then moved to Israel, where she became a cancer
researcher at the Weizmann Institute. After the birth of a daughter, she and
Danon separated. While still at   Weizmann, however, she met
and later married the rich— and 20 years her senior—
Arthur Krim, a motion picture executive who became finance
chairman for the Democratic National Committee.

American Jews such as Krim and Abraham Feinberg—a New York banker
and the first Jew to become a prominent money raiser in presidential campaigns
—were by then bringing in well over half of the Democratic Party's funds.
Thus it was natural that such fund-raisers would become
very important to many Democratic candidates—and particularly
to the leader of the Democratic Party, Lyndon B. Johnson.

LBJ often invited the Krims to his Texas ranch. 
There also were many instances in which Arthur and Mathilde
were guests at the White House, and other times when,   for many
days running, Mathilde—without her husband—was a guest there.
The Krims built a house near the LBJ ranch known as
Mathilde's house, and Johnson often travelled there by helicopter. 


Advice and Counsel LBJ Part 2


The Krims, as well as other Jewish Americans who were closely associated with Johnson,

advised and counseled him on the events leading up to the Six-Day War of June 1967.

On the Memorial Day weekend in May 1967, Mathilde and her husband were guests at the LBJ ranch.

On arrival at the ranch, Johnson learned that the Soviets had warned the U.S. that if Israel attacked

an Arab state, the Soviets would go to the aid of that state. The State Department was

preparing a message for LBJ to send to Israel.


While awaiting the draft message, Johnson got behind the wheel of his Lincoln Continental and took Mathilde and Arthur Krim

for a drive over the hill country. They were at a neighbour's house when an aide brought Johnson a message drafted by the State

Department for Israeli Prime Minister Levi Eshkol. It relayed to Israel Moscow's warning

that "if Israel starts military action, the Soviet Union will extend help to the attacked party."


After reassuring Eshkol of America's interest in Israel's safety, the draft message cautioned:


"It is essential that Israel not take any pre emptive military action

and thereby make itself responsible for the initiation of hostilities."

The president strengthened the warning by adding two words so that the sentence read,

"It is essential that Israel JUST MUST NOT take any pre emptive military action. . ."


On June 3, Johnson traveled to New York to deliver a speech at a Democratic Party fund-raising dinner.


He moved on to a $1,000-a-plate dinner dance, sponsored by the President's Club of New York, whose chairman was Arthur Krim.

While at the table, fund-raiser Abe Feinberg leaned over the shoulder of Mathilde Krim, seated next to Johnson, and whispered:


"Mr. President, it [Israel's attack] can't be held any longer. It's going to be within the next 24 hours."


On June 4, Johnson went to the home of his close adviser and friend, Justice Abe Fortas. The following day, June 5, Rostow

woke Johnson with a phone call at 4:30 a.m. "War has broken out," Rostow said. The Israelis had attacked Egypt and Syria.

Mathilde Krim was a guest at the White House and, before going to the Oval Office, and apparently before waking Lady Bird

or notifying anyone else, Johnson dropped by the bedroom where Mathilde was sleeping and gave her the news: "The war has started."

At 7:45 a.m., Johnson talked—for the first time—on the hot line with Moscow. Soviet Premier Aleksi Kosygin

expressed the hope that the United States would restrain Israel. Both leaders vowed to work for a cease-fire.


On that day—June 5, 1967—I walked the White House corridors as the telephone lines and news tickers recorded developments

of the first morning of the war that would change the Middle East. I learned that in the war's

first hours, Israeli planes had destroyed the air forces of both Egypt and Syria on the ground.


Unconcealable Glee LBJ Part 3


Several U.S. officials in a State Department Operations Room briefing could not conceal their glee over Israel's successes.

With a wide smile, Eugene Rostow said, "Gentlemen, gentlemen, do not forget that we are neutral in word, thought and deed."


At the State Department's noon briefing on June 5, press spokesman Robert J. McCloskey repeated those words for reporters.

(Since the U.S. was not neutral but totally supportive of Israel, however, this statement would need—over the next several weeks—endless clarification.)


Also on June 5, Arthur Krim wrote a memo to the president saying: "Many arms shipments are packed and ready to go

to Israel, but are being held up. It would be helpful if these could be released." Johnson got the shipments on their way.


Walt Rostow, in a memo to the president, referred to the results of Israel's surprise attack on Egypt and Syria as "the first day's turkey shoot."

On June 6, in another memo to the president, Walt Rostow recommended that the Israelis not be forced to withdraw from the

territories they had seized—short of peace treaties with the Arab states.


"If the Israelis go fast enough and the Soviets get worried enough," he wrote, "a simple cease-fire might be the best answer.

This would mean that we could use the de facto situation on the ground to try to negotiate not a return to armistice lines

but a definitive peace in the Middle East."


Mathilde Krim, still a guest in the White House, left for meetings in New York. Before departing, however, she wrote out a statement

supportive of Israel which she asked the president to deliver "verbatim to the American people." Johnson was sufficiently impressed

with her comments to, later in the day, read some of them to Secretary of State Dean Rusk. But the president did not, as she had asked,

read them to the American people.


Jordan, treaty-bound to come to the aid of Egypt and Syria if either were attacked, had done so and, on June 7, Israel captured

the Old City of Jerusalem. Also on June 7, Wattenberg and Levinson wrote in a memo to Johnson that the U.N. might attempt

"to sell Israel down the river." They urged LBJ to support Israel's claim to the territories seized militarily. They referred to McCloskey's

statement that the U.S. was neutral, suggesting LBJ issue a statement affirming total support for Israel which,

they said, might stop American Jews from meeting in Lafayette Square to protest the "neutrality" statement.


While Johnson never minded getting pro-Israel advice from such close friends as Mathilde Krim or Abe Fortas, he apparently

resented advice from relatively minor White House staffers such as Wattenberg and Levinson. Seeing Levinson he stormed:


"You Zionist dupe! You and Wattenberg are Zionist dupes in the White House! Why can't you see I'm doing all I can for Israel!

That's what you should be telling people when they ask for a message from the president for their rally." As LBJ abruptly stormed off,


Levinson reports, he stood there, "shaken to the marrow of my bones."


Meanwhile, on the night of June 7, the USS LIBERTY, a Navy "ferret" ship equipped to monitor electronic communications,

had approached within sight of the Gaza Strip so the National Security Agency personnel aboard could intercept the military

communications jamming the airwaves. The president retired at 11:30 p.m., but White House

logs reported that at one minute to midnight he got a call from Mathilde Krim, still in New York.


By June 8, despite U.S. and Soviet demands for a cease-fire, the Israelis were planning one more attack to take Syria's Golan Heights.

Perhaps to prevent U.S. intelligence from learning of their plan, despite Syria's acceptance of the cease-fire, the Israelis dispatched

planes to the USS LIBERTY. One roared over the LIBERTY so closely that the

portholes of the aircraft's reconnaissance cameras were clearly visible.


Lieutenant James M. Ennes, deck officer, saw on its wings Israel's insignia, the Star of David.


The Liberty Assault LBJ Part 4


Ennes glanced at the U.S. flag atop his ship's tall mast. If he could see the Israeli

pilots in their cockpits, he reasoned, the pilots could certainly see the large U.S. flag.


It was not long after the last of several such Israeli reconnaissance flights, however, that an Israeli aircraft swooped down and fired

rockets directly at The LIBERTY. Rocket fragments and 30mm bullets punched through the heavy deck plating—and through

the flesh of the stunned crewmen. Then more planes—with cannon and napalm—turned the LIBERTY into a floating hell of

flames and screaming men.


The Israeli attacks killed 34 Americans and wounded 171. The ship was partly flooded when an Israeli torpedo boat hit the U.S. ship

with a torpedo below the water line. Another machine-gunned the ship's life rafts when the crew tried to launch them.


Only by a miracle did The Liberty remain afloat. But its threat to Israel's plans was finished. The next day, June 9, Israeli forces

attacked and captured the Golan Heights. On Saturday, June 10, the war's sixth day, Israel agreed to a cease-fire.


It was Rostow who first notified Johnson of the assault on the Liberty. Asked who did it,

Rostow said he did not know. Later the Israelis said they had done it, by mistake.


Johnson sent an immediate report to Kosygin that the Israelis had torpedoed a U.S. ship.

Thus the Kremlin now knew about the Israeli attack, but the American people did not.


From the beginning, the Johnson administration covered it up. Surviving crew members were separated from each other and the Navy

was ordered to make certain that no survivor talked with any reporter—or to anyone else—about the assault on the USS LIBERTY .


It went virtually unnoticed. Not only the crew of the USS LIBERTY, but all Americans were victims. Johnson and most of those

who entered and left the Oval Office were oriented toward Israel. For that matter, I too, was ready and eager to believe in 1967

that the Arabs, not the Israelis, had started the war and that the bombing raid on the USS LIBERTY was not intentional, but a mistake.


While there can be no moral justification for the White House cover-up orders to the Navy

after the assault on the Liberty, from hindsight Johnson's political motivation is obvious.


It was the same motivation that led him subsequently to listen to the Jewish friends and advisers who urged

him not to put any pressure on the Israelis to relinquish territories they had seized in the Six-Day War.


In 1967, President Johnson felt he needed all the support he could get to 'win" in Vietnam.


Many American Jews were liberals outspokenly opposed to the war there. Johnson was told if he gave all out support to Israel—which

would include ignoring the Israeli attack on the LIBERTY influential Jewish Americans would stop opposing his Vietnam policies.


In a memo to the president, Wattenberg, whose parents had moved to the U. S. from Palestine and who was known as a strong

supporter of the Jewish state, said flatly that if the president came out with strong support for Israel, he would win American Jewish

support for the war in Vietnam. Many American Jewish leaders are "doves" on Vietnam, Wattenberg wrote, but "hawks" on a war with Arab states.


A "Bonus" for Johnson LBJ Part 5


"You stand to be cheered now by those (American Jewish leaders) who were jeering last week," Wattenberg wrote the president.

He added that the Mideast crisis could be "a bonus" for Johnson. All-out support of Israel, he predicted, would "help turn around 'the other war'—

the domestic dissatisfaction about Vietnam."


The support given by the American Jewish leaders "was welcome to the president," as reporter Donald Neff observed,

when at every turn he was being attacked by critics, particularly in the media, of his Vietnam policy.


I was, at the time, a typical American. I was convinced back then that the Arabs had started the war and deserved what they got. I didn't try to reason how,

if the Arabs had started the war, they were surprised with their air forces on the ground and how it was that Israel so easily seized

all of Palestine, including the rest of Jerusalem.Instead, like millions of Americans, I was thrilled by the might of "little Israel."


Yet, despite the euphoria around me, what I saw in the White House planted questions in my mind. As Americans we had just passed through a dangerous

Middle East conflict that threatened to explode into World War III. There were two parties to the conflict, Arabs and Jews. But for weeks on end I had

seen only one set of advisers who could call or see Johnson whenever they pleased. The Arabs had no voice, no representation, no access, whatsoever.


It was only later that I came to reflect on how America, which devoted so much of the efforts of its "best and brightest" to the problem of Vietnam,

had in 1967 quite unwittingly stumbled into a Middle East quagmire that, long after the fall of Saigon, would continue to enmesh

U.S. soldiers and diplomats, and project an image of double standards and insincerity onto U.S. diplomacy all over the world.


Monika made a mental note to ask Ozzy who the author of this article was, or is. She copied and pasted all of the emailed information into the designated

web pages and thought about quitting for the night, but she was too agitated to sleep. She poured herself a glass of wine and decided to open one of

Ernie Zundel's emails for a change of topical information.


The email from Ernie began:


Hallo Monika, I have been to the Holocaust Deprogramming website many hours looking at the information there. I don't know how

to begin giving you the information. So I will start at the beginning of the website there. You tell to me when it is enough for you.

Thank You For Helping Me,

Ernie Zundel



The alleged genocide of European Jewry has been used to justify the Allied war effort, to establish the State of Israel, to justify Israeli violence against its neighbors,

to induce guilt in both Germans and the Allied nations, to cover up and ignore Allied crimes against Germans, to allow Jews to receive massive reparations from

Germany, and to create solidarity in the Jewish community. The extreme importance of the Holocaust story in advancing Zionist/Jewish interests ensures that

this falsification of history will continue in the future.


No one can deny that Jews were rounded up and imprisoned by Germans in German occupied territories after the suspension of the HAAVARA TRANSFER AGREEMENT

during WWII. Nor can anyone deny that Japanese Americans were rounded up and imprisoned in America for the same reasons, those reasons being primarily security

issues, and in the same fashion during WWII. And, after examining the facts, the German prisons built for Jews were far more humanely accommodating than the

American prisons built for Japanese. 


(See World War II West Coast Camps for Japanese-Americans here:


What is staunchly denied is the existence, much less the use, of homicidal gas chambers, the manufacture of human skin lampshades, the manufacture of human derived soap,

institutionalized torture all conducted at "death factories" where 6,000,000 Jews were gassed and cremated and other outright lies disseminated by vindictive and vengeful Jews.


In all of German occupied Europe there were 2.4 million Jews. After World War II, 3.8 million Jews applied for holocaust reparations.


Indeed tens of thousands of imprisoned Jews died during the last months of WWII due to disease, especially typhus, and starvation (The International Committee of the

Red Cross reported: 272,000 concentration camp inmates died in German custody, about half of them Jews). After all, as the fortunes of war turn against the

losing side, food and medicine become extremely scarce... and deadly scarce for those imprisoned by the


losing side due to the ruination of food production, medicine manufacturing, and transportation supply lines. Germany was carpet bombed and firebombed into

the stone age during the last year of WWII (a totally merciless war conducted by three Jewish controlled empires against a country the size of Montana).


Indeed there were crematoriums working overtime as a means of sanitarily disposing of disease ridden corpses, but these

were built during the last year of the war and never was a living person burned alive in one as JEWS would have you believe.


As a matter of fairness, try to imagine what would have become of all the Japanese incarcerated in American prison camps during WWII had the fortunes of war

turned against an America that was bombed into the stone age. I'll wager that they would have been massacred by furious Americans before they had starved to death.


Once you fully realize that there were no "gas chambers" or such things as human skin lampshades, most of the Jewish

narrative regarding the so called "holocaust" becomes a self-serving fabrication disseminated by the lowest sort of scammers.


Only lies need laws for protection. There are many individuals who have been imprisoned in occupied Germany for merely telling the truth about the holocaust scam.

These people are imprisoned for "inciting hatred for the Jews" whereas it'sactually the JEWS incessantly inciting hatred for Germans with their holocaust LIES.


Free yourself from the power of a lie designed to render you impotent. By instilling unwarranted guilt and shame upon humanity via the "holocaust", humanity is

rendered incapable, or at least very hesitant, to criticise, much less interfere with, any of the designs of Jews or their nation of Israel. The "holocaust" is also an

ongoing cash cow for Jewish "holocaust survivors" through the collection of hundreds of billions of euros from Germany, and elsewhere,  as WWII reparations that continues to this day.


Jews have made questioning the details of the so-called Holocaust a criminal offense, with fines and imprisonment, and doing this has only hurt

their credibility and soured many against their official narrative. The truth does not need laws to enforce it, only lies do, and the stupidest thing

the Jews could ever have done — and want to do in America — is criminalise not believing their improbable narrative. It is their “education”

that has created doubters, which is why it continues to fail.


Holocaust Propaganda Isn't Just a Lie, It's a Crime Against Humanity. It is a crime because it not only justifies innumerable

other crimes, but because it creates a huge mass of hatred, which in turn contains the potential for new crimes.


People whose souls have been drenched in the hatred of the Holocaust Lie must be counted among its victims. This includes the millions of twelve to

fifteen-year old school children dragged through the memorials of former concentration camps, often weeping uncontrollably at the atrocity

stories and lies vomited up at them.


How much suffering, how much heartbreak, how many tragedies are due to the so called “Holocaust”, this hair-raising Lie of the Century, which the

jews invented, crammed down our throats, and have defended tooth and nail, with fines, with abuse, with imprisonment, for over half a century?


It is painful to think of the thousands, indeed tens of thousands, of people who have been

humiliated, persecuted, imprisoned, or even executed in the name of this shameless swindle.


It is pathetic to see the once-great German people, having lost its pride, its sense of direction, its self-respect, to such an

extent that it no longer dares to defend itself against a flood of slander and is too ashamed to look itself in the face.


One single mention of the “gas chambers”, the extermination of the jews, was enough to justify purging entire cities and provinces of their German

population. Almost 17 million people were driven from their homes between 1944 and 1948 in an unbroken series of atrocities during which over two million died.


After what they did to the jews, they had it coming to them,” is the classical justification It is truly disgusting to think of the millions of people all over

the world watching Marvin Chomsky, Claude Lanzmann, Steven Spielberg and all the others — Holocaust, Shoa, Schindler’s List, etc. —

in the cinemas, on television — and taking it all seriously.


The jews invented a story which they’ve called the Shoa or the Holocaust, and which they now claim is the history of their people.


The Holocaust money-making machine has brought them such tremendous advantages, that they can no longer live without it. But they made one

fatal error: the Holocaust swindle is so endlessly absurd that its inventors can only take refuge in a suicide charge; having lost all sense

of proportion, they have gone too far and will soon come crashing down.


To suppress all open debate on the subject appears an impossibility in the long run, despite all manner of repression.


From minor explanations to wholesale re-writing, including whole new “Revised Versions”, the profiteers of the myth


continue to entangle themselves in increasingly greater numbers of contradictions; the fables of today contradict the fables told yesterday; the defenders

of the official version of history are being compelled to make so many concessionsthat more and more people are starting to wonder about it all.

Doubts expressed in private conversation no longer shock as much as they did a few years ago; it is getting easier for revisionists to gain a hearing.


In brief: for the exterminationists, the time is running out. Increasingly hysterical

repression is an unmistakable sign of growing panic. It is also a sign of weakness.


Instead of listening to the discussion, they simply grab for a truncheon. But how long can they get away with it?


The revisionists must not hope for quick victory; it will not come overnight. They should remember

the wisdom expressed in the phrase from the Czech philosopher, Karel Capek, who said:


Truth must be smuggled. It must be distributed in small doses.

A drop here, a drop there — until people get used to it. Not all at once.”


At a time when the Lie appears to be triumphing without hindrance, we would like to close with an optimistic message. We wish to make the following appeal:


All of you, all friends of the truth, both known and unknown, from many European countries, those who, like Günter Deckert and Gottfried Küssel,

sit in German and Austrian prisons for “denying the existence of the gas chambers,” or who have been compelled to go into exile like Remer and

Rudolf, all persecuted revisionists and nationalists — do not lose your courage, since your struggle against state-ordained lies is not in vain. Your

courage, the sacrifice of a few, will help to free entire nations and peoples, including the German and Russian peoples — f

rom the darkness which has so long covered them.

Jürgen Graf - Renegade Tribune





Many ignorant, brainwashed people have contemptuously called me a “Holocaust Denier”.


The following is the response I give, to those who will listen:

Excuse me, but I don’t “deny” ANY “Holocaust”… Do you?


I fully accept the account of the brave and famous Russian writer and historian, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, who was often called “The Conscience of

the 20th Century”; who served eight long years in the Soviet Gulag prison system, when he reports in the book he published in the year 2000

entitled “Together For Two Hundred Years” that, in the Soviet Holocaust, 66 million innocent Gentiles, mostly Christians (and it being a full

ELEVEN TIMES the number of Jews claimed to have been killed by the Germans in WWII), were kidnapped, tortured, raped, and murdered

in a wide variety of cruel, wanton, and horribly inhuman ways in the thousands of monstrously evil

Gulag concentration camps at the hands of the Jewish Bolshevik Ivan the Terrible” Cheka corps.


I freely acknowledge the fact that on February 13 & 14, 1945, in the quintessential Holocaust of the non-military city of Dresden, more than 700,000

phosphorus bombs were dropped on 1.2 million helpless people, which produced a fire storm that was called a “Single Column of Flame”, where

the temperature in the center of the city reached 1600 degrees centigrade, and in which approximately 500,000 German women, children,

elderly, wounded soldiers, random citizens, and even all of the animals in the city zoo were slaughtered by concussion and fire in a single night.


I absolutely recognise that more people died there in Dresden, in that one big flame, than the estimated total of 246,000 helpless people who died in

two other quintessential Holocausts, the senseless, wantonly murderous, abominable, and unnecessary atomic attacks upon the Japanese cities of

Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined.


I openly avow the virtually forgotten Holocaust endured by the passengers and crew of the Wilhelm Gustloff, an unarmed German passenger liner

which was torpedoed and sunk in the freezing waters of the Baltic Sea, 13 miles off the coast of Pomerania on January 30, 1945, as it carried, besides

it’s men and crew, some 73 wounded soldiers, 373 members of the Womens’ Naval Auxilliary, and some 9,000 German civilian refugees – mostly women

and children – who were all fleeing in terror from East Prussia in the advance of the Red Army, and where only a few hundred lived

to tell the tale, making it the deadliest disaster in maritime history, killing nearly ten times the number who died on the Titanic.


And I fully admit that, as tallied and reported by the International Red Cross, a grand total of 271,304 people – not all of them Jews – died in all of the

German concentration camps, combined, by the end of World War II – a Holocaust which was solely the result of typhus epidemics and starvation

caused by the Zionist controlled, allied carpet bombings of supply routes and centers all over Germany that made it impossible to transport food

and medical supplies to prisoners, soldiers, and civilians alike.


I certainly do not deny the Holocaust of the over 1,000,000 German post-war, non-combatants who were rounded up, detained without any food,

water, shelter, or medical care, and purposely, and systematically killed through starvation and exposure in 1945-46 under the supervision of the

allied commander Dwight D. Eisenhower, in the largest outdoor concentration camp this side of modern-day Palestine, or the concurrent Holocaust

of the wholesale cold-blooded rape and murder of untold hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of women

and children as the communist Red Army of the Soviets also took its “revenge” upon the defeated Germans.


I do not deny the Holocaust suffered by the good men and crew of the practically unarmed USS Liberty surveillance ship, which was deliberately

attacked by air and sea, with machine gun, cannon, and torpedo fire by Israeli forces on June 8, 1967, killing 34 and wounding 174, in an attempted

false flag operation which was intended to sink the ship, and murder all aboard, in order to draw the United States into the Middle East conflict on

the side of Israel, and was only foiled by the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the crew in aiding the radio operator to successfully get off a call for help.


And I do not deny the Holocaust of the some 3,000 people who died in a single day as a result of the false flag attack on the World Trade Center in

New York which was engineered and perpetrated by leaders of Israel in order to kick off their pre-planned “Clash of Civilizations” which they

hope will eventually cause their two sworn enemies, the Christians, and the Muslims, to forget their historical religious commonalities, and annihilate

one another in the yet to be the greatest Holocaust in history – a third world war – as the “Chosen Ones” sit on the sidelines…

and direct… and watch… and profit… while gleefully rubbing their hands as even more untold millions of innocents die.


I also do not deny the Holocaust of the Jenin Refugee Camp, on April 13, 2002, where Israeli forces attacked the camp using bulldozers, tanks,

and Apache helicopters, in a cruel, indiscriminate, blood-lust slaughter, which was said to be “Horrific beyond belief”, and which lasted for

13 days, flattening large areas of the town, and killing


unknown hundreds of innocent men, women, and children, many of whom were buried alive; or the earlier, similar, Holocausts

at the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Lebanon in 1982, in which it is known that at least 800Palestinians were killed.


Nor do I deny the wholesale slaughter and destruction perpetrated upon the sovereign nation of Iraq, in the Holocaust that was the illegal, and

unjustified war of aggression that, from 2003 to the present, has resulted in the murder of over 1,000,000 innocent Iraqi men, women, and children,

and brought their country to ruin, as one of the first steps in Israel’s ongoing war of terror, which they have the

unmitigated gall to present to the world as a war “ON” terror… for which the final tally of victims is yet to be seen.


And while I’m at it, let me just note here that I fully acknowledge the fact that the perpetrators of the above mentioned, and relatively recent

Holocausts have a very long history of either directly, or indirectly committing numerous other such atrocities against many peoples over many

millenia, even since ancient Biblical times – from the slaughter of the Midianites to the African slave trade – a number of which being the

basis of, and celebrated during various Jewish holidays. And though I do not particularly describe them here, I don’t deny any of them either.


What I do deny is the ridiculous and exaggerated claim that there is ANY evidence at all that ANY Jews at all – much less “six million” of

them – died from ANY intentional gassings, or as a result of ANY kind of organized or systematic program of genocide perpetrated against Jews

by Germany’s Nazi regime… and I challenge you to produce ANY evidence or “proof” that is not merely made up of either pre-war,

wartime, or post-war anti-German propaganda…


Because none, from either then or now, actually exists.


So, if you want to talk about a “Holocaust”… and I mean a REAL, genuine, genocidal Holocaust”, and not only the ones from the past, but one that

is happening right NOW, in the present, all you need to do is to pull your brain-dead/brainwashed heads out of your collectively ignorantrear ends,

and look into the current goings-on in Gaza, The West Bank, Syria, and the Middle East in general, where the racist, supremacist, Zionist, Talmudic

Jews are feverishly working day and night to exterminate anyone,either Gentile or Jew, who stands in

their way in their quest to build their racist, supremacist, “Kingdom of the World”… a.k.a., Eretz Israel.


And if any of you sanctimonious accusers deny any of these realities, and merely cling to the all too common view that the only “Holocaust” that

really matters is one that is purported to have been suffered by the Jews, then for people like you to call anyone else a “Holocaust Denier”

is one of the most laughable, and hypocritical examples of psychopathic projection I have yet seen anywhere… even as

you continue to stupidly, and unashamedly, prove your ignorance and psychopathy with every ridiculous charge you make.




Monika had promised herself that she would only read one of Ernie's emails, but the other email titled A LETTER TO STEVEN SPIELBERG inspired her

to continue. She, like most people who have seen any Spielberg movies, is a Spielberg fan. She vowed to herself never to step foot in the ocean afte

r seeing JAWS, and she would never again watch a war movie after seeing SAVING PRIVATE RYAN. She opened the email and began reading...





Dear Mr. Spielberg,


I wish your honesty to be equal to your very great talent. I saw you on

TV in France. You declared that you would pour out Shoa propaganda in

German schools. You mentioned that witnesses would be convinced

for good, as to the reality of the Shoah (6-million-gas-chambers).

I feel it my duty as a Jew and after 20 years of study of the historical

problem of the holocaust, to call your attention to the facts.


Facts are very stubborn and as no one can gainsay them, our congeners

have been compelled to make disgusting politicians enact Stalino –

Orwellian laws which forbid to mention anything concerning

the dogma of the “six-million-gas-chambers”,

definitively reduced to perpetual worship of this alchemy.


In case of no respect of silence and worship of the myth, you suffer the penalty

of fines or prison or both. Professor Faurisson, who has been studying

the subject for 20 years, has been practically massacred. This is utterly

ridiculous, but give the Police and the Justice of all countries to Mr Lévy,

he will not be ridiculous any more: here is the XXth century!


These laws are, accordingly, the absolute proof of the fake

before we study its arithmetical and technical ineptitude.


No Sir, you will not find ONE witness who saw

6 million Jews slaughtered. You will not find ONE

witness of Zyclon-B – gas chamber’s to exterminate

1000 or 2000 people at a time, close to the crematoria.


See my “Shoa Sherlockholmized” herewith:

it is the summary of 20 years study on the subject.


The “6-million-gas-chambers myth “is an arithmetic and technical nonsense.


As a matter of fact the howling, snivelling, Shoah business, 50 years after

the war, is disgusting, debasing: it is a disgraceful shame. No people in

History has ever been wailing about its losses 50 years after a war, even

its true and real losses. Even if the 6-million-gas-chambers were true, it

would be a dishonour to make such din and pump up so much money everywhere:

who were the usurers of the Weimar Republic? You know it as well as I do.


It is all the more so as we know that 6.000.000 is gross exaggeration and that the

Zyclon-B gas chambers are a technical impossibility. (See Degesh Trial in 1949).

In fact 150,000 or 200,000 Jews died in the German camps of typhus or

starvation. Many others died but as fighters against Germany to which we,

the Jews, had declared war in 1933! (Herr. Hitler was allergic to

the hegemony of gold and of the dollar: so he could give work to six

million unemployed, before the functioning of German armament factories!).


Do you know the book published at this period and written

by our congener Kaufmann: GERMANY MUST PERISH?


We know that 80,000,000 Goyim were slaughtered in the

USSR, in a political regime which was entirely Jewish,


from Marx and Warburg, to Kaganovitch, Frenkel, Yagoda, the executioners.

We know that after 1945 Americans and Russians killed and raped

German communities all over Europe from Lithuania to Albania.

We know that 1,500,000 German war prisoners were starved to death after the

war (a quite famous book was published a few years ago, but is

ignored to day). You will find there included in French the text of a rabbi:

“A rabbi pleads guilty”: unfortunately I possess neither the German

original nor an English translation. You should have it translated.


The Rabbi condemns the Jewish behaviour in Germany 50

years before Nazism and vindicates the emergence of Hitler.


As for the harm we have done to Humanity absolutely not redeemed by your

excellent films or the virtuosity of Yehudi Menuhin, or the neutron bomb

of S.T. Cohen, I wrote a book about it from texts written by important

Jews which are much above the most anti-Semitic text written by Goyim.


Simone Weil drew a tragic summary:


The Jews, this handful of uprooted people, have been

the cause of the uprooting of the whole mankind”.


And George Steiner:“For 5000 years we have been

talking too much: words of death for us and for the others”.


We know that all the German towns of more than 100,000 people have

been destroyed during the last war, with women and children: silence

about this real holocaust. If we consider the turn taken by the Shoah

business, what you intend to do in Germany is actually the safest way to a

heaping up of a huge amount of anti-Jewism the explosion of which will

be unique in History. Discretion and moderation must be our behaviour:

all the rest is suicide.


Neither “mondialism” nor Orwellian laws for “crime of thought” can prevent

antisemitism to explode: only OUR behaviour can. What you do

and all the whining and money pumping can only egg it on.

It will increase out of reasonable proportions, if there can be

a reasonable proportion to antisemitism. I know that it is practically


impossible to check our propensity to speculation and that only the abolition

of circumcision, the 8th day could (our particularism derives from the

disturbance of the 21 days of the 1st puberty, which starts precisely at the

8th day) but we must, at least, try to avoid such blunders as the one

you intend to perform in Germany and which would be appalling. I am a

great admirer of your films (except the Shindler list: ask his wife and the

historical real reality, but this is a minor blunder). I hope you will

scrutinize what I send you and escape the folly of the majority

of our congeners. I will always answer you if you have the integrity to write to me.


Cordialement à vous.Signed by: Dr. Roger Dommergue Polacco de Menasce.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . .


The «Shoa» Sherlockholmised – By R.Dommergue Polacco de Ménasce.


1. Do we know, in the course of History, of an ethnic group which would

not rejoice when learning that, in a war ended fifty years before, it had

suffered many less losses than it thought? Would the discoverer of such good

piece of news, not be rewarded, celebrated? Would he be overwhelmed

with heavy fines, would he escape attempted murder, as such was the case with

Professor Faurisson? Do such reactions not belong to a heavy case of psychopathy?


2. Have the live skeletons which can be seen in such films

as “ Night and Fog” (by Alain Resnais), have anything to

do with gassing? Are they not the result of famine in the

camps because of the systematic bombing of German

towns containing more than 100,000 people, “holocausting” hundreds

of thousands of women and children who are never mentioned?


3. Where would have been the 4 million Jews ( if we consider that 2

millions were killed in battlefields), when it is well known that one camp could

not contain more than 60,000 thousand people, and that except in Auschwitz, there was no

Zyclon- B gas-chambers? ( there never was any proof of mass gassing with any other gas).


4. Are the witnesses worth anything, when you know that torture was the

way to squeeze out evidence. Such was the case of Commandant Hoess whose

ludicrous declaration has become a legend . What about the 100 witnesses of

gassing in Dachau, when it is official that there was no gas chamber in that camp?


5. 130 kilos of coal are necessary for the cremation of one dead body.

We are told that the Germans cremated 1300 corpses a day. U.S.A aircraft took

hundreds of pictures of Auschwitz, during the supposed period of the holocaust. (1943-44).

Why is there not a single gigantic heap of the necessary coal?

Why not a single black coil of smoke?


6. Why do radio, films, press, T.V., continue daily to inflict upon

us the myth of the six-million-gas-chambers, in a never ending whining

and moaning? Why is the Jewish lobby chasing, 50 years after

the end of the war, nonagenarians who attempted to rescue Germany

from the iniquity of the Versailles treaty, from the rot of the

Weimar Republic, from the collapse of German youth, from the

unemployment of 6 million people, who, back to work could give

bread to the 21,500,000 persons who were dependent on them?

7. Why does the AMERICAN JEWISH YEAR BOOK, issue 43, page 666,

inform us that in 1941, there were 3.300.000 Jews in occupied Europe?


8. How is it possible that the gas chambers could be just near the crematoria,

when any chemist will tell you that Zyclon-B is hyperflammable?


9. Why are revisionist historians persecuted when they demonstrate the

hoax of the Shoa? A scientific dialogue, a court ordered appraisal have been

demanded since 1980 about a problem specifically arithmetic and technical.

It would seal truth for ever. It would definitively shut the mouths.

Such was the case for Katyn, thanks to the revisionist Gorbatchev.


10. How could Zyclon-B gas 1000 people at one time,

when it is well known that the USA gas chamber for one

( maximum 2) persons sentenced to death, are of an

unheard of complexity and cost? Why, at the trial of the

Degesh, which fabricated the Zyclon-B, was it declared in 1949,

that gassing in such conditions is impossible and unthinkable?


11. Why did Leuchter, who was in charge of the maintenance of the USA gas

chambers, give the firm evidence that there was no gassing in Auschwitz?

Why have Austrian and Polish reports confirmed the Leuchter report?

Why is the Rudolf report, which analyses all results, forbidden? Why are

those who divulge the Rudolf report, heavily sentenced by the law? And

yet the slightest care of the quality and accuracy of the report is not taken.


12. Why was, for the first time in History, the doctors degree of Mr

Roques, on the “Gerstein report” cancelled? And still, this report was not

accepted at the Nuremberg trial! Besides the well known historian,

a socialist minister,Alain Decaux, mentioned in the press that ” nobody

could have access to the Gerstein report, without passing first through

the excellent thesis of M. Roques” Alain Decaux said: “I admired the

skill and perfection of a“chartist” performed by M.Roques in his doctors

degree on the Gerstein report” (in his book: “la guerre absolue” 1998).


13. Why did Raymond Aron and François Furet at a

Sorbonne seminar, (to which no revisionist was invited),

(state) that there was not the slightest trace of a

written or oral order for the extermination of the Jews?


14. Why is it never spoken of the planning of the

extermination of the Germans as expressed in a book written

by the Jew Kaufmann (“Germany must perish”), by

sterilisation of German men.? It is undoubtedly a small detail?


15. Why Zyclon-B, used by the Germans for hygiene since 1920, could

be used in the concentration camps for other purposes than delousing

and protection against typhus? Why large quantities of Zyclon-B could

be found in camps where it is official that there never was any gassings???


16. Why do they harp on the “six-million-gas-chamber” and never on

the 80 million Goyim exterminated in the USSR, by an entirely Jewish

political regime, the executioners of which bore the names of Kaganovitch,

Yagoda, Frenkel, Firine, Jejoff, Ourenski, Rappaport, and fifty other Jews?


17. Why, during the Zundel trial in Canada,

the famous exterminationist Jews disgraced themselves by

talking of “poetic licence” in their holocaust assertions,

and never came back when summoned by the judges?


18. Why the Fabius-Gayssot law ? (the man of the contaminated blood

and another man, a Communist dragging along 200,000,000 corpses).


19. Is it not the supreme proof of the fake? Is it not casting out nines?

There is no need of Stalino-Orwellian law “to be put in prison because

of ones beliefs” (thought crime of ” 1984 “) as stated M. Toubon, before

he became a minister of Justice in France, to set up truth. This law is anti

constitutional, anti democratic, against the rights of men. Facts, proofs,

pros and cons, are only what we need. Professor Faurisson besought for

the granting of a forum with an unlimited number of contradictors:

he never obtained it. L’abbé Pierre did ask for it: they pretended to grant

it but refused it almost immediately. The forum did take place at the

television of Lugano. It was a complete success for the Revisionists

and was broadcast twice. Nobody knows it as the media at the beck and

call of the Jewish lobby, move their little finger only when authorized.


20. Why is it that when a professor declares that the holocaust is an

arithmetic and technical ineptitude, he isforthwith dismissed! This, for the

first time in History, sets up the insane concept of religious historical

dogma, which in case of non perennial worship, is doomed to be

struck by the lightning of the inquisition of a secular state.


21. Why did the EXPRESS, a famous French

newspaper, in January 1995, assert that the gas-chamber

shown for decades in Auschwitz I, was reconstructed

after the war, and that all that concerns it, is false?


22. There was actually a holocaust of 60 million people in a war declared

in 1933 by the Jews against Hitler. Hitler had given bread to 6 million

unemployed, he had rejected the dictatorship of the dollar and the Jewish

totalitarianism which pollute man and the planet and which is called

“democracy” by semantic mystification. Only two parties

are left: the totalitarian Judeopathy, exterminating man

and the planet, and Nationalism for the Goyim not

yet cankered by Capitalisto-Marxist Jewish influence.


In “Marianne” Jean François Kahn expresses anger against the bureaucrats

of the Jewish World Congress about the despoilment of Jewish property,

which ended on the 3rd of March 1998 in Washington. He writes:

“They have reduced the Shoah to a financial market. So the typical victim of Nazi

barbarity, the archetype of the most frightful genocide of this time, is not

the exploited worker in Cracovie, the humble artisan of Lodz, the small civil

servant of Kiev, the modest shopkeeper of la rue des Rosiers, or the unknown

craftsman of Riga, but the cosmopolitan billionaire who collected Rembrandt

and Rubens, slept on a heap of gold signed here and there comfortable

insurance policies, sent his children to the U.S.A in order that they should make

a brilliant career. This mighty lobby of American oligarchs is not

ashamed of reducing the holocaust to a Shoa-business.” If Faurisson

had written what J.F. Kahn wrote he would have had one more

trial on his shoulders ! There is not the shadow of a doubt!


By R.Dommergue Polacco de Ménasce.

(A Jew who strongly takes issue with the totalitarian Judeopathy)



At this point, Monika had enough. It all was too much to mentally process. If even a quarter of the information she had examined so far was true,

it was enough to begin a campaign to rewrite every existing history book in America... and Europe, for starters. She finished with copying and

pasting the articles into the HOLOCAUST TRUTH & FACTS page at the site. She shut down the computer, finished the last gulp of

wine and poured another glass from the nearby bottle.


The emails from Leon DeGrelle and Art McCollum would have to wait.


There was nobody waiting at the door, or waiting in their vehicles, or waiting anywhere when Grace opened the front door to

The Bar on a warm, and about to get very hot, summer morning. This was the third morning in a row that the regular regulars were

conspicuously absent. Most of the regular regulars came in around mid-afternoon the last few days and huddled around the far table

conversing in low voices, exchanging notes, passing books around and drinking shared PBR by the pitcher. She began to think that

these people were very serious about their undertaking as the PAUL REVERE SOCIETY.

Monika came in at 10:10am and proceeded to the bar. “Anybody home?” She called out.

Back here.” Answered Grace from the kitchen. “Zat you Monika?”

    Yeah, I'm just here for a coffee to go please.”

It'll be 'bout five minutes kiddo, can ya wait.

Sure.” Replied Monika. “I just got my mail, I'll have a look at it. Where is everybody or anybody?”

It's been like this for the las' few mornins', I think the regulars are purty serious about this researchin an' readin' that they're up to.

Ever since them Tucson folks got everbody's shorts ina bunch about that Navy boat thang I ain't seen a smile on nobody's face when

I do see 'em by mid-afternoon. The whole bunch of 'em has turned into a flock a old cacklin'

hens.” She then added. “They sure as hell are poundin' down the PBR by the pitchers too.”

Monika said. “Well, I can tell you that they indeed have been doing their homework, a lot of it. I'm the club's web master ya know

and I can-not keep up with all of the information that theses guys are forwarding to me to post at the website... I'm overwhelmed.”

So whaddaya mean by forwarding?” Asked Grace. “I mean, ya say yer the web master. So what are

ya doing by bein' the web master? Hang on, I'll be right out with yer coffee... how do ya take it?”

Cream and honey if ya got it please.”


A minute later Grace appeared from the kitchen with the coffee in a to go cup.

“No honey, it's either sugar or this Sweet n' Low stuff.”

Sugar is fine thanks.” Said Monika. “Uhh, to answer your questions, I'm building a website for the club to store and display all of the

information that these guys are sending me via emails. They are sending mostly articles, photos, memes, a lot of links to other sites

and PDF sites, book information and reviews and YouTube links that they copy and paste onto emails and then forward them to me.

I'm collecting all of this stuff, but I'll tell ya, I'm swamped already. It's like a team effort being the web master and there is only me.”


Well, I'd offer ta help if I could, but ta tell the truth, I got no idea what yer talkin' about... about FPD and memes and such thangs.

Hell girl, I don't even know how to turn a computer on, much les' work the damn thang. I cain't even work my smart TV that's smarter

than me I tell ya.” Offered Grace. “I'm glad ta be workin' a job like this where the boss refuses ta get anything modern goin' on...

besides that high-tech juke box, an' I ain't figgered that thang out yet.”

Grace wasn't as clueless as she let people think. She learned long ago that if she acted clueless, or offered that she was clueless,

people tended to not ask her to do things she didn't want to do in the first place. She now knew that she

was the very last person Monika would ever ask for help with computer related tasks... and that was fine with her.


Thanks for the cuppa joe Grace.” Said Monika as she placed two bills on the bar.

“I'll see ya later, and maybe I can show you how to get around in cyber-world sometime.”

I'd rather ya jus' poke me in the eye, I'm sure I'd enjoy that more.” Said Grace as Monika was walking away.

Monika looked back over her shoulder, winked and said. “Right, have a good one.”


As Monika drove along on her way home she thought about the mounting task at hand. She wanted to read everything that was forwarded

to her, but that was no longer possible. It would be best to simply copy the emailed information and paste it on the appropriate pages.

More pages would be needed for the sub-topics and all of the off-topic information that was piling up in her email primary inbox.

Upon checking her emails Monika took a deep breath and held it.

It was time to see what Leon and Art were finding. She opened an email titled, Treaty of Versailles.



After a Century of Chaos, Totalitarianism, and War, Versailles Treaty Still Haunts the World

Doug Bandow - The American Spectator


A century ago, in July 1919, Germany began its journey to the lowest reaches of Hades ... The treaty signed on June 28 in the famous

Hall of Mirrors at the Versailles palace, however, proved to be but a brief interlude of peace ... Variously the Big Three or Four (U.S.,

United Kingdom, France, and sometimes Italy) sought to remake the world. They battled each other over their respective shares of

the plunder, such as dividing Germany's colonies and one-time Ottoman possessions, and concocting a system to hinder Berlin's recovery ...

Most wars are stupid, unnecessary, and harmful to all sides. Some are the result of hubris ... The centennial of the Versailles Treaty

should remind us of the necessity of ending any conflict with a good peace - and, more importantly, of not starting a bad war.



The Treaty of Versailles: Eleven Facts About

the 20th Century's Most Controversial Peace Agreement

Military History Now


It was June 28, 1919. Envoys, statesmen and diplomats from the world's leading powers had

gathered in Versailles Palaces' famous Hall of Mirrors to ink the treaty that would formally end

the First World War ... Millions were dead, ancient dynasties were in ruins and political

upheaval was sweeping the continent. The treaty,which was the result of six months of peace

talks in Paris, was intended to do more than just formally resolve hostilities

between the Allies and Germany, it would lay the foundation for a more peaceful and

just world ... The settlement ultimately failed to live up to its more noble ambitions and

helped set the stage for a second even deadlier conflict 20 years later. To mark the

100th anniversary of the Treaty of Versailles, here are 11 key facts about the agreement

and its impact on history.


Monika clicked on the links provided to be sure that they worked.

They did. Next she opened an email titled, THE NAMELESS WAR

It obviously was a book that Leon copied in it's entirety.


The Nameless War
By Archibald Maule Ramsay

Captain Archibald Maule Ramsay was educated at Eton and the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, and served with the 2nd

Battalion Coldstream Guards in the First World War until he was severely wounded in 1916 - thereafter at Regimental H.Q. and
the War Office and the British War Mission in Paris until the end of the war. From 1920 he became a Member

of H.M. Scottish Bodyguard. In 1931 he was elected a Member of Parliament for Midlothian and Peeblesshire.

Arrested under Regulation 18b on the 23rd May, 1940, he was detained, without charge or trial, in a cell in Brixton Prison

until the 26th September, 1944. On the following morning he resumed his seat in the House of Commons and remained there
until the end of that Parliament in 1945.


Here is the story that people have said would never be written in our time — the true history

of events leading up to the Second World War, told by one who enjoyed the friendship and

confidence of Mr. Neville Chamberlain during the critical months between Munich and September, 1939.


There has long been an unofficial ban on books dealing with what Captain Ramsay calls "The Nameless War", the conflict which

has been waged from behind the political scene for centuries, which is still being waged and of which very few are aware.


The publishers of "The Nameless War" believe this latest exposure will

do more than any previous attempt to break the conspiracy of silence.


The present work, with much additional evidence and a fuller historical background, is the outcome of the personal experiences of a public figure who

in the course of duty has discovered at first-hand the existence of a centuries old conspiracy against Britain, Europe, and the whole of Christendom.


"The Nameless War" reveals an unsuspected link between all the major revolutions in Europe — from King Charles I's time to the

abortive attempt against Spain in 1936. One source of inspiration, design and supply is shown to be common to all of them.


These revolutions and the World War of 1939 are seen to be integral parts of one and the same master plan.

After a brief review of the forces behind the declaration of war and the world wide arrests of many who endeavoured to oppose them,

the author describes the anatomy of the Revolutionary International machine — the machine which today continues the
plan for supranational world power, the age-old Messianic dream of International Jewry.

It is the author's belief that the machine would break down without the support of its unwilling Jews

and unsuspecting Gentiles and he puts forward suggestions for detaching these elements.

Christians say . . .

"Captain Ramsay, a Christian gentleman of unflagging courage, believed that the

war with Germany was not conceived in the interests of Britain and could lead

only to the extension of Communist and Jewish power. Because he

warned his fellow countrymen of the forces at work, he was put in prison

without trial for four and a half years, for 'reasons' so preposterous

that those who framed them dared not submit them to a court of law."


"For years Captain Ramsay had been a member of the British Parliament. His book is an

analysis of the Jewish-Zionist war against Christian civilization." The Cross and the Flag

Jews say . . .

"There is no limit to the depths of human depravity, Captain Maule Ramsay . . . seems

to have made a very determined attempt to plumb those depths." The Jewish Chronicle

"The publication of such a book, at this time, underlines the urgent need for the law to be reformed so as

to make it a crime to preach racial hatred or publish libels on groups in the community." The Daily Worker

Copyright 1952; First Edition October 1952;
Second Popular Edition 1956;
Third Popular Edition 1956;
Fourth Popular Edition 1962;
Made and Printed in Great Britain by
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The British Revolution
The French Revolution
The Russian Revolution
Development of Revolutionary Technique
Germany Bells The Cat
1933: Jewry Declares War
"Phoney War" Ended by Civilian Bombing
Dunkirk and After
The Shape of Things to Come
President Roosevelt's Role
Regulation 18b
Who Dares?

Capt. Ramsay's Statement From Prison to Parliament
Particulars - Reasons Given For Arrest
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To the memory of those Patriots who in 1215 at Runnymede
signed Magna Carta and those who in 1320 at Arbroath
signed the Declaration of Independence this book is
dedicated. 27th July 1952



Edward I banished the Jews from England for many grave offences endangering the welfare of his realm and lieges, which were

to a great extent indicated in the Statutes of Jewry*, enacted by his Parliament in 1290, the Commons playing a prominent part.
* See Appendix 2 (Appendices follow the last chapter)

The King of France very shortly followed suit, as did other Rulers in Christian Europe. So grave did the situation for the Jews in

Europe become, that an urgent appeal for help and advice was addressed by them to the Sanhedrin, then located at Constantinople.

This appeal was sent over the signature of Chemor, Rabbi of Arles in Provence, on the 13th January, 1489.

The reply came in November, 1489, which was issued over the signature of V.S.S. V.F.F. Prince of the Jews.

It advised the Jews of Europe to adopt the tactics of the Trojan Horse; to make their sons

Christian priests, lawyers, doctors, etc., and work to destroy the Christian structure from within.

The first notable repercussion to this advice occurred in Spain in the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella. Many Jews

were by then enrolled as Christians, but remaining secretly Jews were working to destroy the Christian church in Spain.

So grave became the menace finally, that the Inquisition was instituted in an endeavour to cleanse the country from these

conspirators. Once again the Jews were compelled to commence an exodus from yet another country, whose hospitality they
had abused.

Trekking eastwards, these Jews joined other Jewish communities in western

Europe; considerable numbers flowed on to Holland and Switzerland.

From now on these two countries were to become active centres of Jewish intrigue.

 Jewry, however, has always needed a powerful seafaring nation to which to attach itself.

Great Britain, newly united under James I, was a rising naval power, which was

already beginning to sway the four corners of the discovered world. Here

also there existed a wonderful field for disruptive criticism; for although it was a Christian

kingdom, yet it was one most sharply divided as between Protestant and Catholic.

A campaign for exploiting this division and fanning hatreds between the Christian

communities was soon in process of organization. How well the Jews succeeded

in this campaign in Britain may be judged from the fact

that one of the earliest acts of their creature and hireling

Oliver Cromwell — after executing the King according to plan —

was to allow the Jews free access to England once more.


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The Soviet Union Conspired to Foment World War II and Infiltrate the U.S. Government

By John Wear

Stalin’s Plans

Soviet Dictator Joseph Stalin adopted three Five-Year Plans beginning in 1927

designed to make the Soviet Union the greatest military power in the world.

Stalin also conspired to start a major war in Europe by drawing Great Britain

and France into war against Germany and other countries. Stalin’s plan was

to eliminate one enemy with the hands of another. If Germany entered

into a war with Great Britain and France, other countries would

enter into the war and great destruction would follow. The Soviet Union

could then invade Europe and easily take over the entire continent.


Stalin first attempted to start a major war in Europe during the civil war in

Spain in 1936.  Stalin’s political agents, propagandists, diplomats and spies in

Spain all screamed in outrage that children were dying in Spain while

Great Britain and France did nothing. However, Stalin’s agents were not able

to spread the war beyond Spain’s borders. By the end of 1938, Stalin stopped

all anti-Hitler propaganda to calm Hitler and to encourage him to attack Poland.


Stalin eventually forced war in Europe with the signing of the

Molotov-Ribbentrop agreement. British and French delegations had

arrived in Moscow on August 11, 1939, to discuss joint

action against Germany. During the course of these talks,


British and French delegates told the Soviets that if Germany attacked Poland,

Great Britain and France would declare war against Germany. This was the information

Stalin needed to know. On August 19, 1939, Stalin stopped the talks with Great

Britain and France, and told the German ambassador in Moscow that he wanted to

reach an agreement with Germany.


On that same day, August 19, 1939, a secret meeting of the Politburo took place.


The following are some excerpts from Joseph Stalin’s speech:


If we accept Germany’s proposal about the conclusion of a pact regarding invasion,
she will of course attack Poland, and France and England’s involvement
in this war will be inevitable. Western Europe will be subjected to serious disorders
and disturbances. Under these conditions, we will have many chances to
stay on the sidelines of the conflict, and we will be able to count on our advantageous
entrance into the war…It is in the interest of the USSR—the motherland
of workers—that the war unfolds between the Reich and the
capitalist Anglo-French block. It is necessary to do
everything within our powers to make this war last as
long as possible, in order to exhaust the two sides.
It is precisely for this reason that we must agree to signing the pact, proposed by Germany,
and work on making this war, once declared, last a maximum amount of time.

On August 23, 1939, Germany and the Soviet Union signed the Molotov-Ribbentrop

agreement which led to the destruction and division of Poland and the beginning

of World War II in Europe. The nations of Western Europe became mired in a

destructive war while the Soviet Union remained neutral. Stalin’s role in unleashing

World War II was quickly and thoroughly forgotten. Stalin even received an

historically unprecedented amount of aid from the United States and Great Britain

after Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union.


American historian John Mosier writes about the Allied aid given to the Soviet Union:


His resources were being augmented daily by the vast
flow of British and American aid coming into the USSR.
In the first half of 1943, Stalin had received 1,775,000 tons of aid;
in the second half of the year he received 3,274,000 tons,
a considerable increase. Given that aid, and his willingness
to see his citizenry slaughtered, the struggle would be bitter…
Debates on the importance of Allied aid to Stalin have essentially been comparing
the numbers of actual working armored vehicles that the British and Americans
loaded onto ships and transported to the USSR with the theoretical numbers of
armored vehicles that the tank factories claimed they had produced in order to
satisfy Stalin’s demands. Even on that comparison, however, the shipments
were substantial: 12,575 British and American tanks were sent to the Red Army,
enough to equip 273 tank brigades based on the theoretical Soviet organizational charts of December 1941,
an armored force substantially larger than the one Stalin had lost in the first six months of the war.
Why Hitler Signed the Molotov-Ribbentrop Agreement

The Molotov-Ribbentrop agreement is remarkable in that Hitler repeatedly stated he hated

Communism and did not trust the leaders of the Soviet Union. Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf:


It must never be forgotten that the present rulers of Russia are blood-stained
criminals, that here we have the dregs of humanity which, favored by
the circumstances of a tragic moment, overran a great State, degraded and
extirpated millions of educated people out of sheer blood-lust, and that
now for nearly 10 years they have ruled with such a savage tyranny as was
never known before. It must not be forgotten that these rulers belong to
a people in whom the most bestial cruelty is allied with a capacity for artful
mendacity and believes itself today more than ever called to impose its
sanguinary despotism on the rest of the world. It must not be forgotten that
the international Jew, who is today the absolute master of Russia, does
not look upon Germany as an ally but as a State condemned to the same doom
as Russia. One does not form an alliance with a partner whose only
aim is the destruction of his fellow partner. Above all, one does not enter into
alliances with people for whom no treaty is sacred; because they do not
move about this earth as men of honor and sincerity but as the
representatives of lies and deception, thievery and plunder and robbery.
The man who thinks that he can bind himself by treaty with parasites is like the
tree that believes it can form a profitable bargain with the ivy that surrounds it.

Hitler also wrote in Mein Kampf: “Therefore the fact of forming an alliance with

Russia would be the signal for a new war. And the result of that would be the end of Germany.”


Hitler repeated his distrust of the Soviet Union in a conversation on March 3,

1938 with British Ambassador Nevile Henderson. Hitler stated in this conversation

that any limitations on arms depended on the Soviet Union. Hitler noted that

the problem was rendered particularly difficult “by the fact that one could place

as much confidence in the faith in treaties of a barbarous creature like the

Soviet Union as in the comprehension of mathematical formulae by a savage.


Any agreement with the U.S.S.R. was quite worthless….” Hitler added that it was

impossible, for example, to have faith in any Soviet agreement not to use poison gas.


Hitler’s statements in Mein Kampf and to Nevile Henderson were prescient. Stalin had been planning to take over

all of Europe ever since the 1920s. Stalin and the Soviet Union could not be trusted to uphold any peace agreement.


However, Hitler entered into the Molotov-Ribbentrop agreement because Hitler was desperate to end the atrocities being

committed against the ethnic Germans in Poland. Hitler was hoping that the Molotov-Ribbentrop agreement would prevent

Great Britain and France from declaring war against Germany.


Hitler also signed the Molotov-Ribbentrop agreement because the negotiations

that had been ongoing between Great Britain, France and the Soviet Union had

taken on a threatening character for Germany. Hitler was confronted with the alternative

of being encircled by this massive alliance coalition or ending it via diplomatic channels.


The Molotov-Ribbentrop Non-Aggression Pact prevented Germany from being encircled by these three powers.


Stalin stayed out of the war in Europe he had conspired to instigate.

Stalin kept the war in Europe going by supplyingmuch needed-supplies to Germany.

However, Hitler’s swift, surgical victory over France prevented the massive

destruction in Europe Stalin had hoped for. Soviet Foreign Affairs Minister Vyacheslav Molotov

was sent to Germany in November 1940 to announce the Soviet Union’s new

territorial demands in Europe. These new territorial demands effectively ended the

Molotov-Ribbentrop agreement. Hitler was forced to launch a preemptive

attack on June 22, 1941, to prevent the Soviet Union from conquering all of Europe.


The Soviet war effort in the European theater of World War II was enormous.

Most historians underestimate the incredible power of the Soviet military. British historian

Norman Davies writes: “…the Soviet war effort was so overwhelming that

impartial historians in the future are unlikely to rate the British and American contribution to

the European theatre as much more than a supporting role. The proportions

were not ‘Fifty-fifty’, as many imply when talking of the final onslaught on Nazi Germany

from East and West. Sooner or later people will have toadjust to the fact

that the Soviet role was enormous and the Western role was respectable but modest.”


A crucial factor that prevented the Soviet takeover of Europe was the more

than 400,000 non-German Europeans who volunteered to fight on the Eastern Front.

Combined with 600,000 German troops, the 1,000,000-man Waffen SS

represented the first truly pan-European army ever to exist. The heroism of

these non-German volunteers who joined the Waffen SS prevented the

planned Soviet conquest of Europe. In this regard, A Waffen SS General wrote:

If the Waffen-SS had not existed, Europe would have been overrun entirely by the
Soviets by 1944. They would have reached Paris long before the Americans.
Waffen-SS heroism stopped the Soviet juggernaut at Moscow, Cherkov,
Cherkassy and Tarnopol. The Soviets lost more than 12 months. Without SS
resistance the Soviets would have been in Normandy before Eisenhower.
The people showed deep gratitude to the young men who sacrificed their lives.

The Soviet Union Infiltrated the U.S. Government

The Soviet Union also conspired to have Japan attack the United States.

Harry Dexter White, later proven to be a Soviet agent, carried out a mission to

provoke Japan into war with the United States. When Secretary of

State Cordell Hull allowed the peacemakers in Roosevelt’s administration to put together

a modus vivendi that had real potential, White drafted a 10-point

proposal that the Japanese were certain to reject. White passed a

copy of his proposal to Hull, and this final American offer—the so-called

“Hull Note”—was presented to the Japanese on November 26, 1941.


The Hull Note, which was based on two memoranda from White, was a

declaration of war as far as the Japanese were concerned. The Hull Note destroyed

any possible peace settlement with the Japanese, and led to the Japanese attack

on the US fleet at Pearl Harbor. In this regard, American historian John Koster writes:


Harry Dexter White, acting under orders of Soviet intelligence, pulled the strings
by which Cordell Hull and [State Department expert on Far Eastern Affairs]
Stanley Hornbeck handed the Japanese an ultimatum that was tantamount to
a declaration of war—when both the Japanese cabinet and the U.S. military
were desperately eager for peace.…Harry Dexter White knew exactly
what he was doing. The man himself remains a mystery, but the documents
speak for themselves. Harry Dexter White gave us Pearl Harbor.

The Soviets had also planted numerous other agents in the Roosevelt administration.

For example, Harold Glasser, a member of Morgenthau’s Treasury staff,

provided intelligence from the War Department and the White House to the Soviets.

The Soviet NKVD deemed Glasser’s reports so important that 74 reports

generated from his material went directly to Stalin. American historian Robert Wilcox

writes of the Soviet infiltration of the U.S. government and its effect on Roosevelt:


These spies, plus the hundreds in other U.S. agencies at the time, including
the military and OSS, permeated the administration in Washington, and,
ultimately, the White House, surrounding FDR. He was basically in the
Soviets’ pocket. He admired Stalin, sought his favor. Right or wrong,
he thought the Soviet Union indispensable in the war, crucial to bringing
world peace after it, and he wanted the Soviets handled with kid gloves.
FDR was star struck. The Russians hardly could have done better if he was a Soviet spy.

The opening of the Soviet archives in 1995 revealed that more than 300

communist members or supporters had infiltrated the American government.

Working in Lend-Lease, the Treasury Department, the State Department, the

office of the president, the office of the vice president, and even American intelligence

operations, these agents constantly tried to shift U.S. policy in a pro-Soviet

direction. During World War II several of these Soviet agents were well positioned

to influence American policy. Especially at the Tehran and Yalta meetings

toward the end of World War II, the Soviet spies were able to influence Roosevelt

to make huge concessions to the Soviet Union.

The Soviet Union Allowed to Control Eastern Europe


In addition to instigating the war in Europe, the Allied leaders intentionally

allowed the Soviet Union to take over Berlin and Eastern Europe. The Supreme Allied

Commander in the West, Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower,

had no intention of occupying Berlin. According to Nikita

Khrushchev’s memoirs, “Stalin said that if it hadn’t been for

Eisenhower, we wouldn’t have succeeded in capturing Berlin.”


Stalin wanted his troops to reach as far into Europe as possible to enable the

Soviet Union to control more of Europe after the war was over. Stalin knew that

once Soviet troops had a stronghold in Eastern Europe, it would be almost impossible

to dislodge them. Soviet hegemony could not be dislodged unless Roosevelt

wanted to take on the Soviet Union after fighting Germany. Stalin said in

private: “Whoever occupies a territory imposes on it his own social system.

Everyone imposes his own system as far as his army can reach.”


The United States could easily have prevented the Soviet Union from marching

as far west into Europe as it did. After defeating Germany in North Africa, the

Americans and British went into Sicily and then Italy. Churchill favored an advance

up the Italian or Balkan peninsulas into central Europe. Such a march would

be quicker in reaching Berlin, but Roosevelt and Stalin opposed this strategy

at the Tehran Conference in November 1943. In general sessions at Tehran with

Churchill present, Roosevelt opposed strengthening the Italian campaign. Instead,

Roosevelt wanted troops in Italy to go to France for the larger cross-Channel attack planned for 1944.


Gen. Mark Clark, the American commander in Italy, later commented on

Roosevelt’s decision: “The weakening of the campaign in Italy in order to invade

Southern France, instead of pushing on into the Balkans, was one of the outstanding mistakes of the

war….Stalin knew exactly what he wanted…and the thing he wanted most was to keep us out of the Balkans.”


The Allied military leaders also intentionally prevented Gen. George Patton from

quickly defeating Germany in Western Europe. In August 1944, Patton’s Third Army

was presented with an opportunity to encircle the Germans at Falaise,

France. However, Gens. Omar Bradley and Dwight Eisenhower

ordered Patton to stop at Argentan and not complete the encirclement of the Germans,

which most historians agree Patton could have done.


As a result, probably 100,000 or more German soldiers escaped to later fight U.S. troops

in December 1944 in the last-ditch counterattack known as the Battle of the Bulge.


Patton wrote in his diary concerning the halt that prevented the encirclement of Germans at Falaise: “This halt [was]

a great mistake. [Bradley’s] motto seems to be, ‘In case of doubt, halt.’ I wish I were supreme commander.”


Maj. Gen. Richard Rohmer, who was a Canadian fighter pilot at the time,

wrote that if the gap had closed it “could have brought the surrender of the Third Reich,

whose senior generals were now desperately concerned about the ominous

shadow of the great Russian Bear rising on the eastern horizon of the Fatherland.”

Even Col. Ralph Ingersoll, Gen. Bradley’s own historian, wrote, “The failure to

close the Argentan-Falaise gap was the loss of the greatest single opportunity of the war.”


By August 31, 1944, Patton had put Falaise behind him and quickly advanced

his tanks to the Meuse River, only 63 miles from the German border and 140 miles

from the Rhine River. The German army Patton was chasing was disorganized

and in disarray; nothing could stop Patton from roaring into Germany. However, on

August 31, the Third Army’s gasoline allotment was suddenly cut by 140,000 gallons

per day. This was a huge chunk of the 350,000 to 400,000 gallons per day the

Third Army had been consuming. Patton’s advance was halted even though the

way ahead was open and largely undefended by the German army in retreat.


Siegfried Westphal, Gen. von Rundstedt’s chief of staff, later described the

condition of the German army on the day Patton was stopped: “The overall situation in

the West [for the Germans] was serious in the extreme. The Allies could have

punched through at any point with ease.” The halt of the Third-Army blitzkrieg allowed

the Germans to reposition and revitalize. With the knowledge that

they were defending their home soil, the Germans found a new purpose

for fighting. They were not just waging a war, but were defending

their families from what they regarded as revenge-seeking hordes.


Germany took advantage of the overall Allied slowdown and reorganized her

troops into a major fighting force. Germany’s counterattack in the Battle of the

Bulge took Allied forces completely by surprise. The Germans created a “bulge”

in the overextended American line, and the Allies ran the risk of being cut off and

possibly annihilated or thrown back into the sea. Patton had to pull back his Third Army

in the east and begin another full-scale attack on the southern flank of the German forces.


Patton’s troops arrived in a matter of days and were the

crucial factor in pushing the German bulge back into Germany.

Patton was re-enthused after the Battle of the Bulge and

wanted to quickly take his Third Army into the heart of Germany.


The German Army had no more reserves and was

definitely on its last legs. However, once again Patton was

held back by Gen Eisenhower and the Joint Chiefs of

Staff led by Gen. George Marshall. Patton was dumbfounded.


Patton wrote: “I’ll be damned if I see why we

have divisions if not to use them. One would think

people would like to win a war…we will be criticized

by history, and rightly so, for having sat still so long.”


The Western Allies were still in a position to easily capture

Berlin. However, Eisenhower ordered a halt of American

troops at the Elbe River, thereby in effect presenting a gift

to the Soviet Union of central Germany and much of Europe.


One American staff officer bitterly commented: “No German force could have stopped us.

The only thing that stood between [the] Ninth Army and Berlin was Eisenhower.”



On May 8, 1945, the day the war in Europe officially ended,

Patton spoke his mind in an “off-the-record” press briefing.


With tears in his eyes, Patton recalled those “who gave their lives

in what they believed was the final fight in the cause of freedom.”


Patton continued:


I wonder how [they] will speak today when they know that for the first
time in centuries we have opened Central and Western Europe to the forces of
Genghis Khan. I wonder how they feel now that they know there will
be no peace in our times and that Americans, some not yet born, will have to f
ight the Russians tomorrow, or 10, 15 or 20 years from tomorrow.
We have spent the last months since the Battle of the Bulge and the crossing of the
Rhine stalling; waiting for Montgomery to get ready to attack in the
North; occupying useless real estate and killing a few lousy Huns when we
should have been in Berlin and Prague.
And this Third Army could have been.
Today we should be telling the Russians to go to hell instead of hearing
them tell us to pull back. We should be telling them if they didn’t like it to go to
hell and invite them to fight. We’ve defeated one aggressor against mankind
and established a second far worse, more evil and more dedicated than the first.

A few days later Patton shocked everyone at a Paris hotel gathering by

saying basically the same things. At a later gathering in Berlin, when asked to drink

a toast with a Soviet general, Patton told his translator,

“tell that Russian sonovabitch that from the way they’re

acting here, I regard them as enemies and I’d rather

cut my throat than have a drink with one of my enemies!”


Patton became known among U.S. and Soviet leaders as a bona-fide

menace and a threat to world peace. In addition, Patton was viewed

as insubordinate, uncontrollable, and, in the eyes of some,

treasonous. U.S. Maj. Douglas Bazata claims he was given the order

to assassinate Patton by the Office of Strategic Services, an

American military-espionage unit. Bazata says he shot Patton during

a planned auto wreck of Patton’s vehicle on December 9, 1945.

Patton later died in a hospital on December 21, 1945 under very

suspicious circumstances.



The US fought in World War II supposedly to stop fascist aggression and to

create democratic institutions in the liberated nations of Europe. However, within a

remarkably short period after the end of the war, the Soviet Union ruthlessly subjected

Eastern Europe to its totalitarian control. The Red Army brought Moscow-trained

secret policemen into every Soviet-occupied country, put local communists in

control of the national media, and dismantled youth groups and other civic organizations.

The Soviets also brutally arrested, murdered and deported people whom

they believed to be anti-Soviet, and enforced a policy of ethnic cleansing. A war

allegedly fought for democracy and freedom had turned into a totalitarian nightmare

for the people of the Eastern European nations. This result was not accidental.


The historical record indicates that the Soviet Union actively conspired to

instigate World War II. The U.S. government was also infiltrated by high-level Soviet

agents who influenced Franklin Roosevelt to make huge concessions to the

Soviet Union at the Tehran and Yalta Conferences. Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower

also prevented Gen. Patton and other U.S. forces from taking over

Berlin and the rest of Eastern Europe before the Soviets could do so.


The Allies had planned a long and devastating war resulting in the complete

destruction of Germany. This is indicated by a conversation on November 21, 1938

between U.S. Ambassador to France William Bullitt and Polish Ambassador

Jerzy Potocki. According to what military experts told Bullitt during the fall crisis

of 1938, a war lasting at least six years would break out in Europe. In the

military experts’ opinion the war would result in the complete destruction of Europe,

with communism reigning in every European state. The benefits would accrue

to the Soviet Union at the conclusion of the war. Bullitt, who enjoyed the special

confidence of President Roosevelt, also told Potocki that the United

States would take part in the war after Great Britain and France had made

the first move. The complete destruction of Germany and the communist

takeover of Eastern Europe occurred exactly as Bullitt had predicted.

Also attached to this email from Art was a list of the

Jews surrounding FDR. Monika scanned the list, but she,

like most Americans did not recognise many of the names.

Such is the nature of perceived power versus actual power.






President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Jewish Cabal

by VNN research staff

Some of these Jews were directly responsible for plunging

America into WWII by deliberately alienating America

from anti-Communist countries such as Germany

and Japan long before the outbreak of hostilities.

These Jews also pioneered the idea of Big Egalitarian Government in America;

some of them were later discovered to have been spies for the Soviet Union.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, president of the United States of America,

1933-1945, was himself partly of Dutch-Jewish ancestry.


1. Bernard M. Baruch -- a financier and adviser to FDR.


2. Felix Frankfurter -- Supreme Court Justice; a key player in FDR's New Deal system.


3. David E. Lilienthal -- director of Tennessee Valley Authority, adviser.

The TVA changed the relationship of government-to-business in America.


4. David Niles -- presidential aide.


5. Louis Brandeis -- U.S. Supreme Court Justice; confidante of FDR; "Father" of New Deal.


6. Samuel I. Rosenman -- official speechwriter for FDR.


7. Henry Morgenthau Jr. -- Secretary of the Treasury, "unofficial" presidential adviser.

Father of the Morgenthau Plan to re-structure Germany/Europe after WWII.


8. Benjamin V. Cohen -- State Department official, adviser to FDR.


9. Rabbi Stephen Wise - close pal of FDR, spokesman for the American Zionist movement,

head of The American Jewish Congress.


10. Frances Perkins -- Secretary of Labor; allegedly Jewish/adopted at birth; unconfirmed.


11. Sidney Hillman -- presidential adviser.


12. Anna Rosenberg -- longtime labor adviser to FDR, and manpower adviser with the Manpower

Consulting Committee of the Army and Navy Munitions Board and the War Manpower Commission.


13. Herbert H. Lehman -- Governor of New York, 1933-1942, Director of U.S. Office of Foreign Relief and

Rehabilitation Operations, Department of State, 1942-1943; Director-General of UNRRA, 1944 - 1946, pal of FDR.


14. Herbert Feis -- U.S. State Department official, economist, and an adviser on international economic affairs.


15. R. S. Hecht -- financial adviser to FDR.


16. Nathan Margold -- Department of the Interior Solicitor, legal adviser.


17. Jesse I. Straus -- adviser to FDR.



18. H. J. Laski -- "unofficial foreign adviser" to FDR.

19. E. W. Goldenweiser -- Federal Reserve Director.


20. Charles E. Wyzanski -- U.S. Labor department legal adviser.



21. Samuel Untermyer -- lawyer, "unofficial public ownership adviser" to FDR.


22. Jacob Viner -- Tax expert at the U.S. Treasury Department, assistant to the Treasury Secretary.


23. Edward Filene -- businessman, philanthropist, unofficial presidential adviser.


24. David Dubinsky -- Labor leader, president of International Ladies Garment Workers Union.


25. William C. Bullitt -- part-Jewish, ambassador to USSR

[is claimed to be Jonathan Horwitz's grandson; unconfirmed].


26. Mordecai Ezekiel -- Agriculture Department economist.


27. Abe Fortas -- Assistant director of Securities and Exchange Commission,

Department of the Interior Undersecretary.

28. Isador Lubin -- Commissioner of Labor Statistics, unofficial labor economist to FDR.


29. Harry Dexter White [Weiss] -- Assistant Secretary of the Treasury; a key founder of the International Monetary Fund,

and the World Bank; adviser, close pal of Henry Morgenthau. Co-wrote the Morgenthau Plan.

30. Alexander Holtzoff -- Special assistant, U.S. Attorney General's Office

until 1945; [presumed to be Jewish; unconfirmed].

31. David Weintraub -- official in the Office of Foreign Relief and Rehabilitation Operations;

helped create the United Nations; Secretary, Committee on Supplies, 1944-1946.

32. Nathan Gregory Silvermaster -- Agriculture Department official and head of the

Near East Division of the Board of Economic Warfare; helped create the United Nations.

33. Harold Glasser -- Treasury Department director of the division of monetary research.

Treasury spokesman on the affairs of United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration.

34. Irving Kaplan -- U.S. Treasury Department official, pal of David Weintraub.

35. Solomon Adler -- Treasury Department representative in China during World War II.

36. Benjamin Cardozo -- U.S. Supreme Court Justice.

37. Leo Wolman -- chairman of the National Recovery Administration's Labor advisery Board;

labor economist.

38. Rose Schneiderman -- labor organizer; on the advisery board of the National Recovery Administration.


39. Jerome Frank -- general counsel to the Agricultural Adjustment Administration,

Justice, U.S. Court o Appeals, 1941-57.


40. Gerard Swope -- key player in the creation of the N.R.A. [National Recovery Administration]


41. Herbert Bayard Swope -- brother of Gerard


42. Lucien Koch -- consumer division, N.R.A. [apparently-Jewish]

43. J. David Stern -- Federal Reserve Board, appointed by FDR

44. Nathan Straus -- housing adviser

45. Charles Michaelson -- Democratic [DNC] publicity man


46. Lawrence Steinhardt -- ambassador to Soviet Union

47. Harry Guggenheim -- heir to Guggenheim fortune, adviser on aviation


48. Arthur Garfield Hays -- adviser on civil liberties

49. David Lasser -- head of Worker's Alliance, labor activist

50. Max Zaritsky -- labor adviser

51. James Warburg -- millionaire, early backer of New Deal before backing out

52. Louis Kirstein -- associate of E. Filene

53. Charles Wyzanski, Jr. -- counsel, Dept. of Labor

54. Charles Taussig -- early New Deal adviser

55. Jacob Baker -- assistant to W.P.A. head Harry Hopkins;

assistant head of W.P.A. [Works Progress Admin.]

56. Louis H. Bean -- Dept. of Agriculture official

57. Abraham Fox -- research director, Tariff Commission

58. Benedict Wolf -- National Labor Relations Board [NLRB]

59. William Leiserson – NLRB

60. David J. Saposs -- NLRB

61. A. H. Meyers -- NLRB [New England division]


62. L. H. Seltzer -- head economist at the Treasury Dept.


63. Edward Berman -- Dept. of Labor official


64. Jacob Perlman -- Dept. of Labor official


65. Morris L. Jacobson -- chief statistician of the Government Research Project


66. Jack Levin -- assistant general manager, Rural Electrification Authority


67. Harold Loeb -- economic consultant, N.R.P.


68. William Seagle -- council, Petroleum Labor Policy Board


69. Herman A. Gray -- policy committee, National Housing Conference


70. Alexander Sachs -- rep. of Lehman Bros., early New Deal consultant


71. Paul Mazur -- rep. of Lehman Bros., early consultant for New Deal


72. Henry Alsberg -- head of the Writer's Project under the W.P.A.


73. Lincoln Rothschild -- New Deal art administrator

Monika was quickly learning about the unfathomable power of the Jews.

FDR was not the only President who was surrounded by Jews.


Most Presidents before FDR and all Presidents since were surrounded.

President Kennedy was not so much surrounded

as others and he even attempted to push back against Jewish power,

but that didn't turn out well for him.

Monika decided to open one more email and skip-read it before pasting

it at the site and taking a break to see who might be at The Bar.

The Lies About World War II
Paul Craig Roberts

May 13, 2019

In the aftermath of a war, history cannot be written. The losing side has no one to speak for it.

Historians on the winning side are constrained by years of war propaganda that demonized the

enemy while obscuring the crimes of the righteous victors. People want to enjoy and feel

good about their victory, not learn that their side was responsible for the war or that the war

could have been avoided except for the hidden agendas of their own leaders. Historians are

also constrained by the unavailability of information. To hide mistakes, corruption,

and crimes, governments lock up documents for decades. Memoirs of participants

are not yet written. Diaries are lost or withheld from fear of retribution. It is expensive and time consuming

to locate witnesses, especially those on the losing side, and to convince them to answer questions.

Any account that challenges the “happy account” requires a great deal of confirmation from

official documents, interviews, letters, diaries, and memoirs, and even that won’t be enough.

For the history of World War II in Europe, these documents can be spread from New Zealand

and Australia across Canada and the US through Great Britain and Europe and into Russia.

A historian on the track of the truth faces long years of strenuous

investigation and development of the acumen to judge and assimilate

the evidence he uncovers into a truthful picture of what transpired.

The truth is always immensely different from the victor’s war propaganda.

As I reported recently, Harry Elmer Barnes was the first American historian to provide a

history of the first world war that was based on primary sources. His truthful account differed

so substantially from the war propaganda that he was called every name in the book.


Truth is seldom welcomed. David Irving, without any doubt the best historian of the European

part of World War II, learned at his great expense that challenging myths does not go unpunished.

Nevertheless, Irving persevered. If you want to escape from the lies about World War II that

still direct our disastrous course, you only need to study two books by David Irving: Hitler’s War

and the first volume of his Churchill biography, Churchill’s War: The Struggle for Power .

Irving is the historian who spent decades tracking down diaries, survivors, and demanding

release of official documents. He is the historian who found the Rommel

diary and Goebbles’diaries, the historian who gained entry into the Soviet archives,

and so on. He is familiar with more actual facts about the second

world war than the rest of the historians combined. The famous British military

historian, Sir John Keegan, wrote in the Times Literary Supplement:

Two books stand out from the vast literature of the Second World War:

Chester Wilmot’s The Struggle for Europe, published in 1952, and David Irving’s Hitler’s War.

Despite many such accolades, today Irving is demonized and has to publish his own books. I will avoid the story of how this came

to be, but, yes, you guessed it, it was the Zionists. You simply cannot say anything that alters their propagandistic picture of history.

In what follows, I am going to present what is my impression from reading these two magisterial works. Irving himself is very

scant on opinions. He only provides the facts from official documents, recorded intercepts, diaries, letters and interviews.

World War II was Churchill’s War, not Hitler’s war.  Irving provides documented facts from which

the reader cannot avoid this conclusion. Churchill got his war, for which he longed,

because of the Versailles Treaty that stripped Germany of German territory

and unjustly and irresponsibly imposed humiliation on Germany.

Hitler and Nationalist Socialist Germany are the most demonized entities in history. Any person

who finds any good in Hitler or Germany is instantly demonized. The person becomes an outcast

regardless of the facts. Irving is very much aware of this

. Every time his factual account of Hitler starts to display a person too

much different from the demonized image,

Irving throws in some negative language about Hitler.

Similarly for Winston Churchill. Every time Irving’s factual account displays a person quite

different from the worshiped icon, Irving throws in some appreciative language.

This is what a historian has to do to survive telling the truth.

To be clear, in what follows, I am merely reporting what seems to me to be

the conclusion from the documented facts presented in these two works

of scholarship. I am merely reporting what I understand Irving’s research

to have established. You read the books and arrive at your own conclusion.

World War II was initiated by the British and French declaration of war on

Germany, not by a surprise blitzkrieg from Germany. The utter rout and collapse of

the British and French armies was the result of Britain

declaring a war for which Britain was unprepared to fight and of the

foolish French trapped by a treaty with the British, who quickly

deserted their French ally, leaving France at Germany’s mercy.

Germany’s mercy was substantial. Hitler left a large part of France and

the French colonies unoccupied and secure from war under a semi-independent

government under Petain. For his service in protecting a semblance of French independence, Petain

was sentenced to death by Charles de Gaulle after

the war for collaboration with Germany, an unjust charge.

In Britain, Churchill was out of power. He figured a war would put him back in power.

No Britisher could match Churchill’s rhetoric and orations. Or determination.

Churchill desired power, and he wanted to reproduce the amazing military

feats of his distinguished ancestor, the Duke of Marlborough,

whose biography Churchill was writing and who defeated after years of military

struggle France’s powerful Sun King, Louis XIV, the ruler of Europe.

In contrast to the British aristocrat, Hitler was a man of the people. He acted for the German people.

The Versailles Treaty had dismembered Germany. Parts of Germany were confiscated

and given to France, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, and Czechoslovakia. As Germany had

not actually lost the war, being the occupiers of foreign territory when Germany agreed to a

deceptive armistice, the loss of approximately 7 million German people to Poland and

Czechoslovakia, where Germans were abused, was not considered a fair outcome.

Hitler’s program was to put Germany back together again. He succeeded without

war until it came to Poland. Hitler’s demands were fair and realistic, but Churchill,

financed by the Focus Group with Jewish money, put such pressure on British prime

minister Chamberlain that Chamberlain intervened in the Polish-German

negotiations and issued a British guarantee to the Polish military dictatorship

should Poland refuse to release German territory and populations.

The British had no way of making good on the guarantee, but the Polish military dictatorship lacked

the intelligence to realize that. Consequently, the Polish Dictatorship refused Germany’s request.

From this mistake of Chamberlain and the stupid Polish dictatorship, came the Ribbentrop/Molotov

agreement that Germany and the Soviet Union would split Poland between themselves.


When Hitler attacked Poland, Britain and the hapless French declared war on Germany because of the unenforceable British guarantee.

But the British and French were careful not to declare war on the Soviet Union for occupying the eastern half of Poland.

Thus Britain was responsible for World War II, first by stupidly interfering

in German/Polish negotiations, and second by declaring war on Germany.

Churchill was focused on war with Germany, which he intended for years preceding the war.

But Hitler didn’t want any war with Britain or with France, and never intended to invade Britain.

The invasion threat was a chimera conjured up by Churchill to unite England behind him.

Hitler expressed his view that the British Empire was essential for order in the world, and

that in its absence Europeans would lose their world supremacy.

After Germany’s rout of the French and British armies, Hitler offered an extraordinarily generous

peace to Britain. He said he wanted nothing from Britain but the return of Germany’s colonies.

He committed the German military to the defense of the British Empire,